How to choose laminate flooring? Substrate layer inspection is the most important

The bottom layer of the reinforced composite wood floor is a moisture-proof layer, which is generally made of polyester material; the base material layer is the main part of the reinforced composite wood floor, and the MDF is used as the substrate; the substrate layer is the decorative layer, that is, the pattern. The layer is made of a specially processed paper; the wear layer is a layer of anti-wear agent uniformly pressed on the surface of the laminate.

Among the four layers, the base layer is the most important. It is the core component of the laminate flooring. It is made of pine and fast-growing trees, and is peeled and screened to make use of wood or plants. The fiber is mechanically separated and chemically treated, blended with an adhesive and a water repellent, and then formed by paving, forming, and high temperature and high pressure. Because the wood fiber is added to the adhesive through high temperature and high pressure, its density is relatively uniform, and the mechanical properties are close to wood. It is a kind of artificial plate which is popular in the world.

The general methods for testing the substrate are as follows:

First, look at the fineness of the substrate fiber, whether it is uniform, with or without impurities; secondly, its color The base material made of pine wood retains the true color of pine wood, has a darker color, has a longer growth cycle of pine wood, has complete development of wood fiber, and has better physical properties. The whitener substrate is mostly fast-growing tree species, fast-growing. The wood fiber of the tree species is incompletely developed and has poor physical properties.

Second, smell, see if there is any smell on the substrate.

Third, boil, can take different brands of the floor in the same container, soaked in water at 100 ° C for 30 minutes, when taken out, the higher the expansion coefficient, the lower the quality, the lower the expansion coefficient. The better.

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