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Dear friends, I am honored to introduce EXP ASSETLtd. We serve the financial market sector and are a modern, innovative company. We are looking for business opportunities in the non-stop market, and we use high standards to overcome our commitment to our partners and customers. The company’s internal regulations, organizational processes and organizational culture are designed to ensure a win-win relationship with our partners. The company’s core value is: customer first.

EXP President has been interviewed and reported by the public media many times

The core idea of ​​EXP ASSET

We are convinced that honesty is the basis of mutual respect and mutual respect is The root of effective cooperation, effective cooperation makes us pursue perfection… Pursuit of perfection is the embodiment of EXPASSET leadership, and the effective leadership of EXP is based on the integrity of everyone.

Company full name: EXP ASSET LTD

Established: April 2017 27th

Registered address: United Kingdom

Registered capital: $250000

CEO: Patryk Krupinski

Company address: 28D M. 5 SOBIESZOWSKA JELENIA GORA Poland 58-560

Company’s official website:

EXP ASSET is registered in the UK and Europe (UK registration number: 10743547) with a total capital of 25 Ten thousand pounds is a company consisting of professional managers, senior traders and financial analysts in the fields of digital currency trading, innovative investment and IT startup investment and investment education.

EXP ASSET’s main business areas are: digital currency mining entity, digital currency and foreign exchange trading, online education and training, international high-standard blockchain industry resource integration platform, and a global blockchain asset insurance platform.

Digital currency mining industry, a digital currency mine in Europe and other places, producing digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum every day, and expanding the scale of the mine month by month.

The company mainly integrates new forms of Internet companies such as financial management investment and financial online training and education. It mainly specializes in asset management, helping investors to create profitable profits through digital currency mining and digital currency trading spreads. Investors complete asset multiplication. Every business day is done by professional traders to do digital currency transactions, to obtain spreads, and the company invests in capital markets and digital currency markets. IT start-ups, EXP ASSET Ltd. provide unique tools and training programs to support the capital market. Trading with the money market.

At the same time, it also gives some members of the platform the training of professional financial knowledge online, as well as updating the daily financial news, providing annual financial training, etc. Members can learn more about the financial sector digital currency. Knowledge allows us to master the frontier areas.

Currently, EXP is a company on the Internet that transparently publicizes notarized auditing books. It has passed the auditing certificate to prove the high legality of EXP.

EXP Assets provides products in the form of online education in digital currency transactions. EXP Asset Ltd is registered in the UK and has active law in the top legal office in Poland.

The Polish-based EXP was audited in the legal office. Raffat Kufieta said in the audit report that EXP is 100% legal. The Rafat Kufieta Law Firm is a full-scale Polish law firm and performs audits of several internationally renowned companies. The photo is publicly explained by the Rafat Kufieta law firm to explain the EXP legal documents. (See the picture below)

Advantages of the company

1. Ownership experience with 20 years of national currency and 10 years of digital currency trading.

2. Hundreds of blockchain and financial forex trading concepts and professional arbitrage training courses each year.

3. Has a large-scale mining field in Europe and the United States and global multi-currency exploration and calculation technology.

4. Have an exclusive international currency and digital currency trading platform.

5. Global blockchain asset insurance platform!

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