How do tiles be laid to show their charm?

How to lay the tiles in the bathroom? It looks very simple, but it is not the case. Pay attention to the use of various types of paving shackles and accessories to make the tiles more reliable and more beautiful. Let’s learn together with Xiaobian today, how to lay the tiles in the bathroom.

How to lay tiles to create a stylish atmosphere bathroom

1, to prevent excessive water absorption of tiles

When buying tiles, you need Check the water absorption rate of the tiles. The water droplets are not good in the tiles, and the speed of the water after the water is scattered. In general, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tile.

2, to prevent the tile is not too good texture too

Tiles in order to fit the wall tightly, it is not good to usually texture. When the texture is deep, it can be ensured that the tile will not fall when it is somewhat detached from the cement mortar layer.

3, sand best selected sand

The thicker the sand, the higher the strength of the assigned cement mortar, but the assumption that the strength is too high will also cause some poor results For example, the ground that is leveled with it will show cracking.

4, the bottom layer of the tile should be handled well

In order to prevent the tile from being hollowed, the wall and the ground floor of the tile should be cleaned. It is necessary to remove all kinds of dirt on the wall and wet the bottom layer with water one day in advance to control the humidity to 30-70%.

5, cement mortar needs to be full and even

When the cement mortar scraper tile is not good, pay attention to the cement mortar needs to be full and even, can not cut corners.

6, reserved for expansion joints

Tiles should be reserved for 2-5mm expansion joints. Assuming that there is no satisfactory expansion joint, under the effect of thermal shock swell or moisture swell, the stress may be squeezed between adjacent tiles, causing the scene of the empty drum to fall.

Conclusion: After reading the bathroom tile affixing knowledge mentioned above, do you have any understanding of the tile tiling? Instead of going to the paving yourself, but when you supervise the workers, you will have a stylish bathroom.

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