How do foreign customers choose stone suppliers?

We want to talk about a problem. When we first go to a granite or marble supplier or factory, we are often confused. They will give us a bad feeling and be deceived for no reason.

Access thousands of stone suppliers one by one and check their production and processes. In the process, we may be a company to take us to a few small factories, where we can see the finished stone products we want. There may even be two different natural stone suppliers presenting us at the same factory. This really makes us very confused.

We started thinking about this. If we are placing an order at the right natural stone company, why not find the stone we want in his factory, why should he send it to other people, who the stone belongs to, and our suppliers buy us there. Who is responsible for quality inspection?

So how do you choose the right stone supplier?

In fact, it is not necessary for a supplier to complete all production, as long as he uses his own technology, knowledge, resources to form a suitable industrial chain, and can provide products that meet our costs and requirements.

Of course, we will encounter many bad suppliers at any time. After all, the production cycle of the stone we want is very long and expensive. This is risky and needs to be avoided.

Here we want to give you the first suggestion, we must compare the price and requirements of the supplier, this process must always be clear about the variety, quantity, processing and quality of the stone.

Obviously we have to give up those that are the most expensive, and we should pay attention to those that are too low. The price range of the selected price preferably fluctuates between 5% and 10%. If one of the suppliers reports that the price is too low or too high, this should be abandoned. At least it should be carefully checked to see why it is. The supplier is not aware of our requirements, or is it inferior. Stone.

Once the correct information has been selected, we can proceed in the second stage: Natural Stone Samples.

Don’t be surprised, if some companies will ask you to pay all or part of the sample fee, it is not a bad sign, instead it is a common one, this is the supplier’s protection of their own samples and interests. .

After all, it takes cost to produce granite or marble samples, and the weight of the stone is very high, and the shipping cost is very high. And in order to avoid some people not buying interest, continue to ask for samples. This is the supplier’s right to ask us to pay, but we can also ask for a discount on this amount if there is a formal order.

As for the stone sample, it is necessary to choose the mainstream (average) texture of the granite or marble sample. After all, the stone is a natural product and can even have significant color changes. In fact, this is not very important. It is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between the sample and the supply. It may be only a few months, the mine mouth or the mineral layer is different, and this will also cause changes in the stone arts and culture.

There are also some big orders to prepare.

For a large number of stone orders, it is necessary to develop a habit and prepare stone samples.

Collect the largest change in texture of the stone. We should collect, appreciate and accept some marginal samples, including amplitude variations between different worst samples, the degree of repair that can be achieved, and the stone defects you can accept, such as color lines, color lines, stains, Color difference and so on.

The scope of the stone sample must be clear, we can not accept the problem when the stone is a natural substance, you must accept his change.

Finally, we should sign the sample regulations with the natural stone supplier and prepare two sets of samples, one for us to compare with the one we actually received, one for the supplier Used as a production standard.

Finally, don’t forget that for large natural stone projects, you can establish reliability for suppliers. A good supplier will also provide us with a list of issues, as well as his factory project references and bank references. A problematic supplier will not provide these.

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