How about Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Mode? Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Project Introduction

Economic development can be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes compared to six or seventy years. In this fast-developing world, although you have used the achievements of modern society and become a loyal consumer, we still stay in the traditional thinking of the past. For the sake of social development so fast, and we are still the society’s “bottom? Some people say that I am not born in a wealthy family; I do not have a strong social background; I have no culture; I do not… ….and many more. I have thought about my current situation like this, but with the passage of time, plus my own experience and enthusiasm for thinking about it, I have concluded that it is not the external cause of you and me that caused you and me today, but because of you and me. of. Today, we are still deviating from reality because we still think about today’s Xiaomi mode according to our inherent thinking. Xiaomi Life Motorcycle National Recruitment Agent WeChat: MY97559159

First, why not let us go to the contracted regional agent to participate in the operation profit;

1, based on greater strategic planning

Our shared electric treadmill app is a trip to Dangdang. It is now possible to download the Dangdang Travel APP in the launch area (currently Taizhou and Hefei) to use our electric treadmill. In addition, there is Xiaomi Life APP. According to the plan, the APP will be included in the Xiaomi Life App. Xiaomi Life App is a comprehensive app, which will be followed by Xiaomi Life Mall, Shared Car, 020 Smart Market and other sections. The rapid implementation of these is based on the creation of big data, and it is best to be accurate big data rather than generalized big data. Therefore, the early stage must have a model to make members become the most viscous members of the company, at least until the market is not completely opened, and the company will not leave the company. Even if the market is opened, we are the main force of the company’s later operations. So how do you let members stay in it for at least a year? It must be the trend of interest so that you can follow the company, let you know the company, know the company, and follow the company after 365 days of profit. Therefore, why the company will create a regional agent + VIP membership promotion method to join the company, which is based on the need of the war, it can be said that the company’s senior management is far-sighted. Xiaomi Life Motorcycle National Recruitment Agent WeChat: MY97559159

2, based on the development of the shared motorcycle market is urgently needed

As mentioned in the previous article, there are currently 20 participating companies sharing the motorcycle. A little bit of improvement is Shanghai Xiangqi and No. 7, among which Jiuqi is the current representative enterprise. After several years in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei and Xi’an, 100,000+ units have been put into operation, but for nearly 10 million units in China. The amount of conservative demand is far from the same. This market is yet to be developed and is imminent. Therefore, the company must occupy the market quickly by sharing motorcycles. If it is still used to capture the market by means of riding or ofo, then when it is launched, the market share is almost nothing left. Then it should be promoted by the mode of promotion, first set the point (regional agent), and then continue to promote the point (VIP member), so that the motorcycle has not landed has occupied most of the market (the owner of the market is human, people Your loyal fans, the market is yours.) When the market sticks to the future, it will completely occupy the market. It is estimated that 50,000 units will be put into operation before the end of the year; 500,000 units will be put into operation in 18 years; and most of the domestic areas will be completed in 19 years.

Second, why should the mall consume 880?

1, first Establish real commodity trading information and the information necessary for the future capital market;

2, compared to the US Mission and Didi, there is no physical delivery, we burn money and we have physical goods, that is, motorcycles. These will take up a lot of money, so it is normal to invest as much money as a participant.

Third, the goods don’t feel worth the money?

As mentioned earlier, the goods were added in the early stage of promotion to establish real commodity trading information, and the company has profit to ease Pre-promotion pressure. On this basis, we aim to earn the company’s promotion commission, so we have to consider the issue in two ways and put our ultimate goal first.

Fourth, can the promotion commission be guaranteed?

1. The prospect of the vast market, the shared motorcycle market is almost blank, and the demand is large;

2, post-planning, sharing cars, 020 smart food farms, Xiaomi Life Mall are all just needed in the future, but the premise of doing well is that the previous promises are fulfilled, and it is impossible to carry out all the following without the promise of the previous ones.

Based on the above two points, the company cannot smash the sesame and lose the watermelon. The ideals that ordinary people can know will be far more profound than they are.

Fifth, how can I do this?

1. If you don’t allow your identity and you want to make it, you can push yourself (such as yourself) Use 2 mobile phone numbers to order more than one), but this one will be further tightened, it is recommended to seize the opportunity before the austerity.

2, if you have time and want to earn more, then you can make your own promotion after placing your own order (suggest yourself to order more).

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