Household carpet daily maintenance method

Home carpet according to different material cleaning methods It will also be different. Usually, the carpet needs a comprehensive cleaning after one year of use. The more expensive carpet can be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. Today Xiaobian explains how to properly clean your home carpet and maintenance.

How to care for home carpets

1. When using daily vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the carpet, consider the corners;

  2, the carpet is prone to wrinkles when used, and should be smoothed when found, so as not to be long Causing carpet damage;

  3, if the carpet is found to be damaged, it should be repaired in time, otherwise it will become more and more serious;

  4, when brushing with a soft brush, it should not be too strong, so as not to cause carpet fiber Corrupted;

&emsp ; 5, should pay attention to whether the cleaning agent is cleaned when cleaning the carpet, if the cleaning agent remains in the carpet, it will easily affect the service life of the carpet;

  6, the water temperature of the carpet should not exceed 40°, too high water temperature Will cause the carpet to shrink, which will affect the use of the effect.

Clear dust

Sprink the fine salt on the carpet, sweep the fine salt with a clean wet broom, and then remove the salt and dust with a vacuum cleaner after 10 minutes, the carpet will be clean. Bright.

Change to new

After the carpet has been used for a long time, the color will change greatly. To make the color of the old carpet brighter, spread the salt on the carpet the night before, and remove the salt with a clean wet cloth the next morning. The bright color of the carpet will be It will be restored, and the dirty stains can be wiped off as well. Because the salt can absorb dust, even small dust can be cleaned up.

clear glass residue

glass slag scattered on the carpet, visible to the naked eye, can be glued with adhesive tape to remove 0 The powdery glass slag underneath can be glued with cotton water, or sprinkled with rice grains, gently swab it with a clean broom, so that it sticks to the rice grains, remove the rice grains, and then vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner.


Method 1: Due to long-term trampling, there is often an unpleasant smell on the carpet. At this time, you can add 4 cups of vinegar to 4 warm water, soak it in a towel and wring it out to wipe the carpet, which can effectively eliminate the odor.

Method 2: The carpet was found to have an odor. A thin layer of baking soda was evenly spread on the carpet before going to bed. The next morning, the baking soda was completely sucked off with a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda can not only absorb the moisture on the ground, but also eliminate the residue of food and the smell of pets. You can also buy some tea and use the same method to sprinkle it on the floor to get odor. It is usually carried out once every two weeks, and the odor of the carpet is eliminated, and the tea scent is elegant.


Removing carpet oil method 1: Using washing powder (if no washing powder, talcum powder 1 flour can also be piled on the oil trace, slightly broom Let it absorb the oil on the carpet, and then use it to remove it. If there are still remains on the carpet, brush it with a neutral soap and brush it with water for several times.

Removing carpet oil 2: Oil is the most difficult to remove in the carpet, only to minimize oil stains. Removal of oil can be partially removed with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride. The residue should be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol. Wipe with a rag from the edge of the stain and gradually shrink toward the center to prevent the stain from spreading out.

Juice stains

1. If the juice is just sprinkled on the carpet, first use absorbent paper to absorb the moisture of the juice, then use a cloth with a neutral detergent to spread it on top, gently tapping; to prevent juice The pigment remains on the carpet, and the paint can be removed by paving with a piece of cloth and vinegar water.

2. Liquor is also a recipe for removing carpet stains. If the ground stamp is accidentally stained with liquid stains such as coffee, red wine, cola or juice, you can use it. A piece of dry cloth absorbs the liquid, and then mixes the same amount of white wine on the stain and wipes it off with a dry cloth.

3. Remove the smudge of the carpet juice and wash it with 5% ammonia solution, then wipe it with diluted detergent. It has a damaging effect on pure wool carpet fibers, so it should be used as much as possible. Generally, citric acid or soap is used for cleaning, or alcohol has the same effect.

worm worm

Method 1: Take a thick towel and wring the water slightly over the blanket and iron it with a hot iron to make the hot fumigation blanket. The insects can be removed.

Method 2: Carpets are hotbeds of locusts, especially in the summer, and the carpet needs to be removed. There are two ways to remove mites: First, take 600g of flour, add 100g of refined salt and talcum powder, then mix with water, add 30ml of white wine and mix and heat to make a paste. After cooling, start small pieces and spread it on the ground. Second, cook. Soak in the soapy water, clean the carpet with more dust for 1-2 times, and then sprinkle with salt. Both methods are effective in removing carpet mites.

soy sauce

New stains are first brushed with cold water and then washed with detergent to remove. Chen stains can be washed with warm water and detergent and ammonia.Then rinse with water.

wine stains

New stains can be washed with water. Chen stains need to be removed with an aqueous solution of ammonia and borax. If it is a carpet of wool or silk material, it can be washed with oxalic acid.

Coffee stains, tea stains

wash off with ammonia. Silk and wool carpets, rinse with oxalic acid cleaner for 10-20 minutes, or wash with 10% glycerin solution.

vomiting stains

One ​​method is to wipe with gasoline, then wipe with 5% ammonia water, and finally wash with warm water. Another method is to moisturize the vomit with 10% ammonia water, wipe it with alcohol-added soap, and finally wash it with detergent.

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