Hot tub: heating with organic wood

This hot tub uses science to drive the heat provided by the cycle and wood fire. Suddenly, the restrictions are gone. This bathtub can be placed anywhere you want without wiring heating and circulating water. The wood fire has a built-in stainless steel coil inside, it heats up, it is located in the water inside the coil.

This pushes the hot water and the outside bathtub. During this time, the cold water sinks to the bottom and is pulled into the coil. You are warming up the hot tub, the price of the wood. And the wood itself can be no cost if you collect it from your own property! But the biggest freedom, here you can place the bathtub, absolutely anything you want. From the middle of the scene to your favorite camping spot, it’s for you. Free from standard hot tub technology means no limit!

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