Home furnishing across the world, the three self-contained capabilities are indispensable

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Installation and one-stop decoration have become an obvious development trend in the home industry. Enterprises must have sufficient capacity to cope with these trend changes, such as product (overall home) design capabilities; construction guidance and supervision capabilities; product capabilities.

Recently, we have seen that the industry’s new media talks more about the industry boundary of the so-called home industry is becoming more and more blurred, “cross-border robbery has become the new normal of the home industry … … .

Characterized by cross-border; The rise of the big home is an indisputable fact. And the root of all this is precisely because consumers need a whole set of home solutions & mdash; — simply understand, is the so-called “stay bag”. It must be emphasized that the real “single bag” is not only a one-stop shopping, but also the need for home aesthetics, which has not yet attracted enough attention from consumers.

As a result, home improvement companies, product vendors, distributors and even real estate companies have relied on their original advantages, or extended upstream, or downstream, and the industry began to infiltrate and merge, forming a new home. Business.

Staying in the bag, the same way. In the end, the whole assembly will become the ultimate model for the development of the industry and “stay in the package”.

Mission and Dreams

& ldquo; The term “staying in the bag” was used to install the company, and now it is more of a seductive slogan for the big home business to the consumer. It is the dream of consumers, or the real mission of the big home practitioners.

However, so far, we have not seen its perfect implementation. The dream and the mission are still on the road.

Why? Lack of ability! To be fully assembled, you must have the ability to install.

For home improvement companies, it seems that they have the ability to design and have the ability to work hard. (Why do you think it is because the existing home improvement company, especially the small and medium-sized home improvement company? The ability is very poor and weak, which is why it has become the biggest pain point in home decoration, but the lack of product landing ability; and for the product supplier, the biggest problem is the lack of The overall design and hard-wearing capabilities of the space.

So, they are all in their own “remediation, there are home improvement companies to integrate products, or product manufacturers can be home improvement company, but the current industry chain competition relationship is far from being well resolved.

So far, no big home furnishing company has been able to really get through hard and soft clothes, so that consumers can trust their homes without any worries.

To the novel, this is a question of service model, but what is hidden is actually the problem of business model and positioning.

Design Dominance

Design is both the entrance and the dominance. It is very important —— traffic and customer access are the key to winning the big home market, designed as the most direct, The most important traffic entry has become an indisputable fact.

To this end, many big homes have positioned their business model to “learn design leadership by designing service-driven product sales”. But the design dominance is not to say that you can grab it, you must have the corresponding ability.

1. Design Service Capability —— contains the overall design ability for the entire spatial planning, lifestyle design and furniture deepening and soft and hard equipment combination, this ability, you casually say there is Is there?

2. Even if you can grab this entrance, the hard-hitting is still the threshold. You can tell the customer, I will give you a good design, you can find a home improvement company or find a construction team to do hard work.

However, are there any home improvement companies that are willing to pay for the materials? This is the main way for them to make money. Where do consumers go to find qualified construction teams?

At present, the hard injury is the biggest pain point and slot for consumers. Many of these hard injuries are caused by design problems. The reason is that the threshold of home improvement design is too low. Too many unqualified home improvement designers are mixed in this team, resulting in poor overall service quality and experience from design to hard construction.

It can be seen that for the big home brand that is not a decoration company, how to cultivate the core competitiveness of its own design service, how to deal with the competition and hard-wearing relationship is a circumstance. threshold. If this problem is not solved, the development of the large-scale home furnishing industry will be difficult.

Positioning, what?

This leads to the problem of positioning.

We have been talking about positioning. Successful brand positioning can fully reflect the unique personality and differentiated advantages of the brand, guide the direction of the company’s product development and marketing plan, and establish long-term and stable relationship with consumers. .

However, a brand, whether it is a product or a service, its success is based on its strengths. Consumers choose competing products or choose our products because of the strengths of the products.

We chose Burberry’s trench coat, Dior’s perfume, and CK’s underwear because they did their best in their respective fields. We can find out where our opportunities are by studying industry history and consumer perceptions. Opportunities must be combined with their strengths and strengths to be successful.

In other words, when you see the opportunity, you have to consider this opportunity if you have the ability to grasp it. If you don’t have the strength to grasp the big opportunity, you should shrink the front line or find a strong partner.

Therefore, in the positioning, target customer analysis, competitor analysis and self-analysis are required, and it is carried out around three parts:

1. Strategic Resource Positioning

2, ability mode positioning

3, cognitive positioning (category + brand)

Positioning, not from your imagination, but from your ability. We are all talking about positioning, positioning what? Before positioning your own market position, you must first position your ability. Deviated from the positioning of capabilities and resources, all positioning is fake.

From this, we can see the capabilities that large home furnishing companies need?

1. Product (overall home) design capabilities;

2. Construction guidance and supervision Ability;

3, product capabilities.

With these three abilities, you can become a leader in the industry and be able to take on the mission of letting consumers realize their dreams; there are two of them that can develop very well; Core ability, you can also find your own status. If these three abilities are not there, then wash and sleep. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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