Hillside homes in Los Angeles

The SL House is located on a hillside in the Silver Lake community of Los Angeles and is a single-family home designed by ANX/Aaron Neubert Architects. The house consists of two connected rooms that focus on downtown Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory and the famous Hollywood sign.

The small entrance to the home is a place where two interlocking structures are connected, not far from the central staircase.

The bottom of the “cube” has a double height kitchen leading to the pool area. Above the second floor are the family room and deck. The “bar” section of the home includes a study, dining room, living room and first floor terrace, and the bedroom and laundry room are located on a private upper floor.

The huge windows are used to frame the entire view of the surrounding area while keeping the interior full of light.

The lounge has light hardwood floors and white walls, perfect for California life.

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