HID Global HID goID ™ launch citizens age verification solutions

A global leader in trusted identity verification solutions provider HID Global has announced HID goID mobile authentication solution has been extended to CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , can help government agencies to achieve physical verification of their identity transformation mobile authentication. HID goID simple verification is HID mobile authentication solutions for the latest configuration, anyone lightly HID goID mobile ID on the little smartphone, you can quickly verify the age of information. Steve Warne HID Global Government senior director of marketing for Identity Information, said: “This simple validator is ideal for bars, clubs and other customers of all ages must be verified before allowing it to enter the business entity to purchase and consumption of this latest device .HID goID not only the private sector can help identify false identity information, and as a powerful digital validation tools CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , it can support more age-restricted products and services to government programs designed to protect minors the safety and well-being. “after connecting HID goID simple validator via Bluetooth, the device sends a random code to the mobile terminal ID smartphone citizens, thus confirming the citizenship of age. Citizens do not need to confirm the age of the scan, click or anything else. Because the solution supports only verify the age of the mobile ID holder, so the process is fast and efficient, while protecting the privacy of citizens CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , except for citizens of legal age, will not disclose any other information. The new device is easy to carry , can be placed in a pocket or keychain, which further expands the HID goID identity of the mobile platform solutions, including for PC-side and server-side solution , and suitable for large scale application-specific mobile validator.

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