Hardcover rooms promote small and new home improvement companies to rejuvenate

In 2017, a number of provinces and cities across the country have successively issued residential renovation policies, and the country’s efforts to promote finished homes have never been seen before. “Staying in the bag” is also gaining popularity among young consumers, and the advantages of “Hardcover House” are evident. Some insiders predict that the standard for future hardcover rooms or transaction rooms. For large-scale home furnishing companies, hardcover houses provide an opportunity for them to cooperate with real estate developers, but for small and medium-sized home furnishing enterprises, how to get a piece of the hardcover room era, test their wisdom and ability.
Small and medium-sized home improvement companies rejuvenate their lives

Facing the momentum of the hardcover housing project, as the home improvement industry of the downstream industry, it is facing the dilemma of being separated. Industry insiders said that there are very few hardcover houses to find home improvement companies to cooperate with. “One is to deal with qualifications. Second, in order to reduce costs, developers will choose their own construction team. Housing companies like Vanke have extended the industrial chain to the renovation. In the field. However, some large well-known home furnishing companies have seen business opportunities in hardcover housing projects. China Consumer Network Home Vision has learned that since 2017, well-known home furnishing companies including Sophia, Federation, Xilinmen, Qumei, Renhao, Senbao, and Dinggu have joined forces with Evergrande to establish the Evergrande Home Alliance Industrial Park in Lanka. After completion, the production capacity will mainly supply the properties of Evergrande and distributors in the region. In addition, Renhao Home, Shangpin Home, Zhibang, Nature Home, etc., are also actively deploying hardcover rooms. Customized companies are particularly active in their cooperation with developers because the cabinet wardrobes are part of the hardcover and naturally have building materials properties. In the 2017 annual financial report, Ou Pai home sales revenue of 9.7 billion, of which developer channels accounted for about 10% of sales; gold kitchen cabinets and China Jinmao, Forte, Jinke and other dozens of top 100 real estate companies signed strategic partners According to the agreement, the sales revenue of the bulk business in 2017 was 124 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 70.46%. In contrast, small and medium-sized home improvement companies seem to be stretched, and some experts predict that 80% of small and medium-sized home improvement companies will close down with the advent of the hardcover era. Is the fact really so cruel? China Consumer Network Home Vision has learned that the market for China’s building materials and home furnishing industry exceeds 4 trillion yuan, and there are about 200,000 sets of decoration needs in Beijing alone. Although Beijing’s new homes are currently small, however, some traditional home improvement companies in Beijing have long been concerned about the need for secondary renovation of existing homes. A decoration industry insider said that the second renovation is a huge cake, small and medium-sized home improvement companies can invest in the second-hand housing decoration market or focus on “local transformation” research. In the case of the entire industry, more and more home improvement companies are now eating old home customers, such as the second renovation. Because the last wave of renovation began in 2000-2005, the warranty period of China’s decoration industry is about 10 years, so now more and more old communities are undergoing secondary renovation and renovation. If small and medium-sized home improvement companies can seize the opportunity, it is also a good opportunity for development.
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