Giant crocodile is coming to the forefront, how can small and medium-sized home enterprises save themselves?

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Giant The biggest problem is that the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises is a problem that every industry will face. How to achieve breakthroughs and seize the market is a problem that many small and medium-sized enterprises should think about. It is easy to implement word-of-mouth and achieve differentiated positioning. It is difficult to implement, and it requires unremitting innovation and hard work. This is the truth of the old-fashioned, but if you do it well, you can also open new flowers.

The market for small and medium-sized homes is getting narrower

Under the background of the two giants of Red Star Macalline and Real Home, in the next few years, many local building materials and homes Shopping malls will face more severe competition challenges.

Actually, I just got 13 billion investment, and I brought Alibaba backing. The speed of opening a store is not mentioned. The density of opening stores in first- and second-tier cities will definitely increase, and the stores in third- and fourth-tier cities will be explored. The length will also extend.

Red Star Macalline has more than 200 stores now. Needless to say, first- and second-tier cities have basically covered, many third-tier cities are already in the layout, and fourth-tier cities have already entered, so there is no going to the county. Deep tillage.

Coupled with the growth of some regional head stores, the small and medium-sized building materials home market or shopping malls may face a bankruptcy crisis, leaving the passenger space for small and medium-sized stores too narrow.

This kind of regional head stores, in many places, such as Chengdu Fusenmei, building materials home stores, listed companies listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, there are several stores in Chengdu, are arranged in and around Sichuan Province The expansion of the province may also be earned by the Red Star Macalline and the Real Estate in the future.

For example, Jinhaima in Shenzhen has distribution points in South China, East China, North China and Huazhong, such as Shenzhen, Qingdao and Guangzhou. The same is true of Xiangjiang Home MALL, which belongs to Xiangjiang Group. There are large stores in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places. It is almost a national building materials and home chain store, but there is no such thing as Red Star Macalline and Real Home.

How to self-help breakout

Under this grim situation, the decline of a large number of small and medium-sized building materials and home shopping malls is inevitable. There is not much time left for everyone, the space is not big enough, is there any good self-help or break-through method?

Dai Chaoming, chief researcher of Beike, believes that if there is no strong capital force to boost, Small and medium-sized building materials and home shopping malls should focus on two cores: First, the differentiated positioning and mode, which must be distinguished from the leading stores, and play their own characteristics; the second is to find ways to precipitate the flow and detonate the flow, to achieve continuous drainage, and to take the word of mouth. . The two axes are cut out and cut, and they may also be alone in the battlefield of the group.

It may not be difficult to tell the truth, but often, the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, to find a differentiated business model, to polish the highlights that attract customers, to precipitate the flow, word of mouth to do Up, even the ingenious way to detonate traffic, but it is blocked in hundreds of homes, even thousands of building materials home shopping malls, markets and selling mountains before the scene.

First to solve the difference, how can building materials and home shopping malls be differentiated? Everyone is not recruiting some building materials and home businesses to come in, then collect rent, each selling each goods, when appropriate, do promotions, engage in alliances Marketing. People in the industry have the illusion that they can think of what they can and can do. Leading stores can certainly do it, and they can do better. They think about it and think about it.

This is not the case. There are a lot of different innovations. The big stores don’t want to do it, or some people think about it, but the management doesn’t bother to do it, or the energy is too scattered and not done well. The opportunity is left to the small and medium power.

How to make a difference

What are the different entry points? Dachao Deng Chaoming believes that at least three angles can be used:

First, the choice of entering the brand, if the first-line brand business with the leading stores, most unrealistic, fight not to win, it is recommended to choose a distinctive brand, small does not matter, specializes in a small but beautiful, new exotic, affordable, quality and A relatively solid service.

Second, starting from its own packaging, even the small and medium-sized building materials home market can introduce systematic brand operation strategies, such as clear brand positioning and standardized brand image materials.

The third is the differentiation of the drainage method, the Internet drainage, word of mouth drainage to the extreme, to make this a key point, you can consider building O2O official website, to drain the business, create some features in the customer service; Do more micro innovation.

So, how do you precipitate the flow and detonate the flow?

The sedimentation flow is actually accumulating passenger traffic little by little, accumulating word of mouth, retaining old customers, and doing well Every customer’s service; for the forwarding and recommendation of old customers, as long as a good reputation is gradually formed in a city, in fact, the performance is also relatively fast.

Think more ways to establish connections with customers, old methods, such as flyers, offline activities, community promotion, etc., new methods must be used, such as public operation, official micro-operation, O2O drainage Wait.

To detonate traffic, you need to start with some creative events, creative topics, and creative activities. As we all know, the small and medium-sized building materials home market generally lacks money, and it is certainly difficult to take out millions of promotion and build momentum. What to do? Then start with creative events and creative activities.

The success of many things, the reversal of many difficulties, and there are no insurmountable obstacles, the core is innovation, creativity and execution, and persistence. It seems that the old man is always talking, and the old tree is likely to open new flowers.

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