German parliamentarians involved in child pornography scandals caused the government to fall into political crisis

China News Service, Berlin, February 16 (Reporter Huang Shuanghong) The German prosecutor of Lower Saxony suspected that the government’s high-level leaks caused a criminal case investigation to fail, which caused the black-red coalition government, which was established less than two months, to fall into a political crisis.

In November last year, in a campaign against child pornography initiated by the Canadian police, the police rescued 386 children and arrested more than 300 suspects engaged in the activity. At the press conference after the event, the police publicized a child pornography website and said that many of the “customers” involved in the child pornography of the website came from Germany.

According to suspected clues held by Interpol, Congressman Edadi from Lower Saxony was among them, and the state prosecutors conducted a secret investigation. However, since the media reported that the above-mentioned Canadian website was seized by the police, Edati had already ill the disease and disappeared into the public eye.

After several months of investigation, in early February of this year, the prosecution decided to search the Edati office and residence. But before the action began, Edati suddenly announced his resignation as a member of parliament on the grounds of health. When the investigators arrived at the Adati office and apartment, they found that there were obvious signs of computer being transferred, and the remaining computers also showed signs of deletion, and the investigators failed to obtain valid evidence.

After the negative development of the incident, the president of the Social Democratic Party of Edati, Opperman, publicly confirmed that the former Minister of the Interior, Friedrich, first revealed to the Social Democratic Party Chairman Gabriel that Adati accepted a secret investigation. Message. At the time of the bipartisan negotiations before the formation of the coalition government, Edati was very hopeful to become a member of the Social Democratic Party. Friedrich’s original intention was to remind Gabriel to pay attention to the cabinet. Opperman also admitted that he had informed the head of the Federal Criminal Bureau about the case.

A series of actions by Edati himself made the prosecution suspect that someone had ventilated it beforehand. The prosecution said that it would pursue the matter and, if necessary, prosecute the government officials involved in the crime of leaking and obstructing official duties. The prosecution’s position directly led to the resignation of the current Minister of Agriculture, Friedrich.

Now, the Edati incident is no longer a single case, it has created a huge distrust between the coalition government parties. The Social Democratic Party of the two parties in the coalition government insisted that although the prosecution investigation was informed in advance, it did not disclose a little bit of information to Edati. The other side of the Socialist Alliance believes that the Social Democratic Party is guilty of guilty, and will only throw Friedrich as a victim and ask the Social Democratic Party to pay for it.

This event, called “Edatimen”, may endanger the survival of the coalition government and is receiving high attention from public opinion. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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