From “single product to interconnection”, the construction of intelligent platform will be further improved

[Guide] For the development of smart homes, there have been two disputes in the industry. One is to make a smart item, and the other is to make a complete system to provide users with A more complete experience.

Products are single to unified

For the development of smart homes, the industry has always had two paths of controversy, one is to make a smart piece, The other is to make a complete system to provide users with a more complete experience. From the perspective of smart home products in the smart home market, smart single products are not necessarily more marketable than a whole set of smart homes. In people’s impressions, the price of a single product is definitely lower than the price of multiple products, but it is not.

The high price of smart homes has always been criticized by people, but with things With the continuous development of networking, the price of smart homes is slowly starting to be grounded, especially the price of smart home packages. For example, the “Julilang” activity series launched by Nanjing IOT Sensors, the smart home package of a security system only needs about 500 yuan, which is cheaper than the price of many smart home items. Perhaps a smart home item can’t meet the needs of smart home life, but a set of smart home can make home life more intelligent and convenient. From the initial stage of the development of smart homes, a large number of new entrepreneurial enterprises lack the funds and strength to build a platform. In the early stage of development, smart products are used as a breakthrough, and market cultivation is more urgent. But as smart items mature, products can be interconnected, software and systems continue to improve, and user experience continues to improve, then the true sense of service is put in to form a complete smart home ecosystem. From the current acceleration of the cross-border integration of Internet companies and the continuous transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, the trend from “single product to interconnection” will become more clear, and the construction of intelligent platforms will be further improved.

Enterprise development from single to unified

In fact, the participation of many brands makes the cooperation between smart homes difficult. From the current development of smart homes, because they are still in the early stage of development, all smart home enterprises hope to find their own world, and feel that cooperation is still early, at least in the industry to develop stable, their own enterprises can stand firm In order to seek other development space. The pace of development of enterprises is certainly not wrong, but it has brought certain obstacles to the development of smart home industry. Because the smart home products of major companies are separate, this brings certain choices to users. When users choose smart homes, they will always consider many factors. It is impossible for a smart home product to meet the needs of users. When users choose other smart home products, they will encounter many problems, and they cannot interact with each other. Work, need multiple mobile apps to get the job done. This requires enterprises to consider the actual needs of users when developing smart home products, open the market, and cooperate with each other to make the development of smart homes benign.


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