Floor cross-border wooden door terminal joint monopoly market

In the current fiercely competitive society, it is not an easy task to monopolize the market in a certain industry. As far as China is concerned, the flooring industry can count hundreds of brands, and Often dense in a certain area. What is the most important thing for a company that wants to achieve good long-term development? Only a single product production can no longer meet the requirements of social competition, and it cannot guarantee the grand goal of a company to be bigger and stronger. How to have a broad vision and see the direction of the future development of the company?

Cross-industry marketing has made many entrepreneurs shine. For these four words, there is the following explanation: Cross-industry marketing is a cross-industry, cross-product, cross-regional combination marketing model, which brings about efficient innovation between industries, effective combination of products, and regions. Cooperation and development. It is a kind of enterprise development thinking with wisdom. It is different from the traditional and monolithic enterprise development. By mobilizing all available social resources, cross-industry marketing provides cooperation and growth for enterprises on the basis of mutual benefit. Good scientific planning.

In just a few years, one after another Chinese forestry brands have introduced cross-industry marketing strategies. With the emergence of successful cooperation cases such as Haier and Fudeli Zhangyu, the concept of cross-industry marketing, under the advocacy of the China Institute of Inter-Industry Alliance, with the support of the Forest Industry Association, has been increasingly Many social and industry-wide attention and attention.

Vision determines the direction, consciousness determines the strategy, in the more mature land of production floor, the enterprise began to enter the wooden door market, and the real card can also dig out the real gold, which undoubtedly added to the marketing strategy. The new explanation, the consistent behavior of major manufacturers, may also explain this, cross-industry marketing is getting more and more people’s attention, it will also be the direction of future social development.

China has been the first to say that it has been strong since the ancient times. Whoever thinks first who will grab the occupied land first will win the race earlier. At the beginning of the article, the companies such as Shiyou, Mengtian, Nature, and Shengxiang have achieved remarkable results in the land industry after years of operation. Resource advantages, seizing the wooden door industry, strengthening industrial integration, and rapidly monopolizing the market are new strategies that make people shine.

Terminal joint staking laps

As the market matures, the momentum of development in recent years has been rapid. The industry has formed five core areas of the Greater Beijing-Tianjin region, the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, the Yangtze River Delta region, the three northeastern provinces, and the northwestern Southwest region. In 2007, the total value of the wooden door industry reached 40 billion, and the manufacturers exceeded 10,000. There are hundreds of factories.

In the Chinese market, an unavoidable fact is that the current wooden door enterprises are too small and the industrial concentration is not high. According to statistics, it can be said that there are more than 5,000 wooden door enterprises with industrial production, and there are more than 3,000 enterprises with a certain scale of mechanized production, which are more than 5 million yuan.

At present, the production and sales methods of Chinese wooden door enterprises restrict the benign development of the whole industry. Many enterprises have experienced more than 10 years of development, but the entire Chinese wooden door manufacturers have a total production of more than 100 million enterprises. Compared with other categories of building materials industry, such as flooring, ceramic tile, paint and coating enterprises, the development is seriously lagging behind. For example, nowadays, there are brand agreements on flooring, ceramic tiles, paints, cabinets, electrical appliances, etc., but there are few wooden doors. Designated brand.

The lack of market, immature, scarce, is the opportunity for companies to survive in the cracks! Li Ganlin, manager of the Shengmen Mumen Hubei business unit, said that if the wooden door is standardized, the door opening is standardized, and the competition for the industrialization of the wooden door will tend to become hot.

At present, the major enterprises that have matured in the flooring industry have begun to enter the wooden door industry. This terminal combination and the market-occupying mode are in full swing. On the one hand, enterprises use the mature resources at hand to break the bottleneck of the wooden door industry, so that the wooden doors can also be standardized and scaled to produce stocking stocks. The competition in the market has increased the pressure on funds and other scales, on the other hand, like Enterprises such as Shengxiang Heya, which has already occupied the commanding heights, have the opportunity to acquire restructuring and cooperation, gradually merge the market network, and sprint and rapidly expand.

In 2007, the total value of the wooden door industry reached 40 billion, and few companies with a total production of more than 100 million. The data seems to be sufficient to show that the development of the wooden door industry is not mature and is still in a groping phase.

After five to ten years of industrial upgrading in the wooden door industry, several or more than ten large brand enterprises will emerge. At least 50% of the country’s wooden door enterprises will face the fate of being merged and eliminated. Even if it can survive, the market space is small. Li Ganlin said.

Building a model to strengthen the brand

The immature development of the industry is also a reason why the door enterprises cannot get out of the regional limits and erect the national brand. Beijing’s wooden door enterprises are not fully counted in about 1,000, but in fact there are less than 200 qualified, many small companies with no qualifications are competing for this cake, making the development of formal enterprises more difficult. On the other hand, the intellectual property rights of wooden doors are relatively weak, which gives some space for small companies to develop. The degree of homogenization of the wooden door style of the whole industry is quite high. Due to the low threshold of the whole industry, more than a dozen people can produce it. The homogenization of this wooden door style gives many small companies the opportunity to imitate, and it can be said that they have survived. Batch of people.

To be a business, not only to be a businessman, but also to be an operator. Doing business and running a business is two different things. Japan’s richest man, Liu Jing, said in his book, “One Victory and Nine Failures”: What is the difference between the operator and the businessman? Most businessmen are like the way they buy and sell goods. In this sense, the presidents of most SMEs are still not operators. Operators must have clear goalsIt is able to formulate a strict business plan, lead the company to grow rapidly, and maximize the benefits of the company.

This road has been found, the bottleneck problem is also urgently needed to break through the march, how to become bigger and stronger, upgrade speed, accelerate success; build a model, strengthen the brand according to the ideas given by Yan Jingzheng.

Release date: 2011/12/30 10:59:37

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