Floor companies should give dealers a moving support

In the channel construction, in order to promote market development and benefit others, the company will give the channel vendors some support. Even if the support of the same strength is supported by some manufacturers, the dealers are grateful to Dade, and some manufacturers support the dealers. It is considered to be a matter of course.

Why is the gap so big?

One problem that we always face in the process of enterprise channel management is that many dealers cry all day to make policies, give discounts, approve advertising fees, get some specials, and it’s okay. The feeling for the manufacturer is that it is hard to fill, it is a bottomless pit!

To be honest, many quotients are like this, but most of them are doing poor business. ‘Wait, rely on, want to be serious, and look forward to the company advertising, CCTV, broadcasting, etc. I can’t wait for the resources of the manufacturers to be put on his three-point land, but he does not actively promote it. How can the products be sold?

Don’t use heavy hammers, good merchants are ‘no need to whip their own hoofs’, business is to do for themselves, people rely on their own efforts to do the market, manufacturers give away, do not give or ask, because they I understand that it doesn’t make much sense. The supporters will not be less than one. You shouldn’t support it if you want it. Dealers do market like farmers give their own land, God does not rain, does not wind, you still do not water yourself, this crop is still not collected?

Operating in the regional market, the dealer is always the protagonist, the manufacturer is only the supporting role, and the dealer needs to position himself. The support of the manufacturers to the dealers is on the one hand to mobilize the enthusiasm of the dealers, to inspire people, on the one hand, for the market development and operation must.

The same strength of support, how to create dealers moved, how to let dealers feel the support of manufacturers? This is indeed a proposition placed in front of each manufacturer.

The author believes that grasping the common needs of dealers while paying attention to the individual needs of dealers, and then giving targeted support in ‘reasonable, unexpected’ can make dealers feel support, create dealers to move, stimulate Dealer’s enthusiasm for the market!

Reasonable: The terms of the manufacturer’s annual contract support policy promise to be given.

Unexpectedly: Each dealer faces different problems, what the dealer needs, and what we can meet in the context of the company’s permissible scope, even if the customer asks us to come forward in advance, The idea is to walk in front of the customer.

What is the dealer’s personalized needs?

Some dealers don’t need money, don’t care much about the company’s support, lack of operation methods, then the company gives him strategies and methods, and the person is stationed to help him operate the market.

Some dealers need training on shopping guides. The company will send professional lecturers to the local store to teach the hands and hands, and the store will practice and demonstrate.

Some dealers don’t know how to do activities promotion. The company sends professional planners to give training and practical operations for various activity modes.

Some dealers have subordinate network management confusion. The company organizes professional channel management personnel to help them survive the fittest, optimize management, and improve network quality.

Some dealers face good opportunities for local market expansion. For example, there are new stores in the local market, and there are pressures on the funds. The company can give internal interest-free loans or give certain financial support.

Manufacturers’ policies are yes, there are explicit, there are hidden, there are common, there are applications, the key is whether the dealer friends have the heart of the market, whether the market is because of you With the heart and change, can you rely on one heart to impress the manufacturer? The author believes that dealers friends only need to work hard, you do not need to take the initiative to support, manufacturers know your needs will be put away from the market and your point of view Gain insight into your needs and consider targeted support for you!

In addition, advise dealers and friends not to make sales commitments to manufacturers in order to get support from manufacturers. It is better to make a look at shouting scorpions. People are looking at manufacturers, he is watching what you said or watching you do. ?

When the dealer friend is approved by the manufacturer, is there any support? When you feedback your needs to the manufacturer, you are often moved, if you have touched the manufacturer! Dealer friends, the manufacturer brand may be your only, but you are almost impossible to be the only manufacturer!

At the same time, enterprise channel management personnel should go deep into the market, conduct strategic thinking from the perspective of market sustainable development, gain insight into the needs of dealers, urgency in the market, urgent needs of dealers, full market needs, full distribution. The needs of the business, create market touch, create dealers to move, the relationship between manufacturers will become more and more harmonious, the market will get better and better!

Release date: 2011/12/29 11:26:09

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