Floor companies need to take advantage of the trend to win the market

In recent years, the competition in the flooring market has become more and more serious, which has made the development pressure of flooring companies face challenges. Coupled with the impact of the big economic environment, many companies are increasingly caught in awkward situations. From the perspective of enterprises, although the market environment is slightly depressed, from another perspective, factors such as the recovery of the property market and the emergence of the e-commerce market have largely provided enterprises with business opportunities.

The development of the e-commerce market and the recovery of the property market as a provider of business opportunities

In 2015, the hottest keyword must be “Internet+.” This year, the government work report first proposed the development of the Internet + Action Plan, and proposed to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and modern manufacturing, and promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance. The entire e-commerce industry is therefore full of confidence and support, and floor e-commerce has also developed rapidly. It is reported that the scale of e-commerce in China’s home furnishing industry is expected to reach 205 billion yuan in 2015, which is also extremely beneficial for the development of the e-commerce market in the flooring industry.

In addition, after the purchase restriction policy was gradually cancelled in various places, the property market gradually showed a warmer trend. In the first half of the year, the volume of first-tier cities increased by 42.9% year-on-year. In the second quarter, Beijing and Shenzhen also appeared. The situation of rising volume and price. Experts believe that the property market is expected to hit a new high in the second half of the year. At the same time, the flooring industry in the downstream of the industrial chain will also usher in a good momentum of development.

The online shopping habits of young people are well-known for companies

In recent years, the Chinese consumer market is gradually becoming younger. According to statistics, there are 220 million between 1986 and 1995 in China. The new population, this population is entering the consumer market at a rate of more than 20 million people per year, replacing the older generation of consumers and becoming the main consumer. After 80 and 90, who liked the house and liked to show their personality, online shopping became their daily consumption habit. According to McKinsey’s research report “Rising Digital China,” 75% of online shoppers are less than 34 years old, and their monthly online shopping spending totals more than 30 billion yuan.

In terms of household consumption, this group of young consumers also showed the characteristics of the Internet. A home magazine published an investigation report on household consumption behavior after 80s and 90s in China’s first-tier cities. The report shows that the top three places for home products after 80 and 90 are: home stores, online stores and brands. Specialty stores, online shopping malls accounted for an upward trend, household consumption accounted for 20%-50% of their disposable income, the number of household e-commerce is increasingly favored by this group of young consumers. In order to meet the needs of young consumers, many large flooring brands have also begun to get involved in e-commerce and take a younger route.

For flooring companies, it is more important to understand the market consumer demand and industry trends. In the market where challenges and opportunities coexist, the ability to test the floor enterprise is multi-faceted. Although the external environment has a great impact on the development of the enterprise, it is even more important to exert the initiative and initiative. In a tough competitive market, enterprises can’t be blindly pessimistic. Only by actively responding to the new situation can we find a direction that suits our own development.

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