Floor companies enter the online shopping market with their own conditions

B2B website marketing promotion has become an important means of promotion for many foreign trade export enterprises. If the floor enterprises use their e-commerce platform to flow to the national or even global markets at a very fast speed, the floor regionalization pattern will not be attacked. broken.

In the network era, the geographical limitations of the floor are not a problem.

E-commerce has a broader environment: people are not limited by time, are not limited by space, and are not subject to traditional shopping. Many restrictions can be traded online anytime and anywhere; at the same time, the market space is broader: one merchant can face consumers around the world, and one consumer can shop at any merchant in the world; faster circulation and low price: electronic Business reduces the intermediate links of commodity circulation, saves a lot of expenses, and thus greatly reduces the cost of goods circulation and transactions; more in line with the requirements of the times.

Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing fashion, paying attention to personality, paying attention to the shopping environment, and shopping online, which can reflect the personalized shopping process. Especially with the influence of modern networks on people’s lives, e-commerce almost extends its reach to people’s private life. If there is an e-commerce platform on the Internet, it is equivalent to opening the store to the customer’s bedroom. This absolute possession of the terminal market will undoubtedly greatly stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase and reach a purchase contract. In this process, companies and consumers are not geographically restricted. The e-commerce transaction completely broke through the geographical limitations and paved the way to the whole country.

Floor industry, the combination of e-commerce and self is the way to survive

Although the furniture industry has entered the online shopping market soon, there are many furniture companies who are striving to fight for this new piece of online marketing. . It is understood that today’s online furniture e-commerce sites are divided into three categories: the first category is based on the store established by the physical store furniture store; the second category is that they have manufacturers and have a certain well-known brand, set up a furniture online store, a The aspect is to promote the brand, on the other hand, to increase a sales channel; the third category is that there is neither a physical store nor a brand of its own, to establish a website platform independently, and to establish mutual cooperation and cooperation with some furniture brands to sell online.

Experts said that for the e-commerce model of online sales, many home furnishing companies have their own unique understanding and experience. In most people’s view, online marketing has a certain market space, which can be compared with tradition. Marketing channels form an effective complement. Network and physical stores are important complementary relationships. E-commerce cannot simply look at how many furniture is sold online. The main purpose is to hope that the network can help the physical stores to promote the physical stores.

Release date: 2011/11/18 11:03:57

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