Exquisite rope device

Mello + Landiniis a Brazilian artistJaniana MelloandDaniel Landini cooperative works. Together they created a continuous series of devices called Ciclotrama, it consists of a entangled rope Composition, the rope is twisted and unfolded to form an organic form, like a tree root and a tree.

CiclotramasInterprets the passage of time. Multiple strands can form a single line, or they can break into separate tracks and have their own characteristics.
Mello + Landini
The work is a delicate scene, while showing subtlety and power, creating a dislocation with the lines of gathering and splitting. At the bottom of the unit is a large rope that is laid on the ground like a long, winding road. Then the rope is divided into smaller, more subtle branches. Their tiny veins are nailed to the wall or ceiling and can be viewed as a whole or on their own.

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