Explosion Vanke fully decorated rooms use a lot of Anxin brand inferior poisonous floor

A netizen named “Li Xiaoyan” broke the news in a forum that Vanke has used a large number of oversized and inferior Anxin brand flooring in some tens of thousands of fully-decorated housing projects in more than 10 cities in recent years. The amount of formaldehyde released in the batch exceeds the contracted standard by 5 times, which seriously endangers human health. The thickness of the inferior floor surface layer is seriously insufficient, and the service life is only 20% of the qualified products.

For the ‘Poison Floor’ incident, Netease Real Estate Home Reporter interviewed Vanke and Anxin Flooring for the first time. Vanke responded to the exclusive response to Netease Real Estate, saying that it suspends the purchase of Anxin Floor and seriously traces the incident. The quality inspection agency assists in the inspection. Anxin Flooring firmly denied the incident and insisted that this post was a malicious slander of the company by Anxin’s retired employees. NetEase Home has tried to contact ‘Li Xiaoyan’ several times, but the only contact information provided by it – the mobile phone number has been shut down. For this ‘poison floor’ incident, Netease Real Estate and Netease Home will continue to make comprehensive tracking reports.

Formaldehyde exceeded 5 Bianxinxin floor infiltrated into Vanke Real Estate

According to the sticker, ‘Poison Flooring’ supplier Anxin floor was built by Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) Timber Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Anxin Weiguang Timber Co., Ltd. are two enterprises, referred to as ‘Anxin Floor’, English abbreviation ‘A&W’. The company’s registered places are Shanghai Qingpu District and Suzhou Wujiang City. Since 2008, Anxin Floor has formed strategic partnerships with Vanke Group, China Shipping Group, Greenland Group, Forte Group, Longhu Real Estate, R&F Properties, Hebei Kaiyuan, Greentown Group, Yanlord Real Estate and other Chinese real estate companies to provide fully renovated rooms. The floor is needed, of which Vanke is its main customer.

From January 2010 to November 2011, Vanke purchased Anxin solid wood composite flooring totaling 560,000 square meters, mainly for teak and eucalyptus with a panel thickness of 0.6mm. If the average building area per house is 100 square meters or the use area is about 75 square meters, and the pavement floor area is 55-60 square meters, only in the two years of 2010-2011, Vanke paved the formaldehyde to be seriously toxic and inferior. There are 10,000 sets of fully furnished rooms on the floor.

Post content said that in October 2011, Anxin Flooring Co., Ltd. sent the factory to the ‘Shanghai National Building Materials and Decoration Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center’ to test the substrate for the production of solid wood composite flooring, formaldehyde emission Up to 2.5mg / L, is the E0 level of floor formaldehyde release limit of ≤ 0.5mg / L 5 times. More importantly, this inferior floor is seriously over-standardized due to formaldehyde, and long-term exposure may cause cancer of the nose, mouth, throat, skin and digestive tract.

Panel cut corners Anxin floor life reduction 8 into

The broketer also revealed that Anxin provided Vanke’s composite floor, the thickness of the surface layer is 0.6mm, the actual thickness is less than 0.3mm, and the partial or even the skin is not carefully seen, revealing the soft plywood. This is because in order to save production costs, Anxin purchases only half of the thickness of the qualified raw materials.

The post pointed out that the thickness of the composite floor is insufficient, which directly leads to a significant shrinkage of the product life. There are two main reasons: First, the dough is too thin, easy to foam, crack, especially with a wet mop The back edge of the ground is very easy to foam; the second is that if the dough is too thin, the dough will not be repainted after it is broken or worn. Usually, the service life of composite flooring qualified products is 30 years, and the surface of Anxin, which is like a thin paper, has a service life of no more than 5 or 6 years. If it is used in public places such as shopping malls, it will be completely scrapped in one year. It can only be renovated and replaced with new flooring.

Vanke ghost caused a quality inspection loophole?

Post content also revealed that Vanke has always been rigorous in the quality control of decoration materials supply. The reason why the poison floor can flow into Vanke is mainly because Anxin Company and Vanke’s Song surnamed employee ‘established communication’ and learned about Vanke. For the details of the supplier ‘flight check’, the Anxin Shanghai factory and the Suzhou factory are prepared in advance, that is, the products produced by the ‘special test substrate’ to cope with Vanke’s ‘raid’ inspection.

Because Vanke’s employee and supplier’s prior venting report caused Anxin’s inferior quality of formaldehyde and serious insufficiency of panel thickness, it was an unimpeded reason to send it to Vanke.

If the toxic floor situation is the owner of the industry can have the right to request check-out

It is worth mentioning that the person who broke the news also said that he had consulted a lawyer, Vanke used the toxic, inferior Anxin floor Most of the renovation properties have been pre-sold, some of which have been delivered to the owners, and the injured owners can fully defend their rights according to law.

The lawyer believes that before the judiciary has not taken criminal justice actions against the above-mentioned criminal acts, the owner’s rights protection needs to prove that the floor is a poor quality, toxic and unqualified product. The lawyer believes that the floor is an important part of the fully renovated room. If the panel thickness of the floor is seriously insufficient or the formaldehyde content test does not meet the E0 standard, the owner has the right to request Vanke to check out or obtain the corresponding economic compensation from Vanke.

Respond to both sides of the incident

Vanke exclusive response: Suspension of procurement of Anxin flooring will be seriously pursued

A recent article on the network questioning the quality of Anxin flooring products, our company This is highly valued and an emergency investigation procedure has been initiated. The relevant issues will be seriously traced and Axin Weiguang (Shanghai) Timber Co., Ltd. will be fully explained. If the investigation finds that there is a problem with the quality of the products, our company will strictly assume all the obligations and responsibilities of our company and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers.

Before confirming the survey results, our company suspended the purchase of Anxin brand flooring; the Anxin floor that has been purchased and not yet installed, all sealed first; our professional department has begun to develop re-examination related quality indicators, including Re-examine the installed floor and invite the quality inspection agency to assist in the inspection.Measurement. Our company will also conduct an internal investigation of relevant procurement management work.

If the investigation finds that there is a problem with the quality of the products, our company will strictly assume all the obligations and responsibilities of our company and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers.

Anxin exclusive floor response: the old employee left the company’s malicious slander

Netease home reporter called Anxin floor marketing manager Wang Rufeng, said that Anxin flooring company has been informed online posting Content, and insisted that this post is a malicious slander of the company by Anxin’s retired employees. The picture text was taken unilaterally and randomly changed. ‘This old employee is dissatisfied with the company. We are now looking for this old employee through lawyers, but for the time being. Not yet connected. ‘

The manager also denied that Anxin’s floor was supplied to Vanke as ‘formaldehyde exceeded 5 times inferior floor’. ‘Wanke has a very strict monitoring process. If there is a problem with our floor, how can it enter? Their engineering project’. It also pointed out that Anxin Floor has not communicated to Vanke that ‘Vanke’s fully-decorated rooms use a lot of Anxin brand inferior poisonous floor’.

User questioned:

On this topic, the reporter found the voice of netizens questioning in the NetEase forum. An anonymous nande netizen said that there were several doubts in the report of the reporter.

The netizen pointed out that the article mentioned “As an insider, I pay more attention to the authenticity of the content of the material, and I am not willing to investigate the motivation of the person who broke the news.” After reading the U disk content, the certification “except for audio files, most of the data is a scanned copy of the original voucher”, but the latter paragraph said “intuitively, this information is true and reliable, but I considered the tax evasion and commercial bribery. Question… “This place is unreasonable. Is the real report file identified by Li Xiaoyan based on his “intuition”?

In addition, the netizen questioned the field investigation of “Li Xiaoyan”, saying that it only told the Duanxin floor store in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai to ask questions about the thickness of the floor, on the floor. Other problems such as the presence of formaldehyde do not seem to be actually investigated.

For the users’ doubts and the reasons and intentions of the reporter “Li Xiaoyan” behavior, NetEase Real Estate has repeatedly tried to contact “Li Xiaoyan”, the only contact method provided by it – the mobile phone number has been shut down.

Formaldehyde: the killer of human life and health

Formaldehyde is a colorless and harmful gas, long-term exposure may cause cancer of the nose, mouth, throat, skin and digestive tract. The formaldehyde in the house is mainly from various types of decorative wood, furniture, flooring and paint.

Children and pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, and the harm is even greater. Long-term living in a low concentration of formaldehyde environment will affect the infant’s intellectual development, and infants with weak constitution or sensitive constitution may become dementia seriously. Long-term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, leading to mutations in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colon cancer, brain tumors, menstrual disorders, and nucleus, affecting DNA single-strand cross-linking and DNA-protein cross-linking, and inhibiting DNA damage repair. Increased pregnancy syndrome, causing neonatal chromosomal abnormalities and leukemia, resulting in decreased memory and intelligence in adolescents.

Release date: 2012/2/17 9:34:21

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