Experts and scholars make suggestions and suggestions How to transform the ceramic industry

Recently, 2018 Advanced Ceramics Material Technology Innovation and Industrial Application Conference was held in this city. Relevant industry experts, scholars, representatives of manufacturers and raw material suppliers discussed materials, processes, equipment upgrades and industrial applications, and promoted Foshan ceramic industry. Technological innovation and transformation and upgrading.

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Li Changqun, Dean of the Institute of Industrial Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Foshan, With the development of modern high-tech, China’s advanced ceramic system has been continuously expanded, and the preparation technology has been continuously enriched and improved. The application fields have also been extended from a single military and aerospace to a wider range of civilian markets such as environmental protection, new energy and electronic information. Ceramic materials It also develops from structural ceramics and functional ceramics to structural-functional integration. However, due to the fact that the overall level of domestic advanced ceramics and developed countries, especially the United States, Japan and Europe, there is still a certain gap, this makes China’s traditional ceramic industry is facing the extreme shortage of technology and new product engineering transformation, high-end powder preparation. And the decentralized technology, as well as the backwardness of manufacturing equipment processing technology.

“In terms of Foshan ceramic industry, one On the other hand, homogenization is becoming more and more serious. On the other hand, smart equipment technology is backward.” To this end, Li Changqun suggested that the core of the transformation and upgrading of the ceramic industry lies in transforming thinking and intensifying efforts to develop new materials, new technologies and new processes. The ceramic industry transformation is a four-in-one system engineering from materials, design, process and assembly. In this process, enterprises, governments, universities, and research institutes need to work together. Therefore, the industrial upgrading is not in a certain link, but through the Internet technology, the linkage of all aspects of product production.

“We can make mechanical materials, But fine processing can’t.” Wu Jianqing, a professor at South China University of Technology, a doctoral tutor, and vice president of the Guangdong Ceramics Association, believes that the slow development of advanced ceramics is related to the level of mechanical processing. The reason is that the ceramic enterprises do not have enough investment in scientific research, and the cooperation with universities and research institutes is not enough.

Shenzhen University School of Materials Professor, Doctoral Supervisor Yang Haitao agreed with this. He said that in some developed countries, they are highly specialized division of labor, that is, technology research and development is placed in research institutions, and industrialization is placed in enterprises, so that professionals can be guaranteed to do professional things and higher professional standards.

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