Entering Zhangzi Island: Ecological Innovation of China’s Marine Fisheries Pioneers

The unique geographical environment has spawned an international ecological island & mdash; — Zhangzidao, also gave birth to a sea Born and prosperous to the sea —— Zhangzidao Group.

On November 11th, 2017, a hundred-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine teamed up with the business media group to jointly launch a world-class modern marine ranch elite business visit and lead dozens of small and medium-sized enterprises. They walked into the Zhangzidao Group and regained the 60-year rise of the island.

Scallop fruit flavor, sea cucumber will dance

With the sea breeze, SMEs first took a semi-submarine tour to the natural marine pastures of Zhangzidao.

Zhangzidao is a sub-humid monsoon climate in the north temperate zone. The island is rich in sea treasures such as sea cucumber, abalone and scallops. There are “undersea banks and” the name of the Yellow Sea Pearl.

According to the staff, the sea area where Zhangzidao is located is currently the only MSC-certified sea area in China. This also marks a new breakthrough in China’s exploration of sustainable marine development.

Due to sustainable and good management, the seafood in Zhangzidao has reached the standard of raw food. During the visit, the divers sneaked into the seabed and fished out fresh scallops and sea cucumbers for the entrepreneurs to taste on the spot.

There is a jingle in Zhangzidao: “There are forests on the seabed, fruity scallops, sea cucumbers dancing, and abalones like national banquets. Described as the freshness and deliciousness of the sea treasures. After tasting the seafood, the entrepreneurs praised the seafood. “Of course, after eating this scallop, there is sweetness in the mouth. Wang Liyan from Dalian Open Laughing Catering Co., Ltd. is full of praise.

In addition to raw seafood, the staff at Zhangzidao also arranged sea fishing for entrepreneurs. Together, everyone threw the line of hope and hope into the sea, enjoying the intense fishing experience brought about by the vastness and mystery of the sea.

Subsequently, entrepreneurs came to the island to visit the Shellfish Processing Center in Zhangzidao. This is the first-class shellfish processing center in China, the largest in Asia, and the world’s leading shellfish processing center. It integrates processing, temporary maintenance and refrigeration, and is mainly based on shellfish processing.

Entering the shellfish processing center, scallop processing, live product holding, sea cucumber drying, dry product production … … each production line runs in an orderly manner. Advanced processing equipment and modern production workshops also give entrepreneurs a sense of shock.

World-class modern marine pastures

60 years ago, Zhangzidao was a deserted island of less than 15 square kilometers. In 1958, the older generation of Zizi Islanders became self-reliant on this small island far from the mainland and a poor and white, and began a difficult entrepreneurial journey.

The Zhangzidao Group was also established in 1958. It has been hailed as “a red flag in the depths of the Yellow Sea,” “Dazhai at sea,” “Pearl of the Sea and “Undersea Bank”. Nowadays, after the baptism of a Jiazi, under the support of marine biotechnology, Zhangzidao has developed into a sea-type variety industry, seawater aquaculture, marine food, cold chain logistics, marine leisure and fishery equipment. A comprehensive marine enterprise integrating multiple industries.

As a pioneer in China’s marine fisheries, the Zhangzidao Group has been committed to the sustainable development of the ocean. At present, Zhangzidao adopts a modern marine pasture, a natural, recyclable and sustainable fishery production model, which focuses on protecting marine ecosystems while utilizing marine resources.

Each year, Zhangzidao broadcasts billions of scallop seedlings to marine pastures, and implements round-the-wheel catching, fallow maintenance, controlling seedlings, and limiting fishing in marine pastures. The scallop seedlings can be harvested after 3-4 years of natural growth in the marine pastures to ensure the sustainable growth of the species; the fishing adopts two modes: diving and trawling, and the nets are ecologically improved to minimize the damage. Ecological damage.

In addition, an annual investment of tens of millions of yuan to build artificial reefs and artificial algae reefs has enabled the recovery and increase of fish, algae and other biological resources in the sea.

 The premise of the marine pasture model is to carry out economic activities based on the restoration of ecological support of the ocean, so as to achieve sustainable development of the environment and sustainable economic development. At the forum, the representatives of the Zhangzidao Group repeatedly mentioned the sustainability of ecology.

At the sharing meeting, entrepreneurs were deeply impressed by the modern-class ocean ranch in Zhangzidao. Wang Limei from Dalian Zhuangzhuang Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. exclaimed: “For our laymen, the first feeling after I came is particularly shocking, especially the feeling of shellfish processing centers and marine pastures. It changed my previous perception of food safety. For Liaoning people, the practice of food safety upgrades in Zhangzidao can drive the whole of Liaoning and even promote the food safety upgrade of fishery brands across the country. This is a transmission of social responsibility and value.

With the rapid development of China’s fisheries, increased market demand and improved fishing technology, China faces many challenges in the sustainability of fisheries. As a leader, Zhangzidao is playing its exemplary role.

“Fishing big fish to Zhangzidao

In addition to the main business of marine food manufacturing and seawater aquaculture, marine leisure industry is one of the development characteristics of Zhangzidao.

After visiting and understanding the core business of Zhangzidao, on November 12th, entrepreneurs visited the Embassy of Zhangzidao Island. And the sea goddess.

The Embassy of Zhangzidao Island records the development history of the island, and the goddess of the sea is the sustenance of the people of Zhangzidao.

The statue of the sea goddess is 6.8 meters high and is carved from a piece of white marble. The sea goddess holds the lotus lamp in her hand and looks at the sea with her eyes, greet the fishermen and return to the sea safely and fully. Every year, the 13th of the first month is the birthday of the goddess of the sea god. The people of the island will worship in front of the statue of the goddess of the sea god. When the night falls, the whole family will come to the beach to put their own fishing boats and fishing lights into the sea and set off firecrackers. Worship the sea god, in order to pray for the goddess of the sea god to bless the fishermen to go out and make a big fish, the fish and shrimp are full.

In addition, the sea fishing that entrepreneurs enjoyed yesterday is also the marine leisure feature of Zhangzidao.

“Fishing big fish to Zhangzi Island, the fish poles bent and smiled. With the development of the sea fishing industry, the sea fishing movement, which is known as “sea golf”, has gradually penetrated into people’s lives. The people who like sea fishing are also expanding. The International Sea Fishing Festival held every year at Zhangzidao is well-known and attracts countless visitors to Dalian.

In recent years, under the modern marine pasture ecological farming mode, the fishery ecology in the area of ​​Zhangzidao has been strongly protected, and Zhangzidao has also been praised as a fishing paradise by fishing enthusiasts.

Seeing business benchmarks, drunken ages

Visiting and learning about Zhangzidao After the management of modern marine technology, the century-old Luzhou Laojiao wine specially prepared for the entrepreneurs to “elite share dinner”.

At the banquet, everyone also tasted the delicacies while talking about what they saw and what they saw. Liang Dan from Dalian Yimi Culture Media Co., Ltd. exclaimed: “As a Dalian person, I don’t even know that the seafood in Zhangzidao is so fresh and the quality has reached international standards. I only knew that the sea cucumbers of Zhangzidao are more expensive than other products. It was only bought because of expensive. This time, I am honored to be able to visit and truly understand the Zhangzidao Group. I hope that in the future, with the help of the aged wine and business media, companies can strengthen cooperation.

Business Media Group and Centennial Luzhou Old Ageing Wine Co-sponsored “Elite and Enterprise Visits” It aims to build a resource sharing platform for SMEs, enhance their practical capabilities, broaden their cognitive boundaries, and truly serve the elite.

At present, he has visited more than 30 elite companies including Sany Heavy Industry, Buchang Pharmaceutical, Shenzhou Youche, and Mustang Group. Next, we will enter more famous enterprises with SMEs.

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