Do you know “gentle floor”? What about cork flooring?

1. What is cork flooring?

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Cork flooring is called “flooring” The pyramid is consumed. The raw material is the bark of the cork oak tree. Compared with the solid wood floor, it is more environmentally friendly, soundproof, and the moisture-proof effect is better. It gives people an excellent feeling of foot. The cork floor is soft and quiet. Comfortable, wear-resistant, accidental fall for the elderly and children, can provide a great buffer, its unique sound insulation and insulation properties are also very suitable for use in bedrooms, conference rooms, libraries, recording studios and other places. /P>

Cork flooring, thickness is 4~5mm. If you only take a small piece, it looks like a mat. It looks very rough and original from the color of the flower. There is no fixed pattern. The well-known stripe floor is very different, although there are dozens of colors, but the difference is not very obvious; its biggest feature is pure cork, pure texture, very environmentally friendly. Paste type, which is directly pasted on the ground with special glue, construction process More complicated, the ground requirements are also higher. From the price point of view, this floor market price is more than 100 yuan / square meter, the price is relatively low.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of cork flooring analysis

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Easy Cork Floor

1, soft to the feet Comfort

The cork flooring has good health, softness, comfort, good foot feel and fatigue resistance. Each cork cell is a closed balloon. When exposed to external pressure, the cells will shrink, and the internal pressure will rise. When the pressure is lost, the air pressure inside the cell will restore the cells to their original state. This resilience of cork can greatly reduce the pressure caused by long-term standing on the back, legs and ankles of the human body, and at the same time, it is beneficial to the protection of the knee joints of the elderly. It can cushion the accidental fall and minimize the human body. The degree of damage.

2, good anti-skid performance

Cork flooring has a good anti-slip property, anti-skid characteristics compared with other flooring is also its biggest feature. The anti-skid coefficient of the cork floor is 6, and the old man is not easy to slide on the above, which increases the safety of use.

3, able to absorb noise

cork flooring is recognized in the industry as a quiet floor, cork because it feels soft, just like people walking on the beach is very quiet. This piece is mainly structurally, because the cork itself is a polyhedral structure, like a honeycomb, full of air, 50% of which is air. When people walk up, they feel that they are stepping on 50% of the air, which is very soft.

Disadvantages of cork flooring

1, poor wear resistance and compression resistance

deformation of the object is divided into elastic deformation and plastic deformation, elastic deformation is recoverable but plastic Deformation is not possible. If it exceeds the value range of elastic deformation, it becomes plastic deformation and cannot be recovered. If you use a sharp heel to step on the cork floor, the crater that occurs may not be restored. In daily life, it is best to wear soft-soled shoes to walk on the cork floor to prevent the sand from being brought into the room. It is recommended to lay a foot pad at the door and remove the sand that is brought into the room in time to reduce the wear on the floor.

2, cleaning is not easy

It is this structure, it will be easier to store ash, need to use and maintain properly, cleaning and care more carefully. The waterproof and anticorrosive performance of ordinary cork flooring is not as good as that of laminate flooring, and moisture is more likely to penetrate. It is necessary to prevent ink, lipstick, etc. from getting on the floor, otherwise it will easily penetrate into the floor.

3. Classification of cork flooring

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1. Classification according to paving method

Cork flooring can be divided into adhesive cork flooring and lock cork flooring according to the paving method.

Adhesive cork flooring is generally divided into three Layer structure, the top layer is wear-resistant water-based coating; the middle is a hand-polished rare cork surface layer, which is a cork floor color; the bottom is an engineering cork base layer. Some products will also add bark veneer and Silent compartment.

Locked cork flooring is generally divided into six layers, the first layer is the wear-resistant water-based coating; the second layer is the hand-polished cork layer, which is cork flooring The third layer is the first-level ergonomic softwood base; the fourth layer is the HDF (high-density density board) after 7mm; the fifth layer is the lock stitching system; the bottom sixth layer is the second-level environmental engineering cork Base layer.

2, according to the structure of the product classification

According to the structure of the product, cork flooring can be divided into painting surface, pvc veneer, PVC veneer, plastic cork Floor and Multi-layer composite cork flooring.

Coated surface cork flooring: painted on the surface of cork flooring. That is, UV varnish or paint or photosensitive varnish PVA is applied on the surface of the cemented cork. Depending on the paint type, It can be divided into three types, namely high gloss, matt and flat light. In recent years, PU lacquer products have appeared. PU lacquer is relatively soft and can penetrate into the floor and is not easy to crack and deform.

pvc veneer Cork flooring: covered with pvc veneer on the surface of cork floor, the structure is usually four layers, the surface layer is pvc veneer, the thickness is 0.45mm; the second layer is natural cork decoration layer, the thickness is 0.8mm; the third layer is cementation The cork layer has a thickness of 1.8 mm; the bottom layer is a stress balance and waterproof pvc layer.

polyvinyl chloride veneer: thickness 0.45 mm; the second layer is natural thin wood, the thickness of which is 0.45 mm; the third layer is cemented cork, the thickness of which is about 2 mm; the bottom layer is pvc board, which is as waterproof as the third type, and at the same time balances the stress of the board surface, The thickness is about 0.2mm.

plastic cork flooring: generally resin-bonded cork flooring, rubber cork flooring.

Multi-layer composite cork flooring: the first layer is the lacquer wear layer, the second layer is the cork solid wood layer, the third layer is the solid wood laminate or HDF high density slab, the fourth layer is Cork balances the quiet layer.

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