Diatom mud is a new type of environmentally friendly material

Diatom mud is a new type of environmentally friendly material. It not only makes wall decoration more beautiful, but also purifies indoor air, so it is very popular in China. However, there are relatively few diatom muds in foreign countries. Why are diatom muds not popular in foreign countries and what are the deficiencies of diatom mud? Let’s take a look at the introduction of the following article with Xiaobian!
  Why diatom mud is not popular abroad

  1, different consumption views

   There is a big difference in the concept of consumption. The frequency of changing items abroad is relatively fast. For example, the bedding products we use are basically replaced once a year in foreign countries, and at least several years in the country. Therefore, in terms of wall material selection, diatom mud is more expensive. If it is replaced frequently, it will increase the cost, so they do not like to choose diatom mud.

  2, foreign building materials testing standards are more stringent

  In some developed countries, their economic level is better, so the environmental protection of building materials The testing standards are also stricter. Diatom mud is an environmentally friendly product for domestic use, but it may not meet environmental standards abroad, so they also do not like to use this product.

  3, foreign labor costs are larger

   foreign labor costs are much higher than domestic, so they choose those who can manually Renovated products. Such as latex paint, wallpaper is very popular, and diatom mud needs to be a special texture master, relatively troublesome.

  4, the color of diatom mud is relatively not bright

   Why is diatom mud not popular abroad? Of course, from the diatom mud itself, the color of diatom mud is more elegant, mainly matte. For those who like bright spaces, it is unacceptable, so many people abroad choose latex paint or wallpaper to decorate the wall.

  What are the deficiencies of diatom mud

  1, poor hand feeling

    First of all, the diatom mud feels bad after being applied to the wall, and its use period is relatively short, and the discoloration will occur more quickly under the sun exposure.

  2, can not be scrubbed

   diatom mud surface can not be cleaned, if the child accidentally left fingerprints and footprints while playing Classes can’t be cleaned, resulting in beautiful decoration.

  3, not waterproof, not moisture-proof

   diatom mud is mainly composed of reticular molecular structure of diatomaceous earth raw material, easy to absorb water And the diatom mud is easy to fall off when it is wet with water. Moreover, diatom mud is not painted on the wall like latex paint, but sticks to the wall, and its adhesion is poor, and it is not moisture-proof.

  4, the color is not rich

   Although the price of diatom mud is more expensive than wallpaper, it is mainly available in elegant colors. There are fewer colors and patterns, and fewer people like them.
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