Detailed classification of curtains, finished products, custom have “magic”!

Speaking of curtains, everyone first thinks It is a fabric curtain. Unconsciously, in our lives, we have shaded and ventilated venetian blinds, cloth curtains that cover us for mosquitoes and flies, and we return to the rustic fabric curtains. The curtain market is all-encompassing and meets the increasingly diverse needs of people. There are many kinds of curtains, but in general, they can be divided into two categories: finished curtains and fabric curtains.

First, the finished curtain

The curtains on display in the market are mostly finished curtains, which usually meet the dimensions of most windows: 200*200 (double open), 200*250 (single open) and 300*250. The choice can meet the needs of more than 90% of the domestic households. It is not necessary to wait for the customization process as it is not convenient. The finished curtain can be subdivided into roller blinds, vertical blinds and blinds. The three curtains differ in shape and function:

1. Rolling shutters

The roller blind breaks our curtain opening and closing The traditional impression, the principle is to drive the entire curtain up and down through the coil tube, and retractable. The roller blind has good shading effect and has the effect of blocking noise and eliminating visual pollution. Because the curtains are open and closed, when opened, they can get a wide view and complete visual effect through the window, and are widely used in public office areas such as halls and comprehensive offices;

2.Vertical blinds

Vertical curtain is different The whole block design of other curtains is that the blades are vertically suspended from the track. Since the blades are independent of each other, the left and right opening and closing can be used to adjust the light to achieve any degree of shading and space wall. It is a rising star of office curtains, suitable for public places such as conference rooms, VIP rooms, offices and hospitals;

3. venetian blind

The venetian blind is a type of curtain that is favored by many office spaces. It is made up of many sheets of folded curtains. The width of these sheets varies from 2-12 cm, either manually or by electric. Two ways to control the angle of the blade, thereby adjusting the angle of incidence of natural light, so that the indoor light is more varied. Because the blades are also relatively independent, the distance can be adjusted, so the curtain also has good breathability, easy to use Feel comfortable.

two, fabric curtains

Fabric curtains are the appearance rate in family homes A higher kind of household products, usually composed of window screens and curtains, play the dual function of protecting privacy in the home life. The fabrics of fabric curtains mainly include cotton, silk, hemp and polyester. Cotton and silk The quality of the curtains is soft and elegant. Under normal conditions, cotton fibers can absorb the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. The moisture content is usually between 8% and 10%. It has good moisture absorption and breathability, making people feel soft and comfortable. Rather than being stiff, the fabric “clothes” of fine texture for the window of the home makes people feel like dreams.

The above is a classification of curtains shared with you. If you want to maintain a certain concealment of the interior space, With a small amount of light transmission, the screen material of lightweight material is the best choice; if you want light, sound insulation, transformers with adjustable indoor and outdoor temperature, Can catch up with the fashion boom of energy saving and environmental protection, then, blinds are the best companion. These different kinds of curtains have their own “magic”, are you ready to choose a suitable one to take home?

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