Daily care of solid wood flooring

The owners who laid the solid wood floor know that the solid wood floor has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer, but it needs more maintenance and maintenance than other wooden floors. In fact, the cleaning and maintenance of solid wood flooring is not as difficult as imagined. The key is to pay attention to the method. Today, Xiaobian talked about how to clean the wood floor and the daily cleaning attention.
First, how to clean the solid wood floor?

1. Special stains such as oil stains, paints, inks, etc. can be wiped with special stains; blood stains, juice, red wine, beer and other residual stains with wet rags Or use a rag to apply a proper amount of solid wood floor cleaner; if there is no special oil and detergent, you can use a rag to wash the usual rice water or a small amount of detergent, wring it out and wipe it again. The floor is clean and shiny. Wax and chewing gum, put on ice for a while, let it freeze and shrink, then gently scrape it, then wipe it with a damp cloth or a cloth with a proper amount of solid wood flooring cleaner. In short, it is not possible to clean solid wood flooring with a strong acid-base liquid.

2. If you accidentally pour water or leave water on the ground, because the wooden floor is particularly afraid of moisture, when you mop the solid wood floor every time, use a soft broom to open the room. Sweep the dust and wipe it with a wrung rag or a squeezed mop. After wiping clean, do not directly expose the sun to the sun or bake it in an electric oven to avoid drying too fast and the floor to crack. Animal urine is sour and alkaline that it should be cleaned when needed.

3. The home can not finish the expired milk to clean the solid wood floor. Because the milk has expired, the nutrients inside can still help us keep the floor clean. First, pour the expired milk into the washbasin, then dilute it with twice the water. After dampening the rag and wringing it, you can wipe the floor. If the amount of milk that has expired is high, you can wipe it once a week with milk.

4, in the use of solid wood flooring, if it is found that individual floors are uplifted or detached, the floor should be taken in time, the old glue and ash should be removed, new glue applied, compacted; If the floor paint film is damaged or white, it can be polished with 400# water sandpaper and soapy water, then wiped clean. After drying, after partial drying, apply a paint again. After drying for 24 hours, polish it with 400 water sandpaper. Then polish the wax for polishing.

Second, the daily cleaning of solid wood flooring attention

indoors need to be constantly ventilated, can not be wet with a mop to clean. Waterproof, fireproof, damage resistant and dirt resistant. Do not use dust or dirt on the surface of the gasoline to prevent static electricity from causing fire and cause fire.

How to clean the solid wood floor? We pay more attention to our daily life. The cleaning and maintenance of the solid wood floor is not so troublesome. Have you learned the above method of cleaning the solid wood floor?
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