Custom home business is also pushing with reform

The 40th anniversary of reform and opening up also opened the second half of the Chinese market economy; custom-made home enterprises are also driven by the reforms, constantly sprinting, channels soaring, factories all over the place, which are all benefited from the dividends of the people, who seized There are many channels, and there are more customers, so the bonus is naturally more. But a fact is in front of us. The era of China‚Äôs rapid population growth is gone, and the era of enjoying the demographic dividend is gone. In the first half, it relied on grabbing the head to obtain traffic. The store was also hindered by population growth. The vicious competitive diversion and offline diversion of offline traffic, the external acquisition cost of online traffic is getting higher and higher, and the scale effect of traffic has long been Losing, you need to forget the welfare of past traffic, sinking your heart, the focus of the second half of the competition is to grab the user’s stay time and use time.
In 2019, the custom home industry opened the second half.

Before 2018, there were too many companies and products, the production efficiency was also increasing, the cost was constantly compressed, and the process was constantly improving. There is a surplus of products, and we now need to think about how to make these products more efficient and find the people they need and send them to them.

It means that products that cannot meet the needs of consumers can’t reach the consumers’ hands, find their own customer positioning, and send the products and services they need to them instead of giving them. All consumers, on-demand production, C2B, is what you have to rethink and define. In a period of time, the number of consumers has not changed much, but how to match the corresponding product efficiency to your users. How to revitalize the stock market and do your own one-acre three-point land. It can be judged that in the next ten years, the custom home furnishing industry will undergo tremendous changes. There are four types of companies that deserve special attention:

Industrialized custom-made enterprises

< 799, 19800 The company represented by 518 has a huge number of channels, overwhelming advertisements, and has seized the mental model of most pan-home practitioners and some consumers. Later, there are advanced R&D systems, product systems, production bases, and supply chains. Integration, such companies can make the production cost of the product to the extreme, the price is controlled in a relatively good range. This part of the company we call the "head brand", each step has a purpose, or to kill a part of the same category of companies to follow, if not to integrate the industry, the upstream and downstream channels are integrated. This type of enterprise has formed a general trend in the industry, revitalizing the stock market, their methods of attack, launching a war is a comprehensive promotion of land, sea and air, and the impact on second and third-tier enterprises is considerable, and will affect local small businesses. The original state of woodworking.

In the future, they will integrate into the whole big home, overall decoration, smart life, more enriched Internet distribution mode, to meet the consumer lifestyle and trajectory demand, tend to green consumption, personalized consumption, Quality consumption and emotional consumption, even because of the lifestyle advocated. It is conceivable that in the future, in order to satisfy more levels of consumers, they will also launch more brands to locate consumer groups and increase their breadth. There will also be more supporting companies attached to them, and become dominant in the next 10 years of consumption upgrade wars.

In the face of such a hegemon, when competing against PK in the market, you have no control over the price of similar products. Because of the endorsement of the brand, this powerful force, you can not fight positively. If you are not holding on to your current stock market, then do the second upgrade service and refine the service; if you are not actively upgrading the product system or lowering the product system, use the 25% price dimension to directly distinguish the target users.

Differential + industrial customization

When you are in two dimensions, that is, when you are parallel, you want to intersect, that is impossible. Such enterprises have a keen eye and a strong psychology. They have the mentality of long-distance running. When facing the first-class enterprises, they maintain a positive attitude, avoid the tit-for-tat battlefield, and look for virgin land that you do not want to do and the market needs.

This is a resource-matching enterprise based on the company’s own superior resources. They have great ambitions, courage to be the first to courage, and the first to prepare for crabs. The dividend brought about by the management, followed by a group of loyal dealers, worshipping the differentiated religion of the enterprise.
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