Create a wave of Southwestern style

Inspired by the colors and themes of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California, with a vibrant Native American motif and the subtle neutrality of the desert, a new Southwestern style is born. This theme combines the relaxed feel of nature with the sleek Southwest culture.
The southwest style living room color scheme should include two major categories – neutral and vibrant. The medium color will represent the warm tones of the desert, while the bright, bright pieces will mimic the artwork of Native Americans, the bright blue sky and the orange and yellow of the southwestern part of the setting sun. Walls, ceilings and floors, stick to medium colors, because of beige, brown, tan or white, similar colors usually appear in a desert.
Second color scheme – bright blue, orange and yellow.
For these colors, inspiration comes from the sky and the sun, as well as Native American art. Native Americans often use rich turquoise and bright orange, yellow and red for blankets, paintings and pottery to find the right color for you.
Southwestern furniture is highly exuding this rough, natural theme. Wood blocks are light-colored wood, usually oak or pine. Sofas, chairs, tables and wardrobes should reflect their rustic, western style through their colours, shapes and details. Many wooden homes have intricate carvings of Southwest and Native American designs. Typically, the wood is painted white and then rubbed with sandpaper to create a weathered look. Furniture tends to be large, and sometimes large-scale furniture is carved with details and designs related to the West or the Native American. The handling of metal details in drawers, cabinets and chairs is usually rustic and wearable. Iron and bronze are common metals used in rooms in the southwest.
Sofas and chairs with bright turquoise pillows.
A blanket of intricate Native American motifs is thrown on the back or side of the sofa.
Native American pottery.
Art or southwest landscape photos.
Weathered tin or white iron lanterns and rust-colored candles create a true-style mood lighting.
Cowboy hats, lassos and saddle stitches hang on the wall to serve as artwork.

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