Copper sleeve has good casting function and cutting function

The advantages of the copper sleeve are high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce a dead scene, good casting function and cutting processing function, and excellent corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. Wear-resistant parts such as connecting rods, bushings, bushings, gears, worm gears, etc., which can be operated under high load (below 20Mpa) and high sliding speed (8m/s).
Characteristics of the copper sleeve:

Compressive resistance: The compression resistance of the copper sleeve is also quite good. Its external pressure is very high, and it can accept the side pressure of the bearing very well. The high-load pressure condition copper bushing can also be operated, and it is suitable for low-speed heavy-duty applications.

Corrosion: Another feature of the copper sleeve is corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. It is primarily used in the atmosphere and fresh water, as this environment is still relatively good. In the process of using copper bushings, it is usually not easy to present a sedentary condition. The corrosion resistance of the copper bushing is mainly reflected in the chemical elements of the excavator boom copper sleeve. Its function is well compared, even in the absence of lubricant and water quality lubricants, it can still perform normal operations, in slidability. And the self-lubricating function can still be adhered to.

Abrasion resistance: The wear resistance of the copper sleeve is still relatively good, and the equipment with different raw materials has different characteristics. The internal arrangement of the copper bushings is still tightly contrasted, does not present a too loose scene, has no stomatal trachoma, and most importantly its hardness is relatively high.

The role of the copper sleeve is very wide, copper, used for sliding bearings, the bearing is more than a normal amount of savings, can withstand greater loads, copper sleeves, also known as copper bearings, oil lubrication bearings . It is made of various copper alloys for lubrication of mechanical parts. It is an important component of machinery on various large and heavy machinery.

There are many materials for copper sleeves. Commonly used are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, phosphor bronze, etc. The casting method can be divided into metal casting model, precision casting, centrifugal casting and sand casting.

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