Concrete floors make the living room look amazing

This house in Aarhus, Denmark has a living space that looks warm and comfortable, although it has polished concrete floors and walls. This is because these elements are balanced by a brown leather upholstery on the L-shaped bench and a soft-colored splicing rug.

CornerstoneArchitects used a different strategy when they designed the home in Austin, Texas. In order to give the living room a warm and comfortable atmosphere while keeping the decoration simple, they combined the polished concrete floor with wooden walls and neutral furniture and carpets.

A pattern has begun to emerge: a combination of wood and concrete, which complement each other in any sense. Henri Cleinge used exposed concrete extensively in this home design in Montreal, Canada, as well as wood. Both materials define both internal and external living spaces.

Isern Associats used a similar strategy in designing the house in Sant Pol de Mar, Spain. However, the contrast between polished concrete floors and wood-covered walls is very subtle. In a way, this means that there is not much warmth for the wood, but the texture is still there.

Without the warmth of wood, living spaces with polished concrete floors can look welcome and comfortable. This is an important big thing, the design involves the use of textures and surfaces, tones and elements. Take a look at this simple home refurbished by Federico Delrosso Architects and be inspired.

Parsonson Architects was responsible for designing an extension of a house originally built in Wellington, New Zealand in the early 20th century. They chose to give the indoor living space a concrete floor and use the wood for outdoor space. This is a fun and interesting way to build harmony in all of these areas.

When they were designing this home in the Czech Republic, OOOOX used concrete floors to give the living area a complex and modern look. The exposed ceiling has a similar effect on the decoration. In addition, the hue is neutral and the lighting is a highlight, and these details affect the overall design and atmosphere in a similar manner.

The disadvantage of concrete floors is that they make the feet feel cold and hard. Architecture& Design did not see it as a disadvantage, but took the opportunity to introduce some very cool carpets into the modern New York home design that was completed in 2013.

There are many ways to mix floors naturally. When designing this Sydney house, Tzannes Associates adopted a strategic mix. They added wooden walls and furniture, kept the neutral tones, and gave the open kitchen a large island made of concrete.

This is not just a combination of materials that make this living room look amazing. We found the lighting to be beautiful, we like bright green sofas and matching ottomans, not to mention those gorgeous pillows. This is the space designed by the Karawitz Architecture, which, as you can see, makes the most of its polished concrete floor.

This is a manifestation of minimalism. What you see here is part of the house in Burgos, Spain. This is a project of Pereda Perez Arquitectos, which is actually a good representation of the entire building. Wood and concrete define the entire house and are widely used, looking very pure and natural. The space is bright and fresh, without looking or feeling monotonous.

This is a house that is defined in a very cool way. This is a heavy metal apartment designed by HufftProjects. It is located in Missouri and is designed to be a combination of glass, steel and concrete. The idea is to capture the beauty of the rugged landscape and interpret it as a modern building.

Many architects and homeowners like to polish concrete floors because of their modern appeal and are pure and practical. This is not only suitable for minimalist contemporary spaces, but also for medieval and even traditional decoration. This eclectic living space designed by Bourne Blue Architects is a good example.

The versatility of concrete floors can be explored in many different ways. Each design does this in its own unique way. The approach to this lovely home designed by Canyon Construction is to put outdoor activities in simple materials to create a casual yet elegant and sophisticated d├ęcor.

In somewhere in Montana, there is a very cool home. The combination of polished concrete floors, full-height glazing, wooden ceilings and stony walls connects the space to the rugged mountain landscape surrounding it. The design strategy is simple and effective.

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