Clean laminate flooring

The composite floor seems to be easy to maintain. In fact, the maintenance of such products is quite stressful. Everyone should be too casual when cleaning the laminate floor to avoid damage to the floor.

First of all, you need to clean the floor regularly to prevent it from being scratched. Do not use a hard brush when cleaning the floor. The bristles will damage the floor surface. Do not allow any liquid to stay on the floor for too long to avoid contaminating the floor and damaging the floor wear layer. Every time you need to clean the floor thoroughly. Second, if the laminate floor looks dirty and muddy, it should be cleaned with a mixture of water and vinegar. However, avoid using vinegar directly as a cleaning agent because vinegar is corrosive and can damage the surface of the floor. If a chewing gum stain appears on the floor, it must not be removed by an angled tool that will allow the ice to harden the dirt and then gently scrape it off.

In addition, do not use the polishing machine when cleaning the laminate floor, and should avoid using any type of scrub cleaner to avoid damage to the laminate floor. Everyone needs to understand that the raw materials and production processes of composite flooring and pure solid wood flooring are very different, so don’t confuse the two in daily maintenance. Some cleaning methods and cleaning tools are effective in dealing with solid wood flooring. But it will cause damage to the laminate floor.

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