Chinese local tyrants gather in Australia to buy Sydney luxury homes at low interest rates, February 12th According to the “Australian Daily” report, this year, a number of properties on the lower North Shore of Sydney have been sold to overseas buyers who are mainly based in China.

Low interest rates are attracting more and more overseas investors to enter the Sydney housing market, and homeowners are also taking the opportunity to upgrade their homes.

Piers van Hamburg, deputy director of the McGrath real estate agency Neutral Bay, Mosman and Northbridge, said overseas buyers are seeing a steady return on the North Shore.

“The North Shore is a safe area and its prices tend to remain stable. Throughout the past history, the housing market in the North Shore area has been very stable and is a good investment area. ”“For those overseas buyers who want to buy luxury homes on the lower North Shore, they usually choose Mosman. ”

According to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), as of July 2012, the level of activity of overseas buyers in NSW has increased, with a total investment of 5.95 billion yuan, 1.74 billion more than the previous two years. yuan.

Annie Vandervaere, an agent from Prestige Home Sales, recently sold a property in Spain Wharf 12/1 in Neutral Bay to a buyer from Beijing for $1.76 million. She said that Chinese buyers are well versed in the benefits of the North Shore property. “They also like the lifestyle of the area. ”

Vandervaere pointed out that the major investor visa introduced by the federal government in November last year is also one of the reasons for attracting Chinese buyers. This visa policy allows foreigners to live in Australia for 4 years before applying for permanent residency. In return, they must make at least A$5 million investment in Australia, which can be government bonds, managed funds, Australian companies. Or other forms of assets.

Van Hamburg said that overseas buyers on the lower North Shore are mainly from Hong Kong and China. “We have noticed that many Chinese buyers are stationed in the region. A good example is the recent sale of a luxury home at Bay St 68 in Mosman to a Chinese buyer for $6 million. ”“Overseas buyers play an important role in our local housing market, especially in the high-end housing market. ”

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