China Industrial robots Enterprise: cold market, making money is hard, very hard practitioners

Industry growth trend has not changed Statistics show that China’s output of industrial robots annually, triumph, 2015 –2017 annual growth of 21.7%, 34.3%, 68.1%. However, in 2018 an increase of only 6.4%, all of a sudden dropped to the single digits, some months or even negative growth, in sharp contrast with previous years. Previous years, industrial robots appeared as a bright spot in the annual national economic and social development of the National Bureau of Statistics Bulletin, the 2018 is not mentioned. In this regard, the industry entrepreneur did not reveal too much pessimism. Sixth Chinese robot summit recently held in Yuyao, Zhejiang, Guangdong Primus Ltd. Intelligent Robot Technology Research Institute Lin, executive vice president, director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Liang Yan school said the industry prevalent feature “size of the year” in . Industrial robot production in 2018 of belonging to a deceleration phase of the industrial robot industry “spiral” in. Liang Yan school told the author CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the entire industrial robot pull has not changed, the industrial robot industry maintain the growth trend has not changed. He said, from cars to 3C and then to the new energy, various industries in various production processes, the demand for robots abound. “Any industry can not maintain rapid growth for years.” Xu Fang, vice president of Shenyang New Song Robot & Automation Co., Ltd. said that slowing growth rate is normal.
along with the overall industry trend cold, there are benefits of good corporate robot. Statistics show that in 2018 Rio Star revenue 1.198 billion yuan, net profit rose nearly 25%. Wufeng Li said that the work of more than 800 applications engineers busy business more than “996”, in particular, often through the night at a critical stage. Despite market challenges, more and more Wufeng Li is still optimistic about the future. His reasons from three aspects – China demographic dividend gradually disappear, use more robots will be the inevitable trend; with the application of new technologies such as 5G , all things Internet of Things will change previous mode of production, in which robots will play a key role; economic and social development requires a lot of robots, but China has not a robot as global “Legend” as a large robot business, blank in China this big manufacturing country zone,Chinese enterprises should have a place robot. Robot companies are looking for new road downturn on the industrial robot production, interpret the industry there are a variety of different angles. Green Branch Cerberus Capital Group Chairman Li Dong analysts say, deceleration of industrial robots in 2018 and also different robot products, “the definition of” relevant. According to his analysis, China’s industrial robot according to “several” of statistics tend to rigorous and accurate , the past is not easy to make it clear that industrial robots have not been included in the new statistics. Insiders also revealed to the author, in fact, reflects the decline in production of industrial robots is not the situation that year. Due to the production cycle of the robots, industrial robots in 2018 reduced orders Control Engineering Copyright , indicating robotic applications for their own business in 2019 operating conditions more cautious, failed to purchase the robot determined. While the overall development of the industrial robot blocked, many enterprises out of his own creative path. Robot core components of the leading enterprises in Suzhou green harmonic drive technology Co., Ltd. Jianhua, director of storage representation Control Engineering Copyright , and now companies account for 65 percent of the domestic market harmonic reducer, but to go abroad, get overseas users welcome, corporate sales in the international market annual growth of 30%. Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering held that Yang Guang, China Development Industrial robot does not have to look only to yield the final product should be more attention is devoted to the core components of R & D. He said that not only in the field of robotics, “For enterprises, the vast majority of the most profitable is not the final product.” “To expand the market of industrial robots, industrial robots out of the current plight of the domestic development, it is necessary to develop a new manufacturing plant for the development of an industrial robot redefined the development of the characteristics of industrial robots belong to China.” Zhe Jiang Zhichang robot industry group director long Middle school, said Gan, continued to expand from the traditional areas of welding, painting, etc. to various process throughout the intelligent manufacturing, the robot is also expected to move towards truly intelligent robot from the automation of industrial robots. Yang Guang, said the company will not “buy in order to buy robots and robot”, but to reduce costs through the application of robots, improve product quality and production efficiency. And Xu Fang believes that the requirements robot “useful”, while “cheap”, there is in fact a certain contradiction between the two.

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