Kitchen and toilet enterprises rush to the 4 trillion “big home” market, the test is greater than the opportunity

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Large The development of the home industry has entered the fast lane? Actually, it has not. At present, it is only in the acceleration stage. However, this does not prevent the home business from being full of activity and enthusiasm. It always runs forward, especially the cross-border of kitchen and bathroom companies.

Recently, the company announced the establishment of a new brand to strengthen the interior design business. At about the same time, Seagull Workers also entered the cabinets, door locks and smart homes through acquisitions and joint ventures. Since the beginning of this year, many enterprises have set a goal of 10 billion or even 100 billion, and the home furnishing of home building materials enterprises has entered an accelerated channel.

Set up an interior design brand "Interio

On September 3, the company announced the establishment of an interior design brand “Interio”, which mainly operates wooden doors, beds, furniture and other indoors. product. According to the company, the company operates hundreds of products, and it is difficult for consumers to link products to brands. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a new brand that allows consumers to think of interior design as soon as they see the window, like TOSTEM to the window and “INAX”.

古 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 室内 Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter Inter To the interior design. “We hope to support the interior design plan that supports our customers in all aspects. This is the original intention of this name,” Changgu said.

In a report released some time ago, the Group has publicly strengthened its brand strengthening plan, and will promote seven major brands in Japan in the future, in addition to the toilet brand “INAX, window brand”, TOSTEM, high performance. The residential engineering brand “SUPER WALL, the overall kitchen brand” RICHELLE, the overall bathroom brand “SPAGE, also includes the newly established interior design brand “Interio”.

In addition to building a clearer brand system, the recent home layout in the Japanese market is also accelerating. On June 6, the first full-family home improvement experience flagship store in China opened in Shanghai. On September 1, Suizhu brought its cabinets and bathroom products to Nanjing Xinjiekou Suning Tesco. This series of actions shows that the layout of the big homes in China has been on the line.

Seagull workers are involved in smart homes and kitchens, etc.

Seagull workers have recently moved frequently, not only for their seagulls, but also for the sea gulls, Zhuhai and Zhuhai. 15 million yuan is used to expand the installation of bathroom space and bathtubs and shower rooms. It also reveals the intention to enter the smart home and the whole kitchen field.

On September 7, Seagull Residents announced that it plans to establish a partnership with Shanghai Guzheng Trading Partnership, Stanley East Rail (Shanghai) Hardware Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yunding Trading Partnership, and Chen Jingzhi. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in which the seagull resident invested 7.65 million yuan, accounting for 25.50%.

The announcement shows that Yunneng Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. plans to operate a range of products including smart home products, digital products, security equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, etc., showing Seagull workers to enter the smart home field. The new company’s investors are companies with certain experience in related fields. For example, Shanghai Guzheng Trading Partnership is mainly engaged in electronic products, digital products, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. Stanley East Rail (Shanghai) Hardware Co., Ltd. also has locks and automatic doors. Production experience in security products.

In addition to the smart door lock, Seagull Livestock also announced the acquisition of a 55% stake in Guangdong Yakeboo Cabinet Co., Ltd. in August. The seagull resident said that the move is aimed at customizing the strategic layout of the whole bathroom, and using the standard company to design, manufacture, sell, install and after-sales service in the custom home, especially the custom cabinet, the one-stop service platform, the bathroom parts The extension of the components to the kitchen space provides a solid foundation for the company to expand its customized kitchen business in the future.

Home building materials companies in the Nuggets home field

The big home industry claims to have a market size of 4 trillion. In home building materials companies, Europa, Sofia, and Wrigley are targeting earlier. A group of companies in the big home, Jiu Mu also released its pan-home billion strategy in 2017. Since the beginning of 2018, many companies have revealed their intention to enter the big home. They come from different fields such as bathroom, floor, tile and kitchen.

Sanitary Ware: Kohler

Kohler has released its first wardrobe products, revealing its intention to enter the field of big home. It is understood that Kohler has set up a wardrobe research and development experience center in China, hiring an Italian design team to apply delicate and thoughtful design thinking to the development and manufacture of Kohler wardrobe. For example, its Kerui series of wardrobes, the first creation of the concept of men and women partition, the introduction of visual glass cabinet doors, replaceable racks, LED lights and other elements, product design breaks the routine, in the wardrobe industry blockbuster.

Tiles: Mona Lisa

At a press conference held on July 7, Mona Lisa announced that she would join hands with Guangzhou Shigongfu Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. Launched “Mona Lisa · Shi Kungfu super stone slate. In the future, the two sides will build a full-home custom home system based on the countertop rock slab. This exhibition will show Mona Lisa’s determination to develop a wider range of application design and practice in the field of large homes.

Cabinet area: Zhibang Home

On August 1st, the original Zhibang shares announced that they changed the registered name of the original company from “Zhibang Kitchen Cabinet Co., Ltd.” to “Zhibang Home Furnishings” Ltd., the Chinese abbreviation is adjusted accordingly to “Zhibang Home.” Zhibang Home is a well-known cabinet manufacturer in China. In recent years, it has also launched the business of Zhibang Mumen and Franfi’s whole house customization. This time, it changed its name and showed the business direction of the company from “custom kitchen customization” to “full house customization”. .

Flooring: Nature Home

In May of this year, Nature Home announced the official acquisition of Wellmann, a high-end cabinet brand owned by the well-known German cabinet manufacturer ALNO Group, and further expanded its industrial chain. The predecessor of Nature’s Home is “Nature Floor”, which was changed to the current name in 2014. In 2015, Nature Home announced that it has entered the overall home improvement field. Three years later, Nature Home is self-identifying as a one-stop overall home solution provider, revealing the company’s big home dream.

Under the lazy economy, it is the key to do a good job

The big home is a product of the lazy economy. After 80s and 90s, the home decoration process is often more convenient and more An easy-to-operate one-stop solution that combines aesthetic and lifestyle tastes. On the sales side, more and more companies are launching a big home strategy. They also hope to satisfy consumers’ one-stop shopping needs with multi-category and multi-brand rich products, and multi-dimensionally grasp the home improvement traffic entrance.

However, as Yang Weiming, vice president of Nature Home, said in his previous interview, enterprises will face certain industry barriers when they enter other fields. Faced with the development of new business, the high cost of new production line construction and store operation, and the lack of sales talent ability are all stumbling blocks in the strategic development path of the enterprise. He called for the company to guarantee the quality of its products and services while adding to the “multiple categories of large households”. This is a big test for home furnishing companies that have incomplete coverage and rely mainly on upstream cooperation.

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Want to open a full-custom furniture franchise store in Nanning, how to choose the site?

Now the furniture industry can be said to have developed very rapidly, especially the rise of custom-made furniture in the whole house. Many people want to join the whole house to get a piece of furniture. However, the location of the store is very important. The location of the whole store custom furniture store is good, and your store is half successful. Then, if you want to open a custom furniture franchise store in Nanning, how to choose a location?

The first step is to investigate The flow of people at the opening location. Count the number of people entering the nearby stores, and look at the proportion of commuters, students, and housewives, and at least once on weekdays and weekends to know the true distribution of traffic.

The second step is to inspect the surrounding environment. At this time, we should observe it from two angles. One is the angle of the businessman: What signs indicate that the location can create performance? Secondly, from the customer’s point of view: Will investors go shopping at this place? The prime location has a corner of the unpopular, There are also hot spots in the business district. The most difficult place to find a place is to see others succeed. I want to copy a whole house custom furniture franchise store next door, unless investors are confident to make their own differentiation.

The third step, look far, look closer, imagine the feeling of the investor’s store in this space, once the name of the store is placed on the signboard, will it be conspicuous? Can people who drive through see it? Can pedestrians notice from the sidewalk? A good store is like a live advertisement. It is not just for people to find investors, but also to show themselves to potential customers who are on the road.

Seeing this, I believe that you have clearly thought about how to choose a site in Nanning to open a custom furniture franchise store. If you have more related issues, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to China Merchants Building Materials Network. Later, it will bring you more exciting content.

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Hongyue 1+ Hydropower installation butler near you

In modern life, people not only have requirements for the quality of life, but also the convenience of life. In the daily life, hydropower is a must for us every day. If you feel that it is inconvenient in this way or not, Xiaobian can only tell you responsibly that there is a problem with your source of water and electricity installation.

Why do you say this? Because of home decoration, water and electricity first, water and electricity installation is not good, and later buried in the wall, and then want to transform or repair, it is necessary to make damage to the house, resulting in How much trouble can be thought of. But then again, the owners have no knowledge of these, but what about the requirements? Hongyue 1+, specially designed to solve the incurable diseases of hydropower installation, think about what you think, use standard and standard hydropower installation services for you Create a peace of mind. Hongyue 1+, one-click reservation, free measuring scale, from terminal demand to design, from material selection, material to construction, maintenance to after-sales service, one-stop service, fully realize the perfect combination of online platform and offline service center , to win the satisfaction and trust of the owners.

Hongyue 1+ is better than fame than quality

Hongyue 1+, professional science Design, through the water, electricity, heating process invoices, combined with the owner’s living needs, to the maximum extent to avoid the phenomenon of water and electricity design solutions lost, so that the owners in the follow-up life is deeply convenient and caring. And the main accessories of Hongyue 1+ full range of products are from the world’s top 500 enterprises. Firstly, the quality foundation of the products is laid from the source, combined with the three-level inspection system in the production process, and then the product quality is added.

Hongyue 1+ is no bigger than professional

Hongyue 1+, online platform products, services, clear prices, full transparent consumption, let you see at a glance. The water and electricity installation consultants, designers, construction workers and after-sales service personnel equipped in the service center of Hongyue 1+ Line have undergone unified training, and follow the standardized process service specifications throughout the process, and resolutely provide customers with more thoughtful and professional services, so that you can deepen Professional and assured.

Hongyue 1+ is no better than price service

Hongyue 1+ has a perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system. The offline service center and each user will sign a formal The tripartite contract has both the physical storefront of the offline service center and the double guarantee of the Hongyue Group. Compared with the after-sales problems of the traditional guerrillas, the services are more secure. In the case of quality problems, the manufacturers promised to pay first, fully protect the rights and interests of consumers, and double the insurance for the quality of products and construction services, completely eliminating the worries of the owners.

The renovation of the old house hydropower, the preferred Hongyue 1+, the new house water and electricity installation, choose Hongyue 1+. Hongyue 1+, national chain, worry-free after-sales, is the most assured hydropower installation butler around you!

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Do winter wood floors need hydration?

In the dry winter, the delicate floor is the key care object. In order to extend the life of the floor, in the dry winter, the floor must be replenished in time, so that the wooden floor can maintain a relatively stable state. There are no problems due to temperature and humidity differences.

Solid wood flooring should be hydrated and waxed.

Solid wood flooring is a ground decoration material formed by drying natural wood. The surface texture and color pattern are natural. Therefore, It is also most susceptible to interference from the external environment. When humidity and temperature change, it is most prone to deformation and cracking.

In the indoor environment with a temperature below 28 ° C and a humidity between 50% and 70%, it is the favorite of solid wood flooring. In winter, the climate is already dry, and the solid wood floor will shrink due to water loss, and the splicing gap will increase. However, as long as the water supply work is done well, the waxing of the solid wood floor twice a year can extend the practical life of the solid wood floor and make it ‘youth forever’.

It is important to note that before doing the detailed work, the solid wood floor should be wiped clean, then a layer of solid wax should be evenly applied. After a little drying, wipe it with a soft cloth.

For daily care, just wipe with a wrung cotton swab. If there are stubborn stains on the floor, it is recommended to wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent. Do not scrub with acid, alkaline or gasoline. This will make the solid wood floor ‘destroyed’.

Strengthen the wooden floor to ‘drink enough water’

Although the laminate flooring is not as expensive as the solid wood flooring, it is inexpensive and easy to maintain, so it is very popular.

In general, laminate flooring should pay attention to increase the humidity of the floor surface and maintain the moisture content in the floor. Frequent wiping with a wet mop can increase the surface moisture of the laminate flooring, which can effectively solve the problem of cracks and cracks generated by the floor. If it is found that there is still a ‘cracking’ in individual locations, it is recommended that the professional perform a local ‘surgery’ to do the filling treatment. After filling, the surface moisture should be appropriately increased to facilitate the restoration of the floor.

The hydration of cork flooring should be quantified

Cork flooring is used to glue cork together, the surface is relatively rough, with grooves, so it is easier to accumulate dust, more cleaning and cleaning Be careful. The waterproof and anticorrosive performance of ordinary cork flooring is not as good as that of laminate flooring, and moisture is more likely to penetrate. Therefore, in winter, it is not easy to wipe with a cloth with too much water, and at the same time prevent ink, lipstick, etc. from getting on the floor, otherwise it is not easy to clean.

The biggest enemy of cork flooring is sand. If you accidentally bring the sand into the room, you must remove it in time to avoid damage to the cork floor. If the surface of the cork floor has worn out, it is recommended to recoat it. The method is also very simple: first sand the worn area with sandpaper, remove the dirt, then wipe it with a soft dry cloth, and then re-coat or paste the polyester. The film is fine.

The above is a detailed introduction to the hydration of the wooden floor, I hope that in the future life, can effectively help you.

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In-depth interpretation of integrated wall decoration materials, “Why is the integrated wall so hot?”

Why can the integrated wall surface be so popular in the home improvement market? The wall of Andy’s home is integrated wall decoration, and the Antarctic station is also equipped with integrated wall decoration. More and more hotels , hospitals, KTV, restaurants and other places are using integrated wall decoration, traditional materials are used less and less, today to decrypt the past and present of the integrated wall.

The enthusiasm of integrated wall decoration is the product’s concept of meeting the environmental protection of consumers. The reason why the integrated wall will appear is because of the market demand. In 2010, everyone’s decoration gradually became aware of environmental protection. At that time, the products were mainly paint, putty powder, marble, wall clothing and other chemical dissolution, formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other substances are easily exceeded. There are also many problems in the body of the owners who have just been renovated and ventilated soon. The relationship between leukemia, cancer, etc. and decoration has gradually been recognized by everyone. The demand for environmentally-friendly plates has increased and the integrated wall decoration has emerged. .

The integrated wall has two materials, one is bamboo fiberboard and the other is aluminum-manganese alloy sheet. The advantages, but also their own advantages, also have their own shortcomings, we come to specific understanding, bamboo fiberboard, advantages: fire does not absorb water, shortcomings: burning pungent smell. Aluminum-manganese alloy, advantages: fire retardant, noise-proof, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free. Common advantages: easy installation. So even if the material is different, the integrated wall decoration is essentially the same.

Consumer feedback that has been installed with integrated walls in the past few years is good. The original choice was right. It’s really only used. Only have the right to speak on the product, only when it comes out, the house with integrated wall decoration is not fast. It can be settled on the same day when it is environmentally friendly. This is what consumers like. The traditional specialization is to ventilate for at least half a year. The time waiting is not in line with today’s consumer philosophy. Therefore, due to the existence of these requirements, the integrated wall decoration can become more and more fierce. A product wants to be hot, not a single trip. It is very important whether the product itself is born. It is difficult to break out after the innate efforts. The products demanded by the vast number of consumers come out of the mass base, the quality of the products themselves is guaranteed, and the promotion reputation in the later period is automatically established.

The above is the reason why the integrated wall decoration is hot. The market determines the product, the good product determines the word of mouth, and the word of mouth influences the development of the enterprise. This is a virtuous circle. The business to integrate the wall decoration can be obtained from it. Some inspiration.

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Guge Dynasty 16 years of brand design growth path Original design is king

Nowadays, the domestic catering and food industry has become increasingly competitive in the industry because of the impact of the online e-commerce platform and the new and old catering new retail model. Everyone is asking the same question. Why do customers choose not to choose? My brand. In today’s catering market, the brand is a word that has been mentioned more, which means that the era of branding of Chinese catering and food has come.

A new generation of positioning masters Laura & Bull; Rees once said: “Chinese brands want to succeed, not only need the language of the nail, but also the visual hammer, that is, brand design.

Guge Dynasty insisted on catering food brand design for 16 years

Speaking of design, relative Other industries are a relatively high-threshold industry. When it comes to design, we will naturally associate it with craftsmen and craftsmen. In ancient China, there was no shortage of artisan culture. The ingenuity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship were praises of craftsmen. However, it takes a lot of time to craft the traditional craftsmanship, and it is gradually being left out in the fast-paced modern life. The inheritance is getting more and more difficult, and the number of people and enterprises who work in an ingenious spirit is becoming less and less.

As a leader in the design of high-end Chinese food brands, the Guge Dynasty strictly adheres to the standards set by the industry. Adhering to the original ingenuity of Chinese traditional culture, we created the Chinese food design “Chinese style post-modern style faction, creating a brand monument with style, achieving leap-forward development for nearly a thousand enterprises, and letting China’s post-modern style be on the world stage.

For 16 years, the Guge Dynasty has always adhered to the brand design of the food and beverage industry, using traditional Chinese culture. Combining Chinese food culture into the brand, every creation of brand design is the concise and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, which is a bloom of the spirit of the Guge Dynasty.

The Guge dynasty insisted on original design for 16 years.

The success of the Guge dynasty today is not only ingenuity, but also in its core philosophy of adhering to originality for 16 years. For design, especially in the same industry for 16 years, involving thousands of brands, it is incredible to keep original. We all know that original design will cost the designer a lot of energy, and the Guge dynasty can consistently adhere to this for 16 years and has to be praised. But when we learned everything that Guge dynasty insisted on in keeping with the original, we also understand why the Guge Dynasty has today’s achievements.

In the past 16 years, Guge has developed from the original brand image design to the brand system construction to packaging design and development. And then build the industry chain. Guge is constantly making progress.

In 2007, under the leadership of the founder Xia Ke, the Guge Dynasty created the CSTP original brand industrial park model in line with the national industrial planning, and the first battle created a sales of over 100 million without leaving home. Selling a marketing miracle of 1 million yuan.

In 2010, Xia Ke hosted the establishment of the Guge Dynasty, and the potential development laboratory (PDO) increased the new type. Development of environmentally friendly packaging materials. In 2012, he successfully obtained the patent of China Invention Manufacturing System. In 2015, he won the only Sustainability Award from China Packaging Star and won the World Star Award in 2016 by the World Packaging Organization.

A footprint, Guge continues to innovate on the road of growth, constantly improve itself, and the accumulation of bits and pieces allows Guge to realize the transformation from single-brand image design problem solving to brand overall design planning. 16 years of brand design growth, witnessed not only the ingenuity and original spirit of the Guge Dynasty, but also witnessed the growth of a domestic top brand design company.

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Laminate flooring maintenance

1. After the floor has just been laid, always keep the indoor air flowing. 2, overweight items should be placed on a stable basis, furniture and heavy objects can not be pushed and pulled hard, so as not to scratch the surface of the wear layer. 3, can not use sharp tools to scrape and draw the floor surface. 4. Do not soak the floor with water during use. If there is any accident, use a dry mop to dry the floor in time. 5, keep the floor dry and clean, the surface of the floor if there is dirt, generally dry with a damp mop without dripping. 6, to prevent the floor from being bent and deformed by the cookware. 7. A foot pad should be placed in front of the door to reduce the abrasion of the sand on the floor. 8, use the floor special cleaning agent to remove spots and stains. Items that are not damaged can be cleaned, such as metal tools, nylon friction pads, and bleaching powder.

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International financial project–D9 club hot investment

The background and experience of the boss and the D9 club

The boss is Danilo Santana (Daniello Santana), from Brazil, which is popular in global samba football, although it is only a 32-year-old 80. However, he is very economical in learning computer science. As early as he was only 19 years old, he registered today’s D9 club (company) to participate in the global sports competition sports sports including Brazilian football.

You can earn money if you don’t pull the head!

Breaking the 28th law, Projects that make money for everyone!

The project is simple and practical, reflecting the avenue to Jane:

✅*Old company*New project*International market

& #9989;With a real and powerful hematopoietic function

$2046 per week for $170

Monthly entry for $630, $8190

✅ initial charge of $2100 /Super Gold Account

✅ $300 or more to withdraw in full!

D9 Club truly international market stable operation in the first batch of market leaders in 38 countries.

D9 Club Order WeChat: QQ9968134 D9 Club Registration Center

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Five strokes to identify the advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring

With the changes in the international economic environment, domestic timber raw material prices have soared, production costs have continued to rise, and the flooring industry is facing unprecedented cost pressures. In order to reduce costs, some companies shoddy and inferior, such as the production of two-color plates, transfer plates, veneers, thin back plates and short-lived plates to pretend to be good for consumers.

First, the quality of the wood floor greasy swatch is poor. The raw part of the sapwood and core material is solid wood substrate. The surface of the floor is treated with color fine or special coloring to eliminate sapwood and core material. The color difference between them to serve as a premium solid wood flooring sales deceives consumers. Since the air dry density, water content, and wood hardness of the sapwood and the core material are different, it is easy to cause a series of quality problems such as arching, deformation, and cracking of the floor. Identification method: After the floor surface is sanded or sawn to the floor, the end face will show a serious color difference. Second, the secret wood floor greasy adapter plate splicing is not environmentally friendly. Some tailings, lower wire plates and solid wood flooring plates of different lengths are spliced ​​by finger jointing process, and serve as pure solid wood flooring sales to deceive consumers. Such a floor is spliced ​​by a large amount of adhesive glue, and the formaldehyde content is high and environmentally friendly, and deformation and cracking are easily caused due to uneven stress in the floor. Identification method: longitudinal sawing or sanding visible finger joints. Third, the secret wood floor greasy stickers panel shoddy on the inferior solid wood substrate paste 0.05mm-2mm thickness solid wood veneer, to serve as a pure solid wood floor sales to deceive consumers. Such flooring is unstable due to the selection of inferior substrates, and the use of adhesive glue to press the veneer and the inferior wood together, it is easy to cause the veneer to peel off from the substrate, and there is a certain formaldehyde content is not environmentally friendly. Identification method: It can be distinguished by observing the surface and bottom surface of the floor. The wood grain on the surface of the solid wood floor and the bottom surface are basically the same, and the veneer is completely different. Fourth, the secret wood floor greasy transfer board wood grain is not natural Use of wood defects such as insect eyes, spots, cracks, etc., to serve as a solid wood floor sales to deceive consumers. The transfer board is made of inferior grade B wood as the base material. The quality of the floor is unstable, the wood grain is unnatural, similar to the reinforced floor. At the same time, the lacquer surface is easy to fall off and crack due to less lacquer coating process. Identification method: It can be distinguished by surface wood grain. The wood grain of solid wood floor is natural, the wood grain of the transfer board is the same, there is basically no color difference, and the wood grain on the back and front is completely different. V. Demystifying the wooden floor, the short-lived board technology is not up to standard The wooden floor is a modern industrial product with high production technology and certain technical content. Due to their own conditions, some enterprises fail to meet national standards in terms of paint adhesion and paint surface hardness. In particular, moisture content control is not strict, resulting in deformation and paint in a short period of time after floor covering. The surface is peeled off and the surface is not scratch resistant. Identification method: The results can be obtained through the evaluation of the on-site wooden floor.

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Rubber floor selection guide

Rubber floor is a floor made of rubber sheet. It is soundproof, non-slip, anti-static, soft, resistant to cracking and elastic. It is light, wear-resistant and color-sensitive compared with PVC plastic floor. Bright and easy to lay and so on. It is used in hospitals, libraries, computer rooms, dust-free workshops, etc. It is an ideal decorative material for these places. At present, the world’s well-known rubber materials are Germany Nola, Italy Mondo and China Changda. The following small series introduces you to the purchase skills of rubber flooring. 1. Know the information about rubber flooring before purchasing, such as which manufacturer, brand, sales company, etc. have good reputation and quality is guaranteed. 2, when buying, first look at the manufacturer, buy rubber flooring and buy other goods are the same, want to buy a good product, we must first choose a well-known large manufacturers of products. Products produced by well-known manufacturers have mature production experience and quality assurance. 3. Understand the products, from production to sales to after-sales, there should be a complete service system, rich in production, sales, construction experience, can provide you with a full range of services, eliminating the need for you to understand the product Inconvenience, so comfortable to buy, but also rest assured. 4, look at the sample, look at the sample color, the thickness of the sample is suitable for your own needs. 5, pay attention to low-cost traps: Some consumers buy cheap plastic flooring, they buy cheap floor, the consumer’s psychological is easy to cause indoor pollution. Inferior plastic floor has high formaldehyde content, strong irritating odor, long release time and great damage to the body. Health is the first, so it is recommended that consumers would rather spend more money to buy a rest assured, and do not buy low-cost inferior plastic flooring. 6, test the floor, you can do a small experiment, such as you can put a cigarette butt, more than 1-2 minutes, observe the rubber floor surface without burn marks. It can detect the burn resistance of the cigarette. Sometimes there is a yellowing imagination, which is normal, because it is smoked from the tar, not known to the burning, wipe can be removed. To test the flame retardancy, a lighter can be used for the ignition test. (Generally, the temperature of the outer flame of the lighter is 280-500 degrees Celsius.) If the floor is extinguished from the fire, it means that it is flame retardant. There are other simple methods such as directly drawing the floor surface, biting the teeth, smelling, etc., all of which are rubber flooring.

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