Internet brand development trend Guge Dynasty help special product branding

In recent years, with the upgrading of consumer concepts, product branding has become the core appeal of many companies. When people buy products, they no longer only pay attention to the brand, but pursue their value. Branding, niche is quietly upgrading to become the mainstream consumer concept. In this field, the Guge dynasty, which is dedicated to the branding of special products, has proved with its own practical actions that the choices that have been made nowadays have already blossomed.

Guge Dynasty, a famous brand design consultancy in China’s food industry, created by the special product branding model summer The branch was established. In the past two decades, the Guge Dynasty has achieved leap-forward development for China’s top 500 and the world’s top 500 food enterprises, creating an overall output value of over 100 billion. Behind the glorious achievements of the Guge dynasty, it was also the original intention of the Guge dynasty for nearly two decades. Among them, the founder Xia Ke always adheres to the special product brand as the core development direction of the Guge Dynasty, and creates core values ​​for the rebranded brand label according to the core demands of customers.

The other five core elite members of the Guge dynasty are not only the close disciples brought by Xia Ke, but also the effective cadres behind the Guge dynasty’s proud achievements. Xu Bei, the director of the brand culture, is the creative director with a heart of artisans. Shan Chunyi, Pan Xian, the most intriguing design director at the forefront of design, Chen Wen, the craftsman who uses the brand craftsmanship to help upgrade the brand value, and the elites of this group of people, are good at mining the core values ​​of the brand. Cognac co-founder & mdash; — Zou Yong.

The Guge Dynasty, based on these six people, has helped a large number of large and medium-sized enterprises and local minority groups. The product solves the appeal of the core positioning and enhances the brand value.

However, behind this success, it is the experience of the Guge dynasty for nearly two decades. What we know about special products, they are often small in size and cannot support commercial operations, which leads to the inability to get out of the limits of the region. However, with the popularity of the Internet, media and channels have become more extensive and convenient, so that there are many niche products with local characteristics that can appear in our lives. Xia Ke, the founder of the special product branding model, believes that in the future, special products will also become the absolute mainstream of consumption in our lives.

For this reason, the Guge Dynasty also regards the special product brand as a core part of the company’s future development. The classic case of the Guge Dynasty —— Zhangrenfang rice candy is a perfect interpretation of the power of the special product branding mode. After the Guge Dynasty excavated the core value of its products, and cleverly used the flexibility of the paper on the packaging, it formed the image of the sage of the Qingcheng Taoist culture. The original name was “Shovel shovel. With the rapid development of the Internet, Zhangrenfang also broke the old closed sales model and quickly became a household name. The Zhangren Square also won the 2015 Pentaward Gold Award and the 2016 German Red Dot Award. The award has truly realized the move from place to place.

The predecessor of the rice bowl of Zhangrenfang<shovel shovel


In addition to the Zhangren Square, there are also Asian brands such as Zhang Fei Beef, Bairuiyuan, squid brand rapeseed oil, Jixiangju, and Yanbang cooks. The power of the Dynasty brand product model has won major international awards.

The impressive achievements of these cases, we also saw the transformation of the brand-specific model created by the Guge Dynasty. At present, the special product branding mode of the Guge Dynasty has blossomed with the development trend of the Internet, and the Guge Dynasty now only needs to be branded, niche, and under the consumer trend, the identity of the brand-name model. Leading the common progress in the entire branding field, letting local products in China go to the world stage!

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Deep cultivation of Latin America for 12 years, Ai Bisen 2019 Chile marketing will start a new journey of development

Recently, Ai Biesen 2019 Chile Marketing Conference was successfully held. In the Latin American market, which has been deeply rooted for 12 years, it has gathered together with various partners and customers to carry out in-depth cooperation and exchange and explore more development possibilities. The site was empty and the customer evaluation was extremely high.

Chile is the first member of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) in South America. Abeson first developed one of the core sites of the international market. In 2005, Ai Biesen went abroad for the first time. In 2006, he sold the display to Latin America and Mexico. In 2007, he sold to South America and Chile. After that, he started the exploration and deep cultivation in the Latin American market. It has been 12 years since. It has established subsidiaries in Mexico and Brazil, and maintains a good development trend while maintaining good cooperation with Latin American partners and customers.

In the Latin American market, Abbyson’s screen can be seen everywhere. The 7 lines of the Chilean capital Santiago Metro are all over 1100m2 in the Aibisen big screen. The most influential 60th edition of the Viña del Mar International Music Festival in Latin America is the same as the Peacock. The League of Legends game Latin America The regional finals are further assisted by Abbyson Funnel Screen ······ for Abbison, it is able to achieve such results in the Latin American market, the most important thing is to use quality products and professional Localization services overcome geographical and cultural differences and give customers a sense of trust.

In order to build a deeper friendship and good relationship with customers, Ai Bisen Chile Marketing It will be held in Santiago, Chile, and will gather with Latin American partners to carry out in-depth cooperation and exchanges to explore more development possibilities. It is hoped that Abbison’s quality products and localized professional services will further promote the coordinated development of Latin America.

At the meeting, Chen Yang, general manager of the Abbison Latin America business district, took the lead in delivering a speech. Chen Yang expressed warm welcome to the guests present and expressed his gratitude to the customers and partners for their trust and support for so many years. He also expressed his confidence in further cooperation in the future. Chen Yang’s wonderful speech added a warm atmosphere to the marketing conference.

Shen Yimin, Director of the Chilean Marketing Department in Latin America, shared the development trend of the LED industry and the development of the company from the company. The core competencies such as history, corporate culture, intelligent manufacturing, and global service introduce the Abbison Group.

Ai Biesen insists that “the essence of culture, not lying, not falsifying, not bribing, practicing” “integrity, gratitude, responsible core values, regard quality as the lifeline of the company, always Since then, it has adhered to international standards and has strict requirements on itself with the highest international standards in Europe and America.

Overcoming many difficulties, gradually built a global service system, established a number of service sites, ensured rapid response, and provided the most convenient and professional localization to customers in Latin America. service. And the first ACE engineer certification training in the industry, has always insisted on leading the entire industry. More than 1,200 ACE engineers have been certified to date.

He Jialing, Sales Engineer, Chilean Market, Abbie’s Latin America Business Area, based on product use environment and segmentation applications The scene shared with the guests the classic case representatives created by Abbyson around the world.

For many years, Abbison has closely integrated with the needs of users, and has integrated cutting-edge technology to develop a wide range of superior products, and gradually deepen the market in the control room, leasing, corporate, retail, outdoor advertising and other segments, and constantly create For example, the world’s first smart city model case —— Longgang new smart city operation management center, 2018 Russia World Cup stadium nearly 2000m2 sports big screen, London Fen Court LED art sky device and Dubai GITEX exhibition 3D mechanical screen, etc. Miracle.

Finally, Shen Minmin deeply interpreted Abby’s new applications in the field. The AX series, the first small-pitch rental product that is currently the most flat of Abelson, is highlighted. This product has been well received by the exhibitors at the current world’s major exhibitions. It uses IMD four-in-one packaging technology to display better results and make maintenance easier.

Then introduced Absenicon, the industry’s first standardized conference room product. This product not only developed a new segment, but also made the conference more advanced, and led the industry to standardization, which will help the market to form an effective market. , unified product measurement standards.

In addition to the above products, there are also a variety of product areas such as A27 series of commercial display applications, PL lite series of rental star products, and N PLUS of flat panel display products, which are exhibited on the spot. The guests were very interested in the products introduced, and they also visited the site in detail.

This marketing will come to an end in a happy and harmonious atmosphere, which is well received by customers, Abby Sen has further established a deep friendship with customers and partners in Latin America. It is believed that in the future, Abbison will use more professional products and deep localization services to maintain closer cooperation with customers in Latin America and drive more regional development.

About Abbison:

Shenzhen Ai Bison Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300389) was founded in 2In 001, it is the world’s leading provider of true LED display applications and services. Products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions such as the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc., successfully implemented more than 30,000 application examples, widely used in the US NBA game, World Club Cup, European Cup, presidential press conference, high-end shopping In the fields of shopping malls, luxury brand stores, and national TV stations, the export volume of display products has ranked first in the industry for 10 consecutive years. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Malaysia wants to attack the Chinese furniture market

According to Malaysia’s “Nanyang Business Daily” reported on May 6, Malaysia’s wooden furniture has gradually successfully seized the Chinese market. Last year, the export volume increased from RM73 million to RM103 million, a growth rate of 42.4%. In 2014, the top 3 countries in terms of horse furniture exports were the United States, Japan and Singapore, and China ranked 14th.

Huang Tisheng, president of the Ma Timber Council, said that with the growing market in China, the Malaysian government hopes to use the strategic trend of the Belt and Road to develop business opportunities in the timber and furniture industry in China and Malaysia. To promote the common development of the industry in both countries.

Philip Yap, a horse furniture designer, believes that China’s raw materials and employee wages continue to rise sharply, and China will gradually lose its low-cost advantage; The Malaysian furniture industry still maintains low manufacturing costs, which is a major advantage for the Malaysian furniture industry. Furniture companies must break away from the traditional “OEM” (OEM), create exclusive brands or original logos, and attack the Chinese furniture market in the form of “ODM (Original Design Production)”.

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Lin Zuoxin: Import and export of American furniture this year

In the first half of this year, US furniture imports increased by 10%, while exports increased by 4%.

Source: US Customs, US Bureau of Statistics

In the past two years, many people have shouted manufacturing back to the United States, and he did not hesitate Playing with statistical means, saying that the manufacturing costs in the United States are only 4-5% higher than in China.

When anti-dumping against solid wood bedrooms was made more than a decade ago, the rhetoric at the time was also an excuse to rescue the manufacturing industry in the United States.

However, the furniture manufacturing industry has not returned to the United States. Instead, imports have increased year after year, but only the top ten countries have entered the top ten.

China is still the largest importer, surpassing 50% of total imports, but the rate of increase in imports is flat, while Vietnam and India have become the focus of attention.

Vietnam began to benefit from anti-dumping against Chinese solid wood bedroom furniture. After anti-dumping, almost all orders were transferred from China to Vietnam. After ten years of operation, Vietnam has grown steadily, except for solid wood. In the bedroom, other solid wood furniture has gradually developed, and the manufacturing supply chain has been completed. The upstream hardware, glass, paint, etc. can be produced locally, and the local rubber wood is one-third of China. The price, therefore, has developed rapidly and exported to the United States, which reached $2.3 billion last year. In the first half of this year, it has increased by 21%.

The biggest worry in Vietnam is that it is located in a very humid tropical environment. The moisture content of the wood is very high. When it is exported to the United States, cracking and deformation of the wood is inevitable.

Vietnam’s wages are also growing year after year, with frequent strikes and unstable electricity supply, but this country with less than 100 million people is much stronger than Indonesia, which has a population of 400 million. Exporting to the United States is more than four times that of Indonesia. Indonesia has not only a large population, but also a lot of resources. Land, timber, etc. are not comparable to Vietnam, but they cannot be developed and exported to the United States. For more than a decade, The annual growth rate is 2-3 billion US dollars, only 6%.

India is also very surprised. It has furniture exports and quickly became the top ten importers of the United States. At present, although the base is small, only 150 million, but the development speed is very fast, compared with the first half of last year, an increase of 20%.

The increase in solid wood bedroom furniture is higher than the average, reaching 12%, showing that anti-dumping is useless It is particularly noteworthy that metal soft bags, most of which are aircraft seats and car seats, are the growth points of China’s exports to the United States in recent years. The wooden kitchen furniture has grown quietly and quietly. And it grew very fast, up to 21%, which was unexpected.

In terms of exports, it is equivalent to one-tenth of imports, concentrated in several countries, and the largest increase is in the Bahamas, but not as much as 30 million.

Source: US Customs, US Bureau of Statistics

Among the top five, exports from the three countries are decreasing, and only Mexico and the United Kingdom are still large. increase. Mexico I estimate that the United States shipped materials, semi-finished products, and processed them in Mexico before returning to the United States.

Canada is a traditional American market. Many furniture retail stores are opened by Americans. Therefore, exports to Canada are much more. However, in recent years, there has been little growth, but it has decreased.

The products exported are mainly solid wood furniture, sofas and metal furniture, including mattresses and beds.

The recent appreciation of the US dollar is not good for the export of furniture, so the performance of exports in the second half of the year may be affected.

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Middle East Sanitary Ware Market: Single Scattered

As the so-called chaotic heroes, the current situation in the UAE sanitary ware market has created an excellent opportunity for foreign sanitary ware companies to show their strengths in the UAE sanitary ware market. Because there are few sanitary ware companies in the UAE, and the market sources are too broad, it is difficult for local authorities to supervise. Therefore, the UAE hopes to form a corporate monopoly in its domestic market, so their energy and time for the market are naturally reduced. . Therefore, China’s sanitary ware enterprises can seize the needs of their markets, and build a large-scale group in the UAE market. With the support of the UAE government, it will become very smooth in its market expansion.

The actual situation of the UAE bathroom market

At present, the UAE sanitary ware market mainly has the following characteristics: First, the sanitary product type It is too singular. Although there are many international sanitary ware companies in the local market, these companies have great similarities in various products, because the international market is also following the trend. For this reason, this kind of follow-up phenomenon has created certain categories. The product base is too large, and the other products are too small. Changing this situation requires market regulation, but if the market lacks strong enterprises, it will not be able to complete the adjustment. Because the market enterprises are too scattered, it is difficult for any of the enterprises to be the source of the Chinese ceramics market.

Emirates Sanitary Ware Market: Single Dispersion

Second, the business model of the UAE bathroom market is extremely scattered because the Middle East market belongs to The emerging markets in the world have attracted many countries’ sanitary ware enterprises. The enterprises that set up branches here are naturally dazzling, some of them are very small and some are large. The large and small shops together need the local regulatory authorities to spend quite a lot. Great strength. At present, the relevant departments of the UAE have also publicly expressed the hope that their domestic sanitary ware market will undergo new changes, showing the situation that several foreign sanitary ware enterprises occupy the market, and hope that all stores can be integrated in terms of scale, so that the market can be more standardized and simplified.

Establishing large-scale shopping malls to seize market opportunities

If you build a large shopping mall in the UAE, even if you don’t do direct sales Great benefits can be obtained, shopping malls can make the store more standardized, and regulate the shops through the mall mechanism, which is very convenient for the supervision of the relevant departments of the UAE, and it is very convenient for local consumers to make their shopping. At the same time, it is also possible to set up a corresponding network platform. Once the platform can be well-known in the UAE, it is bound to become an active influx of local sanitary ware businesses.

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At present, there are four major misunderstandings in smart homes, and development needs to return to the essence.

Image from "Oriental IC

Smart Home The understanding and development need to abandon the misunderstanding and return to the essence. In essence, smart home is an intelligent control system.

After a period of incubation and concept popularization in previous years, artificial intelligence has indeed broken into people’s daily lives, and constantly refreshed users’ perceptions and experiences of “smart life”. Finance, medical, education, decoration, media … … as long as we can think of the industry, are actively achieving integration with artificial intelligence technology, and most people are most concerned about the smart home industry, many " Daniel also predicts that smart home will become the next slogan. How much do you know about this industry?

First, the cognitive misunderstanding of smart home

Smart home appliances=Smart home

Nowadays, the development trend of the smart home industry is fierce. Many merchants have tried their best to make their products and “smart” words on the side, so many consumers mistakenly think that smart home appliances are smart homes, but they are not. Take the smart TV, it is essentially different from the smart home, because compared with the traditional TV, the smart TV is only based on its function expansion and upgrade, the variety of programs is more diverse And it can play the role of a game console, and can also install and uninstall various application software to meet the more diverse consumer needs of users, but from The quality, it can only be regarded as an integral part of the smart home, or a smart terminal, like smart phones, we are not able to equate with the smart home, so smart appliances & ne; intelligent home.

Smart Furniture = Smart Home

Artificial intelligence technology is more and more developed, and has gradually landed from the conceptualization stage, so many industries are trying to marry with intelligence, because many people There is still a blind spot in the understanding of smart homes, so it is easy to confuse smart furniture with smart homes. In fact, smart furniture is just a combination of intelligence, electronic intelligence, mechanical intelligence, IOT intelligence and traditional furniture. When using smart furniture, users can give full play to their subjective creativity, such as according to their own preferences and family spatial characteristics. Furniture is freely combined and matched, and smart home is a whole concept. It is a system that integrates lighting, door locks, curtains, home appliances, security and other equipment in the home through technologies such as the Internet of Things, so smart furniture & smart home .

Smart Home = Chicken Ribs

When it comes to smart homes, many people like to use “small ribs to describe it” and feel that it is a tasteless taste, a pity, and think it is not The six-character mantra that conforms to the good product, first of all, it is not a rigid demand, because for many people, it is dispensable, barely counted as “pseudo-demand”; secondly, it can not hit the pain points of consumers, Because many smart home items on the market help users solve problems, they also bring a lot of troubles. It can be said that they are not smart enough. For example, after the sweeper has finished cleaning, the owner has to manually clean the dust box. Originally, the map saves trouble, and the result is that it is gray; in the end, it does not meet the high frequency, because the frequency of product replacement is too low.

If smart home products want to detonate the market on the C side, it seems that there is still a long way to go before changing the situation. In fact, the emergence of new products and new technologies will have a “starting stage” at the beginning, but the market and users are the best touchstones for products. They will not tolerate products that have not completed the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. When this gap is crossed, it is difficult to open the market from the C side. In fact, from an objective point of view, for an emerging industry that is still in the exploration and development period, it is obviously irrational to give it a “chicken rib” hat, whether as a visitor or a consumer, we are all There should be confidence in artificial intelligence technology and the smart home industry, allowing them to grow and mature in stumbling.

Smart Home = Luxury Luxury Home

“ Smart home prices are too expensive, low-income families can’t afford it, we just wait and see, mention smart home, many people will have This kind of thinking, I think that smart home products can only appear in TV dramas or families of rich people. Actually, from the current stage, the reason why smart homes are still not popular, there are indeed price factors, but simple and rude. It is an irrational view to link it with the words “rich people, “luxury houses,” luxury goods, etc. The popularity of any new thing will have a phased process, just like when the car first appeared, we would feel it away. I am very far away, but now I don’t think so.

Second, what is smart home?

In essence, smart home is an intelligent control system, which itself includes many subsystems, such as security systems, lighting systems. , background music system, electrical control system, door and window control system, home network system, home theater system, etc., it can use integrated wiring, network communication, security, automatic control and other technical means to achieve home facility integration, thereby building a safe, Efficient and intelligent management system creates a comfortable, warm, comfortable and convenient living environment for users, thus improving the comfort and safety of users. On the platform of smart home, you can realize the home appliances according to your own needs. And remote control of doors and windows, you can also personalize according to your own preferences. (*This articleThe source and source have been marked, the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact us)

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How do I need to pay for Cloud Token? Cloud token Li Yi teacher one-on-one explanation

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What is the Cloud token wallet?

A: Simply put

RMB deposit bank has interest

Electronic digital asset deposit balance has revenue

Cloud Token is the world’s first mainstream currency to store mainstream currency.

is the balance of the mainstream currency of the blockchain

How does the Cloud token wallet operate? ?

A: Register a CloudToken wallet

Join the planned trading system in the wallet (free of charge)

How do I start the joining plan to earn revenue?

A: Then you must first deposit the mainstream currency with a market value of more than 550 US dollars (currently support USDT. Bitcoin. Ethereum. And so on.) There will be more and more mainstream currencies in the future. Currency), join the plan to entrust Cloud Token intelligent robots to high-frequency quantitative trading and arbitrage on major exchanges.

I don’t have mainstream currency. ?

A: No-currency partners can buy some mainstream currency transfers from major exchanges around the world. In this era of blockchain digital currency, the mainstream currency is held for a long time. The Cloud Token wallet is definitely yours. The best choice, deposit coins, and wealth multiply!

How long does it take to join the program?

A: After joining the program, the intelligent robot will grab the major exchanges 24 hours a day. Different prices of data, high-frequency quantitative trading generates revenue. Open the joining plan, there are gains every day!

How is the income generated by Cloud token calculated?

A: All generated The proceeds are calculated in CTO currency. CTO coins can be directly converted into Ethereum coins at any time. Ethereum coins can be redeemed at any time without restriction, and can also be sold to people who want coins. Static income and shared income are all CTO The currency is settled every day. At present, the CTO currency is 0.3 US dollars, and will reach 50 US dollars & mdash at the end of the year; 60 US dollars.

How is the cloud token static income?

A: Cloud token static Monthly income is between 6% and 12% (not counting the value-added income of CTO coins)

When can I return to this?

A: I didn’t return to this book. The money that I transferred to it was saved, just like the money I put in the balance treasure. I always control myself, my own currency is my own. , the capital gains in and out of freedom!

Cloud Token Highlights

First, there is no lock In the long run, the principal will enter and exit at any time

Second, the fool-style lie mode [strong] [strong] There is no limit to the LOCK BTC TTH and other mainstream currencies.

Third, all coins are open to the world on the public chain

Fourth, APP content is all original code development is not a replica or made in Shenzhen

1 static income [Strong] deposit money to mine and make money [strong] [strong] monthly income 6~20% daily is not capped

2 share income [strong] take a generation 100%

2 generations 50% 3-21 generations 5% income is not capped every day

3 community dividend team total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is C1 community,

4C1 community level Team unlimited 5% income community rewards

5 reaching 3 C1 communities C2 community takes community rewards 10%

6 reaches 3 C2 communities, which is 15% for C3 community rewards

7 reaches 3 C3 communities, which is C4 community rewards 20 %

8 reaches 3 C4 communities and is C5 community

Community income takes 5% of global community total performance

C5 can reach 500,000+ one day Cap [strong] [strong] storage value of more than 500 dollars is considered a valid account

[strong] above the reward settlement is issued by the platform currency CTO [strong]

The secret conservative estimate is 5~20 times before the end of the year to earn [strong]

Spike all items [strong]

Once in a hundred years [strong]

Join early to make money [strong]

Cloud Token [tact] [tact] 2019 preferred investment project

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Fusion · Metamorphosis | The 15th Pan-Asian Alliance Education Conference is about to open

This is the fifteenth year. The Alliance insisted on using a conference to record the ups and downs of teaching and training and the ups and downs of teaching and training.

Fifteen years ago, in order to restore a true Chinese education industry, the heads of the eight educational institutions spontaneously set up a platform for the exchange of the Spring and Autumn Leagues and witnessed the 15 years of teaching and training in the country. The progress of the industry and the development of the industry from the edge to the feng shui.

In 2019, the industry is going to talk about the education industry, and even the overall private education industry.

Under the policy change, the early childhood education, basic education, training and education, and vocational education for private education have entered a period of standardization and strict supervision. More than ten years of demographic dividends and policy gaps have brought the private education industry to barbarism. The golden period of growth has come to an abrupt end, “to support a batch, to standardize a batch, to shut down a number of policies to rectify, it is inevitable that several families will be happy, plus the economic environment and the industry’s own enrollment and teaching competition.” The operating pressures of various private education entities have increased dramatically.

Early education cannot be capitalized, the proportion of Pratt & Whitney Park is expanded, and the prospects for private parks are lost;

Basic education primary and secondary schools adhere to the non-profit direction, and the school brand is subject to restrictions on enrollment autonomy Challenge;

Training and education should return to the off-campus property, not super-class, no timeout, the number of institutions and the number of students decreased;

Quality education should be standardized, and all kinds of competitions should be declared first. , student display and institutional value-added platform are limited;

Vocational education should not become “cash money tree, we must adhere to the first principle of talent cultivation;

Family education is once again on the agenda, but the protagonist It is within the system that family education outside the system is long-sleeved;

International education is steadily rising, online teachers are further shortening language distance, and private education is in line with international education;

… …

Once a private education in a section of the management, when faced with policy changes, feeling lonely and thin, and a multi-level education group is obviously more calm and full of resources. Use, private education from fine The decentralized integration into different areas and the gradual development of the trend of integration of education across ages has begun to emerge. The new era calls for a platform for the integration and exchange of education.

It is for this reason that the 14-year China Education and Training Industry Alliance Annual Meeting has been officially upgraded to “Union Alliance Conference, which is the 14th year of the Alliance Conference focusing on the domestic education and training industry’s original intentions, but also after the upgrade. The Pan-Asian Alliance is looking forward to opening up the entire industry and looking at the true voice of the new ecology of private education that builds the global education platform.

In 2019, there were very few teaching and training conferences, and there were very few meetings for the industry to solve the problem of “breaking practical methods” for practitioners.

The Alliance Conference “When Spring is a voice, it is the persistence of the education and training industry for 15 years. It is not easy to insist on doing one thing. The alliance platform hopes to pass the private preschool education, basic education, and education. The direction of the leading figures in different formats, such as vocational education and tutoring, and the sharing of school-running, help the school (farm) and private education practitioners understand more about the policy direction, technology integration, capital integration, and operational enhancement. The new product and new model will provide a satisfactory answer to more than 400,000 colleagues in the education industry and millions of private education families at all levels, in order to achieve China’s response from a populous country to a human resource power. Some contributions.

Choose a high level of learning, choose a temperature party

Just in April, Zhongyuan Greentown & mdash;—Zhengzhou!

Four characteristics:

壹: Model Learning Conference

Learning from the giants is not to feel the feelings of the industry boss, nor to be shocked by the speed and scale of the giant enterprise, but to These industry benchmarking companies or teams learn their core teaching basic skills and return to the essence of education. This is a new beginning for our private education people from opportunism to pragmatism, from rumors to craftsmanship.

For the school, excellent and stable teachers have always been the first core competitiveness.

贰: Industry Cooperation Conference

Industry development to maturity is not competition, but competition.

There is no age in education, the continuity of schooling, the more obvious the effect of education, and the utilization of various resources is greatly improved. Private education has been dispersed from the subdivision to the concentration. Integration, and gradually developed to the trend of large-scale education integration across the ages, the education industry’s industrial chain advantage has become more apparent.

Co-opetition is not a big merger and integration, especially in the field of education. It can be a very warm combination and integration. Every competition is a transformation, and all the beneficiaries are educators. This kind of competition will show four major trends in 2019, and will be concentrated in the alliance conference:

First, the integration of online and offline teaching, the double division is the most typical case; Power Conference)

The second is the integration of the education chain, the integration of early childhood and early education, the integration of quality education and subject education;

The third is the integration of teaching space and curriculum (Z100 Education Complex and Various Theme Forums)

The fourth is the brand integration based on capital ties, and the development of the group. (G30 Leading Brand Forum)

叁: Ideas Update Conference

Teaching and Training Industry The core of the new political theory is “burden reduction, it is to subtract students from extracurricular Heavy teaching content, students feel passively feeling “unhappy, stressful.” This situation is also the core reason for the new education in Korea in 2014. In the process of super-level education and governance in Korea, the study sovereignty was finally returned to the students. Today, 70% of South Korea’s institutions have completed a huge change from the “teacher’s teaching”, which is a huge classroom revolution, and no one thought that its initiator is an extracurricular tutoring institution?

Taking precautions, how will China’s future institutions build a teaching classroom model with the core of student learning as a Korean counterpart, gradually replacing teaching power with learning power. In this respect, some excellent institutions in China have already taken the lead.

In 2018, he is the only one who has the unique ability to learn. He has his own unique style of learning, just as his founder Zhang Xi said: “Knowledge will be outdated, but the ability to learn knowledge will never go out of fashion. .

Alice, who insists on investing millions each year and has been a learning conference for six consecutive years, has a special liking for learning. Its founder, Pan Pengkai, expressed his vision for Chinese education: “I hope that China’s educational ideas for the next 30 years will really help each of our children to be better.

The Yisheng School, which is located in Dalian, Northeast China, has achieved a great reputation with the focus on learning and law.

Are you ready to learn the new era?

肆: Management Upgrade Conference

In 2019, for private educators, maintaining their own brands is more important than the scale of development. In the past year, even though many educational institutions have been careful about thin ice, the number of shots is still not small. Heavy will cause the stock to plummet and the losses will be heavy; if it is on the blacklist, the brand will be damaged and the students will be lost. In the face of such a special rectification period, doing a good job of crisis prevention and public opinion public relations is a new ability that we must have as a head.

In 2019, what is the logic behind the national fiscal and tax reform, tax changes and tax cuts, what new opportunities for our educational institutions? Corporate compliance operations are a major trend, in the payment of electronic, data transparency Today, any luck will not be lucky, just a matter of time.

After the ebb tide, I know who is swimming naked. Today’s industry norms are like the tides after the rush. There are few opportunities for rumors. Only those institutions that have excellent teaching skills, lean operations, and a well-rounded school can only laugh at the end.

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& ldquo; All for education, the Chinese education after the quiet, may be more tense. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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A new landmark in Chongqing’s food culture – “Lushan 86”

Any city has its own unique symbols. Beijing has the Great Wall of the Forbidden City, and Shanghai has tall buildings. When it comes to Chongqing, this “8D Magic Mountain City, in addition to the hot long-legged beauty, is “hemp, spicy, fresh, tender, hot”. Chongqing cuisine is an independent cuisine consisting of old leeks and rivers and lakes. The old leeks have been developed since ancient times. The rivers and lakes are rooted in folks, many of which originate from roadside restaurants and fishermen’s villagers. However, the rise of hot pot from the middle of the Ming Dynasty has made the world of Chongqing cuisine suddenly “the trend of the three countries. The trend of hot pot has also made many foods redefine the food.”

As we all know, Chongqing’s food culture is profound and profound, and Chongqing’s hot pot is a more traditional and widely The food that the foodies love. Chongqing’s vast land and natural resources, the spread of food also breeds a lot of food gathering places built by the mountains. In many food gathering places, “枇杷山86号”, the ordinary Chongqing old street located at the intersection of Yuzhong District, is becoming a new landmark of Chongqing food culture with lightning speed! Let “&” The No. 86 mountain jumped into a famous one with the scent of Xiaojing, which is known as the old authentic hot pot in Chongqing.

noon Three o’clock, it is the burning period of the sun roasting the earth, the small stools outside the door of the Xiaoyu hot pot restaurant have long queues. The waiter in the store was eagerly and eagerly received, and a burst of hot pot incense continued to float from the store to the entire sky above the Lushan Zhengjie Street. “A store has propped up a street. The taste of Xiaoyu attracts many foodies. It’s not just the smell of hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant, but also the founder Zhang Ping’s as a “hot pot of artisans”. Ingenuity interpretation.

In 1995, Zhang Ping was laid off from Chongqing 402 tram and met himself in the street of Lushan. Wife Xiong Xiaoyu. The two people’s love for food makes them not afraid of hardships and hardships. They insist on setting up a simple spicy shop on this street. In 1997, the Mala Tang shop became a hot pot restaurant with four tables. At that time, the name of the hot pot restaurant used the homonym of his wife Xiong Xiaoxuan — — Xiaoyu hot pot, this is the original prototype of the Xiaoyu Xiaoyu hot pot.

“Use only high-quality ingredients to restore the most authentic Chongqing hot pot! This is the philosophy that Zhang Ping has been insisting on since its establishment. It is precisely this kind of concept that makes Xiaowei Xiaoyu step by step and has a steady and steady pace in the hot pot industry in Chongqing.

In 2014, Yan Wei Xiaoyu hot pot was on the “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, which is to Zhang Ping That one is the best witness of the hot pot. Late night night-time speculation, countless waves of shovel, countless times of dripping sweat, Zhang Ping used his own actions to prove to everyone that the taste of Xiaoyu hot pot can afford to bear the title of authentic Chongqing old hot pot.

For many neighborhoods in Laoshan, Xiaowei Xiaoyu is like their “canteen, warm, intimate, delicious, fragrant, simple words, but it’s the neighborhood’s Yan Wei Xiaoyu’s real evaluation.

Perhaps because of “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, people have re-acquainted with Chongqing hot pot; because Chongqing hot pot, People got acquainted with Xiaowei Xiaoyu; because of the taste of Xiaoyu, “Lushan 86” became the card-selling place for the general public to go to Chongqing. Through the mouth-to-mouth communication of countless tourists, “Lushan 86 has naturally become a new place”, a new landmark of Chongqing food culture, and as a whole street food industry, “扛 扛 渝 渝 渝 渝 渝 渝I don’t know what to do!

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The home industry is facing a major reshuffle this year.

Compared with the depression of furniture stores, the competition in the furniture industry is becoming more and more intense. “House prices have risen tenfold in ten years. The same set of plate furniture was a few thousand dollars a decade ago. It’s still a few thousand dollars, or even cheaper. Chen Hao, executive director of Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture, told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter. The entire furniture industry is experiencing an unprecedented reshuffle, and a large number of companies will be eliminated this year.

Recently, some people reported to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter that the factory of the Dynasty furniture in the Luogang Yonghe Economic Development Zone in Guangzhou had to close down and there was arrears of wages. The reporter rushed to the scene to understand the situation and found that this is a company called Sini Cai Industrial, a branch of the Dynasty furniture. The security guard at the door of the company said that it used to be the sofa production line of the Dynasty furniture, but it has now moved away. “It’s been moved a few months ago. It’s only recently moved, and new projects are going to take place some time. The security guard said that he did not hear about the arrears of wages.

Chen Hao said that he did not expect the relocation of the Sinice factory, which would cause such a storm. “The move of the sofa production line to the Zengcheng plant is based on the needs of the Group’s strategic planning adjustment and resource integration, which can reduce logistics costs and improve management efficiency. Eighty-five percent of the workers have moved over. Others who are unwilling to come, we are actively negotiating and solving with the participation of the government, we must compensate according to the law, and there is absolutely no situation of wage arrears.

A Luogang Yonghe Development Zone staff revealed to reporters that the development zone has strict checks on the imported enterprises, and the specifications, output value and brand of the settled enterprises are highly competitive. “I understand that there is no deduction or owing wages to the furniture of the Dynasty.”

The threshold of the furniture industry is very low. In recent years, a large number of furniture enterprises have emerged. There are tens of thousands of places in the southwestern part of Jiangxi alone. Some insiders pointed out that because some furniture companies do not pay attention to brand and quality, relying on cheap strategies to survive, coupled with the sluggish demand in the whole market, the furniture industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented difficult period. In this environment, many furniture companies have closed down last year, and a large number of enterprises will be eliminated this year.

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