Environmental protection is not a slogan, we are more actors – Yunyou Energy

Every June 5th is World Environment Day. On March 23, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released the theme of the 2018 Environmental Day: “Beautiful China, I am an actor. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that building a beautiful China and building China into a powerful, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist modernization power. “Beautiful word” was written into the goal of building a comprehensive socialist modern power.

Chengdu Yunyou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yuyou Energy”) is a professional energy package service operator that integrates the functions of online and offline services. “Yuyou Energy, focusing on the construction industry to use oil pain points, to be a segmentation industry of the construction service sector, and to build a comprehensive service platform for oil droplets and energy distribution. At present, the oil drop platform can provide customers with refueling appointments, oil source backtracking, data monitoring and other services.

Yunyou Energy Environment Day Action One, Deliver Good Oil

“Cloud Excellent Energy has taken root in the energy industry and found that the exhaust gas emitted from diesel combustion in the engineering industry will cause serious air pollution. And these pollutions have huge room for improvement. Therefore, Yunyou Energy took the opportunity of the World Environment Day and proposed an environmental protection initiative. “One less gram of carbon and more blue sky. “Cloud Energy advocates the use of “No. 0 diesel” in line with national emission standards. If diesel fuel is used in accordance with national emission standards, the pollutant emissions will be greatly reduced.

& ldquo;The cloud oil droplet platform has a multi-party resource advantage and has established long-term strategic partnerships with well-known energy companies such as PetroChina, Sinopec and Yanchang Petroleum. On the oil droplet platform, the oil products for users to provide energy services are all in line with the national emission standard < 0 diesel. While giving oil safety to the oil droplets, the pollution emissions should be minimized as much as possible.

“The oil drop platform cooperates with leading companies in the industry. In the oil supply, there are brand energy companies that strictly control. Therefore, the oil droplet delivery platform provides oil for distribution services and is trustworthy.

In the case of guaranteed oil quality, first, the emission of the construction vehicle can meet the national emission standards; secondly, the use of quality-assured oil will better protect the engine of the construction vehicle, thus avoiding Engineering vehicles are scrapped in advance and result in greater waste of resources.

“The oil drop platform strives to deliver high-quality oil on time, thus solving the problem of long waiting time for oil in the construction machinery industry, oil is not guaranteed, etc. .

Yunyou Energy Environment Day Action 2, Improving Refueling Methods

With “ The promotion of oil droplets platform, more and more construction projects, transportation projects, sanitation projects, etc., related to the selection of diesel fuel consumption related projects “ oil droplets platform new fueling method & mdash; & mdash; energy accurate distribution.

Why choose “Energy accurate distribution, not to go to the gas station to refuel?”

First of all, if the construction vehicle goes to the gas station to refuel, the journey to and from the gas station is a few hundred meters long and long. Then dozens of kilometers. The fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of this fueling route are often neglected. It is generally believed that it is reasonable to deplete the vehicle to the gas station.

However, in terms of environmental protection, any unnecessary waste should be taken seriously! “Cloud Energy has conducted rough calculations, using “fine energy delivery”, each for a project vehicle. Refueling service, an average reduction of 6-8 liters of diesel loss. Suppose a construction project has 15 work vehicles. Every time you use the oil drop platform, you can reduce the diesel consumption by at least 100 liters by performing the energy-precision distribution service!

Secondly, a large number of engineering vehicles are pouring into the gas station to refuel. It is bound to cause congestion at the gas station and block traffic when it is serious. “The oil drip platform” “Energy Accurate Distribution Refueling Service effectively diverts the gas station. At the same time of energy saving and emission reduction, it also saved a lot of social resources of the gas station.

Energy conservation and emission reduction is a response to the national call, a future development trend, and an issue that the energy industry cannot escape. “When Yunyou Energy is doing environmental protection, it is not a slogan, it is not a form; it is a personal action, and it is a responsibility that cannot be shirked.

Beautiful China, environmental protection is not a slogan, “Yunyou Energy is a down-to-earth actor.

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Faced with the bottleneck period of low profit, home manufacturers need to break through the development of “return to zero mentality”

The home industry is facing new external changes that will bring new challenges to the industry. The article’s “return to zero mentality” refers to retreat into the market, re-familiar with the market, and re-combat with a new attitude, but although it is easy to understand, implementation is difficult.

The constant escalation of consumer demand presents new challenges and opportunities for the home industry. The home market wants to catch up with the pace of consumers, we must constantly optimize and upgrade.

Nowadays, the home industry has entered a low-profit stage as a whole. Many companies have tried to break through this dilemma through transformation and upgrading. However, the risk of transformation is high and they will be eliminated by the market. Therefore, in order to develop the company for a longer period of time, the homeowner must come up with a “return to zero mentality” to retreat and re-start.

External market changes bring challenges

The external economic environment and trends, in the end, can be said to have a relationship with the home business, it does not matter.

It is related to all home furnishing manufacturers must take advantage of the trend and not be able to contradict the trend; the overall situation of home business competition is already very clear, that is, external economic changes and trends, for the consumer goods industry such as home The development is closely related, that is, changeable, difficult, and complicated. Only by taking advantage of the trend can we develop against the trend.

It doesn’t matter, it means that the home business can’t lie on the traditional experience and development track of the past, and must re-establish its core competitiveness. The traditional demographic dividends and policy dividends have disappeared. All home furnishing manufacturers must find new breakthroughs in the new economic and market environment.

The traditional development of the home industry and the big blowout market have basically ended. Next, we must meet a new round of new battles and self-detonation. The change has really begun, and the major home brands are fighting the bayonet and the muscles of the muscles.

Industry operations enter a low-margin stage

No one can tell what the future of the home industry will be, which means that everyone must create their own new future. At present, no home furnishing manufacturer can determine the changes and trends of the entire industrial structure in the next few years, but there are three basic new changes and new trends can be confirmed:

First, from the perspective of development speed, the industry as a whole enters Low growth channels, even stagflation channels. While some large companies are still able to maintain double-digit growth, it is difficult for the growth of the entire industry to reproduce the past few years.

Second, from the perspective of competitive means, a single price war, even a channel war, a promotion war, is not enough to change and promote the transformation of the industry and the stimulation of consumer demand. It is necessary to find and establish new methods of detonation.

Third, from the perspective of consumer demand, the appetite of consumers in the entire market is more diversified and segmented, and the boutique strategy of home furnishing enterprises will also face new trimming.

Of course, for all home manufacturers, one of the biggest challenges is that the entire industry operation has entered a stage of low profit, even meager profit, and small profits, a large number of commercial speculation will be cleared out. The entry barrier is facing new upgrades. On the surface, sales scale and sales are dominant thresholds; from the perspective of development, operational capabilities, especially profitability, will be a hidden new threshold.

Home people must come up with “return to zero mentality”

Transformation and upgrade is really not to talk about it, think about it, but all home manufacturers must really rob the job! All home furnishing manufacturers, regardless of their size, strength or weakness, are standing at a new crossroads of development. It is necessary to make a decision as soon as possible.

In the next few years, the road to business development of the home industry is destined to be difficult to go and not smooth. Especially for many weak people, it is very difficult to support a family.

For the current market environment, some home furnishing manufacturers still have the initiative to choose. Next, with the deepening and deepening of adjustment and reform, most of the manufacturers can only be eliminated. .

Especially for a large number of weak integrated operations, relying on the old methods, the old model, the old ideas in the operating market 10 years ago, the retailers, the elimination will be normalized.


With the changes in the home market environment, the era of large-scale development in the traditional sense of home furnishing enterprises has basically come to an end, and major brands are also undergoing industrial upgrading, hoping to be here. Regaining a foothold in the market.

But it is undeniable that the current home furnishing industry has entered a stage of low profit, and the traditional price war, promotion war and other sales models have not let consumers catch a cold, so home furnishing companies want to have If you break through, you need to have a “return to zero mentality, retreat into the market, re-familiar with the market, and fight again with a new attitude.

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New retail shop shop shop main shop process introduction – shop and shop sharing e-commerce

The shared store "shopping shop" business model has subverted the traditional e-commerce store operation method

is a social e-commerce short-term rental sharing platform

Share the supply of products from Fortune 500 companies, share the resources of all partners and businesses and companies and major media promotion. All you have to do is rent a store and wait for the customer to purchase the goods according to the company’s purchase amount. You can, according to the purchase quota, the sales cycle is one week, that is, the era of on-demand shopping is coming,

There is no need for shop decoration, management, and customer questions, which are all solved by the shop operators.

All you do is wait for customers to buy or promote them through their social circles. Of course, promotion is also profitable. .

So how do you make money? There are three ways to make money in the shared mall,

One is to promote the member registration store owner to purchase, take 10% of the purchase price of your store

Second, pay 50 yuan per month, waiting for queue customers to place 20% of sales.

Third, renting warehouses to get 10% of sales

The last one is consumption. Redeem points for baby and enjoy lifetime bonus for the mall

Shop sharing mobile social short-term e-commerce enrolling shopkeepers and merchants WeChat: QQ9349146

Scan QR code download Shop the shop. Shop for 1 to 1 professional guides to welcome you to join

http://www.futurenet8.com /

Welcome to join the shop to share a social e-commerce platform. Fill the shop invitation code to fill in: 97RODS (required)

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The results of the South China Sea Arbitration were announced, Zhijia Jinfu: “China, there must be no less”

On July 6, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Secretary of State Kerry talked about China’s position on the South China Sea arbitration case. The South China Sea arbitration case initiated by the Philippines unilaterally harassed for three years and will be released on July 12. Arbitration results.

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2015 European sanitary ware market “money” good

It is reported that after experiencing growth stagnation and sharp decline, the production, consumption and export of global sanitary wares all increased in 2014, and the recovery signal in Europe is particularly significant.

From the overall analysis, global sanitary ware production in 2010 increased from 8.515 billion square meters in 2009 to 9.512 billion square meters, an increase of 11.7%. From the perspective of the region, the sanitary output of all regions has increased to varying degrees.

As in previous years, the growth of Asian sanitary ware production is a strong driving force for global aggregate growth. By the end of 2012, the total production of sanitary ware in Asia has accounted for 66.9% of the global total, while the major sanitary ware production countries in Asia — China, Vietnam, India and Iran have annual growth rates of more than 10%. It is worth mentioning that Vietnam’s sanitary ware production increased from 295 million square meters in 2011 to 375 million square meters, with the annual growth rate of 27.1% becoming the country with the largest increase in global sanitary ware production in 2012.

In 2013, global sanitary ware consumption totaled 9.35 billion square meters, an increase of 10.5% over 2012. From a regional perspective, in addition to the 5% decline in consumption in the EU countries, consumption in other regions has achieved varying degrees of growth.

Asia surpassed Africa with a 14.5% growth rate, making it the fastest growing region in terms of bathroom consumption in 2013. At the same time, the consumption of sanitary ware in the Asian region accounts for 64.4% of the global total, and its consumption power is far ahead of all regions of the world. In addition to producing large foreign countries such as China, India, Vietnam and Iran, there are also Saudi Arabia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. The three countries with the fastest growing global sanitary consumption are in Asia: Iraq (44.9%), Vietnam (37.5%) and the UAE (29.9%).

It is worth noting that, globally, the contribution of different regions to global sanitary consuming is similar to the contribution of the region to global sanitary ware production, indicating that the global sanitary wares are close to each other. Bathroom consumer market.

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Merlot Department Stores Haihuike Layout Self-operated Cross-border E-Commerce Linked online and offline to solve the problem of Haitao pain

One is a well-known high-end department store brand with more than 20 years of gold medals, and the other is the most well-known cross-border e-commerce company in Southwest China. Today, the two sides hope to open up online and offline through marriage and cooperation, so that Chinese consumers can use genuine, fidelity, and cost-effective imported goods. On March 6th, 2019, Suzhou Meiluo Department Store officially signed a contract with Southwest Cross-border e-commerce brand Haihuike. The two parties will jointly build a cross-border e-commerce platform for Meiluohai Huike in Chongqing Liangjiang New District, and sign and sign overseas big-name brands through self-operated mode. Promote more competitive overseas brands to enter the Chinese market.

Open online and offline

Haihuike on the road to innovation&ltquo; Best Partner

& ldquo;Happy cooperation! Yesterday afternoon, Suzhou Meiluo Department Store Headquarters Building, Meilu Department Store General Manager Gao Xiaoyu and Haihuike Founder Xue Guoneng officially signed a cooperation agreement to jointly build self-operated cross-border electricity Business platform —— Meiluohai Huike. The address of the company where the two companies cooperate has been confirmed to be located in the Liangjiang New District of Chongqing. At present, all the work has been fully carried out. It is expected that the Meiluohai Huike platform will be officially launched soon. “Hai Hui’s founder Xue Guoneng said in an interview yesterday.

It is reported that since the official debut in 2018, the membership system created by Chongqing Yangzhan Purchasing Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.-imported social e-commerce platform —— Haihuike has been the media The focus of attention. As one of the top 20 enterprises in China’s new economic brand value, Haihuike has strong supply chain resources. The platform now covers tens of thousands of hot-selling products in more than 16 countries and regions.

Industry observer Zhang Rui said that the cooperation between the two sides means that online and offline are available, and the advantages are complementary. It is reported that Meiluo Department Store is a benchmark enterprise of high-end department stores in China. It is affiliated to Suzhou’s largest trading company and a functional group with sales of over 10 billion yuan in 2018. It has a gold medal reputation and strong enterprise strength for nearly 30 years. This is a natural fit with Haihui, who is focused on doing online and is only pursuing high-quality operations.

Not long ago, Zhang Chen, chairman of Merlot Department Store, said in an interview with the media: “The founder of Haihuike Xue Guoneng has the same idea of ​​business model as I am, and we do not compete with each other. From the market, channels to resources are fully complementary. In cooperation with Haihuike, this is a strategic step for the Function Group.

Self-employed mode to sign overseas big brands

Promote cost-effective foreign goods into the domestic market

It is reported that Meiluo Haihui will rely on the resource advantages of both parties to package and sign overseas. Big names help them get through the Chinese market and let the people use genuine and cost-effective imported goods.

& ldquo; First, we will sign the contract through the source to master the brand management rights. Xue Guoneng said that Meiluo Haihui will look for high-quality brands that have competitive advantages and have not yet entered China in regional markets such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, Europe and the United States. By signing a general agent, they will help these brands enter the Chinese market. It will supply other domestic e-commerce platforms. The reporter learned that Merlot Department Store established the overseas jewelry collection brand MATRO GBJ Mero International Jewelry at the beginning of last year. The test water directly cooperates with overseas jewelry brand companies, and with more than 10 countries including the United States, Australia, France, Italy and Canada. 15 brands reached an exclusive cooperation. At present, there are 5 offline exhibition halls in Suzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, which are very popular among consumers. In the next step, the two sides will continue to deepen the model and introduce more overseas big names into China.

& ldquo; Secondly, through self-operated direct supply, cut off the intermediate links, allowing consumers to enjoy high-cost imported goods. Xue Guoneng told reporters that many imported goods have been price-added through the agent layer, and the price has been turned over several times when they reach consumers. The two sides will use their mutual advantages to conduct cross-border bonded import and self-operated supply chain direct supply for goods, and truly realize the same price from the factory to the consumers, so that consumers can spend less money and enjoy. Better quality goods and services.

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The cloud token project status and market background introduction! Docking Li Yi teacher

Cloudtoken Global Docking Plus Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

1: What is Cloud token?

A: Cloud Token is a decentralized carrier that develops the DAPP chain on the BBS public chain, which can be used for us to deposit coins. Its JARVIS Ai robot can make a quantitative strategy trade for us to make a profit. It is a decentralized smart money wallet.

2. What is the background of the company?

Digital Curren Group of the United States (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), 4 The most influential venture capital fund company, combined with Singapore’s world-class quantitative team and technical talent in Asia, ronald aai (Chinese name: Ronald)

Multi-country, venture capital, foundation union The headquarters was launched in Singapore.

3.Where is the profit point of the distribution?

A: The JARVIS Ai robot is not a simple quantitative moving brick. In fact, the profit of the quantitative brick moving is not so high. JARVIs Ai robots are a variety of strategic trading, as well as trading strategies for bands, trends, futures, stocks, grid trading, etc. The robot collects all the big data from the currency circle and analyzes them. The source of these data analysis is one in Singapore. The mathematics professor, then the robot buys, sells, stops, and takes profit. As long as there is a market in the currency circle, there will be gains, and we will make a profit.

4. How to prove that it is a real safe wallet:

Multi-chain chain wallet, all mainstream coins are queried, traceable, open and transparent on the chain, the first A wallet that conforms to the blockchain principle. And you can use NFC to store private keys, the highest level of security technology.

5.CTO is based on what chain development

CTO is a platform coin developed on the BBS public chain, and the Cloud Token platform is built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Decentralized chain wallet.

6. Q: What is the concept of the fourth-generation public chain?

A: The working principle of BBS is to bring together the computing, networking and storage resources of participating peers (individuals and organizations). And use distributed applications (dapps) on smartphones and sales devices to trade. Mr. Ronald explained: “Each transaction is itself considered a file or block. We developed an FSDLT (File System Distributed Classifier Technology) that combines with other technologies and protocols to process transactions in real time. It is recorded in a parallel ledger for each transaction, and I like to call it a parallel atomic chain. Parallel atomic chains are jointly owned and controlled by each party to the transaction, namely the buyer, the seller and the witness. Parallel atomic chains mean that BBS has unlimited scalability. The more user nodes, the more transactions can be processed in real time. Click on a few clicks to see more introductions

7: Q: What is quantification?

A: Quantitative trading refers to the substitution of artificial mathematical models to replace subjective judgments, using computer technology from a huge In the historical data, sea elections can bring a variety of excess returns to large-scale events to formulate strategies that greatly reduce the impact of investor sentiment volatility and avoid making irrational investment decisions in the face of extreme fanaticism or pessimism. . Click to see more introduction

8: Q: Is it a decentralized wallet?

A: cloudtoken is the first in the world to integrate all blockchain encryption assets into one platform. In the social wealth wallet, it uses the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology development, implementation of cross-chain encryption exchange, payment, all transparent and queryable, is a decentralized wallet! Click to teach you whether the resolution is a centralized wallet

9: Q: What should I do if the platform is closed? Security period?

A: The assets on the blockchain are “private keys”, everything can be controlled with a private key. Assets on the blockchain. What do you mean is that if you have a private key for a bitcoin address, you control the assets in that bitcoin address. Each cloudet address in cloudtoken has its own private key! Security period? It’s a safe period at any time, enjoy it! The money you transfer is available, don’t lock the position, your currency is yours

10: Q: What does it mean when the private key is coming online?

A: The platform is protected by players. Now many members are not bound to Google verification. When 90% of the members are bound, they will be open. p>

11: Q: How long does it take to return to the book under static conditions? How to maximize the benefits for yourself?

A: There is no return to this book, and the currency that is transferred is included. Like the money placed in the balance treasure, you can control it at your own time, your own currency is your own, the capital income is free to enter and exit, the way to maximize the benefits, please refer to the sharing system, and consult the people who share you!

12: Why is an account income 6 to 12, is it not fixed?

A: Our JARVIS Ai robot is doing quantitative trading + strategic trading

The income is the amount of money that changes every day. It is also a daily change. The player also increases every day, so it is impossible to fix it and not a rebate disk

13 The other purse What is the difference

A: Cloud Token PlatformIt is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system.

Our wallet is decentralized, all distributed according to smart contracts, clear consensus mechanism and reward mechanism. Can not be tampered with, the main currency stored by the user is all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

14: Can I get money at any time? Is there a procedure?

A: 10% of the fee is required to withdraw from the program within 30 days of joining the program, and 1% of the fee is required after 30 days. p>

15: Can the black card of CT be used in the market?

A: It can be used globally. We will launch the legal cryptocurrency solution in November: payment based on debit card The plan applies to eligible Cloud Token members, while launching an offline cryptocurrency scheme to provide a fiat currency resolution strategy for all members.

16: Why is a single account investment not capped?

A: We are wallets, we are depositing coins, not investing! Really decentralized wallets, the first support will be CTO Mainstream coins are deposited in MasterCard, and the UnionPay card is changed to cash at any time. You can use it at any time. You can follow it.

17: The difference with plus token

A: 1 is APP mobile phone number mailbox registered non-centralized wallet 1.0 wallet, one is the real decentralized wallet 2.0 wallet

2plusOpen smart dog Ethereum address on the private address how to carry the brick? The early heat is due to the timing, just in time for many high-level coins in 2018, success also determines the system is feasible, but the future is a more professional era. Accreditation, everyone needs to run a safe quantitative wallet, this is the market to determine the emergence of CT

3 public chain operation, you can transfer the private address transfer confirmation speed and public chain when you transfer to the background The difference between running the actual transfer, all the bonus system in the background is written into the public chain, 24 hours regardless of when you open the joining plan, the network node confirms the calculation from the time you join the plan

4 Important, plus token a lot of big coffee led the entry CT, now the heat CT is more suitable

5 all in order to make money, in order to double: plus platform coins from 0.3 to 80 dollars for a year, from 80 How many times is the space to 160 dollars? CT is now 0.3 dollars, how many times is it to 80 dollars?

6 mode is good, security is not safe, the market voice is also very important, now the heat is not We opened FN in April 2017 and joined early income early

7 The bonus system is more superior, and we know all the analysis. Statically stable to make money, dynamic big money. No one will ever go with the trend

8 The cloud wallet’s hematopoiesis is: Quantitative transactions + strategic transactions. You can query the specific data of the quantitative transaction. The project with real profitability is not a pure fund.

9 The core of our team is built. As a self, I am very proud that everyone is doing things. Especially serious, it is very responsible for doing things. We seriously study and study the complete body market before it starts operation. We are not the earliest, but the speed is fast because the recognized people know the principle of doing things. Plus and CT are carefully analyzed and selected. CT

18: Differences from MGC

A: CTO only has a voice in the currency price project that does not go online on the exchange.

MGC It’s not good to break the internal market. It’s very easy to cut the project side and short the project.

We all think that if we don’t go online, we have too many concerns on the online exchange.

Everyone comes in. The different time withdrawals are equal to the CTO of the US dollar.

Earning money is the time difference. The cost of our advanced CTO is very low.

MGC packaging is too big for the project. Overwhelming publicity It’s first come out

The threshold is too low and the bonus system is too easy to get on the level.

The bonus Bobby is too low to make money.

MGC looks like a perfect package. In fact, all Chinese players register their mobile phone number

19: How many CTO circulations

A: The total amount of CTO is 1 billion CTO

20: Why check through IP? Found that there are more than 1000 websites on the cloudtoken IP address?

A: The real IP address of cloudtoken is hidden by firewall technology. We use Cloudflare’s firewall. Cloudflare’s firewall IP, see video for details.

Cloud Token decentralized smart wallet, kill all items, once in a hundred years, join early to make money early.

2019 Preferred Investment Project! All coins are on the public chain! The key is in your hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

Fool-like lying Earn mode is not restricted, and currently supports USDT, ETH, BTC, BTH, and other mainstream currencies

First, why choose Cloud Token

1. Going in and out, no return to the book

2, the income is cashed at any time, no routines

3, no money, no policy risk

4, hematopoiesis Powerful, no harm to people

5, all assets are on the public chain! The key is in your hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

What is the Cloud token wallet?

A: Simply put

RMB deposit bank has interest

Electronic digital assets deposits have a profit

Cloud Token is the world’s first mainstream currency to retain mainstream currency.

Money balance treasure

How does the Cloud token wallet work?

A: Register a CloudToken wallet

Take the plan to join the trading system (free of charge)

How do I start the joining program to get the benefits?

A: Then you must first deposit the mainstream currency with a market value of more than 550 US dollars (currently support USDT. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Currency (more and more in the future, there will be dozens of mainstream currencies in the future), and join the plan to entrust Cloud Token intelligent robots to the major exchanges for high-frequency quantitative trading and arbitrage.

I What if there is no mainstream currency?

A: No partner of the currency can buy some mainstream currency to go to the major exchanges around the world, in this blockchain The mainstream currency of the word currency is held for a long time, then the Cloud Token wallet is undoubtedly your best choice. The coin is a coin, and the wealth is multiplied!

How long does the secret plan run?

A: After joining the plan, the intelligent robot will grab the different prices of the major exchanges every day for 24 hours, and generate high-frequency quantitative transactions. The project will be opened and the daily income will be realized!

Cloud token generation How to calculate the income?

A: All the proceeds are calculated in CTO currency. CTO currency can be directly converted into Ethereum currency at any time. Ethereum can be redeemed at any time without restriction. Can be sold to the person who wants the coin! Static income and shared income are settled daily by CTO currency. The current CTO currency is 0.3 US dollars, and will reach 50 US dollars & mdash at the end of the year; 60 US dollars.

Cloud What is the static return of token?

A: Cloud token static monthly income is between 6% and 12% (not counting the value-added income of CTO currency)

When can I return?

A: There is no return to this book, the money transferred into the deposit, just like putting the balance The money in the money, at any time, is at your own discretion, your own currency is your own, and the capital gains and losses are free!

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Dapp official download link: https://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/

Cloudtoken cloud wallet registration invitation code: 5545043430

Cloudtoken cloud wallet docking plus Li Yi teacher WeChat: 15920088191

One-on-one tutoring to download, register, invite you to the study group so that you can learn more in all directions

(Disclaimer: Articles and images from the Internet, if any Infringement, please contact delete!)

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Progress Cavity Pump(PCP) Using in Oilfield

The global bathroom hardware market is stunned

The development of the global bathroom hardware market is “all four feet: the South American market is full of opportunities, the trade barriers in the Middle East market are less, and at the same time, it is still a mature market, the number of Southeast Asian sanitary hardware companies is small, and the African market is favored. Chinese bathroom hardware.

South American Market Representative: Brazil

South America has a geographical area of ​​more than two Europe and is rich in resources, but the processing industry does not Developed, especially in the electromechanical products industry. It is reported that in the sluggish situation of the European and American markets, the South American market is full of opportunities. Actively exploring the South American market is an important road for Chinese sanitary hardware companies to seek development overseas. Among them, Brazil is the largest piece of cake in South America.

The development of the bathroom hardware industry is closely related to the development of real estate and infrastructure, and Brazil currently has two strong development drivers in this area:

The first is Brazil’s economic acceleration plan. Brazil’s current urbanization population already accounts for 81% of the total. However, many cities’ infrastructure is still lagging behind. Therefore, in its ongoing economic acceleration plan, it includes housing for low- and middle-income people. In the year, related investment has reached 429, and the construction of a large number of new houses and the establishment of public facilities have brought a lot of demand to bathroom hardware products. If Chinese sanitary ware companies can achieve good development in Brazil, they can also spread to neighboring countries such as Argentina and Peru.

Middle East Market Representative: UAE

Compared with countries and regions such as the US and Europe, there are fewer trade barriers in the Middle East market. Still a market that is maturing. The Middle East is currently experiencing three major changes that have had a positive impact on China’s trade with the region: Iraqi reconstruction, free trade proliferation and economic development. These changes are not only beneficial to the evolving economic system of the countries in the Middle East, but also bring new business opportunities to Chinese enterprises. Many local brands are growing up, and they need to have smart, powerful suppliers to compete with them and compete for more international market share. This is better for Chinese companies with a certain reputation than just selling products. More valuable opportunities.

The United Arab Emirates is experiencing unprecedented prosperity in the real estate industry. The construction of high-end residences and hotels has brought about strong demand for medium and high-end bathroom hardware products.

According to the planning of the UAE government, the UAE will invest 14% of its annual oil sales for many years, including the construction of 500 international hotels with more than 3 stars and 200,000. The villas and 60 mosques are designed to build the three major cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE into an international tourist city in the Middle East. The UAE’s annual building growth rate will reach more than 25%. In the next 10 years, the UAE will invest at least 100 billion U.S. dollars in construction, which makes the prospect of the bathroom hardware market very broad in the UAE.

In addition, according to China’s customs statistics, the bilateral trade volume between China and the United Arab Emirates reached US$5.81 billion in recent years, an increase of 49.1% year-on-year, of which China’s exports to the UAE reached US$5.04 billion, an increase. Up to 46%. The UAE has become China’s largest export trading country in the Middle East. It is expected that the bilateral trade volume will increase sharply in 2004. This favorable situation can play a powerful role in promoting the export of Chinese sanitary hardware companies.

Southeast Asian Market Representative: Vietnam

In Asia, the most economically developed place, one is the Middle East, another It is Southeast Asia. However, due to the geographical location and the time and degree of development, Southeast Asia has not been able to produce ceramic sanitary hardware. The number of sanitary hardware companies is not large. This is a piece of fat for the neighboring China.

In Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam has vigorously developed its economy in recent years and provided excellent conditions for foreign companies, making many foreign companies willing to invest here, prompting Vietnam’s economy is booming rapidly. According to Xiaobian, Vietnam’s economic development rate has exceeded 8% in the 1990s alone, which shows the strong characteristics of its economic development.

In the rapid development of the economy, the development of the Vietnamese construction industry is also very rapid, bringing a large number of bathroom hardware products. If China’s sanitary hardware companies choose to develop the Vietnamese market, they can not only have good prospects, but also enjoy some preferential measures of local policies.

African Markets

Africa is not like a place where many people are filled with poverty and war. In fact, Africa Most areas are stable. As a country with a population of 900 million and 56 countries and regions, the resources are very rich but the industry is very backward. For Chinese sanitary hardware companies with relatively low prices, this is the best place to use them. The demand for consumer goods is very strong here, the market is very broad, and Chinese products are also very popular in Africa.

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The new home retail track is getting wider, are you ready?

Image from “123rf.com.cn

New retail

Before discussing new retail in the home, we must first define a premise concept, what is new retail, and smart retail, unbounded retail similar to its concept. Although these words came from the mouths of various commercial shackles, they brought their own traffic auras and spread them all over the country. But it is true that many people are also two monks, and they cannot understand the differences. To understand these overly ambitious concepts, you may want to listen to their original words.

The new retail was first proposed in October 2016. At the speech of Ma Yun in the Habitat Conference, “Five New Theory & mdash;— new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology, new energy. Among them, the part about new retail is: Now, “e-commerce will become a traditional concept, and the future will be a combination of offline, online and logistics”. Just like, the essence of logistics is not fast, but the inventory. Only the combination of offline, online and logistics can bring more benefits to the enterprise.

At the same time, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Group, also talked for the first time at a meeting that Xiaomi is doing “new retail: new retail, which is more efficient retail. We have to go back online from the offline, but not the original way back, but to use the tools and methods of the Internet to enhance the efficiency of traditional retail and achieve integration.

During the two sessions of the National Congress in March 2017, Zhang Jindong, Chairman of Suning Holding Group, made a speech entitled “Developing the Transformation of Physical Retail to Smart Retail” for future retail development, and believed that retail in the future is smart retail. It uses the Internet and Internet of Things technologies to perceive consumption habits, predict consumption trends, guide manufacturing, and provide consumers with diversified and personalized products and services.

Then in July 2017, Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong published a signed article in the “Finance” magazine “The fourth retail revolution will exceed the Internet”, the article proposes that the next 10 to 20 years of retail The industry will usher in the fourth retail revolution. It is believed that unbounded retail is not just offline + online, but the retail activity itself is integrated into life, and it sneaked into every corner of life with a kind of “smooth and silent way”. It is not only the fragmentation of trading scenarios, but also redefines the boundaries of the industry and redefines the relationship between people and businesses.


The new term for retail has come to the fore, and new consumption, new borders, new e-commerce, etc., are not elaborated. Conceptual things are not the same for everyone. The key is how to see the essence through the appearance.

The new concepts of Ali, JD, and Suning are essentially thinking from the perspective of retailers and new ideas that need to be taken in the face of new trends. Ali and Suning emphasize technological change, and Jingdong emphasizes experience and cost. Under the understanding of Yiou Home, retail is old and new, and its unchanging essence is lower cost, higher efficiency and better experience.

As the chairman of the academic committee of Alibaba Group and the director of the University of Lakeside, Zeng Ming think about the future development trend of new retail, he believes that the thinking dimensions of these new concepts are often ten, twenty or even longer.

The important thing is not the concept itself, but the direction that the concept guides.

New retail to the home industry

As a relatively traditional home industry, limited by its special industry attributes, it is not easily affected by these new trends, but with The new retail landscape continues to expand, and now two years later it is finally beginning to wake up and step into the fast lane of new retail. Before the billion-European home, the players who entered the new retail of the home have done a simple combing, but from the feedback of the author and the industry, I found that many home furnishing companies have already prepared or are preparing to enter this track. The more and more fierce the trend.

To this end, Yiou Home has discussed and multi-channel search with industry professionals, and has entered the new retail of home furnishings. The company did the above inventory, and did not lose sight of it. At first glance, the list has been so long and it is continuing to grow.

According to the chart, it is not difficult to see that on this increasingly wide track, each company has different criteria for judging new retail, and the attitude of the incoming players is different. From the perspective of enterprise classification, it can be roughly divided into 7 categories & mdash; — home brand companies, home stores, technology-enabled enterprises, home e-commerce / supply chain companies, Internet giants, lifestyle retail brands and others.

The layout or avatar of your new retail strategy is also diverse. In summary, the external performance is mainly for the innovation of various offline stores, such as smart stores, flagship stores, experience stores, collection stores … … these innovative stores are landing, except for some visible changes, such as multiple formats. The integration, the change of consumption scenes, the increase of technological elements, and more importantly, the upgrade of corporate strategy and the innovation of industry models, the bottom layer is inseparable from the support of technology.

The essence of new retail is the improvement of industry efficiency

On the macro level, it can be called “new retail”, such as the Internet that distinguishes traditional home stores. Home, the recently emerging shared experience model, or the smart store that is becoming a trend, is a new market change under the guidance of consumers.

Whether it is the scene-style consumption of branded home stores, one-stop consumption of home stores, or technologyWYSIWYG, accurate portraits, big data selections, etc. advocated by enterprises, the ultimate goal is to obtain more traffic, sell more goods, and increase corporate revenue. The ultimate essence is the improvement of the overall efficiency of the industry.

From a time perspective, the industry model has no absolute new and old points. When the traditional e-commerce was just emerging, it was new in the past ten years; now the new retail, and the next ten years is also “old retail.” And companies don’t care about new and old, they are pursuing lower costs and higher benefits; consumers don’t care about new and old, and they are looking for a better experience and higher cost performance. Regardless of the old and new, it is good retail that can meet the needs of both business and consumers.

Enterprise innovation brings new vitality and risks.

The emergence of new retail is the natural evolution of the market under the epoch, innovation means change, and the result of change is unknown. On the road to innovation, companies bring fresh vitality along with potential trial and error costs. Yiou Home’s previous two articles (“Ali New Retail’s Magic Wand, Actually Lost Geometry”, “Jingdong sets up the stage, Qumei sings, what kind of chess they play in the next set”) also entered the new home business The risk of retailing has been briefly analyzed. Whether it is compared with the results of other industries or the results obtained by the current home furnishing enterprises, there is no phenomenal success model in the new retail. This shows that the new retailers follow. Still in the exploratory stage of crossing the river by feeling the stones. The industry has a new trend, and it is a pioneer. If it is not done well, it will become a martyrs.

Moreover, compared with the retail, logistics, and fresh industries, the home industry is limited by the pain points of its Internet genes, industry standards, and information opacity, and it is more difficult to accept the transformation of new retail. . Therefore, next week, Yiou Home Furnishing is ready to discuss with everyone. “Different from other industries, there are some advantages and disadvantages in the layout of new retail in home furnishing enterprises. Please pay attention to the next issue.

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Who is the cloud token boss? How does the cloud token project work? Li Yi teacher answers

Cloudtoken Global Docking Plus Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Cloudtoken

1. Technical Director is Ronald Aai, Asian Blockchain Genius, 4th Founder of blockchain technology BBS. Can be found in the BBS official website and Facebook, https://bbeta.io/, the technical strength is super strong, have done technology for many quantitative projects on the market, and have many years of successful experience.

2. This is the first DAPP in the world to put a blockchain browser into the wallet. The first one is to develop a chain wallet with a cross-chain function. All the data is run on the public chain. The data is synchronized with the data of Ethereum and Bitcoin. In the future, thousands of digital currencies can be stored simultaneously. The data of the centralized application is open, transparent, fair and just, and cannot be tampered with.

3, background quantified data, true transparency, how much to buy, how much to sell, which exchange to go to, at a glance. All coins are on the public chain, keys, mnemonics, Google Verifiers are equipped, and no one can turn away, open, safe, and transparent.

4.Cloudtoken cloud wallet technology highlights

1 The world’s first chain of wealth management wallets, all users are independent addresses on the chain, open, transparent, not only can see individuals Wallet data, you can also see the public management address data of the project side and the data that is involved in the quantification of the exchange. It is really reliable, no routine, and the quantitative data can be queried!

2Reliable independent hematopoietic ability, quantify intelligent robot JARVIS Super Black Technology, the original technology team has a year of research and development results, the average financial income reaches 20%-30% on the day

3 chain financial transactions, the robot directly to the top ten exchanges, the proceeds From the exchange directly to the chain financial account, without any third-party personal or institutional accounts, ensure security!

4The real decentralized wallet, each user withdraws from the plan to withdraw coins, directly through the chain , the node confirms the extraction, not through the background to accept the instruction, non-manual transfer! Really decentralized wallet, the entry and exit address is the same.

5. Real-time settlement, calculate the revenue according to the confirmation time of each node, and the settlement time of each person’s account is different. For example, if the plan is successful at 12 o’clock, it will be the automatic settlement income at 12 o’clock the next day. 3 points to join the success of the next day 3 points automatically settle the proceeds, only the use of blockchain technology can achieve this function.

6. Our deposits are all on the main chain. Every deposit can be seen clearly, knowing where your assets are going and what to do, and fake wallet deposits and withdrawals. They all manage the system in the background. After entering, they don’t know where to go.

7. Speed, other background app, the background management is to give the electronic currency, which is dialed inside the LAN. It is impossible for the blockchain to do the second. You deposit the currency into the other. Inside the wallet, the coin has actually gone to the address of a project in the background.

Our dapp, you deposit it in the public chain, any mainstream currency, in the blockchain There will always be only one address inside. When you deposit the mainstream currency in the DAPP wallet, you can go to the mainstream currency public chain to check it, always on the public chain.

8. Other wallets have thresholds, such as deposit 1000 The income of US dollars and 10,000 US dollars is not the same. It induces everyone to save big orders. We don’t have Cloudtoken, it is fair to everyone.

9. Other wallets are fixed income according to the funds deposited at that time. Isn’t it like a fixed return? The real quantification is based on the real-time value of your assets. Today your asset value is 9000, calculated at 9000, and tomorrow’s value is 10,000 at 10,000.

10. The project has just started. On May 12th, Thailand launched the global conference. Buffett is the financial tycoon Jim Rogers platform.

World premiere, USA, Japan, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other dozens of countries and regions simultaneously launch …

Cloudtoken is the fastest in history Global expansion and development ing

Ten recommendations for CTO:

1. Adhere to at least one person per day and stick to one month!

2. The previous period is cumulative The process, not to look at the benefits, is more than paying.

3, any hard work is worth it, the team is fissured, and the CTO soars, you understand what it is to earn.

4, don’t give up halfway, because no project will be easier than CTO. Marx said: People who are used to giving up are hard to succeed in their lifetime.

5, do not have any projects for three months, do not say that you have done the project.

6. Use free time, do not affect normal life, and promote it when you have time.

7. People who do projects on the Internet tend to believe this more easily than your friends and family.

8. Don’t just stare at one person and waste time. This is not the next one. The most important thing in China is people. The next one will always have surprises.

9. After the recommendation is successful, you must put the member church. He is your Maxima. Let him work hard to form his own team and bring him money so that he can trust his trust in you.

10. After the recommendation is successful, this article will be sent to your members.

Buffett said: If you don’t have a profitable channel, you will always be busy working to die. [Struggle] [Struggle] FN has been three years, ICC is almost two years old, CTO has been working for five years and continues to benefit from the pipeline!

Cloud Token Wallet Eight Benefits!

One Revenue: Storage Revenue

Double Revenue: Sharing Revenue

Triple Revenue: Community Reward

Quadruple Revenue: High-Frequency Quantitative Hedging Revenue

Five-fold gain: Mainstream currency appreciation gain

Six-fold gain: CTO unlimited price increase

Seven-fold gain: revenue from human resources

Eight-fold gain: The fourth generation of public chain technology benefits

A lot of income, user viscous, long-term pipeline revenue, open Al intelligent quantitative robot trading earn money lying earning mode!

Cloud Token

Win in 2019, win 2019!

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

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