How to choose Jane European lamps

Jianou style is a kind of decoration style that everyone likes, when it is simple European style After the house is renovated, how do we choose Jane European lamps? What are the common types of lamps on the market? Next, Xiaobian will introduce you briefly. How to choose the simple European lamps and what kind of lamps.

First, how to choose Jane European lamps

1, living room

When we choose the living room lighting, we must according to the size of the space To choose, for example, the height of the space is 3m, we can choose the chandelier, but do not choose all the lamps that are down. If the living room floor height is not enough, we can choose the all-copper ceiling lamp. If the living room space is small, choose a European main lamp.

2 , bedroom

When choosing a bedroom fixture, you can choose A variety of lamps are used together. Its lighting is best in warm colors, we can also use European bedside wall lamps, with ceilings and so on.

3, restaurant

When we choose restaurant lighting, we can choose according to the shape of the dining table, for example, a round dining table can Install long-line European style chandeliers.

4 , kitchen and bathroom

kitchen-style European lamps, it The shape should not be too complicated, it is best to use ceiling lamps. When we choose a luminaire, we need to pay attention to its moisture-proof function.

Second, what kinds of lights

1, ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp is a more common type of home lighting, it The top is flat and can be completely attached to the roofon. More common ceilings and other styles include square cover, round dome lamp, semi-spherical ceiling lamp, etc.; it has different materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, etc., among which metal has the longest service life.

2 , chandelier

The chandelier is wired or iron An advanced decorative lighting fixture for hanging materials. It has different styles such as European candlestick chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, cone-shaped garlands, magnolia hoods, etc. It is often installed in bedrooms, restaurants, living rooms and other places.

3, floor lamp

Floor lamp is often used as a local illumination. It is mostly made of metal or rotary wood. ,beautiful. The floor lamp is divided into two types: upper-illuminated and direct-illuminated. The direct-illuminated floor-standing lighting lines are concentrated and soft, and the upper-mounted floor lamps have a large influence range.

4 Table lamp

Table lamp is small and exquisite, mainly placed on the desk In other places, its light is concentrated, the illumination range is small, and it has a certain decorative function. Today, the lamps are available in a variety of styles, including automatic dimming, music playback, and touch.

Xiaobian summary: About June European lamps What kind of lights are there, Xiaobian is here. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help.

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Use the floor-to-ceiling windows to light up the home space. You need to know these tips.

Now, many owners are in the renovation When you are in a house, you will usually choose a beautiful and practical floor-to-ceiling window to light up your home space. So what kind of decoration skills are there in this bay window, and what are the practical properties? Next, let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1, floor-to-ceiling window decoration Tips

a, The appropriate height

Everyone knows that different types of houses have different heights and widths, and the floor-to-ceiling windows usually need to extend 60 to 70 centimeters on the original wall of the room. The height of the bay window that is finally presented is generally divided into 70 to 80 cm, 40 to 50 cm, and three types of landing height, no matter which height, it is more suitable for later transformation.

b, clever wooden platform Layout

No matter what How to decorate the bay window, before the official installation, the most should be placed in the first place, is to do a wooden platform. Specifically, the height is controlled within 15-40 cm, so as to arrange a more comfortable rest space. For example, for a height of less than 15 cm, it is generally recommended to make a “well” shape by using a material with a keel size of 3*4, and then cover with a wooden board to create a tatami seating area.

c, according to different venue functions Create the corresponding floor-to-ceiling window

Many people think of the word Bay window is often the bedroom, but in fact, if you can arrange the corresponding window style for different areas of the characteristics, you can play a lot of unexpected effects. The installation of a floor-to-ceiling window in the living room not only adds a new place of relaxation to the house, but also presents a distinctive taste to the visiting guests.

2, what is the role of the floor-to-ceiling window

a, add lighting

I believe many owners will choose to decorate their homes When adding this device, a large part of the reason is to increase the lighting of the room. Indeed, since most of the bay window structure is mainly made of glass, plus the relatively low height of the window sill, the original dark house can be made. Becomes brighter and more spacious.

b. Excellent viewing platform

In addition to enhancing the light of the indoor environment, it is also a rare indoor viewing platform. Modern people who are pursuing a sense of life tend to put a layer of soft-touch mats on them, so that after a busy day’s work, leaning back here, you can see the beauty of the surrounding area.

Small editorial: The above is the general content of the decoration skills and related functions of the floor-to-ceiling window that Xiaobian compiled for everyone, due to the actual design. The layout involves more details, so I hope that in the specific installation process, you still need to listen more, see more, and learn more professional knowledge.

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Forecast Analysis of China’s Wood-based Panel Industry in 2018-2022

Influencing Factors Analysis


&emsp ; (1) The need to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of wood

   China is one of the countries with less forests and less timber. The timber supply gap is heavily dependent on imports, which is the third-party exchange industry after oil and steel. In recent years, with the rapid development of the building decoration and furniture industry, the demand for domestic wood has increased sharply, and the gap in the supply of wood has become increasingly prominent. The development of wood-based panel industry is conducive to alleviating the contradiction between timber supply and demand in China, and is an important way to save timber resources.

   (2) Innovation becomes the main theme of development

   Intense market competition forced companies to innovate. The development of new environmentally friendly and safe production processes and facilities, and the development of technologies and equipment that effectively reduce energy consumption have become the direction and driving force for the innovative development of wood-based panel equipment manufacturing. The development of special functional wood-based panel products that meet different functional requirements has become an innovation point for some enterprises to occupy market segments. Functional wood-based panel products will continue to emerge and varieties will continue to be enriched. The development of production processes and technologies for the release of free formaldehyde or the absence of added aldehyde products is still the main driving force for the innovation of wood-based panel manufacturers in the coming period.

   (3) Eliminating backward production capacity

   By the end of 2016, the number of fiberboard production lines closed, dismantled or discontinued nationwide totaled nearly 470, and the production capacity of eliminated fiberboard was about 18 million cubic meters per year, accounting for about 20% of the total production capacity; the country closed, dismantled or stopped production of particleboard The production line has accumulated more than 960 pieces, and the production capacity of eliminating behind particleboard has exceeded 16.3 million cubic meters per year, accounting for about 50% of the total production capacity.

   The elimination of outdated production capacity is conducive to adjusting the industrial structure, improving the quality and efficiency of the industry’s growth, and on the other hand helping to accelerate the completion of energy conservation and emission reduction tasks.

  Second, disadvantages

  (1) Market structure is not reasonable

  1, China’s wood-based panel market structure and forest resources supply situation is extremely mismatched. At present, China’s plywood production accounts for more than 50% of the total output of the wood-based panel industry, but the large-diameter wood resources required for plywood are relatively short. In the past, large-diameter timber was highly dependent on imports, and its dependence on foreign countries was over 80%. However, with the changes in policies of timber exporting countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, the prices of high-quality large-diameter timbers continued to increase.

   2, against the mature markets in Europe and the United States, China’s wood-based panel market also has room for improvement. In the European and American markets, high-quality particleboard is an important household board. In 2015, US particleboard production accounted for 56.09%, and European particleboard production accounted for 69.29%. In China, due to the small scale of production enterprises, poor equipment, low product quality and serious formaldehyde pollution, particleboard has always been regarded as a low-end product, accounting for only about 7% of its output. With the continuous entry of enterprises above designated size, the image of high-end particleboard is expected to improve.

   3, urban consumption upgrade, new wood composite materials are worth looking forward to. In recent years, upgraded replacement boards such as osb boards and bamboo-wood composite boards have gradually grown. On the one hand, the raw materials of such plates are small-diameter wood and small fuelwood, which can be harvested by fast-growing forest land, easy to obtain and low in cost; on the other hand, the structural properties and environmental performance of such plates have certain advantages over traditional plates. More and more furniture and home improvement manufacturers recognize and use. However, the current popularity of such panels is low and easily confused with counterfeit and inferior particleboards, and is still in the market cultivation stage. In the future, after strengthening channels and brand building, it is expected to be gradually accepted by the market.

   (2) Low market concentration in the industry

   Due to the immature development of China’s wood-based panel industry, regional SMEs and workshop-style family enterprises still occupy a certain position in the industry. The wood-based panel industry has a low market concentration, and most of the enterprises have a market share of less than 1%. The industry needs large-scale leading enterprises to rapidly and significantly enhance their market competitiveness and strengthen their industry status through their own expansion or mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, it will lead the industry integration to develop faster in the depth direction and promote the rapid development of the wood-based panel industry.

   (3) Increase in raw material costs

  1, China’s timber market demand is huge, and continues to expand. At present, China’s wood consumption is nearly 500 million cubic meters. By 2020, China’s timber demand will reach about 800 million cubic meters, and China’s timber dependence is as high as 50%. As the contradiction between the effective supply of forests in China and the increasing social demand has intensified, the dependence of China’s timber on foreign countries has continued to increase. Under the seller’s market, prices have naturally increased.

   2. The global environmental protection efforts have been strengthened, and many countries have gradually increased their efforts to limit the felling of timber. Due to the excessive loss of timber resources, countries such as Africa that rely on timber exports to develop their economies are gradually aware of the serious environmental problems. Many of the timber resources have been included in the protection level at the cites conference. The governments of major producing countries have recently strengthened their timber management policies, including prohibition. Unfinished wood exports, etc. As a result, production has plummeted, the market is in short supply, and its prices naturally rise.

  3, operating costs continue to rise. With the continuous improvement of tariffs in various regions, customs clearance costs have risen sharply Some of the wood can not be exported in the form of logs, and it needs to be processed into square or plate in the local area, and the operating cost naturally increases substantially. In addition, as the sea freight rate rises, the labor cost continues to rise and the developer’s procurement cost in the production site increases. The increase in operating costs is partly passed on to the price of wood.

  Wood-based Panel Demand Forecast

  2015, China’s wood-based panel demand It was 271 million cubic meters, up 8.1% year-on-year; in 2016, the demand for wood-based panels was 281 million cubic meters, up 3.4% year-on-year. We expect China’s demand for wood-based panels to reach 307 million cubic meters in 2018. In the next five years (2018-2022), the average annual compound growth rate will be about 5.02%, and the demand for wood-based panels will reach 374 million cubic meters in 2022.

  chart CIC’s forecast of China’s wood-based panel demand for 2018-2022

  Source: CIC Consulting Industry Research Center

  wood-panel production forecast

  2015, Chinese man-made Board production was 287 million cubic meters, up 4.8% year-on-year; in 2016, wood-based panel production was 300 million cubic meters, up 4.7% year-on-year. We expect China’s wood-based panel production to reach 325 million cubic meters in 2018, and the compound annual growth rate in the next five years (2018-2022) is about 4.69%. In 2022, the output of wood-based panels will reach 390 million cubic meters.

   Chart   China Investment Consultant’s forecast of China’s wood-based panel production in 2018-2022

   Source: CIC Consulting Industry Research Center


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Hard knowledge – the stone node series that the designer must master

In the previous three series, we talked about smallpox, ground, wall The node of the face, this chapter is carefully explained by stone and different materials, and is divided into 8 points.

One. Stone and stone joining process

Stone and stone joining process (1)

Note: Stone and stone stitching if On a flat surface, it is necessary to make a seal, chamfer, misalignment, or use a closing strip. It is not recommended to directly dock.

Material Analysis:

1. Stone special dry hanging accessories, select the specified stone processing, fixed frame, fixed installation with stone special AB glue

2. 5*5mm anti-collision bevel when installing, stone needs six-face protection

3. Finish surface treatment, use special caulking agent to wipe, clean, special protective film for finished product protection

Detailed Operations

Preparation work–On-site release–Material processing–Basic treatment–Stone dry hanging structure frame fixing–Stone special AB glue bonding–Pave Stone–Complete Surface Treatment

石Process practice with stone (2)

Stone and stone joining process practices (3)

Two. Stone and stainless steel joining process

Stone and stainless steel joint process practices (a)

Note: When the height of the stainless steel and the stone is not in a line, pay attention to the front and rear crimping relationship, and properly reserve the process seam

Material Analysis:

1. Square tube making partition wall, sealing cement pressure board, and strengthening the base layer to be treated

2. Customized stone processing, processing stainless steel, stainless steel and stone closing

3. Stone is fixed with special glue, need to be protected by six sides

4. Finish surface treatment, use special caulking agent to wipe, clean, special protective film for finished product protection

Construction Process:

Preparation work–site release–material processing–partition wall frame fixing–base treatment–sealing cement pressure plate And fireproof board–customized stainless steel–paving stone–installing stainless steel–complete surface treatment

Stone and stainless steel joining process practices (a )

Note: When the height of the stainless steel and stone splicing is not in a line, pay attention to the front and rear crimping relationship, and reserve the process seam appropriately. The protective film is not easily peeled off during construction of stainless steel. The thickness of the stainless steel molding and the wood base layer should be about 3mm, and the glass plate and the universal adhesive plate can be used.

Material Analysis:

1. Channel structure made of channel steel and galvanized angle iron, customized stone installation

2. Wood keel made of stainless steel base, fireproof board, stainless steel installation

3. Stone is fixed with special glue, need six-face protection

4. Finish surface treatment, use special caulking agent to wipe seams, clean, special protective film for finished product protection

construction process

Preparation work–site release–material processing- – Dry hanging stone structure frame fixed –Base treatment – using wood keel, fire board to make the foundation – stainless steel custom – dry hanging stone – install stainless steel – complete surface treatment

p>Three. Process of connecting brick and stainless steel

How to connect wall tiles to stainless steel (1)

The process of connecting brick and stainless steel Practice (2)


Stainless steel, easy to deform, can not be used when hard objects are directly hit on the stainless steel surface, need to increase the force area, so as to protect , stainless steel surface without deformation complete

Material Analysis:

1. Galvanized channel steel, galvanized angle iron and accessories, selected wall tiles, wooden keel, fire splint

2. Processing stainless steel, pay attention to stainless steel and wall bricks, wall tiles are fixed with special glue

3. Finish surface treatment, use special caulking agent to wipe, clean, special protective film for finished product protection

Construction Process

Preparation work–site release–material processing–base treatment– Wall brick structure frame fixing – wood keel foundation, fire board Layer–Stainless Steel Custom–Dry Wall-Wall–Install Stainless Steel–Complete Surface Treatment

Four. Stone and glass joining process

Stone and Glass joining process (1)

Note: Basic Thickness Treatment, Fragile Installation requires professional guidance, pay attention to custom size specifications (on-site processing is not suitable)

Material Analysis:

1. Custom stone, 8# square tube, 50*40 galvanized channel steel, galvanized dry hanging parts, fireproof board base layer

2. Custom mirrors, stainless steel, etc., glass attention and stone closing, stone fixed with special glue, Need to do six-sided protection

3. Finish surface treatment, use special sealant to wipe , cleaning, special protective film for finished product protection

Construction Process

Preparation work–On-site release–Material processing– Wall structure frame fixing–base layer processing–dry hanging stone frame making–glass base making–dry hanging stone–installing glass–complete surface treatment

Stone and glass joining process (2)

Material Analysis:

1. Custom stone, ordinary Portland cement with fine sand or coarse sand, wooden keel, fireproof plywood base

2. Custom mirrors, stainless steel, etc., glass attention and stone closing, need to be protected by six sides

3. Finish surface treatment, use special caulking agent to wipe seams, clean, special protective film to make finished products Protection

Construction Process

Preparation work–site release–material processing–base treatment–mirror, structural frame production–glass foundation production–cement mortar bonding layer- -Pave the stone–Install the glass–face treatment

Stone and glass joining process practices (3)

Material Analysis:

1. Custom stone, stainless steel, mirror, galvanized angle steel, wooden keel, fire splint

2. Stone is fixed with special AB glue, need to be protected by six sides, stainless steel folded into frame

3. Finish surface treatment, use special caulking agent to wipe, clean, special Protective film for finished product protection

Construction Process

Preparation work–On-site release–Material processing–Stone dry hanging structure frame fixing–Basic layer processing–Frame frame making–dry hanging stone–Stainless steel cutting–Stainless steel installation–Mirror mounting- – Complete face processing

5. Stone and latex paint process

Note Point: distinguish the paste process, distinguish between different materials, close the mouth

Material Analysis:

1. Use the specified stone 20mm, stone paving with ordinary Portland cement with fine sand or coarse sand or with stone special marble adhesive paste

2. Two sides on three sides, stone needs six-sided protection

3. Finish surface treatment, use special caulking agent for filling, wiping, cleaning, special protective film for finished product protection

Construction Process:

Preparation work–site release–material processing–base treatment–square tube gypsum board base –Cement mortar bonding layer–stone special adhesive–shop Paste stone–three sides of the wall (brush paint)–complete face treatment

Six. How to connect wall tiles with latex paint


1. The wall tile should be chamfered when it is directly connected to the latex paint.

2. Do the processing when necessary

Material Analysis:

1.150 plasterboard partition Made of sound-insulating cotton, wall tiles are paved with special glue

2. Finishing surface treatment , with special caulking agent for filling, wiping, cleaning, special protective film for finished product protection

Construction Process:

Preparation work–On-site release–Light steel keel partition wall production–Material processing–Basic treatment—-Wall brick special glue Condensation – paving wall tiles – three sides of the wall (brush paint) – complete surface treatment

Seven. Stone and wallpaper connection process

Stone and wallpaper connection process (1) /span>


1. Wallpaper construction should be done at the base level, pay attention to the order and pattern of the wallpaper. Wallpapers and wall tiles are recommended for beading treatment. Wall tiles are easy to use for moisture and water treatment.

Material Analysis:

1. Custom stone, wallpaper; galvanized angle steel, galvanized stone hanging accessories, 50# corner code

2. Fixed with AB glue, need to do six-sided protection, stone cut 10*10mm process seam and wallpaper interface

3. Complete surface treatment, use special caulking agent to wipe seams, clean, special protective film for finished product protection

Construction Process:

Preparation work–On-site release–Material processing–Stone dry hanging structure frame fixing–base treatment–Wallpaper Base layer production–dry hanging stone–front processing– wallpaper–complete surface processing

Stone and wallpaper connection process (2)

Material Analysis:

1. Use designated wall tiles, paving, fire protection base, wood veneer, wall tiles with ordinary Portland cement or cement paste

2. Wood veneer and wall bricks are pressed to press stainless steel strips, stone needs to be protected by six sides

3. Finish surface treatment, use special caulking agent for filling, wiping, cleaning, special protective film for finished product protection

Construction process:

Preparation work–On-site release–Material processing–Basic treatment–Wooden veneer base layer production–cement mortar bonding layer–wall tile paving–installation wood veneer–potting, Wipe–complete face processing

Eight. How to connect wall tiles to wood veneers


1. It is not easy to directly splicing wood veneers, need to be modified or closed with other materials, grasp the wood veneer and brick, the thickness of the base layer, and protect the finished product

Material Analysis:

1. Use selected wall tiles to customize finished wood Finishing, basic material wood keel

2. Drying with special glue for wall tiles, wood Finishing and wall tile interface with solid wood line closures

3. Finish surface treatment, guarantee wall Brick and wood veneer stitching is complete, wall tile is used for seaming treatment

4. Special protective film for finished product protection

Construction Process

Preparation work–site release–material processing–base treatment– Wood veneer foundation fixing–wall brick dry hanging structure frame fixing–dry wall hanging brick–finished wood veneer installation–complete surface treatment

Summary Review

By learning the knowledge of the previous three chapters, we have already made clear that stone and latex paint, stainless steel, glass In the end, we use a mind map to summarize today’s content, to see what knowledge points we have learned, and what other knowledge points are not dropped by KO, we need to continue learning. /span>

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How does the stone industry recapture the market from the tile industry?

  The development of the tile industry is actually a Expand the history of aggression. Decorative materials such as natural stone, wood grain floor, fur, wallpaper, etc., are all imitated and tried to replace. Among them, natural stone is the main object of tile imitation, and it is also the most popular decorative material. The product designers of ceramic tile companies have almost bought and scanned the stone colors that can be seen in Fujian, and developed them into ceramic tile products. The imitation of the imitation stone tiles steals a large number of potential stone customers, making the stone people bite their teeth.

Imitation of marble tile decoration

   Although not reconciled, the tile still succeeded in occupying the home improvement market. In recent years, many ceramic tile companies have frequently exerted their efforts in the tooling market, which has made the stone industry feel pressure. Rescuing the tiles and regaining the market, especially entering the tiled belly home improvement market, has become a consensus in the stone industry.

    In order to win the counterattack, the stone industry has learned a lot from the ceramic tile industry, “standardization”, “branding”, “marketing”, “consumer education”, etc., but has never been able to achieve major market breakthroughs. Large and small decoration companies around the country, more will provide a variety of brands of tiles for customers to choose, stone is rare. Why is the stone decoration effect deeply loved, but the natural stone home improvement market is delayed? This is the confusion of many stone people.

    combing the entire service chain of home improvement, we will find that, unlike the tooling market, the performance of the decorative materials in the home improvement market is whether it can be recognized by home decoration designers and end consumers. At present, whether it is facing designers or consumers, compared with ceramic tiles, natural stone has a huge gap in user experience.

   First of all, natural exploitation of stone, the surface of the plate is inevitably present in different degrees of natural defects, such as color, color lines, cracks, stains, etc., the formation of the color texture sometimes can not be naturally connected, artificial large area paving often appears defect. In the case of a tangled owner’s client, the meeting will generate disputes that do not match expectations. The imitation stone tile spray glaze does not have such problems.

   Secondly, the tile is designed and processed, which can be produced infinitely. The large amount of the picture material library for the designer can call, free to play the design imagination, or customize according to the customer’s preference, and easily realize the decorative effect in advance. In the “custom home”, “full house customization” home improvement trend, provide customers with home design solutions, space renderings – “what you see is what you have” It is standard. At present, natural stone is obviously not able to meet this market demand. Not to mention that most home improvement designers have less knowledge of stone, even if they are senior in deep stone.Designers often only choose tiles when they encounter materials. Because if you use stone, he may want to use a certain variety, but I don’t know which board can achieve the desired effect.

    Finally, compared with the tile industry, automation, intelligentization and mass customization have already been realized. The production of the stone industry is mainly based on manual processing by the trimming master. The material yield is low and the error rate is high. For the owner’s customers, high cost of delivery, long lead times, low product satisfaction, poor consumer experience.

    Ma Yun said that the competition in modern society is not the competition of strength, but the competition of user experience. For stone companies, they can’t surpass the ceramics from the user experience. Entering the home improvement market is doomed to half the effort, even failing. However, With the in-depth application of Internet technology and the emergence of new types of equipment, the stone industry has the possibility of overtaking.

   First, do the management of the owner’s customers. The natural characteristics of stone can not be changed, then frankly tell. In the past two years, the maturity of stone scanners has enabled the visualization of natural stone. The sheets used are visible, and the customer knows the bottom, there will be no expected gap. From another point of view, the natural characteristics such as chromatic aberration do not completely mean the burden on the stone. In the process of deepening the understanding of the stone by the designer and the end consumer, it may become a better selling point.

    Second, for the designer to provide stone stock slab material library and design software. Through the stone scanner, the spot slabs of all categories will be scanned and updated in time to ensure the real board. In the open gallery platform, in addition to further understanding the matching and application of natural stone, designers can also find suitable board materials at any time when designing solutions for customers. At the same time, with the design software, designers can easily complete the virtual paving of stone, soft-fit matching, application scene output, etc., to meet the personalized customization experience of the end consumers.

   Third, take the initiative to upgrade the transformation, Embrace smart manufacturing. Actively introduce advanced technology and stone intelligent CNC bridge cutting equipment, through the digitization of the board, information technology, guide the machine to process according to demand, to achieve mass customization, to ensure efficient delivery of terminal demand.

    The road is long and the road to repair, the establishment of the natural stone home improvement market service system, can not be achieved overnight. But I believe that stone companies insist on optimizing user experience, and the industry will work together to defeat imitators. SteadyRegain market share and create a new ecosystem of stone home.

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European carpet price information How to buy carpet correctly

Now there are good places to shop On the carpet, there is a luxury hotel. There are also hotels, there are a lot of places are European carpets, then the price of European carpets, how to buy carpets, but we don’t know much about these, then the decoration home Xiaobian for everyone to introduce European CarpetPrices and how to buy carpets correctly, I hope everyone can refer to when buying carpets.

I. European carpet price notice

1. Pratoni authentic European-style American carpet thickening cut flower Chinese carpet living room coffee table bedroom study carpet, reference price 337.95 yuan.

2. European style living room sofa coffee table cushion bedroom full carpet Bedside blanket tatami household room rectangular American style, reference price 240.00 yuan.

3. Dongsheng European carpet living room coffee table carpet home modern minimalist The Chinese carpet bedroom bedside blanket can be washed, the reference price is 111.00 yuan.

4. Dongsheng Carpet Continental American Living Room Sofa Carpet Bedroom Bed The side is full of court home thickened coffee table mat, reference price of 77.00 yuan.

5. European style living room sofa coffee table mat bedroom foyer bedside Study carpet home non-slip simple European rectangular mat, reference price of 194.00 yuan.

6. European American luxury pure wool carpet living room bedroom coffee table sofa home carpet handmade thickening custom, reference price 218.16 yuan.

II. How to buy a carpet correctly

1. Let me talk about it first, we have to look at the quality of the appearance when buying, no matter what the carpet buying skills are. Watching the shape it presents is the detection method that should be ranked first. In fact, the specific method is very simple, we just need to carefully look at its surface, and on the one hand check the flatness, the fluff will not be uneven, On the other hand, there is no inconsistent chromatic aberration in the viewing color. In addition, it is best to check carefully whether there is any problem of delamination or bleed, to avoid the subsequent stickiness and greasy phenomenon.

p style=”font-family:"color:#333333;font-size:16px;text-indent:2em;”>

2. Also, the carpet has a pile density, but I believe most people ask about the choice of carpet. When buying this problem, there is one of the main purposes is to hope that it can help to achieve a certain sound insulation and anti-slip effect, and the pile density is the key factor affecting these two points. But in general, the better the quality of the carpet, the better the quality of the pile, the density will naturally be more full, so not only very anti-wear, pressure, but also usually have very good sound insulation skills.

3. Finally, but the point to note here is But don’t be fooled into thinking that the plush material is a good carpet. On the contrary, this material will become “unrecognizable” as long as it is stepped on a few times, so it is recommended that you try to buy the pile with your hand. Tightly thick carpet.

We don’t know when we buy European carpets What kind of purchase, and what is the price, the above article is about the European carpet price instructions and how to buy the carpet correctly, if you want to know more about the decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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Wall tiling mistakes Wall tiling considerations

Tiles are an indispensable building material in home decoration, some people will be on the wall Tiles are made because the tiles are easy to clean and beautiful. There are many types of tiles on the market today, and some owners neglect the construction techniques in pursuit of aesthetics, thus deviating from the tile layout specifications. So, what are the misunderstandings of wall tiles? What are the precautions for wall tiles? Let’s tell you about it. !

Walk of wall tiling

1. Misunderstanding of wall tiling: wall covering with large-size tiles The effect is good. When paving the wall tiles, the tiles should be selected according to the size of the house. Although the overall effect of large-size tile laying is better, it is very gas-filled, and the seams are small. However, if the small-sized house adopts the modern minimalist style, it is not suitable, so the size of the used space will be neglected, resulting in waste. Beautiful.

2. Misunderstanding of wall tiling: the smaller the seamless brick, the more beautiful it is. Many people think that when laying tiles, The smaller the gap, the better, so the overall effect will be better. However, if the gap is too small when paving, the resistance of the tile to the environment will be deteriorated. Because the tiles are crushed when subjected to temperature changes, reducing their service life. The size of the seamless brick joint should be about 1-1.5mm, not less than 1mm, and the special effect can also widen the gap to 5mm.

3. Misunderstanding of wall tiling: neglecting product performance, some consumers do not use the tiling when laying tiles. The glazed wall tiles will be laid on the ground, so the savings are not good. Because the performance of different tiles is different, such as the water absorption rate of the floor tiles and the water absorption rate of the wall tiles are different, the floor tiles are low, and the wall tiles are high. Their flexural strength is also different, and the anti-freezing properties of interior wall tiles and exterior wall tiles are also different. Therefore, it should be noted that ordinary glazed floor tiles can not be used as wall tiles, and exterior wall tiles can be used as interior wall tiles, but interior wall tiles can never be used as exterior wall tiles.

Precautions for wall tiling

1. When choosing a tile, choose the kind of roundness around, you can’t have burrs, The color is even and shiny, and there is no color difference tile. Also, the material for tiling should also be selected from adhesives with strong adhesion.

2. If it is tiled in the kitchen and bathroom, be sure to choose Buy non-slip, durable, strong, easy to clean tiles. When laying tiles, the gap should not be too large. Choose a good quality brand.

3. When choosing tiles, you should choose according to your own decoration style. Different styles choose different tiles.

4. Paving tilesWhen you want to determine the way of arranging bricks according to the form of paving, tiles with directional patterns should be laid in the direction shown.

Article summary: Because there are many types of wall tiles on the market, there is often no choice in purchasing, consumers can not calm Choose cheap ceramic tiles. There were some misunderstandings when laying wall tiles, which led to the appearance of renovations. You can avoid these problems by understanding the above misunderstandings of wall tiles and precautions for wall tiling.

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The most beautiful Chinese style Chinese style bathroom

The trend is always changing, the consumer’s preferences are always changing, the only constant is the change itself. However, there is a trend that has not faded, it is the Chinese style, Jay Chou’s “Blue and White Porcelain” even sings now It is still a long way to go, and the new Chinese trend derived from it is the darling of home in recent years. It seems to be a clear stream, but it can coexist with all major schools. Xiaobian refers to the calculation, your bathroom is poor. A new Chinese-style bathroom cabinet, pick up the Chaoyang bathroom.

Chaoyang YS3739 bathroom cabinet, the main body is made of red oak, with elegant and elegant Chinese style perfectly showing the new Chinese style, ethereal and elegant Do not lose the dignified atmosphere. With the traditional pane design as the design element of the product, it also contains the rich interior of “Xiaoxuan window, dressing up.” From simple to complex, from whole to partial, under the fine art, it is like a perfect artwork. The contour of the Founder is matched with the natural texture of the wood itself, giving a warm and natural feeling, elegant and solemn, showing the big temperament.

This is a connotation Bathroom cabinet

Chaoyang This new Chinese-style bathroom cabinet is ingeniously using modern craftsmanship while adhering to the essence of traditional Chinese culture. , boldly abandon the complexity of the texture and decoration, simplifying the line. On the one hand, the choice of product color considers the Chinese style color, on the other hand, considering the matching with the mainstream color of the current decoration, it is deeply loved by the young people and high-end people who love Chinese style at present, and is suitable for the spacious bathroom. In the scrubbing space, or in high-end areas such as luxury hotels and villas.

This bathroom cabinet is made of high-grade mahogany, which is full of heavy feeling and superior texture. Special processes in material cutting, polishing, polishing, paint The requirement, combined with the hard texture of the red oak, makes the cabinet less prone to water and corrosion, and is durable even in wet bathroom spaces.

ceramic台盆is 1250° high temperature firing Made up of unique embedded basin design, simple and artistic, easy to protect the cabinet while splash-proof, and also make you beautiful when you are groomingLife is simple and comfortable from then on.

At the same time, the natural gold silk jade surface is used, and the natural marble creates a natural atmosphere with its natural texture. This bathroom cabinet is equipped with sunrise bathroomthe original “Chinese side shape”, In combination with the design of the Chinese cabinet, the weight of the countertop is increased, which complements the thickness of the high-grade mahogany. It also increases the layering of the product. It also has the function of retaining the sink when used, effectively avoiding the direct flow of water from the countertop to the wood. On the cabinet, it plays a role in protecting the cabinet.

The engraving design of the pane on the door panel perfectly reflects the Chinese charm, while also incorporating modern production techniques, it adds a lot to this product.

You are only a distance from the storage cabinet for a small sun room

Fashionable and generous bath mirror selection, mirror imaging Clear and natural, let you wash in the morning as elegant as ever, and bloom naturally.

Chaoyang YS3739 bathroom cabinet Considers the aesthetic function of the cabinet, the storage function of the bathroom cabinet can not be ignored. In a symmetrical open double-spaced compartment, toiletries can be stored and have a well-organized bathroom space in minutes.

At the same time, the cabinet can also meet your storage needs, the cabinet is designed to have size The drawers and storage space, if the mirror cabinet can not accommodate large and high-priced daily necessities, you can put it in the main cabinet and drawers, forming a unique compartment for the ultimate storage, can properly store laundry detergent, cosmetics, shower gel, Toilet paper and other items. You are only a short distance from the storage of a small public pilgrimage bathroom cabinet.Move!

Excellent accessories are guaranteed

The only difference is that it is everywhere. The new Chinese-style bathroom cabinet from the famous Chaoyang is also intimate Consumers provide matching products, whether it is a water heater or a faucet from the high-quality series of Chaoyang, one-stop solution for your bathroom needs, truly to the human needs to the extreme.

Good horse with a good saddle, good cabinet with “copper”. Chaoyang’s hardware is made of all copper, ensuring that the products are durable and lasting.

Exquisite handle design, made of all-copper, compared with the alloy hardware on the market, the copper handle is higher grade, and the service life is longer, which complements the pane carving of the door panel. There is a light-locked window, even if there are no complicated decorations, it can make people fall in love at first sight.

The door hinge and hinge are also made of all-copper, with high quality and smooth opening and closing.

The gap between the cabinet feet and the ground is large, so that the storage drawers are kept at a certain distance from the ground, which can make the moisture of the ground volatilize, and at the same time, it is convenient for cleaning and refuses to hide dirt. In addition, the full copper feet under the cabinet feet are designed to prevent direct contact between the cabinet feet and the ground, preventing the oak cabinet feet from getting wet.

Edit Summary:

Sunrise The new Chinese-style bathroom cabinet, while adhering to the essence of Chinese traditional culture, cleverly uses modern production techniques, selects high-quality red oak, and combines ethereal and heavy. The countertop is equipped with high-grade imported marble, and also applies the “Chinese-style styling” created by Chaoyang Sanitary Ware. It complements the thickness of high-grade mahogany and can also function as a water-blocking tank to effectively protect the cabinet. All the copper handles, hinges and other accessories, so that the products are durable, the ultimate storage function, let you avatar storage small public, come to Chaoyang bathroom to pick up!

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South Korea returned 1515 boxes of imitation porcelain plastic tableware

【招商宝】The reporter learned from Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that on March 27 this year, a company producing melamine plastic tableware in Kunshan was returned by the Korean side, with a total of 1515 boxes of tableware, amounting to 44,125 US dollars.

It is understood that the company is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise that has been established in Kunshan for more than 20 years. It produces and sells household tableware (imitation porcelain plastic tableware). The market responds well, and the market share in Europe, America and Japan once reached 60-70. %. The company exported two shipments to Pyeongtaek Port in South Korea from November to December 2016. Before the goods were shipped, the buyers and sellers did not communicate clearly on the details of the shipment. After the goods arrived in Korea, the buyer stated that in addition to 315 boxes of trays, the dishes can be received. All the rest of the goods should be sent to the laboratory for testing, and the different colors of the same product should be sampled. After the test is qualified, the goods can be received. After consultation between the two parties, the exporter agrees that the goods should be returned for processing first, and sampled for laboratory testing under the supervision of the buyer. After issuing the test report that meets the requirements, it will negotiate and re-export.

In recent years, the trade volume between China and South Korea has become larger and larger, and the probability of trade friction has increased accordingly, and more trade disputes have emerged. Here, Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds exporters that the products exported to South Korea must be confirmed with the importer before shipment, and should not be directly exported according to the usual practice to avoid returning due to other factors, reducing unnecessary Loss.

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Tianfu Vegetable Oil Taobao Food Launching Ceremony Debuts Dumbbell Oil Opens Family Health New Life

Stepping into the midsummer, and the season of Sichuan people eating and staying up late, this is not only the carnival of Sichuan people and food, but also the peak season of Sichuan edible oil consumption. Sichuanese cooking Sichuan cuisine, vegetable oil, and rapeseed oil have naturally become one of the highest-selling varieties of grain and oil in Sichuan. With high sales volume, large output, and numerous brands, the market’s dazzling array of products has made many consumers difficult to choose when choosing vegetable oil. As we all know, with the improvement of people’s quality of life in recent years, many families have begun to change the choice of household oil, no longer based on price considerations, but health. At 10 o’clock on the morning of April 28th, Taobao took the food and “lifted the health, while pouring out the delicious new era of life concept, together with Tianfu vegetable oil and sports software Keep launched a brand new family of products & mdash; & mdash; dumbbells Oil, a call for health and deliciousness to millions of families.

April 28th Dumbbell Oil officially launched on Taobao Food Channel According to reports, on April 25, 2019 On the day, the starting ceremony of the “Tianfu Vegetable Oil & Taobao Food and Beverage”, which was jointly established by Tianfu Vegetable Oil and “Taobao Tmall”, ended in Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant in Meishan City, the hometown of Sichuan cuisine. At the launching ceremony, not only a series of Tianfu vegetable oil products were collectively unveiled, but also the Sichuan cuisine culture products of Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant were exhibited. The attention of this time is undoubtedly the first exposure of the new product dumbbell oil.

Three meals series products

Meizhou Dongpo Sichuan Cultural Specialty Products

Tianfu Vegetable Oil Dumbbell Oil Dumbbell Oil The original intention of the product development is precisely because of the implementation of the Taobao food and Tianfu vegetable oil strategic plan, Taobao food will be combined with Ali big data information, release 150 city food maps, and achieve strategic cooperation with 500 food industry bands around the world, helping more than 500 global foods. The brand achieved trillions of sales in three years.

President of Sichuan Grain Industry Association Sichuan Grain and Oil Group Chairman of the limited liability company

Tianfu Vegetable Oil and Taobao Food Co., Ltd. officially launched the birth of this dumbbell oil. It has become an important bridge for cooperation between Tianfu Vegetable Oil and Taobao Food and Beverage. According to the plan, Tianfu Vegetable Oil will join hands with Taobao to focus on promoting the construction of 10 key core products of Tianfu Vegetable Oil Regional Public Brand and cultivate 10 sales of over 500 million yuan. Leading oil and fat leading enterprises, building 10 high-quality green rapeseed production bases with a concentration of more than 100,000 mu, and further improving the standardization and traceable product standardization management system of the whole process, and making the products a benchmark for the grain and oil industry. Achieve a solid foundation for achieving the “100 billion-level industry target”.

Tianfu Vegetable Oil Full Traceable Standard System

Tianfu Vegetable Oil’s five ecological bases believe that in the future, with the cooperation between Tianfu Vegetable Oil and Taobao Food, there will be more Products like dumbbell oil are on the line, bringing thousands of families into a new era of healthy living. In the Tianfu vegetable oil practice “China’s good grain and oil and “health-first brand” original intention, Tianfu vegetable oil full traceable product system and Taobao food health concept deeper integration, will also help Tianfu vegetable oil continue to “100 billion The goal of the industry is moving forward. Tianfu vegetable oil will gradually reach the national consumers through the Taobao Tmall e-commerce, enter the kitchen of thousands of households, and become the benchmark of the vegetable oil category in the grain and oil industry!

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