What are the diatom mud brand rankings?

There are many interior wall decoration materials, such as wallpaper, wall covering, diatom mud, etc. The owner welcomes the diatom mud. So, what are the diatom mud brands? Let’s introduce Xiaobian to introduce the diatom mud brand rankings!

indoor wall There are many decoration materials, such as wallpaper, wall cloth, diatom mud, etc., but nowadays the most popular among the owners is diatom mud. So, what are the diatom mud brands? Introduce diatom mud brand rankinghas

Diatomite brand ranking – Otsu diatom mud

It is estimated that everyone will not be unfamiliar with Otsu diatom mud. The brand was established in 2003 and the company headquarters is sitting. In Beijing, the distance has been fifteen years of development history. The brand is a large company dedicated to the professional manufacture of new materials for diatom mud. Through the unremitting efforts of these ten years, the brand now has more than ten different series of products, such as Pinghu diatom mud, parent-child diatom mud, rice diatom mud and so on.

Diatomite brand rankings— —Junhui diatom mud

Junhui diatom mud is also one of the well-known brands in the industry. The brand was established in 1995 and has gone through 23 spring, summer, autumn and winter. After years of continuous struggle, the company’s products are now sold to more than 70 countries around the world, and it is a large enterprise. In the first four years, the diatom mud project was introduced, and the international leading level was established, and a complete ecological chain was built.

Diatomite brand rankings— —Spring Elemental Diatom Mud

Spring Elemental Diatom Mud is also one of the well-known brands in China. In 2010, it has been eight years of development history. Although the brand has not been established for a long time, it has a very strong influence in China. The brand is a large-scale enterprise dedicated to research, manufacturing and after-sales service. Spring Elemental Diatom Mud currently has four series, flat coating series, texture series, spring color card, diatom jewelry series.

Diatomite brand rankings— —Closwell diatom mud

When it comes to diatom mud brand, then you have to mention Crosway This brand has been established in 2003. It has been through fifteen spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is a large-scale enterprise dedicated to research, manufacturing and after-sales service. With its own efforts, the company continues to grow and develop. Whether it is in the forefront of the country’s peers in terms of product quality, marketing scale and logistics support, it is the preferred brand for diatom mud.

The above is aboutDiatomite brand rankingAll the content, I hope everyone has Helped. If you want to know more about the related knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to Qijia.com. Xiaobian will bring you more exciting content.


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In 2023, China’s timber production is expected to fall to 58.598 million square meters. What is the future of home furnishing companies?

In order to keep abreast of the current status of forest resources and the dynamics of forest resources growth and decline, Forecasting the development trend of forest resources and providing scientific and reliable basis for forestry decision-making. Since the founding of New China, it has completed 8 national forest resources inventory and has carried out the 9th national forest resource inventory work.

Chart 1: Past intervals

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute Finishing

According to previous national forest inventory data, The overall forest area in China has continued to grow. At the time of the first inventory, the national forest area was 122 million cubic meters. By the eighth inventory, the forest area has increased to 208 million hectares, a net increase of 12.23 million hectares from the previous inventory, ranking fifth in the world.

Chart 2 : Review of changes in forest area in the country (unit: 100 million hectares)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute, Prospective Economist APP

The forest coverage rate has also improved significantly. The forest coverage rate for the first inventory was only 12.7%. By the eighth inventory, the forest coverage rate had reached 21.63%, which was higher than the previous inventory. 1.27 percentage points.

Chart 3: Previous inventory Change in forest coverage (unit: %)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute, Prospective Economist APP

Forest stocks also increased from 8.656 billion cubic meters in the first inventory to 15.137 billion cubic meters in the eighth inventory, a net increase of 1.416 billion cubic meters from the previous year, ranking sixth in the world. Among them, natural forest accumulation increased by 63%, and artificial forest accumulation increased by 37%.

Exhibit 4: Review of changes in national forest stocks (unit: 100 million cubic meters)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute, Prospective Economist APP

The results of the inventory indicate that China’s forest resources are present The number continues to increase, the quality is steadily improving, and the efficiency is increasing. However, China is still a country with few forests and greens and fragile ecology. The forest coverage rate is far below the global average of 31%, and the per capita forest area is only The world’s per capita level is 1/4, and the per capita forest accumulation is only 1/7 of the world’s per capita level. The situation of relatively insufficient total forest resources, low quality, and uneven distribution has not yet been obtained. This change, forestry development is also facing tremendous pressure and challenges.

Timber market supply status and development trend

China is the world’s largest wood processing, wood production base and the most important exporter of wood products, and one of the largest timber buyers in the world. The production volume is among the highest in the world. Especially with the continuous development of China’s economy, the acceleration of urbanization, and the continuous improvement of residents’ consumption capacity, the demand for wood in various industries is increasing.

Foresight Industry Research Institute, 2018-2023 China’s wood processing industry production and sales demand and investment forecast analysis report data show that from 2006, China’s timber production is growing, reaching 83.385 million cubic meters in 2013, a record high. During the period 2006-2013, except for the decline in 2009, the other years achieved year-on-year growth, and it was not until 2014 that the downward trend occurred. Mainly in order to protect the ecological environment, many countries have reduced logging targets and replaced other wood with other green new materials. By 2016, China’s timber production has dropped to 77.759 million square meters.

Chart 5:2006-2016 China’s timber production statistics (unit: 10,000 square meters)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute, Prospective Economist APP

In the context of declining timber production, in order to meet the requirements of domestic economic development and people’s living standards, China’s annual timber demand mainly depends on imports. In order to encourage the import of timber, since 1998, China has not only implemented zero tariffs on various imported timbers, but also relaxed the units that have imported timber from the units that previously imported timber to those that have import and export rights. As a result, China’s timber imports have increased substantially. In 2017, China imported timber totals (logs + sawn timber, raw wood products).The first breakthrough of 100 million cubic meters, reaching 1,084,700 cubic meters, amounting to 19.986 billion US dollars, an increase of 15.6% and 23.2%.

Chart 6:2011-2017 China’s timber imports (unit: 10,000 cubic meters)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute, Prospective Economist APP

According to the above data analysis, based on China’s protection of forests, although the demand for wood is increasing, the country encourages timber imports, so China’s wood production will continue to decline in the future. China’s timber production will fall to 58.598 million square meters in 2023.

Chart 7 : 2018-2023 China’s timber production forecast (unit: 10,000 square meters)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute, Prospective Economist APP

Timber market demand status and development trend

China’s wood is mainly consumed in paper, wood-based panels, solid wood flooring, solid wood furniture and other industries. In 2016, China’s industrial wood consumption was about 609.41 million cubic meters, of which industrial wood consumption totaled 601.41 million cubic meters, accounting for about 98.69% of the national wood consumption; other wood consumption such as infrastructure, decoration and farmer building was about 8 million cubic meters. , accounting for about 1.31% of the national wood consumption.

Chart 8: Wood consumption Ratio (unit: %)

Information Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute, Prospective Economist APP

In industrial wood consumption, in 2016, paper consumption of wood was about 394.21 million cubic meters, accounting for industrial wood.65.55% of wood consumption; Other wood-based panels such as wood-based panels, solid wood flooring and wood furniture manufacturing consume a total of 207.2 million cubic meters of wood, accounting for 34.45%.

Figure 9 : Industrial wood consumption ratio (unit: %)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute, Prospective Economist APP

As the world’s second-largest wood consumer and the largest timber importer, China’s total wood consumption has increased by 173% in the past 10 years. Currently, the annual national wood consumption will exceed 600 million cubic meters. The external dependence is over 50%. With the rapid development of various industries, the demand for the timber market will continue to grow. According to estimates, by 2020, China’s wood demand may reach 800 million cubic meters, and the gap is about 200 million cubic meters.

Chart 10 : 2016-2020 China Wood Demand Forecast (Unit: 100 million cubic meters)

(Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute)

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Five-year curve | from 1.7 billion to 6.1 billion, the strategic trend behind Sophia’s rapid growth

In the past five years, The GDP has increased from 54 trillion yuan to 82.7 trillion yuan, more than 66 million new jobs have been created in cities and towns, basic medical insurance covers 1.35 billion people, and the number of poor people has decreased by more than 68 million… behind these data is The development of the economy, politics, and people’s livelihood in the past five years has reflected the direction of China’s policy.

And what does a five-year change in data mean for a business? Specially plan the “five-year curve”, compare the five-year performance data of listed home companies, analyze the changes of the company and the future strategic direction. The current company Sophia Home, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in April 2011, is the first A-share listed custom home business.

Yearly revenues ranged from 1.783 billion yuan to 6.161 billion yuan. Sophia only took five years.

In five years, Sophia has more to let The industry’s remarkable achievements: net profit increased from 245 million yuan to 906 million yuan, total assets increased from 2.068 billion yuan to 7.055 billion yuan, and dealership stores expanded from 1200 to over 2,000.·····

Sophia Home 5 Years Curve

Behind these data Sophia Home has achieved a transformation from a wardrobe leader to a custom home furnishing giant within five years of several major strategies.

First, with a custom closet as the core Big home strategy

2013 Sophia’s strategy shifted to “custom home Sophia” and began to lay out the overall home. In June 2014, Sofia and SALM.A.S jointly established Simi Cabinet Co., Ltd., which has independent factories, management teams, distributors and specialty stores. In the first half of 2015, Sofia introduced OEM products such as beds, dining tables, desks and other solid wood products. At the same time, it also combined the memory foam mattress brand “Dream Lily” to sell mattresses, pillows and other products. In April 2017, Sophia and Huahe Group jointly established Sophia Huahe Door Industry Co., Ltd. to launch a new brand “Milan Namumen”; in May of the same year, Sophia customized curtain products.

At present, Sofia has formed custom furniture in Sophia As the core, Simi custom cabinets, Milana and Huahe custom wooden doors, furniture and home furnishings. In the past five years, the floor sales installation has gradually withdrawn from the Sofia home stage, and Smy cabinets and Milano wooden doors will become one of the company’s new growth points for future revenue. From the composition of Sophia’s revenue in 2017, Sophia’s custom furniture (including OEM furniture products) revenue of 5.488 billion yuan, Simi cabinet revenue of 595 million yuan, Sophia Huahe income of 98.7068 million, the big home strategy has achieved results.

SosFiya’s 5-year income composition

Second, intelligent and digital strategy into the engine

As early as 2012, Sofia and the world’s largest enterprise software company Oracle cooperation, the use of ERP internal system to complete the enterprise information transformation and upgrade. In the same year, Sofia took the lead in introducing flexible production lines in the domestic custom home industry, and through the big data system, the complex personalized customization needs were quickly, accurately and scaled up. Sophia has invested more than 20 flexible production lines.

At the same time, Sofia has a production base in the country. . At present, Sofia’s whole house custom products have built a production base in North China, East China, West, Central China and South China. The production support system covering the national sales network has been formed. In addition to the South China production base, the company’s cabinets will be built in 2017. In addition to the Qiqihar production base, the door industry company also started the construction of the East China production base at the end of 2017.

In terms of digitization, Sophia was established as early as 2014 The Information and Digital Center has become a key engine for the company’s transformation into intelligence, automation and digitization. Over the years, Sofia has also used the database, DIY Home design software, 3D digital exhibition hall, VR experience, 3D design and rendering platform to carry out data management from the sales end to the production side. Sophia executives have repeatedly stressed that it is hoped that after many years “consumers call us a big data company, not a home company.”

Three, county-level investment promotion plan, open up the 3,456 line market

Sofia uses a distributor-based, multi-media store supplemented by direct sales stores and large user businesses mode. Since 2013, Sofia has implemented a county-level investment promotion plan, opened up the third- and fourth-tier markets, and gradually sank its sales network to the fourth, fifth and sixth-tier cities, and seized the market opportunity of urbanization development.

The company plans to open 300 new kitchen cabinets in 2018 The store and 400 wardrobe stores are opening faster than 2017 and more than half of the stores are located in the 4th and 5th tier cities, thus accelerating the sinking of the channel.

Four, 799 yuan/m2 promotion Strategy, break into the young consumer community

In the first half of 2015, Sofia took the lead in price reduction in the custom industry, and launched a custom wardrobe promotion package with “799 yuan per square meter” and “899 square meters” with doors. It breaks the consumer’s concept of expensive furniture customization, caters to the needs of the Internet mainstream home improvement consumer groups after 80 and 90, and drives sales of other categories, accelerating market share. In the half year of the launch of the package (the first half of 2015), the order for Sophia increased by 30%.


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France banned disposable plastic tableware in 2020

For a country that always wants to be more perfect, this is actually a very logical thing —— Recently, France passed a decree to completely ban disposable plastic tableware & mdash;— plastic cutlery, Cups, lunch boxes, straws, tablecloths, etc. are all banned.

According to the relevant provisions of the Energy Transformation Act, the ban will come into force in 2020. In addition, according to the bill, France has now banned the use of plastic bags. Under the Act, at least 50% of the disposable tableware needs to come from compostable bio-fermentation raw materials. Plastics production uses fossil fuels, which have been shown to play a bad role in climate change. Plastic products are not degradable, but they also pollute the oceans and waterways, directly damaging the wildlife that lives there.

Plastic products are used extensively in human society, and scientists estimate that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

However, this decision is also criticized. Pack2Go Europe, the European Association of Packaging Materials Manufacturers, called on the EU to use legal weapons to overthrow the French ban. They said the ban violated the EU’s law on the free circulation of goods. A spokesperson for the organization said: “A material that truly meets stringent food safety requirements while composting …… does not currently exist. (Source: Consumer Daily News)

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What are the pvc floor manufacturers? 2018 top ten famous pvc flooring brands

PVC flooring is a new type of lightweight body decoration material that is quite popular on the market. It has the advantages of wear-resistant, non-slip, ultra-light and ultra-thin, sound-absorbing and noise-proof, and excellent environmental performance. It is widely used in homes, factories, schools, supermarkets and other places. So what are the pvc floor manufacturers, the following article will introduce you to the top ten famous brands of pvc flooring.

pvc Top ten famous brands of flooring

1, Boni Bonie

Bonil belongs to American Bonier Building Materials Technology International Group The company’s brand, the company is a well-known pvc floor manufacturers, mainly in research and development, production and sales of decorative materials, the production of plastic flooring is favored by many people.

2, Dejia Targett

Dejia was founded in 1872. It is a well-known plastic flooring manufacturer from France and a leader in the commercial elastic flooring market. Its products sell well in many countries and regions.

3,LG Hausys

LG Hausys is a division of the original LG Group and is one of the largest manufacturers of decorative building materials in Korea. Excellent quality and good sales in China.

4, Jiefu Gerflor

Jiefu was founded in 1937. It is a well-known PVC flooring brand from France and one of the world’s professional PVC sports flooring manufacturers. It is well-known in the field of elastic plastic flooring.

5, Pauli Polyflor

Pauli was founded in 1915, is a famous PVC flooring brand from the UK, has been committed to producing excellent quality It is mainly based on rubber flooring and has a certain reputation in the field of plastic flooring in the world.

6, Armstrong Armstrong

Armstrong was founded in 1860. It is a well-known PVC flooring brand in the United States. It is also a famous manufacturer of ceilings and elastic flooring in the world. It has a good domestic market. Sales.

7, Kendia

Kendia belongs to the brand of Jiangsu Kendi Wood Co., Ltd., is a well-known PVC flooring manufacturer in China, and is my environmental label certification. The product is also one of the 500 most valuable brands in China.

8, Libaodi

Libao is a brand of China National Building Materials Group, and is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality plastic flooring in China. It is the leading brand of PVC flooring in China, and its product quality has been recognized by many people. .

9, Forbo Forbo

Fuerbo was founded in 1928 to produce and sell flooring, and is a world-renowned elastic floor. Solution providers have consistently ranked among the top sellers in the market.

10, Hanwha HANWHA

Han Hua was founded in 1952, is a well-known plastic processing brand from South Korea, has a certain reputation in the field of household panels, products Excellent quality and domestic market with excellent quality.

Article summary: The above is related to pvc floor manufacturers Introduction, I hope to give you some help, so that everyone can choose the pvc floor with excellent quality. The pvc floor is quick and easy to install and easy to maintain. It is a very popular floor material at home and abroad.

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Master the principle of curtain selection and be a happy home!

  Many friends mostly pay attention to the style, pattern and color of the curtain when buying curtains. Few people will consider its functionality, such as curtains. Whether the opening and closing is smooth, the shading is good, and so on. Let’s take a look at the principle of curtain selection together with “Future Home Improvement Network” to make yourself a happy home!

  1. Curtain composition

  The curtain consists of three parts: curtain body, accessories and accessories. The curtain body comprises a window sill, a window body and a window screen, and the window sill is generally made of the same fabric as the window body. The styles are tiled, pleated, water wave, and integrated. The accessories are composed of window sills, tents, sashes, laces, window linings and so on. Accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window straps, counterweights, and more.

  2, color
  The living room should choose the curtains with warm tone pattern, the curtains of the study should be neutral and cold, and the bedroom should be smooth and quiet. The curtains of the restaurant are mainly yellow and orange. Can increase appetite.

  Three, the most versatile curtains
  Flat opening curtains are the most common style, simple, no decoration, random size, hanging and pulling, suitable for most windows. Curtain curtains can be folded to one side or both sides to create a soft arc, to create a good decorative effect, and to be able to match a variety of strap accessories.

  4. Curtains should be low carbon
   Many families in the north, there will be heating under the window. If it is a floor curtain, be sure to choose a fabric with good heat resistance, and it will not block the heat of the heating into the room. . The room facing east or west will be stimulated by intense sunlight for several hours every day. Use specially treated fabrics or neutral fabrics, otherwise it will fade or discolor, preferably with some insulation. performance.

  5.Measurement Usage

  When measuring the width, don’t measure the window itself, but measure the curtain rod or track. If it is the curtains that are open on both sides, remember to reserve the overlap in the middle, about It takes 2.5 cm. The length of the curtain needs to be determined according to the position of the hem. If it is 1.25 cm away from the window sill, 15 cm more under the window sill, and the hem of the floor style can be 1.5 cm on the ground.

  VI. Privacy

   In order to increase the privacy of the room, do not want home life to be exposed in the sight of the neighbors, then the occlusion of the curtains can not be underestimated, both have good light transmission, but also Can block the view from the outside.

  VII. Curtain Tracks

   Shaped windows are more common in residential buildings, such as arc-shaped, you can choose the curved track design, let the curtains according to the shape of the window, to make the joints tight, the switch is very easily.

  eight, thin fabric

  The window facing south is light, and the tulle, thin cotton or silk fabric is suitable. The room facing north is often cold and dull. You should choose a warm color and some heavy curtains to increase the temperature. If the home has windows facing east or west, then shading is the most important use of curtains. The shaded curtains not only block the glare, but also maintain the brightness of the room, making full use of natural light to illuminate the room. In the window adjacent to the bustling neighborhood, in order to have a stable sleep, thicker curtains are needed.

&Emsp; 9, choose the right curtain

   the connection between the curtain and the curtain rod, There are many kinds of holes: it is easy to pull back and forth on the fabric; the outer bag is in the form of a beautiful front, but because of the large friction between the cloth and the rod, especially when the size of the bag is similar to the diameter of the rod, it is pulled back and forth. Difficult; the form of the sling is very simple, suitable for relatively light and thin fabrics; the way of tying is not easy to pull, suitable for windows that are usually not used for decoration.
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Your refrigerator is so expensive. Do you know how to fix it?

The refrigerator is a basic home appliance that needs to keep running 24 hours a day. It is a big consumer of electricity in the home. If it is not used reasonably, it will continue for many years, but it is not a small expense. So how do you save energy for your refrigerator? Look at the following points, are you doing the right thing?

1. Keep the refrigerator away from heat sources

The refrigerator should not be placed in direct sunlight, and there should be no other electrical appliances that generate heat around the refrigerator, otherwise it will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator.

2, reduce the number of open doors and shorten the door opening Time

Fridge opening will cause the box The internal temperature rises and the compressor starts to work, so try to reduce the number and duration of switching the refrigerator.

3, store food inside the refrigerator Suitable

Food in the refrigerator When there is little time, the heat capacity will become smaller, the refrigerator will open the door to accelerate the release of cold air, the compressor starts frequently, and the power consumption is increased. If the stored food is too full, it is not conducive to the circulation of cold air. The refrigerator is easy to freeze, which will increase the compressor running time and increase the power consumption. Therefore, it is advisable to store no more than 80% of the food inside the refrigerator. At the same time, there should be a gap of about 1cm between the food stored in the refrigerator and the wall of the box, and between the food and the food, which is conducive to air circulation.

4, reasonable adjustment of refrigerator temperature control

Normally, freezer The temperature should not be adjusted too low, the temperature of the refrigerator freezer is adjusted to -18 ° C, which will save about 30% of electricity than -22 ° C.

5, don’t put hot food directly To the refrigerator

Hot food directly Entering the refrigerator will increase the temperature inside the refrigerator, causing the refrigerator to consume more power.

6, keep regular defrosting

For refrigerators that are prone to frosting, remember to periodically defrosting, as the refrigerator will cause the refrigerator after frosting The cooling capacity is reduced, which consumes more power.


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Home lighting is a good match.

The importance of lighting design in the decoration is self-evident, there are still many people Pay little attention to lighting. In fact, reasonable home improvement lighting can not only protect the family’s vision, but also help to improve the overall level of the home environment.

How to configure the lighting of the room so that each The atmosphere of the space is more comfortable and healthy? Bulls love eye LED products related person in charge, scientific layout plan, the main lighting and auxiliary, functional lighting, reasonable matching and high quality lighting products are the key. The layout of the luminaires should be considered comprehensively based on the properties of the room. For example, the living room often carries a variety of functions such as leisure, entertainment, and meeting guests, so its lighting solutions reflect comprehensive and diverse characteristics.

Wide Lighting: Ceiling Light Master Lighting + lights to help create a warm atmosphere

In most cases, the designer would recommend a ceiling light as the main illumination and an LED light strip as an aid. Among them, the role of LED lights for the atmosphere can not be underestimated. In the product selection, such as “Bull Love Eye LED anti-stroke light strip” and other mainstream products on the market, it provides four color temperature light sources such as warm white light and natural white, and has the characteristics of small power, large brightness, etc. Practical functions such as electric and anti-surge safety functions, meter mark and convenient buckle can fully meet the needs of daily lighting functions. According to the designer, the auxiliary lighting layout of the main lighting, LED strip and ceiling light of the ceiling lamp can make the living room appear bright enough to create a warm home atmosphere, while the appropriate brightness and eye protection also take into account the eye health of family members. .

Reading lighting before going to bed: small angles for private reading without disturbing people

In addition to work and study, people often need a quiet, comfortable corner to enjoy reading at home. For this segmentation demand, some brands in the market have pushed the corresponding lighting products in time, and the typical eye-catching LED reading lights of the Bulls. Bull’s eye-catching LED reading light uses 15osmall angle of light, private Enjoy reading does not affect your family’s sleep. It is understood that the Bull’s eye-catching LED reading lamp has a color rendering index of over 95. According to the designer, the high color rendering index product can fully restore the true color of the pattern, making the text more clear and distinct, and the object is closer to the real color, so that the human eye can be in a comfortable, real light environment.

Local accent lighting: ceiling lighting rich indoor lighting level

?? In the event of a friend gathering, the light and shadow level created by a ceiling light can greatly enhance the spatial sense of the entire scene, even Many people will not feel depressed. The smaller illuminating angle enables more concentrated concentrating to achieve partial accent lighting, which makes the indoor space atmosphere and home decoration taste fully visible. At the same time, the light is projected on the wall’s paintings, works of art, and collectibles, which can achieve a focus on the rich artistic effects. In addition, the downlight with the astigmatism as the light source can compensate for the lack of local illumination brightness such as the bar and the teahouse when the polymerization light source is not suitable, and prevent the visual fatigue caused by the long-term use.

Daily supplemental lighting: flexible use of bulbs to enhance brightness

In addition to the lighting products described above, you have to mention the ball Bulbs, easy to replace bulbs can be flexibly used in the lighting layout of each room. According to the designer, the high-end bulb products on the market have reached a very high cost performance. For example, the bulls love the LED bulbs, using the curved surface design and high-quality SMD2835 lamp beads to ensure high brightness and avoid brightness. insufficient. The life of up to 15,000 hours has reached 2.5 times that of general energy-saving lamps and 15 times that of incandescent lamps.

Designers say that reasonably healthy lighting often adds a finishing touch to home renovation. Thanks to the growing market of LED lighting, there are more and more choices for consumers to design lighting layout solutions.


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The “full house customization” wind will continue to blow. At the end of 2018, the industrial scale will reach 150 billion yuan.

Search engine to enter “full house Customized, behind the 9.45 million pages, highlighting the current fiery word.

With The overall consumption level of residents and the popularity of one-stop services, the consumption environment of the traditional home building materials market is quietly changing, “full house customization” has begun to become a trend and is popular in the capital market. In 2017 alone, there are 6 “full houses”. Customized “concept company landing on the motherboard.

Industry Data It is predicted that the domestic custom home furnishing industry will reach 150 billion yuan by the end of 2018. Faced with this huge cake, building materials, decoration, furniture, home appliance companies and even real estate developers have the ambition to occupy the market and expand the industrial chain.

Why is the whole house custom so hot?

“Full House Customization” currently has no academically accurate definition, but in practice it has been interpreted as a home furnishing company to create exclusive homes based on consumer design requirements.

Fuyuan Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that introduced the concept of “full house customization” earlier in China. Its general manager Fu Yuan accepted an interview with China Economic Weekly and said that the whole house customization is to design, produce and install hard and soft equipment. As a whole solution. From the decoration design to the floor, wooden doors, stairs, wardrobes, cabinets, walls, ceilings, furniture, curtains, lamps, etc. to customize the production of all wood products, ultimately to meet the individual needs of consumers, but also to achieve the overall style Uniform, installed in place.

“Now It is no exaggeration to say that 70% of furniture companies are doing whole house customization. Whether it is used to make cabinets or wooden doors, or to make panel furniture or solid wood furniture, all are custom-made.” A door and window brand marketing director Li Gang told the reporter of China Economic Weekly.

Li Gang In the past, the company only used to do the doors and windows, and just joined the “full house customization” ranks last year. “An industry can maintain a growth rate of 30% to 40% per year, which will naturally attract more and more companies to join.” Li Gang said.

Reporter During the visits of many large-scale home stores in Beijing, such as the Real Home, Lan Jingli, and many other stores, many stores have set up special booths to create a “full house customization” advertisement to attract business.

“Many The furniture looks very beautiful in the exhibition hall. It is not so beautiful when it is placed at home, or the size does not match, or the style is not good.” Ms. Li, who is consulting the “full house customization”, told the China Economic Weekly reporter. “I want to buy all the furniture in one stop, and I want to reflect my personal preferences in style, color and design. The whole house customization is satisfied.”

Industry believes that in addition to changes in consumer demand, the rise of “full house customization” will be understood in the context of the current home industry facing profound changes.

Executive Secretary-General of the China Timber Distribution Association Plate Branch Xiao Ming told the China Economic Weekly: “The real estate market has directly affected the home improvement market. The real estate market is declining and the demand for new decoration is reduced. Home furnishing enterprises urgently need new growth points; consumers are personalizing and user experience. The demand for feelings has rapidly increased under the development of the Internet economy.

” In this context, whole house customization as a new concept can both attract consumers and increase their added value.

Shaw Ming said: “In addition to consumption upgrades, changes in customer demand and other reasons, more companies are borrowing the whole house to customize the wind, to carry out enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Traditional decoration companies may face “no room to install”

In the first and second tier cities, home improvement integration and whole house assembly have become the mainstream According to the statistics of China Index Academy, in Guangzhou, the proportion of newly-built houses in the main city has exceeded 80%; in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other cities, the proportion of fine decoration in the main city has exceeded 50%, and It continues to increase every year; in addition, the proportion of fine decoration in third- and fourth-tier cities is also on the rise.

In addition, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Anhui and other provinces have introduced policies to encourage residential hardcover, Jiangsu Province requires renovation of new homes by 2020 The proportion should reach more than 40%, south of Jiangxi Province Changzhou City has banned the sale of rough houses since 2018.

With the emergence of more and more hardcover houses, real estate companies with “flow” have integrated services from construction to downstream services such as design services, construction services, and furniture appliances. As a natural platform for the whole house customization, taking Evergrande as an example, since 2016, it has successively signed strategic cooperation with a number of domestic first-line furniture, home textiles, and home appliance companies to form a family-wide alliance partnership. Evergrande owners have realized a real “bag”. Check in.

Insiders said that it is foreseeable that the whole house customization will bring a lot of subversive “revolution” to the traditional format.

The first thing to do is the decoration industry. “The rise of personalized consumption has given custom designers more opportunities to participate in consumer decision-making, and custom-made homes will gradually seize the market of traditional decoration industry.” Fu Yuan told China Economic Weekly.

Fuyuan It is believed that in the era of whole house customization, the biggest impact of traditional decoration companies is “no room to install”. “A large number of traditional decoration companies will disappear, and a large number of renovation company employees will be diverted. Those who have design advantages, deep involvement in material business enterprises, and the whole house customization program will greatly enhance the design capabilities of material suppliers. Those construction workersMember, may turn to cooperate with real estate companies.

” The whole house is customized. The wind will continue to blow. Last year, 6 custom home enterprises landed on the main board at the end of 2018. The industrial scale will reach 150 billion yuan

“Crowd up” needs to think calmly

2017, become the first year of the custom home business, the European home Six custom home furnishing companies such as Zhibang, My Le Home, Piano, Gold Kitchen Cabinet, and Filminger landed in the main board market this year.

The industry leader in Europe last March, 603833.SH, 2017 In the first three quarters, the revenue reached 6.903 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.20%; the net profit was 945 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.17%. As of January 31, The stock price has risen from the issue price of 72 yuan to 142 yuan.

“Veteran” is also not to be outdone, the first listed company in the custom home industry, Sofia (002572.SZ), the first three quarters of 2017 achieved revenue of 4.251 billion yuan, an increase of 43.07 %; net profit of 576 million yuan, an increase of 41.05%.

In Xiao Ming’s view, there are currently four types of companies involved in the whole house customization field: first, the brand that has been focusing on customizing the home and starting early; secondly, the leader of the cabinet industry. Brand, “Since last year, the cabinet home brand has set off a boom in the market, and these brands have all announced that they will enter the custom home sector through self-built production systems or mergers and acquisitions. “Third again is the traditional finished furniture brand.” Several listed furniture listed companies have plans to intervene in the whole house customization and have even stepped in. “The last is the pan-home brand including home textiles. They are still in the beginning and exploration stage compared with the previous ones.

It is worth noting that with the development of the whole house customization industry, some well-known plate companies as upstream raw material suppliers are also accelerating the layout. The whole house custom industry. For example, Dawang Coconut Plate has launched the Bransha Whole House Customization, and Moganshan Plate has launched the Moganshan Wardrobe, which is a case of cross-border innovation.

However, “one-on-one” full-house custom businesses, they are ready Dehua Bunny (002043, shares it) Decoration New Materials Co., Ltd. (002043.SZ) Shen Jinxiang, deputy dean of the institute believes that the whole house customization from consumer demand analysis to ordering, organization of production, distribution, home All aspects of installation and after-sales service must be interlocked, and there are many plate parts and hardware involved in the product customization process. A slight deviation. This requires that the enterprise management system must be rigorous, the work must be meticulous, and it also tests the overall quality of the employees in each key position of the entire order process.

Shen Jinxiang said that the current domestic Dongguan, Zhejiang Nanxun, Jiangsu Wujiang and other regions The production companies and decoration companies represented by the wardrobes, cabinets, wooden doors, stairs, floors, etc. are all undertaking the overall customized business with experiential marketing methods. “But some enterprises often use the methods of false exaggeration of physical functions and fictional renderings to harm consumers. Seriously disrupted the market order, there is no standard in the industry, and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are difficult to be guaranteed.

In addition, the whole house customization also has “hard injuries.” The trend is that the update speed is getting faster and faster. It may take more than 10 years to renovate. Nowadays, it pays attention to soft decoration and vision. Many consumers want to change their feelings in three or five years. The finished products can change direction and move position. House customization needs to think about how to solve this problem. Fuyuan said. (Source: China Economic Weekly)


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Use a beautiful wooden door to frame the shape of your home

What is the home, many people have only one look at home? Probably the outline, in addition to the picture of living with the family, the specific image that can be thought of in my mind is vague. Yiyuan wooden door believes that how to install a house depends entirely on the personal taste and attitude of the owner.

With the development of the times, modern young people’s pursuit of life is slowly becoming idealized At home, there is a more substantial manifestation, especially the simple feelings of life, so that the home life gradually has a clear appearance.

and in addition to the pursuit of life, young people Compared with this simple form, it is characterized by its economical and practicability, comfortable space, bright and warm home atmosphere. It is more free to create and express its own personality and charm.

To create a good space, the charm of the appearance should be more refined. In the development of wooden door products, Yiyuan Wooden Door integrates the artistic aesthetics of life into the small space of wooden door, which enables it to display more modern and fashionable aesthetics and unique connotations on the basis of the basic needs of wooden doors. Appearance image, with a wooden door that fits your attitude, in a beautiful way, to create the shape of your home.

Yiyuan wooden door three series of wooden doors, since its launch, has been well received by consumers Love, especially young people, are keen on pursuing the ultimate design experience and self-characteristic display, while Yiyuanmumen follows the minimalism and expresses the fashion aesthetics of this era to the most, and is more loved by young people.

Yiyuan wooden door three series style, a variety of door types, I believe there is always a It is what you like, and the change of various colors makes the same style interpret different emotional moods, bringing you more meticulous space enjoyment.

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