Liaoning Faku ceramics realized a total export volume of more than 100 million US dollars

On January 25, the reporter learned from the law library that the Liaoning Faku Economic Development Zone has achieved a total breakthrough in exports in 2017. 100 million US dollars. Thanks to the excellent performance of Faku Ceramics, the annual growth rate of ceramics export in Liaoning Province is in the forefront of the country.

It is understood that since 2016, Liaoning Faku Economic Development Zone has taken the initiative to adjust In the direction of work, the ceramics export has been placed in a more prominent and important position, and an export road map of “focusing on Russia, consolidating Mongolia, Japan, and Korea, focusing on the Middle East, opening up Africa, and entering North America” has been established to strengthen export-oriented enterprises. Destocking and survival, based on 2016’s more than 60 million US dollars, set the export target of “strive to achieve 100 million US dollars” in 2017, and actually completed 102 million US dollars.

In the past two years, Faku Ceramics has been particularly eye-catching in terms of exports. The sanitary ware products produced by the Supor Faku base, the interior wall brick products produced by Wang Zhe Ceramics have successfully entered the Korean market. The whole body marble of Haosong is spread into the Australian TV station. The high-grade antique bricks produced by Tianyulong Ceramics are exported to the Middle East Gulf countries… With the strong support of the government, Faku Ceramics’ Dubai Overseas Warehouse in the Middle East has begun to play a platform role. The ceramics export bonded by China Ceramics Trading Co., Ltd. and the Russian Tree Group and the strategic cooperation with the Ethiopian EKT Group have also entered the landing. Implementation phase.

In 2018, Faku will further strengthen the export office service function and focus on promoting customs declaration The establishment of systematic supporting services such as commodity inspection and currency settlement will improve the ceramic export industry chain. Actively connect with Shenyang Railway Bureau and shipping company to further reduce the cost of export logistics of enterprises; build international exhibition halls and overseas warehouse platforms of Dubai, Qatar and Djibouti.


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How to match the color of home decoration? Five popular color analysis of home decoration

   The decoration that the owners love is inseparable from the reasonable combination of colors, from the most common black and white ash to the use of various bright colors such as orange and lake blue. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more daring about the color matching of their homes and are increasingly pursuing individuality Even so, the right color combination is the best, but also has a lot of attention. For bright and colorful colors, you need to pay attention to matching, otherwise the effect will only be counterproductive. Let’s take a look at the five popular colors of home decoration.

  Five popular colors for home improvement!
  1, refreshing and clear water color

   refreshing and clear water color, It is often displayed in some home accessories design styles such as art, utensils, etc., which reflects the harmony of fresh, refreshing, quiet and sweet. Of course, this color style is very suitable for the decoration style of the small-sized space, which not only can increase the sense of space in the living room, but also the warm watercolor effect, which will also bring a strong visual impact and a new experience of visual sense.

  2, golden luxe style
  Golden has always been one of the five popular colors of home decoration. The elegant elements of the royal family bring the delicate touch of pearly and silk forging, let us bring back to the Victorian era. Although spanning many centuries, the full color and velvety feeling will bring a safe and luxurious style to the home space.

  3, warm yellow tenderness claims
   No matter how the times change, people’s feeling of comfort and warmth in the home space will never change. The warm warmth and bright yellow will bring a comfortable and relaxing feeling to the home space. The soft, idealistic color design is inspired by the true feelings of nature and the illusion of the future.

  4, pure blue cheerful feelings
   blue, reminiscent of the vast blue sky, the fresh air and the indispensable water of life. The clean, transparent color gives a pure and beautiful visual experience, expressing an endless hope and possibility, without contaminating any chemicals and impurities.

  5, classic color in black and white
   Since it comes to the five popular colors of home decoration, it is natural to have a classic match of black and white. The black and white color partner, whether it is the matching of the home space or the clothing, can be called the classic color, but if you want to create new ideas, it is not not so simple, modern and classical, the intersection of light and shadow, this Retrofits like mashups can bring new feelings to your home.

  The world is colorful, the color is indispensable in the home, the different colors match different people The feelings bring different visual experiences. Learn about the five popular colors of home improvement, find the color combinations you like, and create your favorite home decoration style.

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How is the quality of Panasonic ventilation fans? There are several types of ventilation fans.

The ventilating fan has the function of exhausting and ventilating, which can bring fresher indoors. The comfortable environment makes it an indispensable electrical device in the home. There are many brands of ventilation fans. Let’s take a look at the quality of Panasonic ventilating fans. There are several types of ventilation fans!

How is the quality of Panasonic ventilator?

1. From the brand perspective, Panasonic ventilation fans have a high reputation and status in the industry. Very good quality, often used in homes and many public places, can remove indoor dirty air, adjust indoor temperature and humidity.

2. From the perspective of product quality, the interior of the Panasonic exhaust fan The motor components are of very good quality and are exclusive development products. The motor design is very advantageous. Whether it is structural design, electromagnetic design or insulation design, it is more reasonable than similar products.

3, the composition of Panasonic ventilation fans are produced by famous companies In particular, the bearings of the ventilating fan are made of Baolai’s oil-impregnated bearings and high-grade motor-specific ball bearings.

4, in addition, its air duct design is also very unique, the fan blade is completely placed in the snail shell, further enhance the ventilation performance. In terms of noise processing, it uses the new Double Orifice technology, which effectively isolates the noise generated by the blades during operation and achieves a good mute effect.

5, Panasonic ventilation fan operation is also very simple, safe, and outside The frame design uses a white painted mesh cover panel, which looks very beautiful and stylish overall and can perform very well in different ceiling designs.

Ventilator There are several types

1, ceiling type ventilation fan

The ceiling type ventilating fan has a beautiful appearance. It is generally installed on the ceiling of the room. It consists mainly of three parts: fan, motor and pipeline. However, the ceiling-type ventilating fan has a relatively short pipe, and it is necessary to purchase a separate ventilation pipe for the installation to facilitate the extraction of the indoor air. The ceiling-type ventilating fan is beautiful, but because of the length of the pipe, it is not suitable for use in places such as kitchens where there is a lot of oil. In the living room or where the air circulation between indoors and outdoors is relatively good, it is more suitable to use a ceiling-mounted ventilating fan.

2, window type ventilation fan

window ventilator can be installed directly on the window. It is very simple. It has two-way and two-way ventilation. The two-way ventilator can replenish fresh outdoor air, and can also extract indoor air to the outside. It is suitable for use in places with a lot of oil smoke. The one-way ventilation fan can only pump indoor air to the outside, generally suitable for places with less oil smoke.

3, wall-mounted ventilating fan

wall-mounted ventilating fan is generally small, can be installed in the window or can be installed on the wall. It has a cylindrical air vent, because the cross section of the air vent is small, so the ventilation is weak, generally only Suitable for small spaces.

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What is the tasteless paint? What are the tips for the purchase of tasteless paint?

Speaking of odorless paint, maybe everyone doesn’t know much. What is odorless paint? Unscented paint does not mean a paint that is completely odorless, but has no pungent smell. Today, people’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing, and the use of odorless paint is becoming more and more widespread. So, which is good for odorless paint? What are the skills of odorless paint purchase? Let me tell you the answer one by one.

Tasteless Which paint is good

1, choose a brand

There are many odorless paint brands on the market today, and each brand of paint has Their respective characteristics. In order to ensure the quality of the paint, the first consideration when purchasing odorless paint is the paint brand. For example, the most popular odorless paint brands on the market today are: Dulux, Nippon, etc. It is recommended that you purchase according to the family’s decoration budget.

2, consider the price

In addition, we also care about the price of paint. Under normal circumstances, there is a certain gap between the price of odorless paint and the price of ordinary paint. In order to let yourself spend less money, under the premise of ensuring the quality of paint, you should compare several more, and then choose a branded product with high cost performance.

3, see decoration effect

We all know that paint is used to decorate the surface of the building, and its decorative effect is also the primary consideration. Different types, brands of odorless paint, the effect of decoration will also be very different. For example: rich colors, fast drying speed, etc. It is recommended that you purchase according to your personal preferences and renovation budget.

What are the techniques for odorless paint purchase

1, quality is more important than price

Most people have this idea, the more expensive the tasteless paint, the better, after all, a penny; Of course, there are a few people who think that the lower the price of paint, the better, and can save a lot of renovation budget. In fact, no matter what type of paint you choose, quality is the focus of our consideration. Paint is neither the more expensive the better, nor the cheaper the better, but should be the big brand with good reputation and protection.

2, packaging is only auxiliary

When buying odorless paint, there is no need to pay too much attention to the packaging problem, but more attention should be paid to the inside of the package. product. At the time of purchase, the merchant is required to present a certificate of conformity and a quality inspection report.

3, color card is only a reference

we As you all know, there is more or less difference between the actual color of the paint and the color card, so don’t over-trust the color card. If you want to know the color of the paint, it is recommended to try it out.

4. Estimated paint volume before purchase

I would like to remind everyone that the paint should be purchased in moderation, calculate the required amount before purchase, and then determine the purchase according to the reference data. How many buckets.

Edit summary: The above is Unscented paint related content introduction, in summary, odorless paint is not all natural and environmentally friendly, its quality is also good or bad. Everyone should check the environmental protection of paint, should be from VOC The three indicators of free formaldehyde and heavy metals were analyzed.

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Environmental protection check air outlet How to survive in sanitary enterprises

In 2017, limited production, limited production, shutdown, price hikes over the entire manufacturing industry, just Beijing There are 167,000 small scattered and polluting enterprises in Tianjin and Tianjin, and countless enterprises have fallen directly on the environmental protection.

All said that 2017 is the most environmentally friendly year, but the bathroom girl passed Comprehensive information has found that the truly deadly environmental storm of 2018 has just begun!

Jiangxi shut down 18 ceramic production lines

Before the Spring Festival, eight ceramic production enterprises located in the New Century Industrial Park in Gao’an City, Jiangxi Province, a total of 18 production lines were concentrated due to local government environmental protection planning Closed, this is the second batch of ceramic enterprises that have been closed down in Gao’an City after the closure of the city’s new Hongmei, Laohongmei and Guinness ceramics enterprises on May 28, 2017.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei develops a three-year battle plan

2018 just opened, on January 6, the Ministry of Environmental Protection organized 28 supervisors The investigation team conducted a “review” inspection of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

In Hubei Province, Central China, February 24, Ezhou Environmental Protection Agency Environment The monitoring detachment and various environmental law enforcement departments set up five inspection teams to conduct a “back look” on the municipal direct jurisdiction, Echeng, Huarong, Liangzi Lake and Gedian Development Zones by means of cross-checking.

In the Pearl River Delta, just after the Spring Festival, many bathroom business owners found that environmental protection I started to enter the door.

On January 25, 2018, the national policy requires that Beijing-Tianjin Focusing on areas such as the surrounding areas, we will promptly formulate and implement a three-year operational plan to win the blue sky defense war, solidly promote the comprehensive compliance of enterprises, and continue to do a good job in comprehensive rectification of “scattering and pollution” enterprises.

A company is fined more than 9 million

In 2018, various legal systems for environmental pollution were intensively introduced, and they were still lucky. The business owner who is mentally motivated may punish you and regret not closing the door early.

Starting the trial of ecological environmental damages nationwide from January 1, 2018 Institutions, in accordance with the environmental factors that cause atmospheric, surface water, groundwater, soil and other environmental factors and biological factors such as plants and animals, and the environmentally-friendly and destructive ecological responsibility of the above-mentioned elements, in accordance with civil dispute resolution methods, Investigate its responsibility for damage to the ecological environment. At the beginning of 2017, Guizhou Province issued a judicial confirmation of compensation for ecological environmental damages. A company was claimed by the Guizhou Provincial Environmental Protection Department for more than 9 million yuan because of illegal treatment of sludge residue.

January 1, 2018, the newly revised Water Pollution Prevention and Control Act Officially implemented. The new “Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law” has increased the punishment for water environmental violations. On the basis of increasing continuous punishment on a daily basis, the fines have been increased. For example, the fines for enterprises exceeding the standard and the total amount will be fined by the amount of sewage charges. “More than five times the time” is changed to “100,000 yuan or more and less than one million yuan”.

On January 18, 2018, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the “Measures for the Administration of Pollution Discharge Permits” (Trial), through the sewage permit, the environmental protection of the Ministry of Environmental Protection gradually deepens from the enterprise to the specific discharge.

So environmentally friendly “cold winter” is only two ways in front of the bathroom enterprise: one is to complete the transformation and upgrade as soon as possible, and the other is to hold the group Warm up and find a way to enter the park! 2018, for the bathroom company is full of opportunities and challenges, are you ready?


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Cabinet decoration tips, give you the need

Cabinets are a must-have part of modern kitchens, and they are also closely tied to our lives. So for the cabinet decoration knowledge, we have to know some, so we can have some ideas and insights when decorating the kitchen cabinet.

The composition of the cabinet can be divided into several parts, including countertops, door panels, cabinet gold and electrical appliances. So when decorating cabinets, we should pay attention to these parts. We can use the following analysis to understand some of the aspects of cabinet decoration.

Cabinet Decoration knowledge point one: the choice of countertops, cabinet There are many kinds of countertops, such as artificial ordinary stone countertops, quartz stone countertops, natural stone countertops, and stainless steel countertops. These kinds of countertops have their own advantages and disadvantages, but from the use of these years, the quartz stone and stainless steel countertops are subject to The level of popularity is high and durable.

Cabinet renovation knowledge point 2: cabinet door panel For the whole cabinet is a very important part, the door panel of the cabinet has melamine board, painted door panel, solid wood door panel plastic door panel, PVC molded board, we should be the best choice when we are decorating the cabinet, melamine board. This panel has a good fire and wear resistance.

Cabinet decoration knowledge point 3: When decorating the cabinet, the hinges used are also very particular. But on the outside, it is difficult to distinguish between high-quality hinges and inferior hinges. It is necessary to choose a hinge that is once stamped, has a thick hand and a smooth surface. A good hinge has a thick coating on the surface, so it is not easy to rust, firm and strong, and has a strong bearing capacity, so that the cabinet door can be stretched freely.

Cabinet decoration knowledge point four: For the arrangement of the electrical location of the cabinet, we are also Pay attention to the cabinet decoration. Cabinet appliances should not be placed too close to the sink and faucet to avoid leakage due to excessive humidity.

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叮咚5: The combination of smart cat eyes and AI

[Guide] Not long ago, Amazon acquired smart doorbell, camera and security system manufacturers for more than $1 billion Ring, this move pushed the smart cat’s eye (smart video doorbell) product to the forefront.

  With the continuous development and upgrading of artificial intelligence technology Smart home is gradually moving towards our lives. Not long ago, Amazon acquired Ring, a smart doorbell, camera and security system manufacturer for more than $1 billion, which pushed smart cat’s eye (smart video doorbell) products to the limelight. Wave tip.

   as the domestic mainstream smart cat eye manufacturers One of the shifting Kang smart, keeping up with the smart ecological security wave, officially launched a new smart cat eye – 叮咚 5. The new cat’s eye has not only been upgraded in terms of hardware, but also added a lot of “black technology” under the blessing of AI technology.

  Shikang Smart 叮咚5, continued The original intention of the home security, active anti-theft, not only further enhance the hardware performance of the cat’s eye, but also added face recognition + semantic command recognition, dual camera inside and outside the door, low light level night vision self-switching, two-way voice dialogue, intelligent power saving A series of popular “black technology” elements such as patterns.

  Camera Big Lift, 1080P Ultra Clear Capture

  叮咚5’s camera is fully upgraded, from the usual high-definition 720P to ultra-clear 1080P, coupled with a special 2.0 large aperture, which brings a clearer and more pure imaging effect. It is real-time viewing from the mobile app, or automatic capture, video recording, each photo, each frame is clear and bright. If you take the captured photo further zoomed in, still To see the details that are often overlooked in the picture.

   low light level night vision, showing clear colors at night

   For the control of light, it has always been a difficult point of monitoring and capturing. Facing the complicated light source environment in the corridor, it is difficult for ordinary monitoring equipment to take a clear picture. 5 Designed to improve the adaptive ability of the light source, in the face of the intricate light source environment, can also let consumers take the desired effect at any time.

  On the basis of the original night vision, 叮咚5 is further upgraded to low-light night vision effect, even in the dark, consumers Can take a colorful picture. High-sensitivity components with high-performance doorbell fill light, 叮咚5 can also take brightly-colored photos when the light illumination is less than 1 Lux. The traditional night vision performance is only black and white, and the 微5’s low-light night vision can display the skin color of the visitor, the color of the clothing, the color of the jewelry, etc. on the screen.

  Smart identification, safer and more Heart

  咚5 added two new smart technologies – face recognition and semantic recognition. Intelligent face recognition is one of the most popular AI technologies. Consumers only need to set an alarm white list in advance, and input photos of family, friends, neighbors and other acquaintances into smart chips to create an acquaintance white list.. Each time the camera captures a photo, it will automatically filter the whitelist, and the unmatched stranger image will be pushed to the mobile phone alert. This setting not only reduces the frequency of daily disturbances, but also prolongs the endurance of the cat’s eye more effectively.

  Intelligent Semantic Recognition is in 叮咚5 Internally, a new AI voice module is implanted, just like the siri in the iPhone. The complicated operations of the day are just one sentence. For example, in the past, to capture images, consumers need to go to the screen and use their fingers. Tap the center button to light up the screen, then turn on the camera, and press the center button again to complete the capture. Now everyone just needs to go to the door and say “View outside the door, capture!” will be done.

   Consumers want to see weather forecasts, browse alarm history, settings Door ringtones, wallpaper replacement, now only need to move the mouth can be achieved! It is understood that the current intelligent identification system is only the initial stage of the mobile Kang artificial intelligence technology, I believe that in the future, Shikang intelligent will bring more consumers Surprise.


  Out of the overall home environment For security reasons, in addition to the traditional outdoor camera, the Mobile Intelligent 叮咚5 adds a 5 megapixel sub-camera to the edge of the indoor host screen. Consumers can go out and check the living conditions of their family members or pets while looking at the outside. In addition, a new button has been added to the host desktop. In the room, the family can use this button to call the mobile APP in one step and contact the consumers in the distance.

  Smart power saving, long-lasting battery life

   smart cat’s endurance It has always been the most troublesome place for consumers. In order to support the new black technology, this time, Shikang Intelligent has allocated 10,000 mAh polymer lithium battery to 叮咚5. According to the test, it can last 179 days. At the same time, in daily use, consumers can further enhance the endurance of the cat’s eye by turning off some functions that are not commonly used. Shikang Intelligent also has a smart power-saving assistant, which intelligently regulates the lighting time of the screen through sensors inside and outside the door, saving daily power consumption.

   two-way voice call, no buttons required Talk

  in some basic functions On the top, Shikang Intelligent is also trying to update and upgrade. This time, on the 叮咚APP, 叮咚5 canceled the original button speaking function and upgraded to a two-way voice call. When a visitor rings the doorbell, the consumer simply selects a voice or video call on the mobile app to communicate with the visitor outside the door.

   In the near future, 叮咚5 S also Will support suspect mark, 4G network band, smart life assistant, full voice control … to provide consumers with a full range of intelligent security experience.

  Intelligent security as an indispensable system in smart eco-homes is gradually becoming the standard for every family. If you are a black technology enthusiast, if you are busy with work on weekdays and can’t take good care of your family, if you want to give your family a safe living environment, you can be a solid backing, guarding the family, givingThe family has a safe and worry-free home-based experience.

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Bathroom cabinet purchase: What are the reasons for the color difference in the solid wood bathroom cabinet?

On solid woodbathroom cabinetAfter entering the venue, discover your own homebathroom CabinetThere is a color difference. I believe many of my friends have encountered such a situation. What is going on?

In fact, the reason for the color difference in the bathroom cabinet is mainly due to differences in the variety, origin, color, texture, etc. of the tree, as long as There is a color difference in the furniture of solid wood. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the color difference in solid wood bathroom cabinets!

1, treetop root Color difference

Solid wood bathroom cabinet Some are made of tree roots, some are made of treetops, and the place near the roots is dark, and the color near the treetops is light.

2, the color difference of the bark tree heart

The place near the bark in the solid wood bathroom cabinet is light and light; close to the heart of the tree The color is deep and the weight is large.

3, processing method causes color difference

Furniture wood opening method is different, some are cut into diameter, some are cut by string, processed When the texture is different, the two pieces of wood with different wood grain will inevitably have a color difference.


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What are the precautions for buying tiles? Don’t be pitted by these 6 points.

The use of tiles is an important part of the entire home improvement process, not only the overall cost, but also if something goes wrong The loss is not small, so you need to buy it carefully. Then, in buy tiles considerationsWhat are you? And listen to Xiaobian for you.

Buy Tile Notes 1,Before purchasing, you should measure the size of each space, because the size and quantity of tiles required for different spaces are different. However, for kitchens, restrooms, and balconies, you must first select wall tiles and then choose Floor tiles, follow the principle of simple and complex. In addition, there will be some color difference in different batches of tiles, so you should buy as many tiles as possible, preferring to return without replenishing.

Buy Tile Note 2,When buying tiles, you should carefully look at the back of the brick. See if the color is pure. Generally, the color of the tile should be milky white. If it is yellow or black, it proves that the brick itself has impurities, which will easily reduce the density of the brick and cause breakage and damage.

Buy Tile Notes 3. Also look at the side of the tile, mainly to see if the inner part of the particles are fine and even. If the particles are large and rough, the density of such bricks is also very loose, and it is prone to problems in the future. Therefore, the fine and uniform particles should be selected.

Buy Tile Notes 4,Look at Brick The gloss of the surface. Place the tile on the slanting plate. If the shadow of the surface of the brick is clearer, the higher the gloss of the brick is, so the hardness is stronger and the durability is better. On the contrary, the more blurred the shadow, the tile Hardness is low and should not be chosen.

Buy Tile Notes 5. Of course, you should also look at the thickness of the brick glaze. Too thin, prolonged, prone to breakage or soiling. Then, look at whether the glaze on the surface of the tile is bright, and the quality of the glazed tile is better.

Buy Tile Notes 6,In addition, the water absorption of wall tiles is also a part of buying tiles that cannot be underestimated. When we buy, we can discard the water on the back of the tile to identify it. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the tiles are. Not only is it easy to empty, but the paving is also very strong.

Xiaobian Conclusion: The above is the right buy tiles considerationsAll the introductions. In fact, the quality of the tile is not easy for the layman to identify with the naked eye, but as long as you carefully check the product’s test report, origin, grade, specifications, etc., you can definitely choose the qualified tile. Product’s.


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May Day holiday decoration is busy choose Lanshe diatom mud, good craft good air

The May Day holiday is approaching, the atmosphere of the decoration market is hot, and now people are getting more and more To understand the hazards of decoration pollution, in order to make the home beautiful and environmentally friendly, consumers can do their best to do their homework, and wall decoration is one of the “big plays.” In recent years, among the many wall materials, Lanshe diatom mud stands out, relying on its own health and environmental protection functions and the recognition of consumers. The Lanshe diatom mud is widely praised not only for its long-lasting decomposition of formaldehyde patented materials, perfect functions, excellent service, but also the strong artistic and exquisite construction process of the diatom mud.

  A lot of consumers who don’t understand Lansing Diatom mud will be quite three-dimensional in the Lanshe store Attracted by the wall with a sense of texture, exquisite texture and varied styles, the diatom mud was selected as the wall decoration material for the local key areas such as the background wall and the entrance wall. However, after understanding the environmental protection function of the diatom diatom mud, many consumers will choose to use it as the decoration material for the wall and ceiling of the whole house, because the diatom diatom mud will not only bring decoration pollution, but also through itself. Rich microporous adsorption pollution, and the decomposition of harmful gases such as formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide by means of patented decomposition materials. The larger the area of ​​the diatom mud is, the better the effect of diatom mud adsorption and purification of air.

   In addition, Lanshe diatom mud has sixteen Large product series, thousands of color varieties, whether it is a three-dimensional wall with strong texture, or a light luxury wall that emphasizes flat expression and smooth and delicate feel, as long as it is cleverly matched, whether it is European style, Chinese style, American style or At present, the Nordic style is particularly popular, and the taste of the entire interior space can be significantly improved. The May Day holiday is very busy, choose Lanshe diatom mud, feel the unique craftsmanship, breathe fresh and healthy air.

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