The cultivator of modern Chinese furniture Wang Jinfeng rooted in the fertile soil of Chinese culture

There is such a legendary figure, he is the “modern classic” and “modern Chinese” furniture series popular at home and abroad is his original designer; he is the practical workmanship to fully realize the great rejuvenation mission of Chinese civilization and Chinese culture in the field of furniture. He is one of the top ten figures influencing the Chinese furniture industry. He is the legendary figure of the furniture industry, Mr. Wang Jinfeng, who combines furniture design masters and entrepreneurs.

Wang Jinfeng is polishing furniture

   Mr. Wang Jinfeng has deposited more than 30 years in the furniture sector. In 1995, he founded the Senyuan Furniture Group, which quickly became an influential company in the Chinese furniture industry. In the millennium, he also created the Golden Phoenix Furniture (International) Group, which, due to its unique business strategy and management model, has undertaken major international projects such as the Spanish King’s Palace, the Presidential Palace of Kazakhstan, the Malaysian Royal Palace and Parliament, and the APCE Summit. It has completed the system furniture configuration for many large and high-end hotels at home and abroad, and has become a designated production enterprise of important government projects, making the history of “luxury special machine furniture dependent on imports” a past tense. Such a pioneering work won the high praise of the head of the central government and encouraged him to inscribe: skilled and glory for the country.

Golden Phoenix inscription

   Mr. Wang Jinfeng, who has always been fond of Chinese culture, is a leader in the furniture industry. However, he is keenly aware that in today’s furniture market, European and American furniture has been constantly improving and creating, while Chinese furniture has a fault, and regrets the absence of the status of world furniture style. The splendid and splendid Chinese traditional culture accumulates the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation, but now it faces the embarrassing experience that has been neglected in the furniture field. People have been imitating and using European and American style furniture. The new Chinese style has not broken through the traditional Chinese style. It cannot reflect the essence of Chinese style and the attributes of the times, and it has never been able to find a sense of belonging.

   It is reasonable to say that Chinese furniture culture is profound and profound, and it is an important part of the world furniture culture. It is also an important part of the Chinese nation’s architectural culture. It should not be this situation. Out of the Chinese furniture culture that has been revival for thousands of years, Mr. Wang Jinfeng is determined to create furniture belonging to the Chinese.

  From the profound complex of Chinese culture, it stems from the sense of mission to the great cause of the rejuvenation of Chinese civilization, stemming from the endless pursuit of art, stemming from its many years of industry experience… …Wang Jinfeng walked through his life, and he was undivided, tapping the “root” of Chinese civilization, leaving behind all the illusory and leaving a pure “soul”, the shape of the object, presented in a quiet, simple and elegant way, this is the back of Dongguan The birth of Hua Furniture Development Co., Ltd.

   The future of Chinese culture requires not only a group of people looking up to the stars, but also a large number of down-to-earth cultivators. In order to put all the mind and body into the innovation of furniture, Mr. Wang Jinfeng has worked for 30 years, day and night, in order to build a world-class furniture art hall in the factory. In order to study the “modern Chinese” furniture, he has not been able to go home for the third consecutive year.

   Finally, Huang Tian pays off, Mr. Wang Jinfeng creates modern Chinese furniture and builds Dajinghua Furniture Development Co., Ltd. to help more people realize their dreams of living! If the “modern Chinese style” is the expression of the Chinese complex by Mr. Wang Jinfeng as a master of design, Dajinghua is the fusion of his life experience and the sense of mission, and it is the “Taoshengzhi, Dezhizhi, and the shape of the object”.

Li Yuanchao, Vice President of the State, came to inspect
   Nowadays, Dajinghua has quietly moved to the world, and it is inseparable from Mr. Wang Jinfeng’s hard work and continuous development of Chinese furniture. Reviving and promoting Chinese culture has made him a new generation of “modern Chinese” culture.

   Modern Chinese emphasizes the true meaning of people and furniture, people and culture. In the historical inheritance and innovation, it has its distinctive Chinese cultural atmosphere and never fades. As a believer, inheritor and a stalker of Chinese culture, Mr. Wang Jinfeng has always adhered to the spiritual homeland, and has clarified his enthusiasm and expressed his praise for the national cultural treasure in his own way.

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Selection tips for partition curtains

The application of partition curtains is actually very wide. Although some partition curtains are not very expensive, they are very important. There are many people who choose partition curtains. However, the types of partition curtains are also very rich, and the shapes are different. This will reflect the effect of different styles. Then, let’s take a look at the types of partition curtains and the selection techniques for the partition curtains.

I. What are the types of partition curtains

1, crystal curtain partition: crystal curtain partition can actually replace wall and glass, and It is light and can effectively expand indoor space, and the whole room will be extraordinarily light. There are also many colors and styles of crystal curtain partitions, so everyone should coordinate with the style of the room when choosing.

2. Organ curtain partition: The organ curtain partition has always been in Europe, and in recent years, China is also widely used. Organ curtain partitions are often used in villas, sunrooms and family homes. The specially processed fabrics are very flexible, of fine size and come in a variety of popular colors.

3, gauze partition: the manufacture of gauze partition is diversified, there are plain, twill, jacquard, colorful, gauze can be used for curtains alone, and Curtains are used as window screens and curtains. Generally, the texture of the gauze partition is soft and has a fascinating sense of beauty. When the breeze blows, the gauze will dance with the wind, stimulating the desire of people to fly.

Second, the choice of partition curtains

1, see fabric: the type of partition curtain, according to the material, There are also many kinds of solid wood partition curtains, crystal partition curtains, pearl partition curtains, fabric partition curtains. Wait, this is based on where you decorate and your preferences. Different material prices are different. Pearl partition curtains are more expensive than others, but their value is relatively high. The average housewife chooses more fabric partitions.

2. Look at the color: the color of the partition curtain should be consistent with the overall home decoration. The selection of the color of the partition curtain in different spaces should also be changed. For example, the traditional white partition curtain is suitable for traditional decoration or simple home decoration style. For families with brighter wall colors or relatively complex decoration styles, the use of white partition curtains tends to be less decorative and hierarchical.

3, look at the form: kitchen partition curtains from the formal point of view, the classification is more, such as electric opening and closing curtains, electric roller blinds, electric blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor louvers Curtains, outdoor sun visors, hollow venetian blinds, full or semi-light-shielding guide roller blinds. For the special place of the kitchen, the occlusion effect is ideal.
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Counterattack of mahogany furniture

   With the continuous advancement of society, mahogany furniture has also kept up with the trend of the times. There are more young series of mahogany furniture in the furniture market, which is also ready for many 90-year prospective consumers. The rejuvenation of mahogany furniture has undoubtedly become an important trend. A large number of mahogany furniture brands have launched a series of young products, designed in a stylish, simple, elegant color, casual style.

   In the recent years of various furniture exhibitions, all major mahogany companies have highlighted the development of a series of new Chinese-style mahogany furniture for the 80s and 90s. The lively “young” trend of the mahogany furniture industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the target is also directed at the customer groups after the 80s and 90s.

   With the increase of people’s spending power, the demand for culture is also growing, and the mahogany furniture carrying China’s profound traditional culture is favored by more and more consumers. At a time when life and art are getting closer, the mahogany furniture market is beginning to dominate the “young card.”

   The cultural heritage and innovation of Chinese mahogany classical furniture has become a hot topic. How does traditional Chinese mahogany furniture carry traditional culture, how to inherit and innovate? It has become a common concern of the industry and consumers. Xiaobian takes you to understand the current industry trends. .

  Classical furniture is an excellent carrier of traditional culture

  Chinese classical furniture is an important part of the ancient Chinese cultural and art treasure house, and is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Carrier. The ancient craftsmen devoted their efforts to the finest materials and exquisite craftsmanship, creating a brilliant classical furniture art. Mahogany furniture not only has a strong practical function, but also has a high aesthetic meaning. For today’s people, it adds value to the collection based on the former two.

   Chinese classical furniture, as the crystallization of human labor, reflects the traditional Chinese culture in essence. On the one hand, the political, economic, religious, customs and other factors at that time determine the connotation of furniture and On the other hand, furniture is also a witness and epitome of culture. It is a way of life and contains the social background of each historical period. Different societies have different geographical, ethnic, and cultural factors, and the aesthetic concepts they form are also different.

  The dilemma of traditional Chinese furniture

  As people’s recognition and acceptance of Chinese culture is increasing, it is one of the important carriers of traditional culture. The mahogany furniture will naturally attract the attention of many people. When you meet the favorite and heart-warming mahogany furniture, you will buy it when the funding conditions are met. However, when you visit the mahogany market, you will find that the product is the same. The quality is serious and the brand recognition is not high. Far from reaching the level of customer satisfaction. There is no innovation in the market, and industry veterans believe that an excellent traditional furniture should consist of these four elements. The first is design, the second is technology, the third is structure, the fourth is material, and many of the furniture we produce today are the first place in the material, not to pay attention to design and technology. This kind of furniture is like a “beauty” that can only be coated with grease and powder, and has no connotation and knowledge at all. People can’t love it.

  The mahogany industry needs talents with cultural heritage to innovate

  To completely change this situation, it is necessary to have a cultural heritage to design and produce furniture. . We are now advocating the spirit of craftsmen. The “artisans” referred to in the spirit of craftsmen should be talents with special contributions in a certain industry. It is not just a tradesman who simply sells craftsmanship. First of all, it must have a high cultural quality. And education, has a deep understanding of aesthetics, such as Ming style furniture is largely promoted by Jiangnan literati, the Ming and Qing dynasties Jiangnan literati such as Wen Zhenheng’s “Long Story”, Gao Song’s “Zunsheng eight”笺》, Li Yu’s “Easy Love” records the furniture he designed. These Jiangnan literati, with their unique perspectives and aesthetic qualities, have personally promoted the development of Ming style literati furniture. In today’s view, if a group of effective doers who have a deep understanding of traditional culture can become the creators, fans, and beneficiaries of furniture, then traditional Chinese furniture will surely shine like a shining star. .

  New Chinese furniture is returning to traditional cultural connotations

  New Chinese classical furniture combines historical and cultural heritage with modern interpretation, facing the world of contemporary multiculturalism To create a new concept system, aesthetic system and technological system, more in line with the aesthetic consumption after 85 and 90, these new Chinese styles that Yan’s now promoted are also to cultivate their love for classical furniture. Develop strategies from product design and marketing methods to meet this group of consumers. In design, it is more inclined to grasp the mentality of young people, both applicable, warm, yet dynamic and jumping.


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How to choose beautiful wallpapers?

How to choose the right and beautiful wallpaper?

If you want to know how to choose a wallpaper that is both cost-effective and beautiful, the following five ways to choose a wallpaper are worth learning.

One How to choose wallpaper to save money and beauty

Select wallpaper first, plan well, such as considering the size of the living room, spatial scale , the orientation of the room, etc. Only by doing a good job of macro-planning can you choose a cheap and suitable wallpaper. This macro plan can be considered from the following aspects:

1 Choose better than before, buy on demand

Planning those places before you choose to paste wallpaper, wallpaper style, color , pattern, characteristics, etc., what kind of space is used for what kind of wallpaper. Under the premise of unifying the overall style, the wallpaper selection of a space can be determined according to his function, and then the purchase plan is deliberately reduced to reduce the waste of wallpaper.

2, purchase according to the wallpaper layout area, reduce waste

The wallpaper is suitable for use in the bedroom wall or the living room’s four walls, but it is not suitable for the roof. According to the budget, choose to paste the wallpaper or the wall part of the wallpaper. If the whole floor is darker than the small area, you need to consider The whole effect.

3, Rational planning of wallpaper accessories, comprehensive savings

The accessories required for wallpapering include the base film (brushed on the wall, with anti-mildew, moisture-proof, alkali-resistant effect), rubber powder (after mixing with water, brushed on the back of the wallpaper), glue (a kind of bonding) Agent, generally brushed on both sides of the wallpaper, the role of the edge. When choosing wallpapers, you should also understand their function and quality. It is recommended to choose a brand with a complete system. The use of the system is not only effective, but also comprehensive and economical. It can prevent unfamiliar and random purchases.

2 Reasonable selection of cost-effective wallpapers from a variety of styles

There are many types of wallpapers that can be roughly divided according to their substrates. For: pure paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, foam wallpaper, non-woven paper wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, bucky wallpaper, gold foil wallpaper and special wallpapers, etc. So in the choice of wallpaper, what kind of wallpaper can be more suitable for our home decoration and save money?

4, according to their own needs and wallpaper Feature selection wallpaper

There are seven kinds of wallpapers commonly used in home decoration wallpaper: pure paper wallpaper is suitable for children’s room; PVC wallpaper is not wallpaper Limited to use; non-woven paper wallpaper suitable for living room, bedroom, wall, etc.; fabric wallpaper for wall and ceiling; cloth-based wallpaper for TV background wall, bedroom wall, study wall; special wallpaper based on paper or cloth The material is suitable for special spaces.

5. Pick wallpaper based on popularity and personal preference

Wallpaper is one of the most popular elements in home decoration. There are many kinds of wallpapers. You can choose the right material and style according to your own home decoration. After comparing the characteristics, performance, price and applicable space of various common wallpapers, we can Choose the right wallpaper for your own needs, so that you can choose and lay wallpapers with purpose.


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There are no small things in the cabinet installation. You should pay attention to these details.

The closet is also the cabinet near the wall, the cabinet is installed In time, it is necessary to measure whether the horizontal plane at the bottom and the top are balanced, and whether the two sides are vertical. If it is not checked, it will not only affect the overall aesthetics, but also affect the need for use.

Cabinet can’t be moved like other furniture, one step is in place, and it’s best to have peace of mind in the future. It’s a very troublesome project. Otherwise, it takes time and effort to use the problem. Let’s take a look at the specific steps of cabinet installation, and then understand the details that need to be paid attention to during installation.

1, installation order

The cabinet installation sequence is properly arranged to ensure a smoother installation process and may also shorten the installation time In general, the cabinet installation sequence is the floor cabinet – the hanging cabinet – the countertop – the faucet, the basin – the cooker, the electrical appliance.

2, measuring the wall cabinet

The closet is also the cabinet near the wall. When installing the closet, it is necessary to measure whether the water level at the bottom and top is balanced, and whether the two sides are vertical. If there is no check in place, it will not only affect the overall aesthetics, but also affect the needs of use.

3, design the cabinet door

If the cabinets all use a swing door, you should pay attention to the cabinet. The opening direction of the door should be on the same side or on the right side. If it is two adjacent cabinet doors, one is installed on the left side of the cabinet and one is installed on the right side, it is not convenient to open the cabinet door. p>

4. Install the cabinet

Before installing the cabinets and cabinets, you should first measure whether their water level is consistent. During the installation process, install along the measured horizontal line. To ensure the stability of the cabinet. After installation, shake it to see if there is any looseness, and make sure the cabinet is completely fixed on the floor or wall.

5, check the countertop

Before installation, check whether the material, color and other aspects of the table are different from the selected ones. Then check the thickness of the table interface, the thinner the interface. The line is more beautiful and more secure.

6, observe seams

post check cabinet installation If it is in place, pay attention to observe the various seams and edges, which is a good test standard. Observe the edges of the cabinet, countertops, and door panels, and observe the joints between the cabinet, the countertop and the wall, the cooker, and the sink. If there is a large gap, its stability will be weak, and the construction workers should be required to make improvements in time.

Details often come with installation effects It is said that it has a great influence, so you can’t take it lightly. Look at what else to pay attention to in the cabinet installation!

1Pre-installation inspection work is very important

Installing cabinets generally requires many dimensional measurements, and the specific design and After the board, when the cabinet is installed, the board of the cabinet enters the scene. Careful inspection of the panels of the cabinets is required to see if the panels you have chosen and the scratches on the panels.

2, check the stitching effect of the table after installation

The aesthetics of the kitchen countertop is also very important. After installation, check the cabinet countertop< The aesthetics and splicing are good. Some manufacturers have obvious splicing gaps after installation. In this case, it is not beautiful.

3, check if the cabinet is level

This is also important. Don’t wait until later check-in, only to find that your cabinet is not flat.

4, check the door panel of the cabinet

Mainly see if the door panel of the cabinet has a serious color difference. At the same time, we also need to check if the cabinet door panel is open and merged.

5. Check the underwater water

(1) Upper water angle valve: Centered in the sink cabinet, the interval between the hot and cold water angle valves is 150, and the height is 600.

(2) Sewer pipe: The ground drainage position is located in the middle of the hot and cold water angle valve. The wall drainage requires that the outlet pipe height not exceed 300 and be buried in the wall as much as possible.

(3) The upper and lower water and sockets of the dishwasher or washing machine are reserved in the sink cabinet, and the location is close to 150 on the side panel of the equipment side. The height is up and down with the sink. The pipeline must be pre-buried at the location where the equipment is placed.

6.Check the water pipe

You can fill the sink with water and then release the water test to see if there is any water leakage when draining.

7, check the water barrier

In order to prevent the water in the kitchen counter from leaking to the back of the cabinet, some families have made a water stop on the wall. If there is, then there may be a leak in the future, and the water leaks into the back of the cabinet, which is not easy to handle.

8. Check the tightness of the cabinet

After closing the cabinet, see if there are any big gaps, so as to avoid bugs entering inside.

9, check hardware

The above is the case when checking the cabinet door. It is mainly to check whether the hardware is used smoothly, and whether the pulling of the basket is free.

10. Check kitchen appliances and ground

Look at whether the kitchen appliances are used properly after the renovation; also look at the ground or the construction of scratches on the wall.


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Bathroom renovation can not save eight

Eight bathroom renovations can’t be saved
  It’s the wish of many decorators to save the house, but for the functional bathroom, if you don’t save the province It is easy to leave a lot of decoration regrets. Therefore, when you are planning, you should first understand what can’t be saved, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

  The pipeline budget cannot be saved
   Hydropower is not done, the decoration is equal to zero. The bathroom is a place where multiple water and electricity are collected. If it is installed and the water is leaking due to problems in design and material selection, the cost of rework can be a small amount. Therefore, it is necessary to select good quality water pipes, wires, and electric wires in the early stage, and the wiring must comply with the regulations.
   Reserved sockets can’t save
   As space expands and functions increase, there are more and more appliances in the bathroom. Many families have smart toilets, whole bath rooms, jacuzzi, multi-function bathroom cabinets and other sanitary appliances or TV, audio and other audio-visual equipment. The budget for the decoration is limited, and the socket can be reserved first to avoid troubles in rewiring in the future.
  Waterproof materials can’t save
   waterproofing in the bathroom is also very important. Not only the materials are good, but also painted as required. Ground waterproofing is generally required to be brushed twice and subjected to a 24-hour water shut-off test, while the wall waterproofing should also be 180 cm high. The waterproofing of the corners and water pipes should be done carefully, which is a place where problems are more likely to occur.
  The ground slip can not save
  The bathroom floor often has water supply, and the ordinary tile people walk on it and slip easily. In particular, families with old people and children should pay more attention to this problem. Therefore, we must pay attention to the anti-slip property when choosing the floor material for the bathroom. Although the price is more expensive, it is the safety and health of the family when it is used.
   heating equipment can not save
   bathing at home has become the habit of most people, but the bathroom is not a warm place, especially in winter, a large temperature difference They are very easy to get sick. Therefore, heating equipment such as floor heating, heat sinks, and Yuba are also indispensable items in the bathroom. The product type is determined by the specific circumstances.
  Quality ware can’t save
  The use of sanitary ware is high, and it is rarely replaced after installation, so the quality of the product must be good. Otherwise, there will be problems at both ends of the three days, not only repairing troubles, but also easily causing water leakage, difficulty in cleaning, and inability to use. The selection of the faucet and the hose is particularly important, and it is often replaced if it is not well selected.
   Tempered glass can’t save
   It is often said that there are showers, glass basins and other self-destructive incidents, which are mainly related to the quality of the glass used. Good tempered glass is generally difficult to break and will not hurt when broken. Therefore, for safe use, don’t be greedy for the time being, try to choose a brand with good quality and good reputation.   
  Common objects can’t save
   floor drains, ceiling lights are common but unobtrusive objects in the bathroom. Their quality also directly affects everyone’s normal life. The selection of the floor drain is not easy to cause the drainage to be poor or the water to return to the smell. The ordinary lamp will not light up after the damp, so the ceiling light must be treated with moisture.
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Gaoan ceramic slabs need fire? The problem to be solved is more than imagined

The phrase “no big board is not big” has developed into the present sentence, and another sentence has been derived: no big cards are not big boards.

800×800mm or more tiles are usually difficult in the production process, especially for shaped products above 600×1200mm, etc. The requirements are very high, therefore, the current big board not only represents the strength of the enterprise, but also the embodiment of the production capacity of the enterprise.

Ginkelui ceramics 600×1200mm large plate production site.

Gao’an has 8 big boards Line

Specifications are 600×1200mm

In September 2017, Jiangxi Jinkairui ceramics 900×900mm specification production line was put into operation, and the 600×1200mm specification series was launched simultaneously. Then, Gaorui production area Xinruijing ceramics, solar ceramics and other enterprises have launched large-plate series products, but the specifications It is limited to 600×1200mm. Compared with Foshan ceramics, the characteristics of the large plate size are not obvious.

This reporter learned that in the first half of this year, Golden Triangle Ceramics, Zhongyang Ceramics and Mingrui Ceramics Co., Ltd. also began to introduce 600×1200mm large-size products. However, overall, in the Gao’an production area, there are only a handful of companies that have large-scale production lines. The positioning of these enterprises on the big board is also more symbolic than the significance of production and sales.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 8 large-scale production lines in Gao’an production area, the largest production capacity is around 10,000 square meters, and only a few companies The production line can be produced in the whole line. Most of the enterprises mainly arrange production for inventory, and other times, they mainly produce traditional specifications.

Compared with the Foshan production area, the large board is mainly in the 600-1200mm specification in the Gao’an production area, and the thickness of the product is about 10mm. Only Jiangxi Futura High-ceramics (Xinzhongyuan Gaoan Production Base) added a new production line of 1200×2400mm and other large-scale series in May this year. At the same time, the production line of the large plate in Gao’an production area is mainly based on the production line of polished tiles or polished glazed tiles. The newly expanded production line is only the 900×900mm specification production line of Jinkairui ceramics newly built in September last year. Other enterprises are using existing production lines. Upgrade.

Luo Qun, general manager of Roosevelt Ceramics Group, said that Roosevelt Ceramics plans to add a large board production line this year. Previously, some enterprises planning to expand the slab production line at the end of this year were affected by the current environmental protection policies and large-scale sales. It has clearly stated that no new production lines will be added for the time being. If there is a need for large-scale products to supplement the product chain in the later stage, More than through the OEM method, and in the current production area, ceramic enterprises have supplemented the large-plate series products by means of OEM.

At present, there are few ceramic enterprises in the Gao’an production area that can produce large-size products with a size of 600×1200mm or more.

Large board production rate is lower


Average price is about 30 yuan/piece

Chengcheng Ceramics Chairman Luo In fact, Jingcheng Ceramics launched a 600×1200mm full-body antique brick in 2016. At that time, the selling price was 50 yuan/piece, and today’s average price is close to 35 yuan/piece. Sales have not yet formed a scale, and prices have fallen a lot.

For the sales situation of the large board, Luo Lai is frankly, the current production capacity of Jingcheng Ceramics is about 8,000 square meters, mainly for domestic sales and exports. The main, and a small number of OEMs, it is difficult to achieve production and sales balance at full production. Currently, the company is communicating with some large companies, hoping to integrate in production capacity.

Jingcheng ceramics has been producing large plates for more than 2 years, and the technology for producing large plates has been very mature, especially the stability of product quality and products. The flatness has attracted many first-line brand enterprises in Foshan to come to discuss the foundry. Luo Laizu introduced that Jingcheng Ceramics first produced 600×1200mm general-purpose antique bricks. Last year, it added a series of all-body soft light. This year, at the request of some OEMs, it began to increase the light series. In addition to these series, it is large. In terms of the color of the board, Jingcheng will also add some new techniques and technologies, so that the use of the board can be more extensive.

Liu Jian, general manager of Jin Kairui Ceramics Marketing, told reporters, Jin KaiRui is an enterprise that introduced 900×900mm and 600×1200mm specifications earlier in Gao’an production area, and is also the first enterprise in the production area to produce these two large-scale series products. He said that although these special-shaped specifications are not as good as the conventional specifications of 800×800mm and 600×600mm, the large board definitely represents the future development direction.

“This year’s 900×900mm, 600×1200mm product sales increased significantly compared with last year. Our production line with a daily output of 10,000 square meters can basically achieve full load. Production.” Liu Jian said that Jinkairui Ceramics, as a high-tech production area, can produce large-scale enterprises in the whole line, and has great advantages in product quality and market reputation. Therefore, the market sales volume has gradually increased.

Golden Triangle Ceramics also officially launched a large plate of 600×1200mm specifications in April this year. In the view of Jin Siping, chairman of Golden Triangle Ceramics, the current sales of large plates are still Not really “fire”, more reflected in the production capacity of ceramic enterprises.

According to the reporter’s understanding, it is still difficult for Gao’an ceramic enterprises to achieve profitability through the sales of large boards, and because they are worried about the local companies will be in the channel and price. Conflicts have formed, so it is more to introduce Foshan first-line brands for OEM.

Liao Hubao, general manager of New Ruijing Ceramics Marketing, said frankly that from the information feedback from the terminal dealers, the main application of the large board of 600×1200mm specifications in Gao’an production area is currently applied. On the stairs, the amount is very limited. “The big board will only form a large area of ​​indoor paving, which will form sales, but at present it is only a supplement to the product structure.”

And in Luolai In terms of sales volume and production, the demand for the company’s comprehensive strength is relatively high, especially for the stability and flatness of product production. On the other hand, the current sales of the slabs are very limited. Even in Foshan, the sales of the slabs are not optimistic. Therefore, it is more suitable for companies with large-scale production lines to carry out OEM production, which is more conducive to price stability.

In fact, in addition to the ground paving, ceramic slabs have more application space, such as cabinets.

The future of Gao’an slab

Requires a channel to host

In fact, from the current point of view, Gaoan Many ceramic enterprises in the production area already have the ability to produce large plates, but they lack the carrying capacity of large plate sales. The most prominent problem is that the positioning and channels of ceramic enterprises in Gao’an production area are mainly based on the wholesale channels of the third- and fourth-tier markets, but the sales of large-scale plates rely heavily on retail, engineering and designers.

Roosevelt Ceramics Group General Manager Luo Qun told reporters that Roosevelt Ceramics’ future positioning is to move closer to branding. Currently, it is necessary to build a terminal brand store channel. support. With the current popular words, it is “no big board is not big card”, so Roosevelt ceramics enterprises will definitely go to the big board production line.

In the view of Gao’an ceramics, the future 600×1200mm slab products must be a trend, because Chinese culture is also the pursuit of “big beauty” . However, because the cost of the large board is high in terms of production cost and technology, it is destined to be a high value-added product based on profit. Even if it can form a certain sales volume in the future, it may not become a mainstream trend.

Liu Jian said that the current application of the large board in Gao’an production area is mainly stair step. The reason is that the customer does not know enough about the application of the large board. It is easy to mislead the existing large-scale sales in the production area and lose the significance of promoting the big board. In fact, the more suitable space for the large board is the interior decoration, and the rich effect of the large board is achieved through the combination of color and color, and the cutting design of the product.

Liao Hubao told reporters that the big board must represent the future development direction of ceramic tile products, and it can also become the development trend of the ceramic tile industry. To this end, Xinruijing Ceramics has increased the training of terminal store managers and customers, and has achieved very good response. The dealers will provide a complete set of design solutions in the later stage of the application of large plates, to a certain extent. Promote the use of large panels in the home interior space.

“The big board must represent the future direction and trend, but the companies with large boards in the production area need to endure a certain loneliness, at least 1 and a half years. Time to market precipitation,” Jin Siping said.


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What are the advantages of open kitchen design?

Everyone has different opinions and ideas about the decoration of the house. In terms of the decoration of the kitchen, some people like the open kitchen design, while others prefer the closed kitchen. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, Qi Jia Xiaobian will talk to you about the advantages of open kitchen design, open kitchen design considerations, let’s get to know it!

What are the advantages of open kitchen design

It can make efficient use of space such as the ground and walls, adding some Partitions, wall cabinets or floor cabinets can add a lot of storage to the kitchen and don’t take up too much space. In addition, the open kitchen can make the whole house look more spacious and bright, and the cooks will be more convenient when cooking.

Open kitchen design essentials

1, cabinet design should be consistent with the kitchen

It refers to the cabinet’s sheet, color, style design, etc. have to be in harmony with the style of the entire cooking space. Or you can choose to make a whole kitchen so that the kitchen can be better decorated.

2, it is convenient to use

In the open kitchen, the table layout is generally close to the kitchen, so we should pay attention to the kitchen. The walking space must be wide enough so that we can be more convenient and not crowded when entering and leaving the kitchen.

3. Ventilation design is better

In this type of space design, soot is a very important issue. Chinese cooking methods produce more fumes. If you want to make an open kitchen, then the range hood must choose a smoke machine with good oil absorption and high power. In addition, we have to ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated, so that the open kitchen has no excessive smoke smell, and we will not enter the living room during cooking.

4, increase storage space

For an open kitchen, it should look cleaner and neat, so that the whole The house looks more beautiful. For items such as pots and pans, we should not put them all out. We can add some hanging cabinets and floor cabinets to ensure the aesthetics of the kitchen and to meet the storage needs of these items.


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Bathroom decoration | Talking about the whole bathroom and its three characteristics

The bathroom is an important part of the home improvement. The traditional decoration is inevitably going to rush to purchase construction materials and sanitary ware, and work hard to focus on the construction site. However, the overall bathroom decoration is in place, using dry construction, no sand and cement, only screws and adhesives. This avoids the troubles caused by material selection mistakes and improper decoration during construction, and makes people have fun with DIY. Two people can spend half a day to one day to complete, greatly shortening the construction period. Join the bathroom and choose the bathroom to meet the beautiful tomorrow.

Bathroom is an integral part of our lives. People’s requirements for sanitary ware are more and more personalized and diversified. The so-called whole bathroom is a bathroom that combines many bathroom facilities through molding and supporting installation. The bathtub and toilet are exquisitely designed, and the bottom plate, ceiling and bathroom door are installed together. Even small mirrors such as vanity mirrors, lighting fixtures, ventilation fans, faucets, paper rollers, towel racks and towel racks are also available. In addition, a whole set The bathroom also includes a full range of upper and lower water pipes accessories and complete sets of mounting parts. Zhongbo Sanitary Ware reminds everyone that the overall bathroom does not specifically refer to the rise of plastic molded bathroom in Japan, but to treat the bathroom as a whole. The whole bathroom is favored by the decoration owners, and there are three main advantages:

Advantage 1: saving time and time

The bathroom is an important part of the home improvement. The traditional decoration is inevitably going to rush to purchase construction materials and sanitary ware, and work hard at the construction site. However, the overall bathroom decoration is in place, using dry construction, no sand and cement, only screws and adhesives. This avoids the troubles caused by material selection mistakes and improper decoration during construction, and makes people have fun with DIY. Two people can spend half a day to one day to complete, greatly shortening the construction period. Bathroom join selected Bo bathroom to meet a better tomorrow.

Advantage 2: Reasonable structure

First of all, the overall bathroom is designed to use space more effectively, even if the bathroom in the home is less than 2 square meters. There is also a corresponding overall bathroom to choose from. Secondly, the bathtub and the bottom plate of the whole bathroom are molded once and there is no splicing gap, which fundamentally solves the problem that the common bathroom floor is easy to seep and leak, which has troubled many families. Later, the whole bathroom is a complete product, which is designed according to the principle of ergonomics, which is more reasonable than the traditional bathroom decoration. The scientific design complements the exquisite workmanship, which can be reflected even in small places. For example, the bathroom facilities in the whole bathroom have no dead angle structure and are easy to clean. Join the bathroom and choose the bathroom to meet the beautiful tomorrow.

Advantage 3: Excellent material

The floor, wallboard, ceiling, bathtub, etc. of the whole bathroom are mostly made of SMC composite material, and SMC is an aircraft. The materials used in the spacecraft have excellent properties such as tight material, smooth surface, thermal insulation, anti-aging and long service life. Compared with the ordinary bathroom wall, it is easy to absorb moisture, the surface is rough and not easy to clean, and the advantages of the whole bathroom are quite obvious. Join the bathroom and choose the bathroom to meet the beautiful tomorrow.

Understanding the fashion and advantages of the “bathroom”, there are still many owners who have some misunderstandings about the bathroom. In the view of Zhongbo Sanitary Ware, most people have two misunderstandings about the whole bathroom:

Misunder one: Some people think that there is toilet, basin, bathtub is the whole bathroom. People have become accustomed to American toilets and basins, German faucets shower, Italian bathtubs, Japanese tiles, Chinese bath cabinets – but how do Chinese and Western styles coordinate? How is the unity of classical and modern? Is there only one color or three? There are always so many inconsistencies in the finished bathroom. Such a bathroom can only be called “patchwork of individual products.” Join the bathroom and choose the bathroom to meet the beautiful tomorrow.

Miscellaneous 2: The “plastic box” that originated in Japan. This is just an image metaphor. The living environment in Japan is very crowded. All the bathroom facilities should be placed in a small space of one or two square meters. So there is a so-called plastic molded whole bathroom. Its overall is mainly because its molded chassis is the whole. It has the function of waterproof and leakproof. Its low-cost, large-capacity reproduction makes it used in aircraft and restaurant decoration. This kind of bathroom personalization is limited, and it cannot be regarded as a complete bathroom. Join the bathroom and choose the bathroom to meet the beautiful tomorrow.


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What is the problem with the glass window always fogging?

Many small partners in the north have such troubles: once in the heating season, all the inside of the window glass is condensed water, and the serious window sill is full of water, even flowing down the wall, and the window sill is near It is wet, even the skin is peeling and moldy. Households in the South will encounter such problems if they turn on air conditioners when they are cold. Is it because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too big? No, it is also a heating zone. Some people have no such problem. If you are flying, the cabin temperature and high air temperature often have a temperature difference of 30 to 40 degrees, and you have never seen frost on the aircraft window. Is the humidity at home too big? It’s not that everyone who drives the heating feels panic and needs extra humidification. Where does the moisture come from?
Does the glass window always fog? That’s why you didn’t install it.

In fact, the problem lies in the sealing and insulation of the window. In order to keep warm, the windows in the north are mostly double glazing. However, the double glazing and the real insulating glass are still different. The process of double glazing is not high, and the vacuum is not in the middle. The heat can be easily transferred between the two layers of glass. In addition, the more common windows are still made of plastic steel, which is not a particularly good material for heat insulation, and there are gaps between the window frames, especially the gap between the sliding rails of the sliding windows is large, the sealing is not good, and the insulation is relatively poor. The cold air outside is easy to run into the house. In this case, the thin window glass is like being placed outdoors, cold and ice. Do not believe that you touch the frosted windows, the glass is frozen like ice.

There is heating in the house, the air in the room is very warm, the warm air touches the cold window, the water vapor in the air will liquefy into small water droplets, stick it in the cold On the window, the windows are all over the water. This principle is like we will fog when we breathe into the glass, because the warm air touches the cold glass. But the windows have been very cold, and the home has been warm, so the water drops on the windows will hang for a winter, dry and foggy. Smart, you asked again, but why did the house that I lived in when I was a child, even a single layer of glass in a wooden window frame, did not fog? Because the old-fashioned radiators are installed under the windows, although the windows are not well insulated, the heating has been baking the glass, the glass itself is baked hot, and the water vapor will not be cooled into small droplets.

The little friends who drive must know that fog will also fog on the windshield when it rains and snows. Light rubbing is useless. When the glass is blown with cold air, the water drops will soon disappear, but the people will be too cold to accept. This is the way to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the car. The most effective way to cure the problem is to open the heat and the inner circulation. The hot wind blows the windshield. Although it takes some time for the mist to slowly disappear, there will be no fog on the way, and people feel very warm. And now many of our radiators are not installed under the window, or simply changed to floor heating, the windows have been cold and ice, and will be drowning throughout the winter. So, the easiest way to solve this problem is to move the radiator back under the window. However, if it is installed with floor heating, or if the home is a floor-to-ceiling window or a large bay window, then the most effective way is to replace the window and change it into a broken aluminum hollow glass window (double-glazed is not enough), preferably a casement window, that is Windows that open inward or outward are more sealed than sliding windows. When installing, be careful not to damage the insulation layer that comes with the wall. Fill the styrofoam between the window frame and the wall. It must be filled until both inside and outside are overflowed, so that it is completely filled with gaps. The sealing is very good.

If you are in an emergency, you can buy an anti-fog agent for automobiles and spray it on the window glass. This will also prevent the glass from fogging to some extent. The window glass in the south is mostly single-layered, and the insulation is even worse. Therefore, the weather is a bit colder. Air conditioning at home will also encounter such problems. However, the south is not as cold as the north, and there is more sunshine. If the sun shines directly on the glass, the water vapor will disappear quickly. If the fog is heavy, you can also refer to these small tips:

1, try to use insulating glass, hollow glass can greatly avoid this phenomenon.

2, glass gasket should be installed, the spacer should be arranged 1-2mm from the glass, and 3-4mm from the lower side of the glass. This can avoid the contact of the septum with the water. Of course, it should be better to choose a septum with good quality and low water absorption.

3, the sealing of the glass should be tight, the operation should be carefully and carefully, the main cause of this problem in actual production is caused by poor sealing.

4. A layer of glass glue on the outside of the spacer in the bottom layer can relieve the septum from rain.

5, the opening of the air pressure balance hole and the drainage hole is very necessary.
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