Actual home home art town settled in Yubei

Recently, Beijing Real Home Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the home of the family”) and Chongqing Youxi Real Estate Co., Ltd. jointly invested to build The “Home of Smart Home Art” will soon be located in Yubei District, Chongqing.

The House of Families joins Youxi Real Estate Over 5 billion investment

It is reported that the “Smart Home Art Town” actually invested more than 5 billion yuan. The home is actually home-based, with a large family consumption as a platform, and its business scope covers interior design and decoration, furniture and building materials sales, smart logistics, business exhibitions, financial services, cross-border e-commerce, cinema catering, children’s entertainment, Large-scale commercial chain group companies in the fields of physical fitness, digital intelligence, home-based care, and urban complex development. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has won the title of “Beijing Top Ten Commercial Brands” and “China Top Ten Commercial Brands” for many years. In 2018, its market sales exceeded 70 billion yuan. It is one of the leading enterprises in China’s home building materials circulation industry. It is also one of the well-known commercial brands in the Chinese market.

Project contractor, Chongqing Youxi Real Estate Co., Ltd., deeply cultivated Chongqing home building materials circulation industry for more than 20 years, sedimented a large number of industry resources It has a very good control over the planning of the project and the subsequent investment promotion. Its shareholders have been operating home building materials in Chongqing for more than 20 years. They have successively set up paint factories and furniture factories, and operate large-scale home stores and hotels such as Juyuan Store, Real Home Garden Boyuan Store, Western Building Materials City and Longxi Decoration City. With 10 years of experience in real estate development, he has developed new properties such as Xincheng Lvyuan, Shanyujian, Juxin Square, Shiyun Guiyuan, Qinglan Yayuan and Cuihu Liu’an. Maintain close relationships with national, provincial and municipal associations. In the Chongqing market, we have a large number of customer fan bases, which have won the trust of merchants and customers.

Building nine formats with “home” as the core

“The Real Home Smart Home Art Town” project covers nine major formats such as living at home, theme business, flagship cluster, catering and entertainment, covering an area of ​​420668.7 square meters. Up to 720117.9 square meters.

The person in charge of the project introduced that “The Home of Smart Home Art” will fully integrate existing resources in six platforms. On top of it, it carries the nine major formats of “flagship cluster, centralized commerce, theme business, living at home, catering and entertainment, business office, design hotel, conference exhibition trade, residential apartment and design creativity”, with “home” as the core theme. Pay attention to the difference and characteristics of the same type of commercial projects, and strive to build a new comprehensive business district with high comprehensiveness, high experience and high commercial value based on home building materials design and trade show.

In the future, the public can experience the nine major formats in a “one-stop shop” and have new places in the holidays.

The project is located in the “Innovative Economic Corridor” Core area

Investing over 5 billion, the “Grand Home Smart Home Art Town” with nine formats It has a good development prospect, and it will be placed in the core area of ​​Chongqing’s Yubei Huixing and Liangjiang New District’s “Innovative Economic Corridor Belt”, which is expected to be in the future.

?? It is understood that Chongqing Yubei Innovation Economic Corridor has now settled 406 projects, including the holy name World Trade Center, Chongqing Creative Key projects such as the park, Southwest International Auto Trade City, Real Home Smart Home Art Town, and Fashion Town. At present, Yubei is taking the seven major projects of Southwest International Automobile Trade City, Real Home Smart Home Art Town and Fashion Town as the starting point, accelerating the construction of high-end consumer corridors, and making the innovation economic corridor become the economic development of Chongqing. Important sections.

Traffic has “15 minutes water, land and air advantage”

In addition to being located in the core area of ​​the “Innovative Economic Corridor”, the home of Smart Home Art Town is also very advantageous. It is 4.5 km from Cuntan Bonded Port and 3 km from Jiangbei Airport. The Airport Expressway and the New Airport Expressway are directly connected to the airport. It is only 17 kilometers away from the ring railway railway freight line Muer Town.

In transportation, the project has “two horizontal, three vertical and four light rails, 15 minutes of water, land and air advantages”, “two horizontal” in “two horizontal and three vertical” is Jinxing Avenue, Airport South Link Road The “three verticals” means the 211 National Highway of the Airport Expressway, the New Airport Expressway, and the Neighboring Expressway. The two horizontal and three vertical traffic structures open the main artery running through the north and south of Chongqing for the project, and quickly reach the whole city. “Four Light Rail” means Light Rail Lines 9 , 10 , 3 and 15 are all directly connected to the area. At the same time, there are more bus lines passing through, the transportation is convenient, and the location advantage is obvious. The home town is in J shape, 10 minutes from Jiangbei Airport. It is about 20 minutes drive from Chongqing North Railway Station, and other important transportation hubs are within 1 hour. The city traffic is close to Inner Ring Express and Airport Road. The traffic outside the city is close to Baomao Expressway and Handan Expressway, and Guizhou, Shaanxi and Huazhong. Connected everywhere.

The Real Home of Smart Home Art has a wealth of business resources, unparalleled location and traffic Advantage, I believe that after the completion of the town, it will not only become The general public favorite recreational punch the Holy Land, but also will become home industry in Chongqing landmark.


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The four major aspects of American household consumption

American household consumption is the most expensive place. The first is the housing expenses. Whether it is owning a house or renting a house, the expenditure on housing is the place where the American people spend the most money. The second is transportation, car purchases, car oil and related expenses are also a major expense for the people. The third is to eat, the proportion of spending on meals is not very high, but it is also an essential expenditure in family life. The fourth is health insurance and retirement plans.
What are the four major expenditures of American households that account for household expenditure? According to the US Department of Labor, American households spend an average of $17,109 per year on housing, accounting for 33.8% of total expenditure. Transportation expenses were $8,604, accounting for 17%. Expenditure on meals was $6,443, or 12.7%. Medical and insurance expenditures were $2,976, or 5.9%. Expenditure on personal insurance and pensions was $5,605, or 11.1%. The two add up to 17% of the total cost. Therefore, in insurance and pension, this is not a small expenditure. And these main expenditures add up to 80% of the total household expenditure, which is the most expensive place.
Don’t underestimate these four things. This is the basis for the survival of the small people. Have room to live, have food to eat, have “legs”, you can go to work to earn money, have medical insurance, you are not afraid of headaches, even to the hospital. With a pension, I am not afraid of being old. This is the basis for the survival of the small people. It is a well-off thing to understand.

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Heavy anti-corrosion coating market has considerable development prospects

In recent years, with the promotion of China’s heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings in the rapid growth of the economy, it has become the fastest growing period in the coatings industry, with the earliest international standards and the largest market share.
In 2009, China introduced the policy orientation. We learned that steel, container, highway and ocean engineering were included in our top ten industry revitalization plans. The introduction of these policies greatly promoted the rapid development of heavy anti-corrosion coatings. With the large increase in usage, China has become the country with the largest production and use of anti-corrosion coatings in the world, creating opportunities for many anti-corrosion coating manufacturers.

Heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings are the main engineering materials in important areas of the national economy. They are not only involved in the fields of steel, container, highway, and marine engineering, but also in the petrochemical, electric power, and construction engineering sectors. The proportion of the market, heavy anti-corrosion coatings laid the foundation for the development of high-tech industries such as marine development and new energy supporting, aerospace and defense industries, so in the international arena, the development level of heavy anti-corrosion coatings has been measured as the advanced coating industry. An important criterion of the degree.

From the 2010-2017 data analysis report published by the Industrial Research Institute (the latest data for 2018 has not yet come out), we learned that in 2017, the heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating industry realized a sales income of 885. Billion renminbi, a year-on-year increase of 14%, achieved varying degrees of progress each year, while the production of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings in East China is the largest, the total output ratio is close to 50%, becoming the center of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings in China, ranking first in the country.

In the past ten years, China has formed a huge industrial chain of construction steel structure, promoting the total output value of construction steel structural coatings of nearly 7 billion yuan. As the world’s first container anti-corrosion, it has also achieved 90% of the development of container coatings in China, creating nearly 20 billion yuan, while marine coatings accounted for 30% of the total weight of anti-corrosion coatings. However, in the field of marine coatings, due to the influence of special environmental factors, the technical requirements for coatings are particularly high. A large part of China’s marine engineering market is occupied by foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures, among which Jotun coatings occupy the field of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings in China’s marine engineering. 60% market share. Fortunately, the number of cross-sea, cross-river and cross-river bridges has increased year by year. The demand for anti-corrosion coatings for bridges has gradually increased, and the overall usage has increased by 35% year-on-year. It is said that it is full of development opportunities. In the past ten years, anti-corrosion coatings have great room for growth both in quantity and in product variety.

Secondly, with the rapid development of China’s economic construction, there has been extraordinary growth in many fields such as construction, transportation, petrochemicals, and hydropower, which has led to a rapid increase in demand for related ancillary products. In this situation, in recent years, the Chinese anti-corrosion coatings market has seen a gratifying situation, and the market scale has been expanding. The forward-looking industrial research institute “2018-2023 China heavy anti-corrosion coating industry development prospects and leading enterprise business analysis report” for recent years The data is used for predictive analysis. In 2023, the heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating industry will achieve sales revenue of 19.1 billion yuan.

In the face of considerable market development prospects, it is obvious that the opportunities of enterprises are also in front, but the arrival of any opportunity is coexisting with challenges. Only enterprises should play a good role in initiative and actively lay out the market. Continuously optimize and enhance the comprehensive performance of products, improve product technology and core competitiveness, in order to grasp more business opportunities, and while practicing its own internal strength, it is also necessary to train the ability to resist risks and cope with the crisis, so that our The industry can develop even more brilliant!
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Lamps freely switch home style

1. Color: White light is a romantic taboo, giving lover a warm red, orange, yellow chandelier, floor lamp, high and low candles, etc., to create a romantic and charming atmosphere.
2. Energy-saving: lighting should not only consider the beauty, energy saving and environmental protection is also a problem that can not be ignored. It is recommended to choose the lighting that can best be equipped with energy-saving lamps, which can save a lot of money for daily use.
3. Material: Material selection is the easiest problem for consumers to confuse, and it is also the easiest to let the business shoddy, in the purchase can not prevent. It is recommended to choose from brackets, cloth covers, etc. Generally, high-quality lighting, mostly using pure copper as a bracket, using aluminum or iron brackets, the durability is relatively not so high, it is recommended to take 1 in the purchase. If the magnet is iron, it will be inspected with a magnet. If you buy crystal lighting, you can compare the weight, cut surface and impurities of the crystal pendant. The deeper the general feel, the cut surface. The more and the bubbles and impurities are not visible inside the light, the quality is good.
Warm type:
Feather lights, fabric lights, brushed attracting lights
Pink, pink, pink, red and white feather lights, fabric lights, etc., are the favorite of gentle women . The texture of the fluffy velvet, the faint glow of the faint, dreamlike, cute and warm.
Fit home: Fabric lights are best placed in the boudoir of a small girl, or as a gift. Feather lamps and brushed ceiling lamps can create a different warm atmosphere, whether in a female boudoir or in a newly married bedroom.
Heart-shaped crystal lamp, butterfly lamp, lantern
heart-shaped crystal lamp, lantern, butterfly lamp, etc. are all romantic representations, heart-shaped crystal lamps and butterfly lamps are relatively small pockets. Each of them consists of a series of purple crystals suspended in a string of three overlapping heart-shaped patterns, or a string of pink shells composed of flying butterflies. The lantern lampshade is made of flame-retardant plastic material such as sunflower, rose, golden chrysanthemum, etc. It is small in size and simple in shape.
Adapter home: heart-shaped crystal lamp, butterfly lamp, etc. are suitable for hanging in the bedroom of the little girl; the lantern is suitable for a wide range of applications, whether it is in the bedroom, living room, dining room, balcony, etc.
Gorgeous type:
Crystal candle light
Bronze wrought-iron flower chandelier bracket with candle-shaped or pull-tailed bulbs, hanging or long or short net crystal, maple leaf crystal or pendant Crystal tassel, crystal candle light is a gorgeous representative of the European court, and is also the lighting product of choice for many modern home decoration.
Fit home: European or modern fashion home, depending on the size and diameter of the lamp, the crystal candle chandelier can be hung in the bedroom or kitchen, and the table lamp can be considered in the bedroom or study. Market prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.
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Customized notes for office curtains

Office curtains, as the name implies, are the curtains used in the office. The choice of office curtains is generally more complicated than the selection of ordinary curtains. Therefore, in general, everyone will choose a customized way, so that they can better meet their own requirements. What are the precautions for curtains? Interested friends will come with me.

  What are the precautions for custom office curtains

   fixed height specifications

 &emsp There are several kinds of 2.6 meters, 2.1 meters, 2.8 meters, which are wide according to the height of the window. It is suitable for large and high windows, such as viewing windows, large balcony windows, etc., among them, 2.8 meters high fabric There are more customers to choose from.

   fixed width specification

   has 1.1 meters, 1.5 meters, 2 meters, etc., is a fabric that must be bought at a high width. Suitable for small, high-definition small windows, such as short windows, half-windows, among which 1.5 meters wide, most consumers can choose the width or height according to the actual size of their windows to avoid the cloth in the cutting process The waste of the link.

  Observation of appearance

   Customized curtain products must match the color, texture and density of the sample. Observing the appearance, texture, and comparison of the item numbers are all good methods. It should be pointed out that the factors affected by the cylinders are different. The batches of fabrics are allowed to have a certain color difference, but they must be controlled within certain limits, while the texture and density are not vague, otherwise they are shoddy. Consumers have the right to make a return or ask the dealer to pay compensation.

  Understanding the amount and price

   Accessories include cloth, lace, straps, etc., which are basically used to calculate in meters. At the same time, the prices of domestic and imported accessories are not the same. Consumers should pay attention to the fact that sometimes the total price of accessories is a high proportion of fabrics. Consumers must understand clearly and be aware of them.

  Signing a contract form

  The contract form is a written certificate of the transaction between the buyer and the seller and is protected by law. Therefore, you must carefully read the relevant terms of the contract before signing. For example, the washing method must be inquired to the dealer. Some fabrics cannot be washed. For some imported fabrics with high shrinkage and high price, only dry cleaning can maintain their originality. Quality.

  Office blinds purchase

   Concealed blinds (that is, venetian blinds hanged in the window opening) should be the same height as the window, and the width is generally one centimeter smaller than the left and right sides of the window; the venetian blinds (that is, the blinds are hung outside the window) The length should be about 10 cm longer than the height of the window, and the width is about 5 cm wider than the sides of the window. In general, small rooms are equipped with concealed blinds, and large rooms are fitted with clear blinds.

  Second, the choice of blinds is best coordinated with the color of the office furniture and walls. If the wall is creamy or white, use ivory blinds. The walls are light green and can be fitted with grey or green blinds. Brown-red furniture with champagne-colored blinds. In this way, the warm and cold tones are coordinated with each other, making the office look elegant and unconventional.

   Third, the choice of blinds is also very particular. The venetian blinds used in the living room should be chosen with a waterfall and landscape pattern to make people feel like they are in a poetic setting. The office can be arranged in a soft, elegantly designed plant, still life or geometric pattern to show a harmonious office atmosphere.
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How about custom ceilings in the whole house?

Different from the traditional ceiling, the whole house custom ceiling requires higher requirements in terms of design, process level, material selection and installation process. In recent years, the decoration concept of “light decoration, heavy decoration” has become more and more popular. Everyone pays more attention to interior decoration. Among them, the whole house custom ceiling slowly enters the public eye, and consumers will ask the whole house to customize the ceiling. In the end, Xiaobian will bring everyone to understand what is the whole house custom ceiling, and the advantages of the whole house custom ceiling.
First, what is the whole house custom ceiling?

The whole house custom ceiling is a modular and artistic ceiling specially developed for the living room space. It is not only powerful, cost-effective, but also free to match according to the needs of the owners. The whole house custom ceiling products all adopt new environmentally friendly decorative materials and have modules. The characteristics of the quick-loading structure, the whole house custom ceiling products involve living room ceilings, restaurant ceilings, bedroom ceilings, study ceilings and aisle ceilings, etc.

The whole house ceiling is a kind New ceilings, new industries. The whole house ceiling bears the mission of landscaping all the space (living room, bedroom, dining room, study, etc.) in the living room. The whole house ceiling is different from the traditional ceiling in the design. , the level of technology, material selection, installation process and other aspects of higher requirements, and more emphasis on aesthetic taste.

Second, the whole house custom ceiling is good?

in material applications In terms of health and environmental protection

Different from the traditional ceiling material is made of plastic, the whole house custom ceiling is all applied with new environmentally friendly decorative materials, so the service life of the whole house ceiling is better than the traditional service life. It is much longer. Secondly, there are more choices of space and style for the ceiling of the whole house. In addition, it is heated on average everywhere, avoiding the defect of uneven heating. At the same time, each face is combined with ventilation to avoid the influence of high temperature and light. Damaged phenomenon.

In terms of decorative effect, beautiful coordination

Traditional ceilings are generally directly installed on the chandelier and decorative items directly, but the whole house ceiling is more renovated Beautiful and harmonious. Although there are gaps in the ceiling of the whole house, this gap can be used as a decorative line like a tile, so that it will not affect the overall effect, and there will be no cracking phenomenon. Better visual and psychological feelings.

In terms of product installation, the optimal combination

The whole house ceiling is a fully modular combination, although there are seams, Like floor tiles, it can be used as decorative lines. If you don’t know, you can see that the whole house is floor tile. Put the bottom on it to imagine it, it does not affect the overall effect. Moreover, because of the ceiling of the whole house The functions are independent, and the ceiling panel can be selected according to the size of the space. Secondly, the lighting module and the heating module can be multi-selected and combined freely, so that the functions of each module can be optimized to the optimal state.

In short, the whole house custom ceiling has advantages in material application, decorative effect and installation, and it is a good choice for consumers who value indoor decoration.
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Each curtain has its own characteristics

Every household is inseparable from the curtains. It not only has the effect of adjusting the light, but also plays a finishing touch in the interior decoration. There are many kinds of curtains on the market, and each type of curtain has its own characteristics. The following small series introduces the types of curtains for everyone, and hopes to help everyone.
1, Roman blinds

What are the types of curtains? Roman blind is one of the popular curtain styles in the market. The main body is divided into two types: guide rail and curtain body. The guide rail and the curtain body are generally connected by velcro and rope. The curtain body is straight. When the bead curtain is pulled, the wheel and shaft will be Rotate, the rope will be shortened or lengthened automatically, and different wrinkles will appear when moving. It looks like a high-end atmosphere, which is more suitable for European and American styles.

2, roller blind

The material of the roller blind is generally a relatively stiff and smooth fabric. The main body is composed of a guide rail and a curtain body. Bead curtain. Unlike the Roman blinds, the guide rails of the roller blinds can be rolled up into the guide rails. More suitable for use in study or small apartment bedroom.

3, drape curtain

The drape is like a blade, hanging vertically on the upper rail, so it is called “draping curtain”, which can be shaded by left and right dimming. The style of the curtains is generous and the lines are bright, making the home more romantic and romantic.

4, venetian blinds

The blinds are one of the common types of curtains in the office. The curtains are mainly made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and easy. It has many characteristics such as cleaning, long life, no fading, sunshade, heat insulation, etc. It is suitable for office buildings, living rooms, hotels, villas and other places.

5, bamboo curtain

The main material of bamboo curtain is made of bamboo, comfortable and elegant atmosphere, and the home is matched with bamboo curtain, which instantly fills the space with the fragrance of the book. There are two ways to close the curtain, folding front roll. Many friends are worried that bamboo wood is easy to cause insects, and high-quality wooden bamboo curtains have been treated with mildewproof and varnish, so there is no need to worry about mold and insects. Very suitable for Chinese, Southeast Asian and other styles.

6, 木百叶

The hustle and bustle of the city, so many people are pursuing the feeling of returning to the original, I believe that the wooden venetian blind is a good choice, its antique, Natural, elegant, breathable, made of natural wood lacquer, it can be displayed in the home to show the owner’s style and taste, so that the interior is filled with rich book fragrance, very suitable for balcony window, study, tea room And other places.
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What are the selection methods for the ceiling Yuba?

Yuba is installed in every household, but the type of installation is different. The ceiling Yuba is the most common nowadays, and now people like it more. This kind of Yuba is also divided into brands. When buying, everyone is better to master. The selection of skills, then what is the selection method of the ceiling Yuba? The following small series will introduce you to everyone.
Sucking bath selection method

1. Packaging and accessories. The products of regular manufacturers are smooth and smooth, and the graphic printing is exquisite and clear. The products are equipped with accessories such as switch board, junction box and exhaust vent; the product package contains instructions, certificate and safety manual. Its Yuba accessories are complete.

2. Mask. The quality of the mask is critical to the function of the Yuba. The high-quality mask is not only moderate in thickness, but also has a smooth surface and high temperature resistance and high flame retardant rating. Such as a Yuba, the use of the United States General Electric Company’s plastic materials, can withstand the high temperature of 200 ° C, which is generally comparable to the use of PPO, ABS plastic products.

3. Highlight the decorative Yuba. The Yuba is installed on the ceiling of the bathroom, and the thickness of the Yuba has changed a lot, and the decoration does not take up too much space. There are even Yuba products, even in appearance, color, and a modern atmosphere, so that the highly decorative Yuba is full of natural beauty.

4. Heating the lights. The infrared quartz radiant heats the bulb as a heat source, and the room air is heated by direct radiant heating, without preheating, the heat is adjustable, the heat effect is concentrated, and a wide range of heating effects can be obtained in an instant. Due to the quality of the materials, some manufacturers have poor explosion-proof performance and low thermal efficiency. Some brands use quartz hard glass, save electricity, and have been subjected to strict explosion-proof and service life tests, which are relatively reliable.

5. Lighting. When using Yuba for a long time, strong light will cause light pollution, so use a soft light bulb. Some products use GE (US General Electric), PHILIPS (Philips), OSRAN (Osram, Germany) and other brands of lighting, soft lighting, long service life.
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The finished curtain market has great potential

There are indications that after the finished curtains began to sell well in 2018, a terminal explosion will begin in 2019. According to incomplete statistics, at the Shenzhen International Home Textiles Home Show in March, there were hundreds of finished curtain manufacturers. From the root point of view, the rise of the finished curtain is not only related to the change of the wind direction of the upstream real estate industry, but also closely related to the evolution of the competition pattern of the entire home improvement industry. It is also the internal transformation and upgrading demand of the home textile industry with high pain points.

   What is a finished curtain?

  The concept of finished curtains, the simple understanding is to let the curtains face the consumer from the manufacturer side in the form of finished products, without the need for the secondary finished product processing by the dealer. Up to now, finished curtains can be roughly divided into standard size finished curtains, some standard size finished curtains, flexible production of personalized custom curtains, finished products + micro-custom curtains.

  A industry scan

   benchmarking the global market,

   Br />/>
   In the era of mobile Internet, people’s consumption concepts, consumption habits, and shopping methods have undergone major changes. Finished curtains can not only face the market with the image of fast-moving consumer goods, but also reshape the traditional curtain industry. Business format. At the same time, cost-effectiveness, quality and service are easier to standardize, and at the same time more secure, not only easy to establish a brand image, create a well-known brand, but also can directly hit the various pain points of the traditional curtain industry.

  Compared with the global market, the development of finished curtains abroad has been basically mature and the penetration rate is high. In Europe and the United States, standard finished curtains have accounted for about 75% of the market share. In Japan, standard finished curtains have accounted for more than 65% of the market share, and have matured. The domestic finished curtain market started to take off, and the market share of finished curtains was less than 1%, and the market prospect was broad.

  Since 2015, the domestic finished curtain market has begun to stand out. At the trade show, there are merchants who mainly promote finished curtains. Finished curtains have become a new trend in the domestic curtain fabric industry, and have been derived. A variety of different product forms.

   From the brand of early test finished curtains, in the current low curtain industry index is not high, it is not that there is no order, but too many orders can not keep up with the order. . Born in 2016, the Lan Living Room opened more than 70 stores in just two years, with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan. In March 2018, it just entered the urban living room of the finished curtain market, a 38 square meter. The small exhibition hall completed the turnover of more than 2 million yuan in 10 months, setting the highest level in the history of the curtain industry… There are indications that 2019 will become the first year of the rise of the finished curtain.

  B Depth analysis

  Why is the finished curtain lit?

   From the perspective of the external environment, the competitors of the future home textile enterprises are not the current textile industry counterparts, but most likely home improvement companies, real estate companies, listed home companies, Internet IT companies. , circulation giants and even multinational companies. For home textile enterprises that have been focusing on market segments, the future finished curtain is not only a breakthrough in channel cross-border, but also a breakthrough in solving the contradiction between individualized demand and flexible production in the production process of curtains, and it is also driving the trend of home textile enterprises. A breakthrough in scale, intensification and branding.

   From the current situation, behind the rise of finished curtains, it is a traditional curtain industry with high pain points. With the rise of the new generation of consumer groups, it is not only the transformation of consumer demand, but also the transformation of consumer decision-making scenarios. In this context, the inherent pain points in the curtain industry are infinitely magnified, and the resolution of these pain points cannot rely on “headaches and pains”, and there is an urgent need for a new format and a whole new set of gameplay, such as finished curtains.

  ● Consumer Side

   No C-end brand as a decision reference. In the past, the curtain industry did not form a brand effect on the C side. As a result, it is difficult for consumers to build a professional consumption decision-making system, and it is difficult for home textile enterprises to achieve C-end breakout. A large number of small and medium-sized home textile enterprises with annual sales of about 50 million yuan have become the market’s dominance, which has hindered the entire industry from using the Internet. Technology and information tools to complete the upgrade and transformation process.

   Bottom-free price fraud. Bottom-free price fraud, product shoddy, unclear price or virtual high price, fabric price tag accessories are not priced, more calculations of material chaos and other industry chaos, seriously affecting the reputation of the entire industry, but also seriously affected The experience of the end consumer.

   lack of quality and service. Because the consumption process of curtains is very cumbersome, most of the traditional curtain stores display a variety of fabrics. Most of the curtain design solutions provided to consumers can only rely on the experience of practitioners, and the quality of finished curtains is also good. There is no single standard that can be referenced, it is difficult for consumers to achieve WYSIWYG, and it is difficult for them to obtain relatively guaranteed professional services.

  ●Distributor end

   vicious competition with low threshold. Today’s traditional curtain shop, almost 90%It is a low-level husband and wife workshop. The competition between the store and the store has evolved into an uncontested price war.

   high operating costs. With the increase in store rent, labor, and logistics costs, the operating costs of traditional curtain shops are rising year by year. At the same time, because the curtain service process is very cumbersome, the delivery error rate is high, the warehouse management is difficult, and the processing cost is high, the cutting loss is high, and the operating cost of the curtain shop is further increased invisibly.

   “Broken” by upstream cross-border brands. The first “robbery” was a real estate agent. Under the policy guidance of hardcover houses, more and more real estate developers have begun to push the “stay in the bag”, building materials, furniture and curtains are readily available. Up to now, many branding companies have joined hands with real estate companies to launch personalized self-assembly, so that each set of hardcover rooms can grow differently, and the intensity of cross-border robbery goes even further.

   The second “robbery” is a home improvement company. Some traditional home improvement companies will directly sell curtains to customers or direct passenger flow to cooperative curtain shops; high-end designers can make curtains to recommend brands or help customers purchase curtains; the company will include curtains in their own soft supply chain.

   The third “robbery” is a full-house custom enterprise. Customized giants represented by Sophia, Europa, and Shangpin Home Furnishings are relying on their own strong traffic advantages to lay out their homes. Curtains are an important category of soft furnishings, not only included in the supply chain of major brands, but also by major Customized enterprises’ inherent channels have quickly laid nearly 10,000 curtain sales outlets across the country. With the maturity of these outlets, it is equivalent to setting up a huge intercepting network upstream of the curtain industry.

   The fourth “robbery” is the upstream furniture and building materials business. From the evolution of the investment pattern of the entire curtain market in the past two years, whether it is floor distributors, wallpaper distributors, bathroom distributors or furniture and building materials dealers, we can sell curtain brands by the way, and can take advantage of the upstream of the industrial chain. The entry level has a certain first-mover advantage.

   The fifth “robbery” is the Internet. Whether it is Jingdong, Taobao, or Tmall, you can search dozens of curtain shops. These curtain shops have relatively young products, simple styles and affordable prices, which will also attract a large part of young passengers and impact on traditional curtain stores.


  The rise in raw material prices and the rise in artificial wages have increased the pressure on business operations. In 2018, the price increase of textile-related chemical raw materials can be described as vigorous, such as: POM rose 1906 yuan / ton; TDI broke 30,000 yuan; MDI rose 1,500 yuan / ton; dyes rose 77%. Under the continuous production and production limits and the double-increased sewage charges, the raw materials necessary for the chemical, chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing industries are likely to continue to rise in the future. For manufacturers, it is not just raw material prices, but also labor costs. Under the influence of multiple factors, the operational pressure of enterprises can be imagined.

   Overcapacity, product homogeneity is serious, competition is intensifying, and the curtain industry is entering the era of low profit. Although China is a big country in curtain production, it is not a strong country in production and lacks a strong brand in the international market competition. Domestic curtain companies mainly focus on medium and low-end products, and the added value of products is low. With the continuous impact of foreign brands on the domestic market, the profits of domestic curtain companies are continuously compressed.

   Due to the good development of the home textile industry, the company lacks rational control over the scale of production and blind expansion, resulting in structural overcapacity in the entire home textile industry. The reason for the structural overcapacity is that the homogenization of products on the market is serious. Between curtain enterprises and curtain enterprises, not only the products produced are similar, but even the manufacturing equipment is basically the same, lacking real brand enterprises. In the end, the entire curtain market gradually entered the era of meager profit. Relevant statistics show that the growth rate of China National Machinery’s net profit in 2015 was -2.3%; the growth rate of China’s national textile net profit in 2016 was -18.4%, specifically to 2017 and 2018, the net profit growth rate of China’s textile industry is still declining. aisle.

   Consumption is weak, exports are blocked, and sales channels are not smooth. From the perspective of the demand side, due to the large inflow of funds into real estate in recent years, coupled with higher prices, the disposable personal disposable income has decreased, and the consumption power is weakening. Therefore, many curtain companies have found that the traditional curtain sales season after September 2018 has not arrived as expected, and terminal dealers generally reflect that business is difficult to do.

   For some export-oriented home textile companies, the rise in raw materials and labor has caused China to gradually lose its price advantage on a global scale. Coupled with the depreciation of the renminbi and the Sino-US trade war, the export path of home textile enterprises has become increasingly unsmooth. Since January 1, 2019, the US imposed a tariff on domestic textiles exported to the United States from 10% to 25%, which has caused many exporting home textile companies to feel unprecedented operating pressure.

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How about the cabinet steel door panel?

The most important thing about kitchen decoration is the selection of materials. When choosing materials, we must remember the needs of smoke prevention and fire prevention. Today we will learn about the material steel door panels of the cabinet door panels. So, what are the advantages of the crystal steel door panel? Next, the decoration house Xiaobian will bring you the relevant content about the crystal steel door panel. Let’s take a look at it and hope to help you in selecting materials.
What is the steel steel door panel

The performance of the crystal steel door panel is very good. The main body of the crystal steel door panel is a new door panel material, which is made of aluminum alloy as the skeleton and the board is coated with PVC. Layer treated tempered glass treatment. The door panel of this material looks a bit crystal. It feels very clear.

The advantages of cabinet steel door panel

1, waterproof

The cabinet steel door panel is made of aluminum alloy profile and ABS plastic piece, and the blisters are not bad. 50 years of waterproof guarantee can be washed and soaked directly with water.

2, fireproof

The cabinet steel door panel has good fireproof performance and will not be damaged at a high temperature of 200 °C, which overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary materials which are not resistant to high temperature.

3, insect-resistant ants

Even if termites are helpless, the steel door of the cabinet door is very hard.

4, impact resistance

The impact resistance of the steel door panel of the cabinet can reach 150Mpa.

5, wear-resistant

The cabinet steel plate has good wear resistance and can be used for 50 years.

6, no odor

The cabinet steel door panel has no odor and is made of environmentally friendly materials.

7, no deformation

The cabinet steel plate has a small expansion coefficient and therefore will not be deformed.

8, easy to clean

The cabinet steel door panel can be cleaned with detergent and easy to clean.

9, bright colors

The cabinet steel door panels are available in a variety of colors to meet the needs of different consumers.

10, sealing edge tight

The cabinet steel door panel is tightly sealed, there is no problem of adhesive peeling and separation or thermal composite sealing.

Why is the use of crystal steel door panels

1. Waterproof and fireproof Our existing materials are continuously improved with the progress of society, and the technology is more and more refined. The crystal steel door panel of the cabinet has excellent waterproof performance. Its heat resistance has been tested to withstand temperatures up to 200 °C. The lit cigarette is placed on the crystal steel door panel of the cabinet. Even if it is left for a long time, its surface will not burn out.

2, pressure-resistant wear-resistant cabinet steel door panels are more durable than we need, deliberately hit the right, suitable for many places we use. Even if it is affected, it will not be damaged. The use of cabinet steel door panels is more worry-free and longer lasting.

3. From a technical point of view, we are also very careful, and the use of materials can also demonstrate advantages. Let us use it better. The cabinet steel door panel is a newly developed box material with smooth surface, beautiful appearance and stable structure.

Glass steel door panel selection tips

1, high quality crystal steel door panels are made of durable materials. high strength. Due to the high price of imported production equipment, the technical requirements are very high. The color is turbid, blistering and degumming. The weight of the door is large, the hardware hinge for mounting the door panel is easily broken, and the door panel is drooping and deformed. Customer use and after-sales service are very troublesome.

2, the frame used for the crystal steel door panel is relatively stable. It is easier to use when using it. Everyone is praising. Conventional manufacturers are products they develop themselves, without rust. The high-end brand aluminum alloy frame adopts ABS anti-collision angle design and humanized design. Counterfeit products use ordinary aluminum to reduce costs. Easy to scratch the surface, oxidation and other effects on the service life.

3, high-quality crystal steel door panels have a lot of colors to meet the needs of our various groups. So everyone likes it. Rich colors, colorful colors and long service life. Counterfeit products use paint or inferior film, the finished product has large color difference and good light transmission; fading, which greatly affects the service life. It has a negative impact on the industry’s reputation.
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