Unique Brazilian style interior blue and yellow color matching

With the arrival of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil as a host has not only become a tourist attraction, but its unique decorative style has also been used in the design of the home environment, the classic color of Brazil, the perfection of yellow and blue. With the matching, there is also a different kind of passion in the home decoration, so bright and colorful, people can be intoxicated at a glance.

The designer incorporates the Brazilian style into the planning of the living room, which is the classic in the arc space layout. The color matching, the royal blue sofa is intertwined with the yellow light. This is not the iconic color that Brazil brings to everyone. The large-scale floor-to-ceiling windows are also stretched in an arc, giving the room a full Illumination, the stairs on the side are subtly separated from the living room by wooden strips, and also have a little Chinese style.

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Analysis and forecast of the global architectural paints and coatings market

The global construction paints and coatings market is expected to witness strong growth during the forecast period, and major manufacturers are striving to expand their markets. In many developing countries, the architectural paints and coatings market has become a hub for economic development in these countries. Many major market players are looking for mergers and acquisitions, and they will create alliances of small and large organizations in the region to gain more market share. This also enhances their sales channels and increases the market. Therefore, major manufacturers are striving to gain competitive advantage through mergers and acquisitions and improve market integration benefits.
It is reported that civil construction activities around the world are one of the main driving forces in this market. The use of paints and coatings can effectively protect the building’s demand in extreme weather and corrosive environments. In addition, the report also pointed out that the lack of product differentiation between manufacturers led to market competition and price war is a major challenge in the market.

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A simple European apartment design in Stockholm

An apartment in Stockholm, the homeowner is an international student who has a special liking for Jane-European home décor. In this small apartment, there is a warm atmosphere and practicality. It also has outstanding performance.

The space in the entrance is used effectively” width=”500″ height=”332″ src=”/Upload/Other/简欧.png” />

The designer has demonstrated superb layout ability in the porch planning, and the European style is displayed in every corner. The hook on the wall can be used to hang clothes or backpacks, white The wall and ceiling are matched with the floor of the log to form this simple and fashionable corridor. The red carpet is particularly eye-catching. The side of the entrance also adds a few shelves. For students, put a few books. It is no better, a very delicate plan to use, the elliptical mirror is convenient for the homeowner to travel, and the other study is from the effective use of the corner, saving a lot of space.

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Japanese cabin’s unique design concept saves space

In this small house, some smart ideas from the Tato architects in Japan were used to save space. In each of these very narrow buildings, there is only enough width, one room. This design makes the most of each one. Obviously limited to 4 spaces, there is almost no wide house, which is mainly through stairs.

But in reality, this is the only staircase exposed in the construction. Even the stairs look like two pieces of furniture, a chest of drawers and a coffee table that happens to act as a stairway.

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White interior and exterior design brings coolness to the beach house

The white exterior is designed in the waterfront area. A luxurious design by architect Richard · Meyer and his partner Michael · Paladino, this cool Southern California beach house is a microcosm of cool. Facing the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, a courtyard to the west of the Pacific Coast Highway, this beachfront villa follows Southern California tradition and opens to the outdoors. The light and airy design welcomes residents and guests on a second floor entrance leading to the house, garden and main beachfront rooms.

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Indonesian rainy season causes cement sales to fall

Indonesia cement sales saw a 1% reduction to 1.65 million tons in January 2014, compared to 4.68 million tons in 2013, due to severe flooding caused by particularly high rainfall. The rainy season has led to a decline in construction activity, a negative impact on cement demand, and disrupted cement shipments.
The chairman of the Indonesian Cement Association (ASI) Santosuo told local media that cement sales are already about 1% (1 million tons) in Sumatra and 2% (to 2.5 million tons) in Java, a total of 75%. Total cement sales nationwide in January 2014. The area of ​​Sulawesi and Kalimantan, however, saw a rise in sales of 21.5%.
Indonesian cement sales saw an annual growth of 5.6% in 2013, totaling 58 million tons, and sales are expected to show a growth rate of 6% (about 61.5 million tons) in 2014. In addition, the country’s production capacity in 2013 increased from 61 million tons to 68.2 million tons in 2014.

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New MULTISPACE family lighting applications

The new MULTISPACE family luminaires are produced by the company LAMP. The dazzling reason is its official purity and cord, which provides innovative solutions for contract and retail projects. The combination of the environment and a single light produces a structure that is more spatially contrasted and forms a stream of light. Its wide range of luminaires include suspension, wall mount and spotlights.
Suspension lamps are equipped with T5-HO fluorescent lamps, which are suitable for ambient lighting. They can all be assembled or created in a continuous line. For the spotlight project, there are single or dual modules with QR-111 or CDM-R111 reflectors that fit the side of the illuminator. For places where only one light is needed, there are individual or double wall mounted lights, as well as tracking or base spotlights, all using QR-111 or CDM-R111 reflector lights.
Among its accessories, you can find signs of small brackets hanging on the fixtures, which allows users to customize any color pairing with corporate projects.
MULTISPACE luminaires are made of extruded aluminum, and wall-mounted luminaires and spotlights are made of die-cast aluminum. They are all painted in a matte white texture.

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South Korea builds Incheon Stadium for the Asian Games

Korea built the Incheon Stadium for the Asian Games in 2014. At the beginning of the construction, it is expected to receive at least 60,000 people at the same time, so that the reception task during the Olympic Games can be completed. The Korean design company accepted the design task and they plan to establish A stadium that can accommodate 30,000 people and an additional 30,000 temporary seats.

This approach has several advantages. A two-thirds reduction in the economics of the building means significant savings in operating and maintenance costs. Secondly, this means that permanent seats can be placed in the best position for these sports, in this case, in the West Stand.
The design of the stadium incorporates elements of heritage and sustainability, but the greatest advantage in design is its legacy of freedom. The program is based on a community park, which will replace the East Stand after the Olympics, forming a traditional stadium hill, a square at the north and south ends, an atmospheric audience in the game and watching is to enjoy the public green space at other times.

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Furniture needed for bedroom inspiration

Affordable items can turn your bedroom into a quiet place to worship. Just as we update our wardrobe every season, occasionally our bedroom needs to be taken care of. Simple and cheap way to illuminate some of your bedroom inspiration.
Some decorative pillows can instantly enhance the room if you are looking for a quick way to make the room full of color, otherwise the boring bedroom is infused. Arrange several colorful techniques with some bold fabrics to match the quilted patterns of orange, turquoise and green.

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South Bretagne College of Engineering, a multitude of buildings

Lorient is the capital of the province of Mobilbi in the northwestern part of Brittany, France. It is sparsely populated but has many higher education institutions, such as the University of South Bretagne, which is located in the city. It is very distinctive, and the building is mainly dominated by a wide range of colors.

The central part of the university is divided into two major sections, the amphitheatre and the cafeteria. The college was designed and built by ANMA, and artist David Saltiel also participated in the space design. Here, students, teachers, researchers and staff interact and experience a positive campus environment, sharing learning spaces and resources. ANMA is committed to creating a good learning and living environment for students to study with confidence. The campus’s architectural layout is compact and layered. The architects expanded the original classrooms, built new learning classrooms, and more learning spaces. The school’s plaza is a public space that leads to the urban area. The design is relatively open, drawing on the American campus model, and combining the scale and versatile design of the French campus. The planning and design of the school is also part of the urban planning, which also adds a lot to the city.

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