Printable metal building materials 3D printing technology

Arup Engineering said it has developed a new 3D printing manufacturing technology for the manufacturing of “core steel castings”, which will enable the company to efficiently produce custom parts and It is expected to significantly reduce costs and waste.

Salom&eacute, senior designer and project leader of Arup Engineering Galjaard) said: “The point is that this is a very complicated design, but the purpose is to reduce costs. We are actually surprised to see that no one has tried this technology in the construction industry, so we think why we don’t give It’s an opportunity and tries to design to apply, and we’ve designed a good technical sample right now, but it’s certainly not the best version. We want to try to get rid of all those traditional ideas in the design process, we believe that the final version of the future must be extremely excellent. ”

Salomé Galjaard said: “3D printers currently cannot have a Large enough to make larger architectural elements, for now, the industry has not received any request to make large-scale construction products, so the current size of production is limited, but larger production The scale is being designed. ”

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Awarded 103 passive house standard components in 2013

More than 100 building components were confirmed in 2013 for passive housing standards, according to the Passive Housing Association (PHI). The number of products certified by the Passive Housing Association has now reached around 500, with an increase of only 103 in the past year.
"Specially large" windows and ventilation are one of the potential hazard representations of these products. Despite this, in the areas that have passed the test, the largest energy efficiency and other solutions, the number is increasing, from sliding doors and glass roofs to exterior walls and insulation systems.
New innovations in 2013 include the cold weather of the components of the first passive house. The certification has successfully completed four windows and is suitable for use in northern Scandinavia, where one can withstand extreme cold conditions.
In addition, more and more passive houses, components are being developed and produced at levels in many countries. In the United States, windows of locally produced passive houses were brought to the market in 2013.
The rising demand for passive housing components has also led to price increases aligned with conventional products, especially in the case of windows. To encourage this development, the Passive Housing Association announced a component award to identify the best high quality, low cost windows, which were presented at the International Passive House Conference in Aachen, Germany.

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The landmark of Akita, Japan The mangrove in the city

Japan Akita is located in the northeastern part of Japan. It is the largest city in the Northeast, and the cultural center and other landmarks are indispensable. The cultural center of Akita is located in the center of the city. The architectural concept is multi-functional, including theaters, libraries and community Center.

Initially, the cultural center was divided into two parts, located on both sides of the street, and now a new indoor passage is connected, connecting two Areas are more convenient. The room is well lit and the sun shines through the cracks into the room. The space design of the center is very special, focusing on humanity and practicality. The main structure is very similar to the mangroves. The design is full and the building quality is very high. At the time of construction, the architects and local people, including children and students, communicate and explore, seek the best design solutions, and enhance the sustainability of the cultural center.
The multi-purpose theater in the center is designed to hold a variety of activities, with movable seats for people to enjoy the perfect sound. The seats on the first floor can be retracted and the stage can be raised and lowered. The theaters, civic activity rooms, galleries, and parks in the south and north of the center create a good cultural atmosphere for the citizens. These facilities are 135 meters long and form a dynamic cultural corridor. There is also a library and a planetarium. The planetarium is built on top of the library, like a round of moon hanging over it. There is also a skylight at the top to enhance the lighting effect, the following four pillars. The library is spacious and simple in structure. It has 220,000 volumes of books and 188 seats. The readers can enjoy a comfortable and quiet reading time.

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California limits for volatile organic compounds

The regulations in Southern California are now limiting VOC colorants and requirements for certain specialty coatings. Colorants are an important new focus in updating the VOC limits of SCAQMD.
More stringent emission limits for colorants and specialty coatings have been in force in Southern California. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), which stipulates policies in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside County, will begin to implement certain building and industrial maintenance coatings for low VOC limits.

Previously unregulated colorants now have a VOC limit of 50 grams per liter (grams per liter). Although colorants are added at the factory or sold at the construction site without restrictions, the rules stipulate that color can be added at the point of sale, which can increase the VOC content in the final product even when low or zero VOC base coatings are used. The primer, sealant, and VOC limit in the primer layer are kept at 100 g/L and will not be reduced as has been proposed, however, the lower limit is for several professional coatings, including concrete surface retarders, fire retardant coatings. , and glue coating settings. In addition, a larger coating sold at a container ratio of 2 fluid ounces must include a label on the VOC content.
Although the regulation applies only to four Southern California counties, the standard may bring future regulatory change models elsewhere in the United States.

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MIT researched self-cleaning glass

Glass is a basic building material with thousands of uses. But typical glass has some drawbacks, because anyone who enters a hot room can wear glasses to prove it – it will be covered with a mist in an untimely time, and it can also produce annoying glare. But a research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology claims to have developed a new and improved glass that is both fog-proof and glare-free. Near-invisible glass is also said to be self-cleaning, so there are dozens of practical applications.

How does this magical new glass work? Through the deposition of a thin layer of material on one surface and then selectively etching them, the panel can produce tiny cones, each of which is five times longer than its width. The tapered pattern prevents both reflection and repelling water from the surface. When the water droplet hits the cone, it can bounce off the small rubber ball. The research team hopes that the glass can be manufactured inexpensively.

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Villa standing in the desert

Desert Villa is designed by Aiko and built around a natural environment to create a comfortable and sustainable place to live. Only one side reveals the slope of the beach, the sand is used as a thermostat, but in general it is still too hot, and the roof has a large circular void roof structure as heat release. The overall windows on the walls allow residents to enjoy the desert and experience the outdoors.

This version of the desert home small living room layout makes full use of the field of vision. The seat next to it is a small wood stove because the desert night is still a bit cold. The dining area features a fun-filled moving clock. Behind the long walls of the glass, you can see different scenery, and the stacked columns add the beauty of the lines.

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Jellyfish chandeliers establish the underwater world

Yes, this is correct: jellyfish. Are these chandeliers spectacular? The name of each jellyfish collection is taken from the jellyfish species corresponding to the Greek word. Who ever thought about a jellyfish after a style of lighting? However, they are so elegant and elegant.

The tendrils of 蜿蜒 are so realistic that the design undoubtedly created an unusual set of lights. Do they look great when you use multiple together? You don’t need to be in a core in your table when these jellyfish-like shapes hang on top. Even a single pendant, it will become the focus of attention. From the manufacture of glossy white coated aluminum and soft enamel finish polyester film combinations, these pieces are as much as sculptures because they are lamps.

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Solar pebbles replace kerosene

The poorest areas in the world, people who come into contact with kerosene will die every 20 seconds. This is why we are really deeply impressed by the expectation of solar pebbles to replace kerosene lamps, which are widely used in rural Africa. Kerosene is expensive, highly toxic and difficult to eliminate its use. This little sun miracle is a great choice. It is small, portable and inexpensive, and can provide light and small charging electronics.

Solar and wind energy are great alternatives to kerosene, but they are often large and not easy to carry. The sun pebbles are small enough to carry around, caught in front of the bicycle or suspended directly from the ceiling at home. With 12 hours of charging it can illuminate a room all day long. It can also provide a portable charging treasure for mobile phones.

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Hot tub: heating with organic wood

This hot tub uses science to drive the heat provided by the cycle and wood fire. Suddenly, the restrictions are gone. This bathtub can be placed anywhere you want without wiring heating and circulating water. The wood fire has a built-in stainless steel coil inside, it heats up, it is located in the water inside the coil.

This pushes the hot water and the outside bathtub. During this time, the cold water sinks to the bottom and is pulled into the coil. You are warming up the hot tub, the price of the wood. And the wood itself can be no cost if you collect it from your own property! But the biggest freedom, here you can place the bathtub, absolutely anything you want. From the middle of the scene to your favorite camping spot, it’s for you. Free from standard hot tub technology means no limit!

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Suspension chair constructed by caged birds

This wonderful cage bird chair has it. This is alive because it is a bird cage. And you sit here, open with the door, and fly at any time. You are loaded, but not closed. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this fascinating hanging nest is available in different colours from coloured steel plates to suit your own style.

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