Hammock house show in Vienna

It was the first showcase in the Vienna Museum District, a developing area on the outskirts of the city. Designed by the Austrian Architects, the open-air structure consists of five grades, citing the outline of a typical house in the form of a sloping roof. Its position is filled with walls by 32 hammocks, creating visitors in the house & quot; hanging out & rdquo;, enjoying the view. The construction supplement is mainly for the horizontal area, through the vertical extension of the public space.

The hammock house allows for easy assembly and disassembly, by prefabricated components, and with no structural connections on the ground. On the contrary, the search for a revitalized developing region has not yet encountered a large number of citizens. The function of the building serves as an information point and also supplements local events.
Design is used in a variety of public places. The project was originally based in Berlin and was not built. In 2010, through the “Postcard Movement”, visualize the structure of different scenes and send them to the corresponding cultural institutions. This effort led to the project being achievable.

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Multifunctional combination stool

Stools are generally used for sitting, tables are used to place items, wardrobes are for clothes, cupboards are for bowls, and each piece of furniture has its own function, fully reflecting its value.

This is a combination stool that can be disassembled and reorganized with flexibility. The combined stool has a total of three parts, one is a small stool like a chopping board, and the other two are missing a small part of the column, one tall and thin, one short and fat. People can assemble freely according to their own needs. For example, as shown in the figure, two missing cylinders can be used as a table, and another small stool can be used directly as a stool. In this case, there are tables and stools.

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Qatar to renovate the stadium for the 2022 World Cup

Basically, every World Cup game will be paid attention to by people all over the world. This is not only the result of paying attention to the results of the competition, but also the people who pay attention to the competition, but also pay attention to the honor of the country and pay attention to the spirit of sports.

2010 FIFA Chairman Lat has already announced that Qatar has won the right to host the 2022 World Cup. Therefore, in order to better host the World Cup, Qatar has transformed the Burj Khalifa International Stadium and expanded it to accommodate 40,000 spectators and new cooling technologies to keep the stadium. At a comfortable 26 degrees Celsius. In the eastern part of the stadium seating area, there will also be a food court, shops, multi-purpose rooms, VIP lounges, and a sports museum.

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Komatsu Museum is like a rolling hill

The museum of round and curved roofs in Komatsu, Japan, covers the grass and creates a series of rolling hills where visitors can climb opposite. Designed by Tokyo studio Marie Ito, its past projects include a kitchen countertop of a house, Komatsu Museum, used as a communication center and archive. The building is located in a factory on the site of one of the world’s largest mining and construction equipment manufacturers, so the short-lived creation of a building could lead to public interest in science and industry.

Ito’s concept is to integrate architecture and landscape, create architecture, and serve as a public park. The curved contours of each space are shown as four waves, framing the courtyard, pathways and roof lawns. The auditorium is contained within the northwest corner dome, while the main exhibition space is located in one of the big waves below.
The roof is greened with extra insulation inside. The slab is cleaned from the ground and then formed into waves that add a natural and sensitive design. In the evening, the space was transformed by the light show, and hundreds of current air movements equipped with wind speed sensors made a variety of interpretations of the current air movement. The entire building is intended to be in harmony with science and encourages visitors to explore the various scientific discoveries in practice.

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Simple design with modern elements

The term modern refers generally to furniture and fabric accessories that do not require additional decoration, with fewer features, emphasis on space and simple styling. Several modern design boutiques appeared in the first 50 years of the 20th century, and their designers include Charles · Ames and Arn · Jacobson, etc. These works are still extremely popular and popular.
This is also the time when the architects Mies · Fan · De · Roe’s "less is more than" concept created with the simplicity of the wall, the neat environment and the quiet atmosphere The expression of neo-modernism (the best mitigator for a tense and busy life) is closely related. Because space and light are the most important components. The appearance of the attic actually sums up the essence of modern interior design. Commercial buildings that have recently been converted into apartments have also attracted industrial materials such as exposed bricks, cement and galvanized steel. If you want to get this look in smaller rooms and homes, you need to reduce the amount of it. Use light-toned walls, unadorned floors and minimal window coverings to keep these things light. White or neutral tones, lighter woodwork, and extensive use of glass will help in this style.

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Pleated roof of high speed train station

The French architect Marc Mimram, who has chosen to create a new railway station in Montpellier, will cross the railway line and have a complex pleated roof. A 3,500-square-meter high-speed train station (TGV station) will be established, a French high-speed rail network, between the city center and the airport. This will create a quick link to the nearby city of Nimes, reducing the travel time between the Spanish city and Paris.

According to architects, different lights and shadows will make visitors aware of climate change and the outside season. We want to create a garden station, that delighted travelers, let them engage in a sense of beauty with the surrounding environment. The architect said: “Our design meets different emotions: waiting and leaving, and creating a bright, airy space.
Fiber reinforced concrete beams and elongated steel columns will support the roof. The public hall will be set on the first floor and the passengers will descend to the lower level to board the train. The project will begin early next year and the team will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the station for 15 years.

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Metal slat product trends and installation details

Expanding rhombic mesh metal slats has long been a stucco-covered building exterior that is used as an important component of wood or gypsum jackets. Although the expanded metal slats may be a fairly basic, uncomplicated building material, the product of the expanded metal slats specified, and the manner in which it is installed, has a long-term stability to the gypsum it supports. Impact. Since not all metal slats create equal quality in quality, the key is to consider the performance attributes of each product before making a final decision.

Fortunately, there are several building codes and products that are now leading to high-performance expanded metal slats and Install an industry standard that faces the correct installation steps. In the article, we will introduce the industry guidelines for metal slats. In addition, they use the correct installation technology. Adhering to the guidelines in each discipline can help building and design professionals produce stable, long-lasting exterior components.

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Shower drain grille The most beautiful drainage facility in the world

We have been looking for a bath function design that is worth the hardware, so we are naturally very interested to learn that Australian designer Mark Newson has turned his attention to the inconspicuous shower drain.

Mark Newson’s collaboration created by the linear leak cover features inspiration from the internal hexagon of leverage in New York City A new line of opening mode. Debut at the upcoming International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York’s Infinity Leak Mark Newson series will be available through an infinitely leaking authorized dealership starting June 2013.

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Fashion-edited French apartment work and life

The French fashion magazine editor Rota has carefully designed her apartment. Due to the work of its fashion magazine, it also has its own unique artistic style in the decoration design. This 35 square meter French apartment At first glance, you can feel the intimacy and warmth. Rota said that this small apartment is both a place to rest and a place to work.

The design of the bedroom is ten, with an open layout plan, with a huge window and flash The bright floor mirror greatly enhances the transparency of the space. The color of the sheets is also very clever. The pillows placed on it reflect the clear layering of light and dark.

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Toy house designed by star architect

When we think about what we can do as a society, helping children with disabilities, research, education and health care come to mind. However, one of the problems facing all children with disabilities and their families is finding an affordable and accessible place to live. In the UK, children are organized to help disabled children and their families in every aspect of their lives, which is why this December, they will auction up a series of toy houses, designed and created by some of the top architects The United Kingdom, to raise funds, has made people pay attention to the urgent need for accessible housing. Take a look at the beautiful, creative toy house and put your bid online here.
& ldquo; From the inside out rdquo; The Coffey architecture has a concrete base with brightly colored wooden pieces for sliding and remodeling the topography for something special.

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