Schaumburg has many houses surrounded by trees

The Mandeville home in Schaumburg, United States has a quiet house surrounded by lush trees that live in the woods. The house is 4,500 square feet and is an ordinary two-story building. The exterior walls of the house are constructed of red bricks and plaster and are very strong. There is a corridor in the backyard, through which you can see a large, clean swimming pool surrounded by lush trees and standing by the pool as if you were in the woods.

The house has a spacious design and the living room on the first floor has soaring ceilings, next to the living room and dining room. There is also a spacious kitchen. There are five bedrooms in the house, and when you open the window in the bedroom, you can feel the full greenery coming in.

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UK house price growth slowed slightly in June

The data shows that the annual inflation rate for housing prices is 10.7% in the UK, 3.5% in Wales, 6% in Scotland, and 4.9% in Northern Ireland. Overall, the data shows that house prices have grown substantially in most parts of the UK, and prices in London once again showed the highest growth at 19.3%. In the South, prices rose by 9.7% and East England by 7.9%.
However, excluding London and the South East, UK house prices increased by 6.3% in 12 months to June 2014. After seasonal adjustments, average house prices may increase by 0.5% from June 2014. The market is widely recovering across the country, and housing price growth is driving in a stable, healthy direction.
London is still above, driving national housing prices up, showing its special appeal to places where domestic and foreign buyers are living and investing. In addition, the market has improved, driving consumer confidence and encouraging sellers to put their homes on the market, leading to a fresh wave of available-for-sale properties. This is good news for the London real estate market as it continues its strong, sustainable economic recovery.

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Streamlined sofa makes people more comfortable lying down

Paris is always at the forefront of modern fashion design. When people think of Paris, it is likely to associate Baroque style furniture. These furniture combines stylish, avant-garde elements in elegance and dignity, and are designed with modern style furniture. In French films, people often see this type of furniture in hotels and homes.

Sofa” align=”middle” width=”400″ height=”401″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQScreenshot20141119140011.jpg” />

French furniture designer Xavier designed a streamlined sofa. The sofa is made up of a piece of sponge. The top part is slightly protruding, allowing people to lie. It’s more comfortable when you go down to rest. There is also a curved back support that can easily stretch and place your legs without feeling uncomfortable because of the dangling. The bottom end is supported by a round metal base.

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London loft evokes a powerful cosmopolitan feel

Redesigning the interior layout of the London loft, designer Amos came up with a well-defined space and inspiring wealth: “Our design approach is to create a duplex unit that represents the true departure from the norm. The result is a contemporary luxury interior that balances the perfect details and custom design with carefully selected material panels to evoke a strong sense of the city. As the heart of the apartment, the spacious living room submerged in natural light is a real entertainment environment.

Modern London apartment defines a good London loft that evokes a powerful cosmopolitan feel that is pointed to the master suite, which Inspired by the original plan of the designer, from the efforts of luxury boutique hotels. The bedroom has a private terrace, a luxurious ensuite with a large shower and a walk-in closet. On a very spacious roof terrace, with an uninterrupted 360-degree panoramic view, residents are catering and thinking about a fun place.

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Natural home design is done by sliding glass doors

When you want to have a natural home design that will be able to make you a whole, with amazing essence around it, then we highly recommend you this beautiful home through this minimalist home plan that is made up of architects Patterson design. You can find it here, where you have a revelation.

Stunning exterior design, combined with natural home design, style is the appearance of the exposed container, the facade covers the house While some functional builds, glass materials are used in sliding designs for their doors and windows. There are stairs, stairs are some combination of natural wood materials and metal materials. There is also a wooden deck that becomes the most important part of its charming terrace.
Sliding glass doors, white and ivory tones dominate this interior, which is an open-plan design that brings the living room, kitchen, and dining room together. This spacious living room includes a dynamic sofa with wood tones and a practical wooden bookcase that can be arranged to make the best of your collection. The restaurant kitchen is installed on a higher floor.

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Clay louvers as a feature of the University of Queensland architecture

Hundreds of clay visors in this new engineering building, at the University of Queensland, Australia, designed by architect Richard Kirk on the sunny north facade. Architect Richard · Cork and Australian company Hassel teamed up on the campus of the University, aiming to advance the Advanced Engineering Building (AEB) through its latest technology in design and equipment.

Wood, steel, clay and glass are used in different combinations to control light At the level within the building, it combines classrooms and lecture halls with research laboratories. Most laboratories are located along the southern elevation to ensure the level of daylight, so the appearance includes an array of ducts. At the same time, the northern glass curtain wall is made of clay louvers, which are flooded in the sun and screened in one day.
The dynamic angle of the clay louvers has the best shadow, from the sun and the traditional materials used as a point of contact, in the building, there will also be a shadow process. The 22,000-square-meter building is built around the atrium space, extending through the structure’s full height, neglected through various stairs, walkways and balconies. The integration with the teaching space of large-scale manufacturing and civil engineering laboratories is to encourage students and employees to interact with each other and other disciplines. Passive sustainability is characterized by reduced energy consumption. As well as the northern front of the clay shutters, it can be adjusted to suit different conditions, and the building utilizes natural ventilation and controls for daylighting.

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The freight container is transformed into a giant guitar

We have seen a lot of conversions from shipping containers to offices, homes and even luxury restaurants on the outskirts of Paris. But here is what we never thought about. We will see the Kobe Biennale from Japan, which transforms a container into a giant guitar as a product of artistic cooperation. Artists experience this immersive sound experience and let visitors feel.

The giant guitar consists of eight giant steel strings that straddle the interior of the container. The horizontal rod at one end of the string is held in place and the frame is at the entrance. The vertical end is equipped with a tuning peg, which can really change the sound of the instrument! For those who want to practice their solo, it’s actually electric, with two input jacks plugged into the corresponding amplifier.
Exploring the interior of a huge guitar at the same time is a visual experience in itself, and the artist is also interested in the space of dynamic vibration and physical reaction. With this in mind, they are convinced that the guitar strings shine in the dark, allowing visitors to experience interactive sound containers through different visual environments. As the lights go out, visitors can choose to close their eyes, feel the resonance of the guitar or turn them on, and witness the playing of the strings while dancing in the dark.

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A traditional and modern house in Seoul

I have never seen such a perfect combination of tradition and modernity in Seoul. House building entries start from scratch, with striking décor and modern Italian furniture color schemes, great. The table also likes to use the dining table, which has a sunken seating area and unusual decorative elements.

Mr. Carrenia said: “The house is full of hidden storage and clever design ideas. The cut-in courtyard floor and the framed mirror window bring light to the basement below, and the architectural “Kaleidoscope Architecture”. There is also a small balcony set on the kitchen. The couple and their one year old son Phyllis, a place to enjoy the location of Mount Renwang in the summer.

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Three manifestations of giant wall art

When it comes to art walls, there is no need to be quiet or shy. The giant wall art can be both exciting and intimate for your room. Here are 3 ways to use large pieces of work to make a statement at your place of residence.
1, the scale is a large wall (obvious way)
only some of its requirements. Although you can do smaller sizes on the beautiful gallery walls, occasionally a huge pop is special.
2, create a burst area

Just because you really don’t have a huge blank wall area Doesn’t mean you can’t play. There is no fear of filling, otherwise it will be fully utilized by other spatial scales. Generate focus through bold layouts.
3, the scale is huge!
Is there such a problem because it is too big? No, when you produce an incredible property, wall or floor to ceiling statement!

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A minimalist sauna house designed by Wingardhs

The sauna is a traditional ritual in Swedish villages and countryside. Designer Wingardhs reveals a unique concept of minimalist design featuring a sauna pond. The furniture in the sauna house is made up of modern furniture and is stylish and advanced.

All of this house is about relaxation. This is a beautiful place where you can relax, release all the stress and forget your troubles. Although you will eventually go back, everything will be the same, but at least you have some peace and quiet for a while. The important thing is that when you want to rest, there is no better way to come to such a good house than this.
This is a great way to release toxins and body pressure. The house has a very relaxing interior design. The colors used are gentle and quiet, and the atmosphere is very popular. The surrounding environment is also unique and eye-catching. This may be the perfect holiday destination. Quiet, beautiful, relaxed, calm. What else do you want?

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