Complex animal mural drawn by pencil

as early as2012 Year10Month, we introduced youAdonna Khare, she is2012YearArtPrizeArt Champion.

For years, we have been in touch with the mother who is now a full-time artist. Her work is growing, but still using the same materials, pencils and paper. I love working with pencils,She said. The biggest challenge may be that there is too much to complete. ”AdonnaLarger paintings may take months to a year to complete.

Animal murals” width=”721″ height=”940″ />

The size of her recent work is15Foot Multiply6Foot, mainly composed of many zebras and tigers . Although sheArtPrizeArt exhibition works are very personal, or as she said,A biography of my life was transplanted to animals,This painting is more about the whole world. She tells us,“This is an evolution of my thoughts on climate change. Put together animals that are usually not together, forcing them to influence each other. This is how I communicate.

Look at someAdonnahighly complex work, then go to her Take a look at the studio. Her next exhibition at the Fullerton University Art Gallery, from 1Month29Dayto 2Month18Day. If you are there, be sure to check out.

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thisBluecoreThe office isHUXHUX DesignDesign A three-storey building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Customers want a space where employees can work collectively in multiple locations, conduct private meetings or work alone. In order to achieve this goal, HuxolCreates enough different sizes of space in different spaces.

The design of this conference room cites the dark-colored illegally operated bar Style, posted HUXHUX DesignewFaux Faux Bois wallpaper.

Another meeting room is inspired by the pool and the walls are HUXHUX DesignPool Time wallpaper.

Barrel Room is a triangular space that allows employees to have one-on-one meetings.

This small green space is Give employees a place to call or rest.

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Modern Valentine’s Day gift recommendation

You don’t need to use flowers and candy for Valentine’s DayI love you Take some time to turn your ideas into gifts for those you love, not to die or be eaten in a few days. Wefind some common A gift that is loved by anyone so that you can show love.

Pill Shape Heart

Diamond Cup

glass “width=”600″ height=”450” ​​/>

glass heart bottle” width=”600″ height=”600″ />

Vase” width=”600″ height=”450″ ​​/>

mirror” width=”600″ Height=”450″ ​​/>

towel” width=”600″ height=”450″ ​​/ >

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Child interaction device

Yayoi KusamaThe famous interactive device named Obliteration Room, just arrived at David· Cswena Gallery, visitors have begun to line up to fight for the opportunity to turn a completely white room into a multicolored room. Step into an ordinary American suburban house and you will find a room full of completely white furniture. Saturday 1300Several visitors have put colored polka dot stickers on the chair. On the table and tableware, there are even some potted plants.

Obliteration Room has been exhibited at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Australia. It is in 2002The first annual debut at the Queensland Art Gallery’s 4th Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Exhibition. At the Tate Gallery in Duns 2012Year also has its own version. They created a fun time-lapse project that you can see on their website.

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Abandoned Detroit house full of flowers

This abandoned flower-filled house is located in Detroit and will be in 10Monthly exhibition, when 15a room will Fill up60000Year to 100000Flower. In order to preview the exhibition, the gardener spends 48hour and 4000More flowers turn the house into a very beautiful fairyland.

Lisa WaudYesFlower House Creator,I know I have to create my own flower house and invite as many people as possible to experience it with me,She said. “Flower House10Monthly exhibitions will be unprecedented,She wrote. We will experience ——On a weekend, walls, ceilings, floors and fixtures will be filled with sweet flowers and plants from farms along the US coast.

The house will be10month16Dayto18Day Open, from Friday to Sunday . A unique flower installation that visitors can witness in abandoned homes, a live planted flower farm. I hope this exhibition will inspire people to see the value of abandoned structures as an art and business platform, using them in an environmentally responsible way. ”Waudsaid.

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Panda products from SOCIETY6 artists

Living in San Diego, we rarely have the chance to see pandas in local zoos, and I often get in touch with them through news. What is the panda doing? ”“Look! How cute the panda is! ”“God, the giant panda has grown up. Panda always has big news around these parts. I have collected some fromSociety6Panda’s products designed by artists:

Kiss PandaTshirt, fromRobert Farkas

Polkadot PandaArt prints fromSandra Dieckmann

All you need is loveArt prints, fromBalazs Solti

PANDAArt prints, fromARCHIGRAF

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Folding table lamp

For design, sometimes simplicity is the best. An industrial designer born in Helsinki and living in AmsterdamSimo LahtinenDesigned for multiple uses Simple table lamp.

FoldableSIVUThe desk lamp consists of two parts, connected by leather straps. At the heart of the two-part walnut is a LEDlights, emitting soft light through plexiglass. You can turn it on and offSIVUto adjust the light, just like a book.

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Complex wooden sculpture

California-born California artistJoshua AbarbanelThe exact cutting of the wooden blocks forms an intricate sculpture With lots of organic and geometric shapes. Effortlessly overlap the free curve with the vortex,Abarbanel Constructs a complex work that recalls the randomness of nature and the artificial ordering mechanism.

Works continueAbarbanelExploration of forms and patterns, using shapes, colors and components of biology, plants, geology and mechanical structures,& rdquo;The artist’s studio wrote in an email sent to us. “AbarbanelThe art of creation often evokes both micro and macro perspectives, such works are for people, individuals and A metaphor between the regions, the relationship between humans and the earth. His work also illustrates how different parts can come together to create beautiful and amazing ways.

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Ceramic lighting collection

Los Angeles Design StudioENTLERRecently launched a collection of lighting made of ceramics . Unique lights come in a special form by Jonathan Entler production.

Entler is the coolest form of luminaire I have ever seen. They look like withered plants or some kind of one-eyed creature. In addition to the desk lamp, there are hanging lamps.
folios can be found in West Hollywood and CaliforniaSilverlake Lawson-Fenningstore or ENTLER website found.

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Dubai Mall will begin construction in the first quarter of 2015

About the construction of the Dubai Mall, it is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2015. The government-owned Dubai Holding Company, which is also revealed by the parent company Jumeirah Group, is a 48 million-square-foot project that has been in the process of being appointed, starting in the first quarter of 2015 and is expected to take three years to complete.
It launches a timeline of $6.8 billion in projects that include theme parks, the world’s largest shopping mall, 100 hotel and theater districts, and Dubai Commercial Operations Group (DHCOG) communicated in the first half of 2014 financial data of.

Dubai Real Estate Group launched 800 new apartments to enter the market, including the Creekside Cultural Village. It also began to join forces with Dongxun Investment to encourage local people to invest in three- and four-star hotel projects. Speaking of the company’s performance, Dubai Holdings Chairman Mohammed · Gigawi said: “We have the ability to continue to generate profit, highlighting our financial strength and our strategy is focused on the development of important Dubai’s successful economy in the investment field. . We are confident that our financial situation will be further strengthened and once we start building, we will announce the recently announced strategic plan. ”

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