What is carbonized wood flooring?

Carbonized wood flooring is a homogenized carbonization treatment of wood under high temperature without any chemical agent, so that the surface of the wood has a dark brown aesthetic effect, and has antiseptic and anti-bioinvasive effects, and its moisture content is low. It is not easy to absorb water, stable material, no deformation, complete degreasing and no grease, good thermal insulation performance, simple construction, convenient brushing and no special smell. It is an ideal indoor and sauna material, and it has become a new trend in bathroom decoration; Rotten, anti-insect, anti-deformation and cracking, high temperature performance has become an ideal material for outdoor swimming pool landscape.

1, durability, corrosion resistance: the floor components in the carbonization process has a complex chemical reaction, changing the composition of the floor, reducing the floor The nutrients of decaying bacteria inhibit the growth of fungi in the floor from the food chain. Therefore, the carbonized floor has significantly improved corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and has anti-corrosion, anti-termite and anti-fungal effects;

2, environmental protection: environmentally-friendly dry carbonization The process is different from the chemical modification of the floor and the carbonization treatment of the floor is a pure physical technology. In the process of carbonization of the floor, only the temperature and water vapor are involved, and no chemical agent is added;

3, the dimensional stability is improved: The floor is heat treated in a high temperature (160-230 ° C) environment. By reducing the concentration of hydroxyl groups in the floor components, reducing the hygroscopicity and internal stress of the floor, the exchange capacity of the carbonized floor and the external water is significantly reduced, and the wet rise can be reduced by more than 50%, which greatly improves the dimensional stability of the floor: Thereby greatly reducing the deformation, shrinkage and wet rise caused by the moisture change of the floor during use;

4, the moisture resistance is enhanced: after the carbonization heat treatment of the floor, the water adsorption mechanism of the floor changes, with With the increase of treatment temperature, the hemocellulose with strong hygroscopicity degrades during the treatment, which makes the hygroscopicity of the floor decrease, and the hydrogen bond between the water molecules and the floor molecules is reduced, thereby greatly reducing the hygroscopicity and water absorption of the floor. It allows the carbonized floor to maintain a low moisture content in humid air. The equilibrium moisture content of the carbonized floor is more than 40% lower than that of the untreated floor; the equilibrium moisture content of the carbonized floor is also low, and the manufactured floor can maintain a 6% water content when used under greenhouse conditions, therefore, the carbonized floor The product is not easy to be deformed and cracked, and can be applied to dry and turbid environments;

5, color: carbonized floor inside and outside uniform color, can ensure uniform color durability throughout the board. The color of carbonized floor is physically colored and will not change with time. The decorative effect of carbonized floor is consistent (can be used as antique solid wood floor);

6, easy maintenance: resin of carbonized floor and some inside Since the inclusions are precipitated during the carbonization process, the surface layer of the carbonized floor has no oily components such as a resin and is easily painted. At the same time, since the carbonized floor has the advantages of anti-corrosion, good stability and moisture resistance, the maintenance of the carbonized floor in daily use is quite easy;

7, thermal conductivity: good thermal conductivity, skin and carbonized wood contact Do not feel any discomfort, completely bid farewell to the coldness of traditional tiles, carbonized flooring is an ideal material for modern interior decoration.

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Beauty: New Service Legend

This year is the Wuxu Year. After Zeng Zhaoxia successfully revived the makeup service brand last year, he replaced his suit, tie and shirt, and put on a refreshing and simple short-sleeved shirt and shorts to lead the team to start a new business.

Because of the “Journey to the West” as an entrepreneurial culture, the company’s employees have a flower name: “Kuanyin” Maitreya “Nine-headed horses” “Yellow winds … … this makes the company no The strict level, I was able to go all out to make a new Internet brand. Even though they have to do nothing at all, 乖 乖.

Zeng Zhaoxia said bluntly, saying: “To be beautiful, it is to puncture the bubble in the service industry. It’s not a pinch, but a stick to break the bubble. Xiaomi is doing new manufacturing, Ali is doing new retail, and the United States is doing new services.

In response, three questions were raised:

Is this an impulsive move from the offline to the online? In fact, for Zeng Zhaoxia, this But it is continuing to carry out the justice of his life: let customers scream and let them marry.

How difficult is this? The industry experience should be deep, the vision should be broad, the vision should be accurate, and the action should be quick and responsive.

So, can it be done? Anyone who follows Zeng Zhaoxia believes that he will inevitably have a squally shower in the service industry.

Demon and demon, everything is user-driven

Doing business, few people will take the initiative to change their lives, especially the vested interests in the industry.

But Zeng Zhaoxia is different. He has created a new model of makeup service, both feet in the beauty industry, and now it is necessary to overthrow the irrationality and create a new species. And his emboldened and aggressive, has become visible to the naked eye — in the company, inspirational slogans are everywhere, such as “Dare to play, only because of the material” user-driven, Journey to learn and so on.

Things go back to the beginning of 2018.

At that time, he was leading the Meilu entrepreneurial team to sort out the upstream and downstream of the beauty industry, and a market report caught their attention. According to the report, the cosmetics retail transaction volume in 2017 was nearly 700 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 20% compared with 2016. In 2018, the scale will continue to expand. But is the situation as gratifying as described in the report? The team decided to go to the market and go to the female consumer to find out.

In fact, many female consumers complained that they complained about a common pain point not written in the report: cosmetics, beauty services, low cost performance, really touching people. Not many.

After hearing such feedback, the team of the company calmed down and reflected: “When consumers spend money but are not comfortable, we don’t solve the problem, how can we talk about user drivers?

So they decided to specialize in this matter. In order to finalize the new brand name, the team of the company is in the office for 7 days and 7 nights, only to come up with a brand name that the user likes. Until someone proposed to call “Mei Wei, 80% of the consumers who participated in the survey of more than 200 women expressed their disappointment, and they finally finalized their registration.

“The brand name is the first impression. I don’t want to call for the first time. Can I still play? The team of the United States admires “Journey to the entrepreneurial culture. They believe that the road to entrepreneurship must be achieved”. That’s it. In the end, they summed up this spirit into a slogan of eight characters, hanging in the company’s conspicuous position: innovation and trial and error, paranoia.

The big day, starting with social e-commerce and services

The ideal is full However, companies from 0 to 0.1 must first think clearly about the entry point.

The beauty team chose to cut in from cosmetics retail. Because the selection of illuminating products that are visible, tangible, and highly concerned, and improving their cost performance, consumers can directly benefit, and thus smoothly enter the market.

So, which channel should I take? The team believes that the key is to go online or online. The key is which channel has more games to play and users prefer.

After comparing the horizontal and vertical, they took a fancy to the social e-commerce app. This is not only because the current social e-commerce model is prevalent, but more importantly, the core is to establish connections and exchanges between people, and to make people’s business, so that the snowballs are getting bigger and bigger.

After setting the basic direction, the team began a full-scale layout.

First, they started looking for the first users with fission capabilities. Meilu has cooperated with many beauty brand offline stores to introduce its owners and members to Meilu. In addition, the company also cooperated with the shopping channel of Shenzhen TV Station to introduce a large number of members with strong purchasing power and strong communication into the WeChat group of the United States for fission.

Secondly, they developed consumer packages and product explosions that consumers like, and limited time sales. Gift package offers are usually released in the WeChat group. According to the statistics of the United States, the current gift packages are usually sold out within 30 minutes. Therefore, to use the US App, you must first make friends on WeChat.

Third, if you share the item to a friend, the friend will pay the order according to the link, and the sharer will get a certain amount of rebate. The amount is marked next to the price of the product, which usually increases the enthusiasm of the user to share the new one.

This game of beauty is based on a principle: goods must be of high quality and low price. This involves the supply chain.

During the development of the App, the team has already looked at the global quality supply chain, allowing international brands to enter the United States & mdash; — such as Versace, Coach, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Kao, etc.; BigThe data, around the “just need, high-frequency carefully selected, only sell the explosions that users like.

At 0:00 on April 26, 2018, the US App was officially launched. In the case of only 20 SKUs, the transaction amount of 260,000 yuan was reached on the same day. Now, the company is still constantly updating its trading records.

Dissemination “True Classics, Empowerment Service Industry”

In June 2018, the store manager of a beauty service chain in Guangzhou was full of grievances and was looking for people to talk about. Because of the good location and high rent, it is just a matter of smoothing the cost every month and not making a profit.

There is also a store for Zeng Zhaoxia makeup service brand franchisees in that place, so the news of the peers has spread to the franchisees. He looked at himself: the monthly performance of 80,000 yuan, enough to be able to remove the expenses left, and did not find a way to make the store’s performance increase exponentially, and then continue to find someone to talk about.

In fact, there are many franchisees who are similar to his situation. Moreover, they are all a group of people with ideas. After a long time, they are anxious. Finally, they come to visit Zeng Zhaoxia with a bit of emotion: You ran Do online “lds; daughter social e-commerce, it is not under the pipeline” pro-son?

In fact, in the United States “reconstruction service industry layout, do social e-commerce It’s just the first step, and there’s the second step, “Energy Service. Therefore, Zeng Zhaoxia had already expected that this would happen. In order to achieve the second step, he and the team of the United States and the United States immersed in the study of the S2b2C model, pondering how to reconstruct the service industry.

So, after listening to the feedback, he felt that the opportunity came.

Next, the team and one of the franchisees tried together to include the store service in the app and to guide the store. In just 2 days, the franchisees won more than 50,000 yuan through the company, and the monthly sales reached more than 500,000 yuan.

—— empowering the line stores can work! Zeng Zhaoxia has set his mind, and the future path will be clear.

Zeng Zhaoxia said that the beauty service industry is mixed with too much foam, low quality and high price, and passenger traffic is not going up, forming a vicious circle. This is the root cause of their difficult survival.

Therefore, the team decided to walk with two legs: support a group of fresh-starting Chinese brands with a beautiful model; Meishao’s high-quality and low-cost supply chain replaces their low-quality and high-priced products and services.

They know that only by first breaking the bubble of beauty service, can this method be pushed to the entire service industry, and finally the service industry will be reconstructed. Now, the model of Miyuki’s offline store has matured, and the blueprint of the stars and seas is slowly unfolding in front of the participants.

After joining the franchisees, they earned money and gained profits. They are also more convinced that beauty will become the next legend.

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What factors determine the success or failure of high-end floor marketing

At present, the domestic high-end flooring market, the competitiveness of imported flooring is very strong. If domestic flooring is to go further, there are still many problems. It is necessary to understand such a core question: what factors are affecting high-end flooring? The success or failure of marketing.

It is undeniable that imported flooring has a historical advantage that domestic flooring does not have. Foreign high-end imported flooring generally has many years of history, and some even appeared a hundred years ago.

The marketing of high-end brands is very historical, history is always their talk, and their greatest wealth, and then in the long historical background, such brands can come up with hundreds of stories to tell consumers And in the long history, there will always be some cases of star customers, the brand will constantly emphasize these things, people seem to think that they have them, they themselves have become full of stories and tastes.

For the domestic high-end flooring, most of the domestic enterprises started very late, and there is no heavy history, which leads to lack of persuasiveness in the high-end flooring field and can only compete in the low-end. Therefore, the high-end flooring in China is basically a foreign imported floor operator.

Another decisive factor is the channel. The floor is a special material. Although online sales have achieved initial success, more than 80% of sales are still done offline. The offline channels include floor stores. , decoration companies, etc., high-end flooring brands represented by imported flooring, already have a very mature sales network, such as high imported flooring, the domestic store has approached 200, and the operators of Bimei and nature, the same There are also several Baidu storefronts. This kind of sales network advantage is not available in many domestic flooring.

Of course, we have to go back to this basic marketing link. In this relatively mature market, domestic flooring is impatient, and there is not enough strength to adhere to the years, or even decades. Polishing a high-end brand, so many companies just shouted high-end, in fact, doing low-end business, brand grades can not go. And some imported flooring has formed the perception of high-end brands. With this consumer’s mental recognition, the latter sales are much easier.

In addition, in the past few years, the company has adopted the integrated marketing solution of Winner Advisors. It is very powerful in the penetration of marketing information, and can be seen in various channels. Consumers’ trust in high brands has established a leading position in the high-end market.

It can be said that the key to the success of high-end floor marketing is whether consumers believe that your product is really high-end, and to achieve this goal, its premise is the marketing elements mentioned above.

Of course, there are some quality reasons, such as environmental protection, design, wear resistance and other functions, the origin is also very important, often imported gives a high-end cognition.

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Teach you how to choose to care for the beech wood floor

Key point 1: Pay attention to daily maintenance

Some consumers think that the performance of eucalyptus flooring products is very stable, do not need to be too carefully maintained, use the mop to directly wash the floor, do not care about the heating drip, such a Come, floor products are prone to discoloration, deformation, cracks and other issues. When using eucalyptus flooring, be sure to maintain the floor regularly as required by the manufacturer.

Point 2: Sales and laying do not separate home

Consumers choose high quality eucalyptus flooring, is to hope that it can really improve the level of home life. In fact, to play the decorative role of the eucalyptus floor, not only bought well, but also well dressed. If a top brand company like Tiange generally has a professional paving team or a professional paving guide, it guarantees the paving service of the products sold. If consumers encounter sales and pavements that are not the same unit, they must be vigilant. Once problems arise in the future, it is likely to cause the two parties to push each other out, causing consumers to suffer. Therefore, consumers must strive to sell and shop as the same unit.

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Floor color matching skills Have you learned?

1, choose white as white as possible

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171923984.jpg”>

   There are many families who like to use white flooring, and hope to have a quiet home atmosphere. But the white floor is more troublesome to take care of, it is recommended to use gray and white etc. The color is easy to give a feeling of tranquility, and it does not cause the wall color to be lighter and the floor is lighter than the ‘top-heavy’.

  2, yellow floor with green walls

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles /20170802171923985.jpg”>

   Some families prefer to use a slightly yellow floor, and the walls use the ‘adjacent color’ rule. The green color adjacent to the yellow color can be selected to create a warm atmosphere.

  3, black brown floor with pink tone

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171923986.jpg”>

&# 8195;   dark tone floor has strong appeal and expressiveness, and its personality is distinctive. For example, the color of the floor with reddish color gives a strong feeling. If the wall is also painted with strong color paint, It will look uncomfortable. But choose the ivory color with pink tones, and the black brown floor will form a sense of unity.

  4, dark brown floor with beige white

600){this.width=600}” align=center src =”/userfiles/20170802171923987.jpg”>

   If you use white walls and dark brown floors, this will make the floor look dark. However, if the wall is replaced with other colors that are also brown, the color of the wall and floor will be easier to access and the space will be larger.

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Maintenance of the floor is no longer annoying What is the method of dehumidification of wooden floors?

First, the pepper in addition to the wet method

Applicable space: the living room faces the uncomfortable return to the South, Guangzhou folks have always had a traditional.

Moisture-proof practices: One is to place the dried peppers, which can absorb a certain amount of water, but must always replace the new dried peppers. The other is to place a reliable quality gun, because there is sulfur in the gun, which can not only dehumidify but also remove insects.

Although the effect of the earthwork is good, but the artillery has a safety problem, the public should be more careful when using it. In addition, you can also burn a pot of fire in the room to increase the temperature inside the room, so that the water vapor can not condense, thus reducing the indoor humidity.

Second, the newspaper anti-mildew method

Applicable space: the bedroom is wet, the clothes in the closet are often moldy, what should I do?

Moisture-proof practices: long-term open The door of the closet can be ventilated and mildewed, but there is also a lot of dust. If you put a newspaper on the bottom of the closet, you can even put a newspaper on the inside of the closet. The newspaper absorbs moisture and achieves mildew resistance, and the ink on the newspaper can also deworm.

Newspapers should avoid direct contact with clothing to prevent ink stains.

Third, lime moisture absorption method

Applicable space: kitchen, bedroom lime is a simple and easy to do moisture absorption agent.

Moisture proof: 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. Put the lime in a wooden box and cover it when the weather is not wet. When the weather is wet, open the cover and do not open the large window to keep the indoor air dry and pleasant.

For the average family, buy 5 to 10 kilograms of lime, in a wooden box or carton, under the closet or in the corner of the house, but be careful not to let the children at home.

Fourth, salt bar mopping method

Applicable space: kitchen, bathroom kitchen.

Moisture-proof practices: Salt is also a good dehumidifier, although there is no industrial salt snow melting and ice, so salt is more than enough to deal with the dampness of the home.

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Flooring industry marketing tools

According to survey data, in the first-tier cities, the proportion of floor dealers who want to replace or add brands is slightly lower, at around 30%; while the floor distributors in second- and third-tier cities want to increase or replace brands by as much as 70%.

According to survey data, in the first-tier cities, the proportion of floor dealers who want to replace or add brands is slightly lower, about 30%; and floor distributors in second- and third-tier cities want to increase or replace brands by up to 70%. the above.

floor low-end brand sings the protagonist

In relatively backward cities, there are almost ten door and window dealers, low-end brands sing the protagonist, the middle and high-end is difficult to be the most second- and third-tier cities The current status of the flooring market.

According to survey data, in the first-tier cities, the proportion of floor dealers who want to replace or add brands is slightly lower, about 30%; and floor distributors in second- and third-tier cities want to increase or replace brands by up to 70%. the above.

The reasons are mainly: First, the first-tier urban home market is greatly affected by the real estate policy, and is still in a downturn. The dealers are afraid to act rashly and adopt a conservative management strategy. The construction of real estate in third-tier cities is still in full swing, with less impact, and the demand for flooring is still growing. Second, the floor market in first-tier cities has been relatively saturated, and most famous brands have settled in. The remaining ‘cakes’ are very limited. The floor market in the second and third tier cities has just opened, which is a good time to grab the ‘cake’. Third, with the improvement of the economic level of the second and third tier cities, people’s brand awareness has gradually increased, and small brand flooring is no longer consumed. In favor of the consumers, in order to meet the needs of consumers, dealers need to increase the operation of high-end brands.

The competition in the first-tier cities is too fierce, and the dealers choose to retreat into the

in the first-tier cities, which are greatly affected by real estate regulation. Red Star Macalline, Real Home, Ginza Home, Fulma, Century Mercure, Haibo Home, Lotte Home… The development in recent years has made these home furnishing stores everywhere, which has also intensified the dealers’ Competition between.

In the case that the brand layout of the first-tier cities is basically mature and the economic environment is not optimistic, most dealers have tried their best to carry out promotional activities to maintain the operation of existing brands. However, store rents, operating expenses, and after-sales service costs continue to rise, constantly touching the dealer’s fragile bottom line, and testing the dealer’s ability to withstand it again and again. There are a small number of dealers who are really ‘熬’ not going down, and they have to choose to evacuate after painstaking pains. This part of the dealers tends to be concentrated in stores outside the bustling business district, or they are still in the incubation period.

Those who open a number of specialty stores often choose to close one or two less efficient stores; only open a store dealer, or retreat, temporarily shut down ‘hibernation’ Or look for a mature business district and wait for the opportunity to fight again in the coming year.

Combined business into a second-tier city dealers to resist the winter’s main way

In order to sales performance, in order to enrich the product range to attract customers, in order to resist the winter to survive better, second-tier city dealers It is common to adopt a multi-brand business approach to target different levels of consumers. Some dealers even work in different industries in the same store, such as floor and floor, carpet and floor, fabric and floor combination operations are also very common.

At present, most of the country’s flooring stores choose a well-known brand to support the facade or use the name to make the store name, in order to attract consumers and improve the store’s grade. Multi-brand, multi-level operations have become the main way for floor dealers to increase sales. Dealers often choose some mid-range brands with high cost performance and high quality to earn relatively lucrative profits. At the same time, they choose some low-end brands to fight prices, attract customers with low-priced products and compete in the market.

Release date: 2015/4/27 11:31:31

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How to install solid wood flooring?

1. Straight-line installation of solid wood floor installation

Moisture-proof cloth + floor

Suitable ground: ground with a height difference of 2 mm

Applicable to: geothermal and non-geothermal

Installation steps for solid wood flooring:

1. Renovate the ground first, then lay a moisture-proof cloth on the ground to cover the entire ground. Achieve moisture-proof sound insulation balance production effect. The cushion material used for geothermal heat is preferably not too thick and can utilize heat conduction.

Lay multi-layer solid wood flooring on moisture-proof cloth.

Second, high-rise installation of solid wood flooring installation

Dedicated keel + thick splint + moisture-proof cloth + floor

Suitable ground: Suitable for the ground Floors with a flatness of not more than 5 mm and above the second floor are suitable for: non-geothermal solid wood flooring installation steps:

1. Prepare special wooden keels with a spacing of less than or equal to 350 mm between wooden keels. The keel’s frame must be kept flat.

2. Apply a water-resistant adhesive to the wooden keel, and then lay the splint with a thickness of about 12 mm on the skeleton. The splint is preferably cut into a size of no more than 600 × 600 mm, splint and splint. The distance between the 5-10 mm is used, and then the air gun is used to nail the stud into the splint and the skeleton.

3. Spread a damp-proof cloth over the splint, then lay the floor on the damp-proof cloth and nail the fixed floor at a 45-degree angle on the male peg.

Third, the installation of solid wood floor installation of direct installation

thick splint + moisture-proof cloth + floor

more suitable ground: suitable for the ground flatness does not exceed Floors of 5 mm and above are suitable for: non-geothermal installation steps:

1. Clean the floor and cut the plywood into a size of no more than 600 × 600mm. Between the splint and the splint Reserve a gap of 5 to 10 mm.

2. Pour moisture-proof or flame-retardant foam on the plywood. The moisture-proof cloth on the wall should be 8 to 10 mm more than the floor. Do not stick between the splint and the moisture-proof cloth.

Spread the moisture-proof cloth on the splint, do not paste between the floor and the moisture-proof cloth, and nail the fixed floor on the male plaque with a headless nail at a 45-degree angle.

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Rural Agriculture Reform Guge Dynasty Xia Ke helps Bairuiyuan special product brand strategy synchronization!

In September 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the “Strategic Planning for Rural Revitalization (2018— 2022)”, proposing a structural reform on the supply side of agriculture as the main line to promote the prosperity of rural industries. From this point of view, the local economy is gradually becoming an important foundation for the construction of a well-off society in China. The main source of local economic development is the rapid development of local specialty industries. In recent years, many local specialties have successfully broken through geographical restrictions, moved to the country and realized import and export trade, and made important contributions to local construction.

The success of local specialty products has also created a new era led by the Guge Dynasty Trends, the Guge Dynasty Xia Ke is in the direction of the brand transformation of agricultural products in the special product branding model, helping the development of local specialty products and the national strategy.

As we all know, Ningxia had eight poverty-stricken counties two years ago, along with policy reforms and the help of local enterprises. Today, Ningxia has made tremendous changes in many developing regions and areas to be helped. This is the great transformation that the specialty has brought out of the place for the people.

One of the most famous Ningxia Bairuiyuan 走 is out of Helan County, a poor township. Ningxia, the natural geographical advantage gives birth to high-quality cockroaches. However, such high-quality resources were at the time because they did not have a special product brand and succumbed to the low-end market, which greatly reduced the value of the product. In order to save the precarious Ningxia glutinous rice, Bairuiyuan chooses to specialize in production and branding with high quality and high standards, and to extract the special value of Ningxia.

Since 2005, Bairuiyuan has joined hands with the Guge Dynasty, and has positioned its brand as a health industry. ;枸杞养生专家". In order to get rid of the unity of products and the general perception of consumers, Xia Ke led the Guge Dynasty to make a very detailed product breakdown for Bairuiyuan.

According to the high quality characteristics of Bairuiyuan products, the first generation of disposable enamel was born in the process. . According to the seasonal function, for different levels of consumers, there is a head 茬 —— June red in the March Spring of March. After establishing consumer awareness, the product diversity and high-end construction will be easier. Xia Ke will be the core of all the treasures, helping the Bairui source to develop more categories and create a new category of black.枸杞, the process of extracting natural oyster oil, using tea making technology to produce bud tea and leaf tea, from high-end gifts to leisure products, this upgrade not only makes Bairuiyuan enrich the products, but also expands the consumer groups. In order to reflect the value of the brand, the most important thing is to raise the Ningxia wolf in the hands of the locals in bulk, to the height of the specialty industry.

In addition, Guge Dynasty Summer The Branch of China Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has also been designated as an AAAA-level cultural attraction, which has become a sacred place for the spread of Chinese culture, and has a profound impact on promoting the healthy and rapid development of Ningxia’s industrial and tourism industries and local economic construction. The influence and significance of the products, the products are exported to all parts of China through tourism, and the public has a better understanding of the Ningxia culture.

In the reshaping of the special product branding model proposed by Xia Ke, Bairuiyuan has completed sales of 3 million yuan a day, and the e-commerce platform double 11 sales exceeded 10 million yuan, setting a new record in the industry. The product image designed by Xia Ke also makes Bairuiyuan deeply loved in the international trade market, and exported to 18 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

The success of Bairuiyuan also represents the rise of local specialties and the success of rural construction in Helan County. As the mainstay behind the special product branding model, Xia Ke is the mainstay of the product packaging design and the establishment of the company. With the original “Chinese style postmodern design style”, the original will be carried out. For the product to go out of the country, and to go abroad to lay a solid foundation, the testimony and support of this road, the effort behind it is naturally hard work.

In the course of the reform and opening up in the next 40 years, China’s economic and social development has made great achievements, and agricultural and rural development has also undergone historic changes. The growing foundation of a better life for our people is rooted in the rise of the local economy. With more and more local construction started, the future specialization of the brand-name model created by Xia Ke will also become a major boost for local industry construction.

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Tips for cleaning the floor

The first waxing article. The number of floor waxing should not be frequent, and the floor should be properly waxed. Waxing can protect against moisture, damage, surface luminosity and easy cleaning, but if the number of waxing is too frequent, it will cause damage to the floor. Frequent waxing can cause waxy wax layers to superimpose, and there will be a layer of gray in the middle of the wax layer, which affects the waxing effect.

Now the average family is using a relatively affordable laminate flooring, the surface of the laminate floor is a layer of aluminum oxide, liquid such as moisture does not easily penetrate into the floor, so if the floor is waxed The wax layer can not penetrate into the inner layer of the floor, and can only be attached to the surface of the floor. When people walk, they will leave footprints. After a long time, the surface of the floor becomes like a ‘big face’, which affects the appearance of the floor and is difficult to wipe. Therefore, the laminate flooring should not be waxed.

When air drying, laminate flooring should not be cleaned and maintained with decontamination powder, and should not be polished with abrasive paper. It can be wiped with a wrung rag and then treated with a care solution. It is difficult to remove it with a special detergent.

Second cleaning article. Solid wood flooring should be wiped with a dry cotton mop in daily cleaning. In case of stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe with a cotton swab. Do not use organic acids such as acid, alkaline solvents or gasoline. Solvent scrubbing. And do not place strong acid and strong alkaline substances on the floor.

The cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring is relatively simple, but it should not be taken lightly. When cleaning, apply a damp mop that does not drip, and properly increase the surface humidity, which can effectively solve the gap and cracking of the floor. If it is greasy or smudged, wipe it with a cloth dampened with detergent.

Third to prevent small particles from scratching the floor. The small gravel stays on the floor surface for a long time, and after walking around, the traces of sand and gravel appear on the floor surface. In addition to gravel, dust, hard-soled shoes, metal sharps, and glass tiles are the nemesis of the floor’s skin. In order to reduce the wear of the particles, it is especially important to keep the floor clean. Pay attention to clean the floor after opening the window. If dust or gravel is found, it should be vacuumed and cleaned immediately. In addition, the ash on the floor should not be treated with a damp rag and a mop. The ash that is wrapped between them is likely to cause scratches on the surface of the paint film. Also, be careful not to let the floor touch the open flame or place it directly on the floor. Power electric heaters cannot directly place hot objects such as kettles and stoves. Home improvement network

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