The Public Security Bureau of China Aviation Academy launched 110 publicity activities: the police and the people joined hands to create peace.

On January 10, 2019, the country ushered in the 33rd “110 publicity day.” In accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, as the only public security bureau established in the university in the country & mdash; & mdash; China Civil Aviation Flight Academy Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the China Aviation Academy Public Security Bureau), in response to the characteristics of the service object, “Landscape experience, police people Working together to create peace as the theme, organized a “110 police to enter the police camp activities.

110 volunteers enter the police camp event

At 8:30 in the morning, the students of the Zhongfeiyuan Public Security Bureau have gathered students who participated in the 110 police experience. At 9 o’clock, the event officially began. On behalf of all the staff, Sun Jingbo expressed his welcome to the selected 8 police officers. He said: As the only public security in the country, guarding the peace, serving the teachers and students, and carrying out various forms of safety education, it is the unshirkable duty of the public security personnel of the Feiyuan. The mission is also a concrete manifestation of the 16-word policy of loyalty to the party, serving the people, fairness in law enforcement, and strict discipline.

Welcome Message from Director Sun Jingbo

Inviting students to join the team to participate in multiple police work as a police officer, Sun Jingbo said that the move is to enable more people to understand, understand, cooperate and support public security work; at the same time, through publicity and Interaction, improve the safety awareness of teachers and students, and participate in the construction of a safe campus.

At the ceremony, Deputy Director Lin Xinggui of the Zhongfeiyuan Public Security Bureau and Deputy Director Zhang Xiang issued police vests for the students. With a password, the prosecutors formally entered the flag-raising ceremony.

Deputy Director Lin Xinggui and Deputy Director Zhang Xiang dispatched police officers Use vest

All participants participate in the flag raising ceremony

After the welcoming ceremony, the volunteers visited the honor room and the video surveillance room to learn about the history of the public security and the construction of the campus.

All students visit the honor Room

Subsequently, the security detachment leader Wang Tao introduced 110 work content for the police and arranged the task for the day. Under the leadership of Zhu Hong, the preparatory instructor of the Ministry of Public Security, the police listened to the work of police, police training, traffic management, fire fighting, etc., and felt the whole day of the police.

During the whole activity, the students’ participation and enthusiasm were extremely high. Many people said that they participated in the activities as a police officer and had zero-distance contact with public security work. The experience, just a day’s work, let them sigh the front line of the police, “It’s not easy,” the years are quiet, because of the police, but also let them pay a tribute to the police profession.

Students receive activity tasks

The Public Security Bureau of China Aviation Academy has continuously strengthened the construction of the three bases. According to its own characteristics, it has carried out a number of activities close to the teachers and students. In order to attract more students to participate in this recruitment experience, in the early stage, the campus network red instructor Zhu Hong was the image spokesperson, and the posters, the campus official blog, the official micro and other forms were widely advertised, and more than 50 people were attracted on the same day. College students are actively enrolled. The activity used a panoramic and full-featured experience to popularize the public security business and security knowledge, and received enthusiastic responses from students and society. The relevant person in charge said that in the later stage, police and civilian interaction will be carried out in more forms, so that the legal system and safety concept will be integrated into the whole process of educating people.

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How to maintain the floor, the floor maintenance tips, Raiders

We all know that to have a good skin, daily care is essential. When the season is coming or the indoor humidity and temperature change, the floor may be as dry and cracked as the skin. In fact, through daily simple floor maintenance, we can effectively prevent the occurrence of cracking, arching and other phenomena, and can effectively clean the floor surface.

The daily maintenance of the paint floor can use WOCA paint cleaning and maintenance essence, it will not produce wax particles on the floor surface, it is very suitable for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the floor. For oil floor, WOCA cleaning and maintenance essence or white texture cleaning and maintenance essence can be used for daily maintenance. These only need simple DIY operation at home, simple and convenient.

Daily maintenance can make the floor last forever, while the environmentally-friendly materials and natural skin care products make the home feel natural and comfortable, and at the same time allow you to get in touch with the floor more intimately.

Professional maintenance method, giving the floor skin a sense of luxury.

When the season is changed, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, or the use environment is too dry, etc. When it happens, we also need to take a skin-like scrub, massage, face and other special techniques to restore her youthful appearance through professional floor care equipment and maintenance oil.

Professional maintenance of the lacquered floor uses concentrated lacquer finish oil, which is suitable for all lacquered floors. The paint maintenance oil can enhance the texture of the paint = repair the damaged parts, and the paint maintenance oil used before will be removed the next time, so there will be no thick layer on the surface of the floor, no need to worry about the production of heavy makeup sense’. For professional maintenance of oil floor flooring, it is necessary to use concentrated degreaser and maintenance master oil. First, you need to use concentrated de-oil to remove the dirt on the floor surface, and then use professional equipment to deeply polish the master oil to make the floor absorb the essence better. Through professional floor maintenance, not only can the floor be restored to bright colors, comfortable feet, but also effectively extend the life of the floor, avoiding common problems such as cracking and arching.

Comfortable home, can relax our body and mind; luxury enjoyment, let us feel happy. Professional floor care requires careful care of the skin. Keeping the whole family in a natural and harmonious state is our eternal pursuit

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Chu Chu pushes inviting elites from all walks of life – Chu Chu pushes sunny teacher


Capital crocodile joint attack

(1) Softbank invests in the only e-commerce field after Alibaba, optimistic about the growth of Chu Chu, will become the next Ali Baba.

(2) Lenovo, GGV, and New Tianyu’s top investment stocks, C-round financing valuation of tens of billions.

(3) The Internet has joined forces to create the most reliable endorsement in the industry.


Volkswagen Entrepreneurship Optimization Platform

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(2) Chu Chu push has professional customer service, providing one-to-one quality customer service.

(3) Ultra-low threshold, just 1 minute to download the Chu Chu push APP to join.

(4) High-yield, with 20%-80% sales commission.


Smart Platforms in China

Powerful system support, extremely convenient, and the industry’s top product promotion experience.


Beautiful materials, easy to publish

Chu Chu push has professional art, small series to release product materials according to market demand, you only need to move your fingers, one Key forwarding can be released.


Real-time incentives, cash withdrawals

Real-time revenue display, at a glance, commission withdrawal, one second to arrive!


Big collections, rich in categories

Tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected goods, all over the world, the first-class source of goods, to protect genuine.


Imagine Seven-Star Shopping Guarantee

Tens of thousands of quality brands, millions of selected products, top-selling buyers all over the world, primary sources, Guarantee genuine.


Top team in the industry

Professional team, rich experience, core executives from well-known Internet companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and Top micro-business brand trader.

Welcome to the Shenzhen Ground Investment Team to welcome you.

The Chuhu Pushing God team invites elites from all walks of life _ national hot recruiting shopkeepers:

Sunny Teacher (completed 2 director accounts in a week, good network marketing + ground investment + 12 years of training Experience.)

Mobile + WeChat with the same number: 13923489134.

Office Address: 14th Floor, Venus Hotel, Minye Avenue, Longhua New District, Shenzhen.

[Target: Host two or more small-scale business invitations in a week to assist partners. All major businesses are welcome to work together. 】

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Three major conjectures in the development of innovative models in the flooring industry

The times are constantly changing, all walks of life are constantly updating and developing. Can you keep up with the pace of the times? To progress, we must continue to learn and touch new things. In the development of this ever-changing flooring industry, we must continue to make progress in the most advanced stage of the industry. Do you have thought about the future business model of the flooring industry? What would it be like?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170156786.jpg”>

One: Mobile devices become interactive homes

The 5G era is coming, which means that using mobile devices in the future will be more convenient and faster than now. Although the number of mobile devices we have now exceeds the total population of the planet, in the future the capacity of these mobile devices and Features will continue to improve. Announcements and advertising are bound to be more suitable for small screens on mobile devices. For example, current passengers can use their smartphones to quickly board, and customers can use mobile devices to shop in various markets. Are you ready for the floor company?

Two: Tailor-made service experience

If you bought something on the Amazon website, you have already experienced what you’ve experienced first. Customized: ‘If you like this, you will also like it…’ The website will remember your preferences and then send you personalized emails, each of which is unique. For flooring companies Measure The system is not limited to the product phase, and customized services will become the standard way to establish user loyalty in the future!

Three: community contribution to corporate culture

look at Wegmans supermarket and software giant Adobe will understand the importance of corporate culture. You may already have a corporate mission and vision. Customers want to see how you achieve these missions and visions, and hope to see how you make a great contribution to humanity. For example, if your business is small, think about what you can do for your community. If you have a huge market, how will you contribute your power to make the world a better place?

The above ideas are for reference only. In short, there are ideas to have goals, and goals to be actionable. We must maintain a normal heart, use long-term vision to gain insight into the development direction of the flooring industry, and continue to learn and innovate in order to go global. The most sophisticated!

Release date: 2015/12/11 10:10:26

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2018 Luo Ke Supply Chain Conference focuses on the South China Sea industry big coffee sharing frontier theory

How do companies supply chain upgrades in the new era, from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese brands?

On August 21, 2018, the 2018 Luoke Supply Chain Conference was officially launched (hereinafter referred to as “Supply” Chain assembly). The event was hosted by LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group LKKER shared design platform —— Luo Ke Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Nanhai District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau, Foshan Nanhai District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Foshan Luoke Organized by Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd., Luoke South China R&D and Supply Chain Center co-organized, Foshan Nanhai District People’s Government, Foshan Science and Technology Bureau, Foshan Economic and Information Bureau jointly guided.

(Mr. Wu Zhiqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of Nanhai District Committee attended the event)

In April this year, Luo The customer held the “2018 Imagination Festival &middot” in the South China Sea; invited the experts in the field of industrial design to share their experiences, and at the same time, through the “New Species Design Exhibition”, Rococo & middot; Loker’s market in recent years “New” Species, the industrial design innovation concept is introduced into the local manufacturing industry, and the traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading is promoted from the perspective of product innovation practice. At the same time, it also marks the industrial service category key project introduced by Nanhai District last year. Foshan Luoke Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. officially entered the operation stage.

This supply chain conference focuses on the supply chain of manufacturing, and explores how the supply chain can become a strong competitive force in a new market environment of intelligence, information, and rapid iteration. The conference focused on supply chain management, industrial design, corporate branding, manufacturing trends, and supply chain finance in the field of guest sharing, professional exchange, industrial design support policy interpretation and supply chain manufacturing needs (domestic + foreign).

The South China Sea is an important manufacturing base in South China. This conference is based on the integration of R&D and supply chain resources, based on the South China Sea, radiating South China and even the wider region of the country, promoting the integration of industrial design and manufacturing. Together with the local area, we will improve the quality of Nanhai manufacturing and build a brand made in the South China Sea to promote the development of the South China Sea industry.

From “Made in China” to “China’s Zhizhi” and then “China Brand”

<;Supply Chain Conference is the first innovation conference focused on the vertical field of supply chain . In recent years, China’s manufacturing to China’s intellectual creation has gradually shifted from concept to practice. In the process of upgrading the manufacturing industry, the ever-changing consumer market has put forward new demands, which in turn requires enterprises to have a more sensitive response to the market and better understand the market. More understanding of consumers, better understanding of products, able to quickly seize market demand in a short period of time, constantly innovating products, and quickly complete production and launch, put on the market to meet the increasing consumer demand of consumers.

From this perspective, the supply chain companies themselves have strong product manufacturing capabilities, can incubate products with quality and quantity, but only understand the manufacturing process can not form a strong brand effect, but also need to have A keen sense of products, advanced prediction of product market trends, the product’s innovative design, manufacturing and marketing are connected to form a complete ecological closed loop, with a streamlined, professional management approach to achieve platform-based operations The model can make the manufacturing products form a brand effect in the consumer market.

Luo Ke brings together innovative products, research and development supply chain, marketing, investment, product eco-chain and other products to create a full-process service. Around these five dimensions, a shared design platform with product innovation as the core is formed. The important link in the Luoke ecology is the product design, research and development, hand board, structure, mold opening, small batch, production supply, information, sales channel, supply chain finance. A one-stop integrated service platform that provides supply chain management services centered around product landing.

Li Yichao, President of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, at the conference, “How to Make Chinese Brands to Chinese Brands”, based on Rococo ( for 14 years in the design field, helping customers Successfully developed thousands of products and shared the cutting-edge brand upgrade methodology. He believes that “China’s brands must have a scientific approach to building their own brand system, which can deliver brand value to target users through sound, images, products and services.

(The picture shows Li Yichao, President of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group)

In Brand Upgrade In the process, how to incubate the products that detonated the market through the supply chain? Zhang Jianhui, vice president of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and general manager of Foshan Luoke Urban Design Center, shared the “Eco-chain of products”, “Product Eco-chain” With the user as the core, the product value and user value are unified, and a good product that exceeds the user’s expectations is created through a professional and controllable process.

(The picture shows Mr. Zhang Jianhui, Vice President of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and General Manager of Foshan Luoke Urban Design Center) )

Sharing the frontier concept to promote innovation in the supply chain industry

In the era of imagination economy, the supply chain also needs to have the corresponding innovation ability. The Supply Chain Conference released the Loker Supply Chain Platform for the first time and shared the management methodology of the Loker Supply Chain for 14 years with the entrepreneurs present. Deng Zemao, co-founder of Luo Ke shared design platform and general manager of Luo Ke R & D and supply chain center, said, “Luo Ke is an openThe platform for the release, the Luo Ke supply chain platform is also. An open shared supply chain platform will bring new business opportunities and cooperation models to all manufacturing companies, allowing enterprises to seize the opportunity of the times to find their own upgrade path.

(The picture shows Deng Zemao, co-founder of Luo Ke shared design platform and general manager of Luo Ke R&D and Supply Chain Center )

Luoke R&D supply chain breaks the traditional linear development process under the line, and controls product flow, information flow and capital flow through online platform, and integrates supply chain resource technology, from concept demand to product landing. The whole process of controlling and building innovative products. At the same time, we will establish a quality control system, evaluate, review, allocate and manage suppliers who have settled in the platform, and build a team of over 100 senior engineers to ensure product quality and achieve efficient management.

At the conference, Zhang Lina, President of IKEA Procurement and Logistics East Asia, shared from IKEA’s values ​​and business model how IKEA has achieved continuous product innovation through a strong supply chain. Professional interpretation of the development trend of the supply chain.

More than 20 supply chain projects have been released at the event site, covering six major circuits including smart home, robotics, artificial intelligence, pregnant children, cultural products and future travel.

In addition, Xu Wei, deputy director of the Nanhai District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau, also interpret the “Nanhai District Industrial Design Promotion Support Measures” for representatives of the enterprises present. The “Support Measures” clearly stipulates the qualifications, support projects and quotas of key industrial design platforms. In the future, the company will set up a total of 30 million yuan of special support funds every year, from the subsidized enterprises to buy industrial design services, cultivate industrial design service platforms, reward enterprises to obtain design awards and other three dimensions, to promote the use of industrial design by Nanhai enterprises, promote manufacturing Optimize the upgrade.

Nanhai has a well-established manufacturing enterprise with a complete industrial chain and is able to digest a large number of market orders. Luo Ke and Nanhai have joined hands to combine the product ecological chain with the industrial manufacturing chain for local manufacturing and Luo Ke itself. The development has played a catalytic role. Only by embracing change and innovating, and establishing a benign cooperative relationship with each other, companies can catch up with the changes in the new era.

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How to repair the floor “flowers”?

In real life, if you are not careful, the floor may be made a big face. Recently, the reporter of China Wood Flooring Network received several calls from readers to ask questions about how to deal with partial damage to the floor. In this regard, the reporter consulted relevant experts for a detailed answer.

At present, the repair methods of the floor can be roughly divided into three types: paint repair, partial damage, reload repair, and overall reload repair. They have their pros and cons.

If the pavement is solid wood flooring or solid wood composite flooring, the partial damage area is small, you can not repair, but choose to cover the damaged parts through furniture, carpet and other accessories. If it is a slight scratch, you can ask the factory’s after-sales service personnel to come to the door to repair the paint surface, use the manufacturer’s special repair paint or gel and other products, which can ensure the repair effect and environmental protection. If the damaged part is large and the degree is deep, it is necessary to carry out the repair method of partial damage re-paving; and then serious re-paving is carried out.

If your home is paved with laminate flooring, because the surface of the laminate flooring is relatively high, it is generally not easy to cause obvious scratches. Therefore, once the damage occurs, it will be more serious, but partial damage will be taken. The method of reloading is not ideal, and the more serious damage can only be reinstalled as a whole.

The overall re-paving is no different from the first paving. First, the original floor is completely picked up, and then the new floor is re-paved.

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Water purifier investment is no longer annoying – water purifier join agent selection guide

2017 is nearing its end. What industry is good for 2018 investment? Of course, it is a water purifier. Water purifiers have become hot in recent years, and water purifiers have been favored by investors. But now there are thousands of brands of water purifiers, how to choose a guaranteed brand to become a problem for water purifier investors to think about.

Some people may think of the water purifier brand ranking for the first time. A water purifier brand ranking can certainly indicate the status of a brand in the industry, but it is necessary to judge whether a water purifier brand is suitable for acting as an agent. From many aspects. So how do you look at the quality of the water purifier brand? OWIN Xiaobian offers a selection guide for everyone.

First, identify the market positioning of your agency area

Before choosing a water purifier agent to join the brand, it is recommended It is necessary to first have a pre-assessment on the consumption situation of the agent area, including purchasing power and consumption habits, in order to select brand products that match the consumption level and purchasing power of the local residents. For example, the agent area belongs to the second- and third-tier cities, and the user’s consumption level is not enough to compare with the first-tier cities. At this time, choosing a high-end positioning brand is not conducive to market development.

Second, to examine the comprehensive strength of the target water purifier brand manufacturers

Water purifier agents should try to choose a brand of water purifier manufacturers with comprehensive strength. Therefore, one of the core elements that can not be ignored in order to join the water purifier agent is to investigate the comprehensive strength of the manufacturers of the participating brands.

Third, the product quality of the target water purifier brand is guaranteed

The water purifier is not for the user to buy once and for all, if the quality of the selected brand products often affects The quality of the user experience, after-sales maintenance, etc. will be a headache. Therefore, we must choose a quality water purifier brand to represent the agent.

Fourth, clear service policy for target water purifier brand

Competition in the water purifier market is not just a matter of acting as a distributor, a water purifier manufacturer and Agent franchisees are mutually beneficial. A good water purifier manufacturer will assist the agent franchisee to open up the market as much as possible. Therefore, when choosing a brand, it is also necessary to clarify which service support policies the water purifier manufacturers have for the agent to join the dealer.

To do the above, it is no longer difficult to choose a water purifier to join the agent.

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Roundtable Forum: Smart Manufacturing Drive Industry Upgrade

The New Year Forum of 2018 Business Leaders, co-sponsored by Business Media and Guizhou Liquor, January 24-25 Held at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center. “Business App is the only mobile information platform designated by the conference. It will release the on-site dry goods and dynamics as soon as possible.

The following is a live record of the roundtable forum:

Moderator: We specially invite well-known experts and entrepreneurs in the industry to conduct roundtable forums. Please contact: Mr. Hu Rongzhu, Chairman of Tongwei New Energy, Mr. Li Jinzhu, Dean of Cooltech Blue Engineering College, Mr. Huang Hai, Chairman of Huafeiyun, Mr. Dai Zhongya, Director of Ningxiang Economic Development Zone Management Committee, has applause!

Cao Fang: Hello everyone, I am the moderator of this roundtable forum. First of all, I would like to share with you two big background trends. One is the policy. In 2015, China introduced the 2025 China Manufacturing Strategy, which is the most important country for the development of industrial economy from 2015 to 2025. strategy.

In the report of the 19th National Congress, the importance of smart manufacturing was also emphasized. In the 19th report, there is such a sentence: “To speed up the development of advanced equipment manufacturing, we must promote the Internet, big data and labor. The deep integration of intelligence and the real economy can be said that intelligent manufacturing promotes industrial upgrading, which must be an inevitable trend.

In the second aspect, I will talk about the trend. In the process of transformation and upgrading of the entire industrial economy and the real economy, some time ago, we talked more about technologies such as Internet+, big data and cloud computing, but now, Artificial intelligence has become the hottest word nowadays.

For many entrepreneurs, artificial intelligence may come again when big data, including how information technology is integrated with the real economy, is not fully understood. Perhaps everyone feels more confused, how does smart manufacturing have a relationship with us, and how we cut into smart manufacturing.

Based on these two backgrounds, we are honored to invite three entrepreneurs and leaders from Ningxiang Economic Development Zone to share this topic. We would like to invite four guests based on their own practical experience and industrial development plan. The blueprint for summarizing and extracting more universally applicable values ​​can give you some practical help.

The first guest I want to invite is Mr. Li Jinzhu, the dean of Cooltech Blue Engineering College. He also has an identity who is the image spokesperson of Coolter Blue. He must have profound knowledge of this piece. opinion.

The predecessor of Cool Tehran is Qingdao Red Collar Group, and everyone must have heard it. The company splits a suit into more than a thousand processes and elements, and intelligently tailors it to the needs of consumers. It usually takes a month for us to customize the suit. It takes only one week for the cool cloud blue to realize the entire industrial chain from consumer demand to factory production. Please ask Mr. Li to share it for us.

Li Jinzhu: Thank you very much. First of all, smart manufacturing is the combination of wisdom and ability. How to turn wisdom into ability, otherwise it is incapable. How can we help a demand, an idea, or something I want to help it become a manufacturing thing through channel means? This is smart manufacturing.

So smart manufacturing is a means, tool and method to help companies make more money and help consumers get better service. This is also a problem of Tao and technology.

What do we do with smart manufacturing? For the enterprise, it is to improve profitability. For consumers, it is to get more satisfactory service, good products, good value and good experience.

How to use intelligent manufacturing to drive transformation and upgrade? I think that at this level, we understand the informationization and automation are two concepts. I agree with the view of Mr. Zhang Deqin, who is a technology, a tool and a tool for automation, information technology and artificial intelligence.

The purpose of transformation and upgrading is to make money. The path is to use a new economic model, to make a good design, to do a good job of supply and supply, how to improve resource allocation capacity between C and M, and improve efficiency. To enable consumers to get better products, companies get better profits. So there must be a new profit model.

The second is to have a method. In order to achieve this profit model, organizational restructuring and process reengineering must be carried out.

The third is to use tools to make the profit model realize the organizational structure and process reengineering.

We have spent more than ten years using this solution to support global customer design. Global consumers design their own clothing on our platform, and the entire resource integration is intelligent. Guaranteed delivery within seven working days. Use customer data to support technology flow, talent flow and logistics to truly optimize the allocation of all resources between demand and supply. This brings greater value to the enterprise and provides consumers with a better service experience.

Cao Fang: Next, I would like to invite Hu Rongzhu, the chairman of Tongwei, to have a factory with a total area of ​​28,000 square meters. There is no one worker, there are 12 automated production lines, and 1.35 million solar photovoltaics are produced every day. Electromagnetic plate. What is the logic behind it? Please ask Mr. Hu Rongzhu, Chairman of Tongwei.

Hu Rongzhu: Thank you, Chengdu and Chongqing have always been a family in my mind. We and the business community are also old friends. From Chengdu to Chongqing, it is like returning to our own home. Many of you are young friends. Maybe your parents are no strangers to Tongwei. Many people are familiar with our feed advertisements long ago.

Last year, we built the world’s first solar electromagnetic sheet production line in Chengdu, and we made the world’s first intelligent automatic production line for Industry 4.0.

Tongwei was originally derived from the very traditional farming and animal husbandry industry. The very important thing in breeding is the feed link. Tongwei has been in business since the 1980s and has been in the aquaculture industry.leader. Why do we enter the new energy industry again? In fact, there are inevitable factors and accidental factors. I will not repeat them.

I will explain to you that it seems that two industries with relatively large differences are engaged in the same time. We have been engaged in agriculture for more than 30 years. The new energy industry has been doing more than ten years, two The industry has achieved a global leading level.

Combining our theme today, I feel very good: heritage. Tongwei is manufacturing, and the most important thing is to be realistic and practical. For example, the production of solar panels, a few years ago, these technologies, regardless of production equipment and technology, are in the hands of foreigners. But Tongwei had this ability ten years ago, such as solar electromagnetic film, we have achieved the world’s number one position in less than five years.

The first few guests also mentioned that whether it is artificial intelligence or virtual reality, etc., it is indeed a tool, the most important thing is people, the concept of managers including first-line production workers, this is very important. When it comes to manufacturing in Germany, I think the most important thing behind it is the craftsman spirit. Behind the spirit of the craftsman is to be practical and serious, and to do things to the extreme.

We are actually practicing such a simple and simple concept, that is, to be the ultimate, carefully crafted, and implemented in all aspects. This is our approach, thank you.

Cao Fang: Last year, we visited Tongwei and learned about the layout of the Tongwei Group’s fishing light strategy. It is amazing. What is the fishing light strategy, that is, fisheries and photovoltaics, this is really a whimsy, and this is also the true industrial innovation. In the first half of 2018, we will organize members to visit and visit Hu Jin to introduce the world’s first modern production line of Industry 4.0.

Next, I would like to invite Huang Haihuang, a company that grew up from SMEs in Chongqing and provides a total solution for the transportation track. Mr. Huang Hai also used information technology as an entry point to integrate the entire rail transit manufacturing industry chain. His company took orders in Indonesia last year. I would like to ask Mr. Huang to introduce information integration technology and big data integration technology to achieve true intelligent manufacturing.

Huang Hai: Today, I was fortunate to be invited by Business magazine to come to the venue to share with you some understanding and improvement of smart manufacturing, and how we can upgrade the industry with reference to the road of intelligent manufacturing.

Before I came up, I probably planned a topic to share with you. Later I found out that I was going to talk about it on the Internet. If I repeat it again, it doesn’t mean anything. I will share from my own high-end equipment manufacturing how to link with smart manufacturing.

We Huafei Cloud now has more than 500 acres of land, factories, complete infrastructure, and large-scale infrastructure projects. The core of our work is to refer to Boeing’s model and to complete the external output of the public rail transit system with Chongqing’s independent intellectual property rights based on Chongqing’s own well-established industrial chain.

The markets we have already acquired and the markets that are expanding are mainly concentrated in different countries and regions. “The countries in the Belt and Road, such as Indonesia and Pakistan, are mainly exporting equipment industry. But what does this have to do with smart manufacturing?

I have a few details here. Most of them are from Chongqing. The first track in Chongqing is Light Rail Line 2, the most important of which is the place where the track is connected. The equipment there is 70,000 RMB. However, we found that a set of equipment is close to 1 ton, the billet price is 6,000 yuan, plus a small number of parts, processing costs of more than 2,000, the total cost does not exceed 20,000 US dollars, and currently sells around 30,000 US dollars overseas .

Therefore, our understanding of intelligent manufacturing is not the combination of artificial technology and intelligent integration resources seen by Baidu to achieve efficiency improvement. My understanding is that the core of intelligent manufacturing lies in manufacturing. It is to let you know your products through intelligent manufacturing, because even customers may not know his real needs, but you are a professional, you have to guide the needs of customers, and at the same time The domestically perfect basic manufacturing capabilities are integrated on the platform and delivered to customers to meet the needs of customers.

In the final analysis, smart manufacturing is to build the best resources into the products that customers need most with the highest efficiency. So in this process, intelligence actually plays a more role as a tool, which replaces our collection and organization of various information.

Through a series of intelligent technologies, you can maximize the integration of the industry chain, find the optimal integration and manufacturing path, and provide customers with higher value in a predictable way, beyond his hopes. This is the fundamental starting point for us to perfect ourselves. thank you all.

Cao Fang: In fact, whether we are doing integrated manufacturing of rail transit, doing clothing, or manufacturing photovoltaic cells, in fact, smart manufacturing gives us the opportunity. Now we can intelligently create such a tool and technology to know what consumers need and what we should produce.

The following is the invitation of Director Dai Zhongya of Ningxiang Development Zone to share with you. They have developed vigorously in smart manufacturing and new equipment manufacturing, and have formed an industrial ecology. How do they understand the development of intelligent manufacturing industry? And how do we plan the layout of Ningxiang Development Zone? Please have Director Dai Zhongya.

Dai Zhongya: The business leaders here, the industry leaders, did not dare to make a big axe in front of Lubanmen, but as a general manager of the park serving the enterprise, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity. Tell us about the sincere attitude of our service companies.

As an industrial park, I think that in terms of smart manufacturing, we should do more. One is to provide an excellent environment for smart manufacturing, and the other is to promote the integration of smart manufacturing and the real economy.

Specifically, how to promote traditional industries to achieve industry through intelligent manufacturingUpgrade to achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement and product quality improvement. The second point is to promote how smart manufacturing technology can be transformed into smart manufacturing products. The third is to use smart manufacturing methods, which we talk about Industry 4.0 to create smart manufacturing products.

As a Ningxiang Economic Development Zone, after 20 years of development, we have formed the 321 industrial system. 3 is the three leading industries, 2 is the two characteristic industries, the Internet industry and health care products and big health industry, 1 is a supporting industry, what we have to do is how to integrate smart manufacturing into the 321 industrial system.

Just now we should be able to see that we are a park based on traditional industries. Our soy sauce is a traditional local enterprise. It sold from a few dollars to a bottle of more than 20 yuan. A bottle is very popular in the market.

In the past, the remote control was used to operate the appliance. Now some appliances can be operated directly on the mobile app to achieve an intelligent upgrade. And now Gree air conditioning is not completely to adjust the temperature, but also adjust the air quality, adjust the humidity, to achieve the purpose of smart home, thank you.

Cao Fang: In the end, we would like to arrange this, inviting Hu and Mr. Huang to talk about how we should be integrated with intelligent manufacturing as a physical enterprise. Where is the entry point? Where is the path? Please simply make a refinement And generalization.

The second is to ask Director Dai Zhongya to share with us that smart manufacturing is not only realized in a single enterprise, but also through the information technology to achieve the resonance of the entire industrial chain. How is the layout of this section of Ningxiang Economic Development Zone? How to do it?

The third is to ask President Li to share with us. For so many years, we have tried to sum up a methodology in the practice of intelligent manufacturing. It has also helped many companies complete the transformation and upgrading of their Industry 4.0. What difficulties will these enterprises encounter during the upgrade process? How to overcome them? Start with Li.

Li Jinzhu: Thank you, just now I have shared with you from the concept. We are a real traditional enterprise. We have spent 14 years exploring transformation and upgrading. 14 years ago, it began to explore how production, management, management and supply chain change to adapt to consumer upgrades, to adapt to the individualization and fragmentation of consumer demand.

You can’t increase costs, you can’t raise prices, and your value will increase. Consumer demand is changing, becoming personalized and fragmented, and our entire production and management methods and management methods must be transformed. How to solve this problem? I think these problems can’t be solved by the current technology and intelligence. How to solve it? It is what we are exploring and practicing now, how to change from large-scale manufacturing in the past to mass customization, to meet the needs of more consumers, and to produce more efficiently.

The first priority of the transition is to solve the problem of the path, that is, how to solve different problems in the current way. Then we will use the artificial intelligence algorithm to improve the efficiency of the correct direction we found and the path, process and suitable architecture we set.

To put it together, we must first find a profit model, use it to reorganize it with our organizational structure and process, and use artificial intelligence to improve efficiency.

We started to study this program in 2011. From January 1st, 2016, we have helped 30 industries and 70 companies to carry out transformation and upgrading counseling. We provide lessons for 14 years. The price of blood. In more than 70 projects, the entire profit model and infrastructure process can be sorted out in six months, and then it is solidified with artificial intelligence.

Therefore, this is the deep integration of the new era and the new era, the deep integration of industrialization and technology in the new era. I think that our 14 years of practice may not provide experience for everyone, but it must be a good lesson.

Hu Rongzhu: Just now we said that we think artificial intelligence is louder. I want to say that it is a tool. Our company has different forms. The solar cells we produce need to be scaled and standardized. Under the premise of ensuring quality, the cost will be continuously reduced, so that solar power products can be compared with the traditional thermal power costs as soon as possible, so that they can enter thousands of households faster and accelerate the replacement of pollution by new energy sources with green environmental protection. Our aim is to speed up this process.

To do this, we must continue to scale up and reduce costs. Our industry 4.0, artificial intelligence is also the purpose, and is essentially the same as just said, with advanced tools to achieve the corresponding purpose. Enterprises are different, product forms are different, consumers are different, the most important thing is to master the most essential things, how to combine advanced technology or ideas with our own industry, enterprise conditions.

I once again stressed that many things are very hot now, all over the world are big data, artificial intelligence, and no artificial intelligence seems to have no way for enterprises to develop. We must go to the falsehood, or we must adhere to the attitude of doing things seriously and use tools to find our own competitiveness. As long as you persist in your efforts and work hard, you will be able to find your own competitiveness.

Huang Hai: Just now you mentioned smart manufacturing, smart manufacturing, in order to meet what, where is the demand? If it is through intelligent improvement of manufacturing, through intelligent optimization of the supply chain, then we discuss intelligent manufacturing, the core issue Or what do you do, do you use it, do you need it, does the country and society need it within the scope of your manufacturing?

So when we talk about smart manufacturing, we must first What we do well is what we make. What role do we play in the division of labor and industry chain? What kind of needs should be met? First of all, we must define this in order to choose the road.

Intelligent manufacturing is to let you complete your role with the best resources and the shortest path, to achieve your social division of labor.The role that should play in the entire industry chain.

So, we have been talking about smart manufacturing, no matter what the way, whether it is big data or artificial intelligence, the core is to let you know what role it plays in social roles. It’s just a channel, and using channels ensures that you can get the right goals in the right way, thanks.

Dai Zhongya: As our park, how to apply smart manufacturing, on the one hand, how to promote smart manufacturing to promote our industry-integrated development, one is to achieve food industry one or two The integration of the three industries; the second is to promote the integration of smart home appliances, smart terminals and smart home; the third is to promote the integration of green building materials and equipment; the fourth is to promote the integration of new energy materials and new energy vehicles.

The second is to create a good business environment for smart manufacturing. One is to provide a good talent environment, the other is to provide a good financial environment for technology transformation, and the third is to provide a good industrial policy for transformation and upgrading. It is an ecological closed-loop circle that promotes the combination of intelligent manufacturing and leading industries to form an industry.

Cao Fang: Thank you, Director Dai Zhongya. I think a short roundtable forum may not solve the practical problems of many entrepreneurs, but I believe it will bring some benefits to all of you. Revelation. I wish all friends can find a precise gap and find a path suitable for their own business and industry development, thank you!

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