Columbia’s Magic Bookstore

When visitors pass through Colombia bookstores and cafes, they will find themselves through A magical environment. There, the bookshelf simulates the castle library, which stretches to the ceiling with a striking extension, and the first floor has a wall covered with green leaves, making guests feel as if they are in nature. The design company behind this fascinating bookstore has designed many comfortable chairs and hexagonal corners that allow visitors to play, rest, read or talk to others. In essence, this bookstore is suitable for anyone, whether it is children or not.

The bookstore is more exclusive upstairs. In order to make room for the upwardly extending bookshelf, this layer looks like a floating mezzanine. Those who go upstairs will be attracted to the delicious smell of the cafe.

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Refurbished Washington Townhouse

KUBE ArchitectureRefurbished a townhouse near Capitol Hill in Washington.

Everything in the original house was removed, leaving only the brick walls, the structure and the outdoor space.
The back of the second floor of the house was removed to create a two-story living room and dining room.
A new steel structure replaces the back wall, allowing windows with large panels to be placed.
A central core covers all service spaces, including elevators.
The seating area is upstairs and overlooks the living room and dining room

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Archipod finally came to the United States

Remember Archipod? We can only see it in the UK. And ArchipodChris SneesbyAfter communication, the trained architect finally brought it to the United States and Canada.
made of local wood, the architect perfectly reproducesArchipod.
Do you want a backyard office, theater, guest room or just a small room of your own,Archipodmay be the coolest eco-friendly cottage you have ever seen.

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Upside down the house, the tourists are like walking on the ceiling

This upside down house, built in a tourist attraction in Siberia, gives visitors the feeling of ignoring the super kingdom of gravity —— or at least creates a powerful mistake

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Mixed rural and modern ranch houses

Ranch HouseWashington, United StatesMethow Valley. This residential project was directed by the architect Finne. The initial goal was to design a sustainable structure. The architect managed to use different techniques to complete it.

They use local materials, water-saving plumbing fixtures and radiant concrete slabs for heating. In addition, the house makes full use of natural light and also benefits from natural ventilation.
The house is built on a prairie to the east and consists of two large blocks. One is a two-story bedroom that is grounded, and the other is a raised living area that is supported by bare steel columns.

Enter inside to see a spacious living room with a fireplace, a comfortable sofa and grey Upholstered armchair.

The living area also has a comfortable bench placed in the window. The cleverly hidden drawers under the long bench provide extra storage, while the thick and comfortable cushions and pillows add comfort.

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Log Stack cabinet

Byron & GómezTry to show the end texture and unique beauty from each piece of wood. By observing the traditional simple form of cabinets and wood, they created Log StackCabinet, each drawer looks like a separate wooden piece, one piled up.

On the front side of the drawer, the white resin is filled with cracks and a center ring to become the handle. The sides and back of the drawer are painted white, giving the illusion that white extends from the inside of the wood to the crack on the front.

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New work by KUTARQ Studio

KutarqStudio is a Jordi Ló pez Aguil & oacute;Leadership design studio, whose design focuses on a systematic process and formal research. They recently created a portfolio with Nicolas Perot collaborationY, it consists of three clean minimalist oak pieces with elegant features.

YThe end of the chair has a separate steel frame, giving the impression of floating. The geometric steel bar gives it a unique rotation.
The end of the table has a striking geometric shape and a smooth sandpaper surface.
The cube at the bedside has a black low table with plenty of room for storage.

TV cabinet” width=”600″ height=”401″ />

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2015 Lexus Design Award

1There are dozens of mirrors around a concept car , the mirror reflects the design details of the car and its various ways. They added colored lighting to further stimulate the senses and imagination.

in the region 2, visitors must look at the Lexus Design Awards2015Contest design finals. The winners of the four prototypes are surrounded by the design of the finalists, allowing people to fully understand the direction of the design world.

The first prototype is Diomedeidae, a power lighting sculpture, by Daiki Nakamori,Adriano Alfaroand Gaetano Mirko VatieroDesign, which generates electricity through its own swing.

Marina Mellado MendietaDesignedLUZ is a circular emotional lighting system based on open source technology and programming. The concept of lighting is intended to help people in the polar regions, where there may be a lack of sunlight and sunlight.

in the region3 , with a series of lattice structures, each One raises your senses in different ways.

Scene 1Reproduces the thrill of driving in the rain. In a Lexus, the driver can feel the joy through the natural beauty and the raindrops that fall on the car. This scene evokes the visual, auditory and happy taste of driving Lexus on a rainy day.

Scenario 2, this scene cites the tree’s annual rings, allowing you to imagine being in a verdant green plant.

Scenario 3 Let visitors experience the vitality and hospitality of the earth. A bowl of warmth土土&rdquo ;Soup to the body Bring warmth while overlooking the Earth from outer space in the dark.

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Create your own Japanese Zen Garden

Architectural StudioTalmon BiranDesigned this garden that allows viewers to rearrange. AROUND ABOUT is a dry landscape installation, inspired by the concept of Japanese Zen Garden. A group of large circular roads were placed in the inner areas of the gravel, which were inspired by agricultural machinery.

When visitors interact with the device, their footprints will disrupt the orderly pattern of gravel. Then, when someone else turns the device in turn, the circular path of the garden returns to its natural state. The purpose of the device is to establish the tension between the existing order and the disorder,Design company explained.
If you want to see these beautiful patterns, you can visit Quebec’s International Garden Festival, festivals until 9month27 is over.

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Australian Waterfront Sunroom

Named Sunshine Room, a modern Australian beachfront villa built of glass and concrete surrounding wood. By architectTeelandDesign, it is an open and airy house, but still retains a kind of privacy.

Located in a quiet street behind the beach, the house is hidden by trees and away from the public eye. It is covered in concrete and glass with large open windows.
The bedroom and bathroom are built behind the house and overlook the private rainforest of the backyard of the house through the glass.
In the kitchen, wood and plaster provide a warm contrast to the concrete surface.
There is a walled courtyard garden in the center of the house for entertainment.

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