Modern luxury home built on childhood homes

The modern luxury home you will see has a lovely story that has been around for a long time, when an old house once occupied this place in the 6th district of Vietnam. The house no longer exists, and this exquisite house is now replaced. The building stands on the basis of an old family home and retains some memories. The project was recently completed by Nelo Decor. The new family home has three floors and a total of 600 square meters of living space, which has a special relationship with nature. Its owner wants it to look exquisite in a simple and modern way, so the designer gives it a full-height window, welcoming the outdoors, green walls and iconic furniture such as leather butterfly chairs.

The first floor has a guest room, kitchen and dining area with direct views of the pool. On the second floor there are two bedroom suites, two sons for the family, and the third floor is the master bedroom suite. The house has a strong design both inside and outside, mainly made of raw materials such as metal, rough stone and wood.

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The coolest shipping container hotel in the world

The hotel is designed for guests in Texas, so guests can experience the feeling of living in a home made from repositioned containers. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to stay in six containers, each of which includes a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom that leads to a public fire pit, hammocks and an electric car charging station. Those who are interested in buying shipping containers can choose to use the hotel’s turnkeys to design and build one.

Because it is made of containers, it means easy to move and seasonal. Its location is located on the banks of the Elbe in the Czech Republic. This boutique hotel consists of three containers and can accommodate up to 13 guests. It is completed in just four months, the suites are simple and comfortable, the walls and ceilings are finished with birch plywood and are fully furnished with custom pieces.

Ski and Yoga Resort is another hotel that is completely made up of re-used containers. You can find it in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia to complement the landscape and minimize the impact on the environment, so the pyramidal structure and the container rise in the steel column. The container is divided into five floors, the floor consists of public spaces, such as the reception and dining areas. The room suite is located on the fourth floor and offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Each suite is a separate container.

The fact that this structure contains three containers is almost irrelevant, because the really interesting and unusual thing is the crane. That’s right, this is a luxury rental apartment that used to be an old crane. You can find it in Amsterdam. When the area began to transform into a residential area in 1975, the crane 2868 was kept on site to remind the industrial heritage of the area. Recently, the crane was converted into a holiday home, which was supervised by the designer.

Located in Nha Trang, Vietnam, the hostel is a container-built hotel in the area. This is a hotel designed for backpackers, inspired by the fact that we should all be connected, even if we live in different parts of the world, like a big family. The project was completed by TAK Architects and the hotel was designed like a family home. Separate containers serve as bedrooms with common spaces such as kitchen, living room, games room and roof terrace.

Another interesting project is a pop-up hotel that includes four suites, breakfast and lounge, and a sauna, all of which are modified The composition of the container. Each room is 20 square meters of container space with bed, shower and simple furnishings. The project was developed by three partners and moved from one place to another. You can recommend the next location on the hotel website.

The hotel’s colourful, stylish look is unforgettable, but it’s not fun. Located in Valparaíso, Chile, the hotel is built from containers and each unit is in stark contrast to its neighbours. The container suite features a terrace, large windows and sliding glass doors, and some have sea views. In addition, all suites have a private bathroom.

Have you ever been to a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and wonderful atmosphere, you hope there is a hotel there ? Well, other people have this experience, they decided to take action on it. They came up with the idea of ​​converting containers into portable hotel rooms that can be transported to almost anywhere. Consisting of a 20-foot container that offers access to the surrounding landscape, it offers modern and stylish accommodation.


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Amazing split-level home with container pool

Recently, shipping containers have become very popular, see how they can be reused for a variety of cool housing projects. But this is not all. This pool is made from converted containers. This is not the case we found this by chance, but seeing the details is still inspiring and interesting. This is a house in Noosa Hinterlands, Australia. This is a split-level, casual home with a modest size and design and a great personality.

This is a two bedroom modern home designed for customers who insist on a 40 foot container pool. The swimming pool is suspended from a steel frame on a sloping floor, perpendicular to the deck and the house. This layout is both practical and eye-catching, fascinating, and the cantilevered swimming pool fully reflects the landscape, emphasizing the openness and wildness of the entire hotel. We like the rusted industrial look of the exterior walls and the appearance of the swimming pool, which we think has a big impact on the house.

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BLANCO’s PANERA faucet is designed to solve your kitchen problems

When you introduce a new design into your home, you will experience a honeymoon phase. Early days are used to appreciate your shiny new investment, boasting about its technology and all the ways it transforms your life. But after a while, you may start to notice design flaws, or small things that bother you, realizing that a perfect purchase may not be perfect…

German sinks and faucets Manufacturer BLANCO hopes to make this a thing of the past. When the team started designing the new PANERATM faucet, they ensured that the kitchen problems you learned with the faucet over time, such as dirt and fingerprints, reappeared once you wipe or scratch.

PANERATM is 100% stainless steel surface treated with fingerprints and scratch-resistant finishes inside and outside, solving the small but still effective annoyance of the kitchen faucet, ensuring long-lasting products in modern kitchens. When switching between dual-nozzle modes, the cylindrical European-style pull-out nozzle is ergonomic and very comfortable to use. PANERATM’s clean lines and minimalist design make it virtually empty and easy to clean (another common design flaw in most faucets), making it a small space choice.

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Inspired by the lights of Polynesia

Lighting manufacturer B.lux brings a collection of a_Forest lights. The lights have a wall mounted version or two different chandelier versions inspired by Polynesia.
Although the designer Fabien Dumas lives in Berlin, he grew up in the Polynesian islands, familiar with the colors, smells and natural forms, which made Polynesia the perfect place to seek light. Each luminaire is equipped with an LED bulb with a matt white, light-colored or turquoise color.

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WANTEDDESIGN Design Exhibition Part 2

American Design ClubThe exhibits are custom made for plants, these geometric wall pots are made by AABSTRACTDesigned.

Form and Forestbringed Slice, an illuminated chandelier made of cut thin pieces of leather.

Richard ClarksonStudio Show These cool sabre-style lights are inspired by the stereo waveform visualization display.

Use thin laminate strips,Laura KishimotoThis sculptural chair was made by weaving and bending wood.

fromNursery WorksAmi The rocking chair can be changed from a rocking chair with a cradle to a two-seat rocking chair.

Damon AholaYesTOWERis a single-cup pouring coffee pot inspired by the skyline of New York City.

We really like this fromFederico Varone The accordion-style front of the bookcase.

Loï c Bard can be turned into a wall-side table. At the same time, we are obsessed with his magnetic wooden jewelry.

Casa Internationallaunched a new GAIA&GINO Lighting, by David RockwellDesigned.

These glass string containers are from Tu Taller.

Ventura ProjectsShowcases some unique sculptures influenced by materials and geometry.

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Modern Mexican residence with mountain views

Domus Aurea is a private residence located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, designed by Gilberto L. Rodríguez in collaboration with Alberto Campo Baeza. Spanning 550 square meters (about 5,920 square feet), this home is meant to pay tribute to Mexican architect Barragán, whose project always emphasizes the presence of light.
The exterior feels very simple, with a light ski-white surface and almost no decoration. The marble front door is situated in an all-white courtyard with cleverly placed plants.

The ground floor is a public space that includes a kitchen, dining room, bar, and home theater. Next to the two-story living room is a side yard that expands the available area. The large-scale walls are meant to pay tribute to the artist Mathias Goeritz, covered with golden leaves that reflect the light coming in through the windows.
The upper floor contains an all white bedroom with some neutral furniture.

The swimming pool is located on the roof of the house and provides a view of the East Madre Mountains.

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Kitchen technology at Milan European Kitchen Show

Gatto Demonstrates a cooktop made of innovative materials that is ideal for kitchen preparation. Only small circles of the size indicate that this is a cooktop. A pot of water can boil quickly on it. A flat surface also makes cleaning easier.

Induction cooker with a more traditional look, like this from Asko Induction Cooker, which contains new features, such as an alcove burner, It allows you to cook in a wok and provide heat around the bowl-shaped pan. This is for those who like to cook at home.

You are no longer limited to the size of the burner. This cooktop model from Siemens provides flexibility and pot size through the sensing area. Regardless of whether you place a pot or pan of any size on the cooktop, its surface will detect the position and size of the pan.

This retractable induction cooktop surface can hold a small pot and a larger pan.

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Secret hidden behind Murphy Gate

Give a secret door to the house, which was disguised as an open shelf. It is placed between a built-in seat corner and the stairs, and if you push the shelf away, a casual space will be displayed.
A loft apartment in London was refurbished by architect Alexander Martin. It also has a secret door. It is hidden behind a small bookcase and slides out to showcase the study area. The system is original and tells us an interesting way to hide a home office and keep the functionality independent.
Who would doubt what would be behind the entire wall covering the bookshelf? The bookshelf designed by architect Consuelo Jorge is so special that it offers a surprise element. This is a space in Brazil. Designed for an art collector, it has three Murphy doors that can be opened at the same time to show a secret room.

It is easy to disguise a door as a bookshelf. When there is a wall covering the bookshelf, a door can be more easily integrated and less likely to be suspected. This home is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and the interior is fun.
Airbnb works with The Bold Collective when creating their new office in Sydney, Australia. This is a comfortable and welcoming office that looks and feels more like a home. It has a comfortable seating area, meeting space and comfortable benches, and the meeting room is hidden behind the Murphy door.
When you enter this apartment in Slovakia, everything is beautiful and beautiful, except for one thing: the bedroom is gone. This is not because it is missing or somehow integrated into a multi-purpose space, but it is hidden and the door is invisible. Look carefully at the left side of the bookcase and everything will be revealed.

This Vietnamese house is bigger than it looks. If you analyze a large bookcase wall, you will find that it has an unnecessarily large frame, and there is a space below that should not normally be there. This can only mean one thing: this is a secret door. It leads to the room and also serves as a home office.
When you deal with a large space, it is easy to hide a room, but a small house? A lot of things are possible when you are smart and creative. When Project.DWG ~ Architecture designed the Dutch KLM, they brought surprises. The house is situated on a 55-square-meter piece of land, but this does not stop it from being full of surprises, including the secret corner next to the stairs.
Building your own home is exhausting, but it is also fun and exciting. Architect Jesse Bennett and interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo created the Planchonella house. This is a house with lots of interesting features, including a secret space hidden behind the Murphy door.

Building a house on a very small land in Antwerp, Belgium. They want a simple interior with clean forms, classic and stylish furniture and mostly neutral colours. At the same time, they added a secret space behind the bookshelf.
Utz Design knows a little about custom furniture and understands that it can be optimized to meet a variety of spatial configurations and needs. They designed this cool bookcase wall with a built-in hidden door.
In order to successfully integrate the secret room with Murphy Gate into a home, this detail must be built from the beginning, although it can sometimes adapt to the existing layout. Nick Mehl Architecture has done a great job here. The secret bookcase door reveals a narrow corridor to the left of the stairs.

Use Murphy Gate for one of their projects. They cleverly concealed the kitchen of this home and separated it from the living room without making it look mainstream and boring.
It’s easy to hide the secret door on the wall, just use the geometric design. The door becomes part of the pattern, and as MurphyMears Architects showed us here, the shelf is optional. This is the Zaguan House, a single-family home located in Houston, Texas.

There is a secret room with a secret door in the basement that sounds a bit creepy. Just Basements showed us a beautiful design that can change everything. Don’t you like this irregularly shaped door? It is perfectly hidden on the wall.

A secret door can be an interesting option when you want to hide a guest bathroom or bathroom. Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects designed the home. This small washroom is located under the stairs and the door is subtly concealed as a simple wall.
When you see such a wall is obvious, it hides. You only know what is going to happen, especially if you play some games in your life. What you see here is a dark door disguised as a wall. This is Mikhail Fortune added to the London house and updated it.
The secret door is disguised as a shelf is cool, it is hard to find, even if the entire house has only a bookcase, imagine this design strategy is used in the library. The house used to be a barn, transformed by the Seilern Architects studio, a magical and mysterious home.

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Portuguese Dream Tree House

Saperlipopette Les ArchitectesandMartial MarquetWorked together to design this huge dreamy tree house, which has the length of a wall, next to a house in Portugal.
Because there is no tree on this land, the designer must innovate. They choose to connect the concrete wall around the yard with the neighboring trees. The lodge was built on the wall instead of the tree, providing a panoramic view.
in The lodge was built with the help of an architect, local craftsman and neighbors. Its design consists of a ladder, a cornered cabin, a seat and a platform.

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