The cold waters of Lake Superior in the United States are open for visitors.

The United States is very cold and the ice cave people can walk to visit

The picture shows visitors visiting the ice cave on Lake Superior.

China News Service February 18th According to US media reports, the United States is very cold this winter, the temperature is below freezing point for a long time, so that there is a fairyland-like ice cave on the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin, and the lake surface has changed. In the thick ice surface, people can walk to the island to watch the wonders.

It is reported that the ice cave on the shores of Lake Superior is full of dazzling frost, icicles and icy in the ice, like a crystal cave, which is amazing.

These caves must be boarded by small boats in warmer climates; during the winter, they can only walk on foot when the ice is thick enough and stable enough.

Park spokesperson Julie said that after the lake surface was frozen on January 15th, “low risk”, 35,000 tourists have visited the ice cave.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Chinese local tyrants gather in Australia to buy Sydney luxury homes at low interest rates, February 12th According to the “Australian Daily” report, this year, a number of properties on the lower North Shore of Sydney have been sold to overseas buyers who are mainly based in China.

Low interest rates are attracting more and more overseas investors to enter the Sydney housing market, and homeowners are also taking the opportunity to upgrade their homes.

Piers van Hamburg, deputy director of the McGrath real estate agency Neutral Bay, Mosman and Northbridge, said overseas buyers are seeing a steady return on the North Shore.

“The North Shore is a safe area and its prices tend to remain stable. Throughout the past history, the housing market in the North Shore area has been very stable and is a good investment area. ”“For those overseas buyers who want to buy luxury homes on the lower North Shore, they usually choose Mosman. ”

According to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), as of July 2012, the level of activity of overseas buyers in NSW has increased, with a total investment of 5.95 billion yuan, 1.74 billion more than the previous two years. yuan.

Annie Vandervaere, an agent from Prestige Home Sales, recently sold a property in Spain Wharf 12/1 in Neutral Bay to a buyer from Beijing for $1.76 million. She said that Chinese buyers are well versed in the benefits of the North Shore property. “They also like the lifestyle of the area. ”

Vandervaere pointed out that the major investor visa introduced by the federal government in November last year is also one of the reasons for attracting Chinese buyers. This visa policy allows foreigners to live in Australia for 4 years before applying for permanent residency. In return, they must make at least A$5 million investment in Australia, which can be government bonds, managed funds, Australian companies. Or other forms of assets.

Van Hamburg said that overseas buyers on the lower North Shore are mainly from Hong Kong and China. “We have noticed that many Chinese buyers are stationed in the region. A good example is the recent sale of a luxury home at Bay St 68 in Mosman to a Chinese buyer for $6 million. ”“Overseas buyers play an important role in our local housing market, especially in the high-end housing market. ”

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

The Philippine government receives $29 million in Swiss bank deposits from former President Marcos

Xinhuanet Manila, February 12 (Reporter Gao Fei) The Philippine President’s Integrity Commission said on the 12th that the Philippine government has recently received the last part of the huge deposits of former President Ferdinand · Marcos’ Swiss bank. $29 million.

Andres & Middot, Chairman of the Philippine Presidential Integrity Committee, said at the press conference that the deposit includes $20.2 million and 5.3 million pounds ($8.77 million). Earlier in the month, it was remitted to the account of the Philippine Treasury twice.

It is understood that the Philippine Supreme Court made a final judgment in 2003, ruling that the deposit of former Philippine President Marcos frozen at the Swiss bank should be owned by the Philippine government. At the time, the deposit totaled 658 million US dollars. The Philippine government received most of the deposits since then, but the last deposit was temporarily detained by Singapore due to a lawsuit filed by a human rights lawyer. After protracted legal procedures, the Singapore Court of Appeal finally ruled that it belonged to the Philippine government.

Bautista said that the Philippine government will set up a committee to determine the specific use of the money.

Marcos became president of the Philippines at the end of 1965 and acquired huge amounts of illegal wealth during his 20 years in office. In February 1986, Marcos was exiled to Hawaii in the United States after his government was overthrown. He died in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1989.

Responsible Editor: Zhu Malie

The Philippines once again arrested 35 Chinese people, 16 Chinese citizens or released today

According to the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, at 2 pm on February 11, the Embassy in the Philippines received a report saying that the Philippine Immigration Bureau arrested 999 stores in Manila for illegal detention, illegal employment and illegal business. Deduct 35 Chinese.

Zhang Hua, spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, said that after receiving the report, the Consul Counsellor of the Library and the insurance officer immediately went to the scene to verify the situation, visit the detained person, and propose to the Philippines. Negotiations require the Philippine side to immediately release the complete procedures and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of my citizens.

At present, three of the 35 people detained above have been released. It is expected that 16 Chinese citizens with complete procedures are expected to be released at noon today. The Embassy in the Philippines will continue to closely follow the case and provide relevant consular protection and services to the detained citizens. The Embassy hereby reminds Chinese citizens of the Philippines to pay attention to comply with relevant laws and regulations of the Philippines in order to avoid damage to their own security interests.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

U.S. F-16 fighter aircraft upgraded radar has made important progress.

China News Service February 12th According to China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, a few days ago, Northrop · Grumman announced that its variable agile beam radar (SABR) has completed several projects during the development process An important milestone.

In July 2013, Lockheed · Martin chose SABR for its F-16 radar modernization project. The F-16 Radar Modernization Program developed a new Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) radar for the US Air Force Combat Avionics Program Extension Kit (CAPES) and the Taiwan F-16 Improvement Project.

After selecting SABR, Northrop · Grumman completed three major development and design reviews in conjunction with Lockheed & Middot; Martin and the US Air Force, respectively Review, hardware preliminary design review and hardware critical design review. In addition, several engineering and manufacturing development systems are currently in production and the first batch is expected to be delivered to Lockheed & Middot; Martin later this year.

Northrop · Jeff &middot, vice president of combat avionics business at Grumman; Levitt said, “We are rich in F-16 fighters and AESA fire control radars.” The experience, and our investment in SABR, enabled us to reach three important milestones in the project development process in just five months.

The F-16 Radar Modernization Program aims to maintain the viability of the F-16 fighter fleet in future threats and improve system reliability, maintainability and affordability. The SABR has been running for more than 4,500 hours, including nearly 200 hours of airborne flight testing, demonstrating its unprecedented system maturity. This maturity helps accelerate the F-16 radar modernization project.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

On the eve of Kim Jong Il’s birthday, North Korea held a swearing-in meeting to champion Kim Jong-un

Data Map: On February 16, 2013, North Korea, Pyongyang, North Korea held various events to celebrate the 71st anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s birth (the birthday of Kim Jong Il is “Light Star Festival”)., February 13th, according to the DPRK News Agency, North Korea’s “Star Festival” (the birthday of Kim Jong Il’s birthday) is about to come, and all the Koreans hold the Baitou Mountain Camp on the 12th. The swearing-in meeting, sworn in to support the top leader Kim Jong-un.

Cui Hui, the first deputy minister of the Korean Workers’ Party Central Committee, said that Kim Jong Il strengthened and developed the Korean Workers’ Party as the guiding force of the First Army Revolution and turned North Korea into a political and ideological power and a military power. In 2014, the unity of the Labor Party was consolidated.

Jiang Yuyong, deputy minister of the Korean People’s Armed Forces Department, said that Kim Jong Il has vigorously built the People’s Army and built a strong political and military foundation for Baitou Mountain. The People’s Army will defend the Kim Jong-un forces of the Party Central Committee headed by Kim Jong-un and the Sun Palace of Jinxiu Mountain.

North Korea’s Deputy Prime Minister Quan Shengxun emphasized that the party’s sole leadership system will be thoroughly established in the national economic work, and Kim Jong-un’s ideas, lines and party economic policies will be implemented.

Subsequently, the dazzling celebration of the fireworks bloomed over the Baitoushan camp.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu

Ban Ki-moon condemns the bombing of Egyptian tourist buses

Xinhuanet United Nations, February 16 (Reporter Ni Hongmei Gu Zhenqiu) UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement on the 16th through a spokesperson, strongly condemning the tourist bus that killed four people and injured many people in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt that day. Bomb attack.

The statement said that Ban Ki-moon expressed condolences to the families of the victims, the Egyptian government and the South Korean government, and called for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

A security official from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt said on the 16th that a tourist bus was bombed near the Taba port on the Sinai Peninsula on the same day. Three South Korean tourists and one Egyptian driver died in the attack. At least 13 others were injured.

After the Egyptian military lifted President Mursi’s post last year, violent clashes in Egypt continued, the security situation in the Sinai Peninsula deteriorated, and extremist militants repeatedly attacked checkpoints and police stations, causing heavy casualties. .

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

U.S. U.S. Ukraine Stops Violence

According to Russian media reports on February 23, US White House spokesman Carney said on the 22nd that the United States called on Ukraine to stop violence and achieve democratic changes, and is willing to cooperate with Russia and the EU to maintain Ukrainian reunification.

Carney said that the United States closely follows the Ukrainian incident and calls for constitutional reform, the establishment of a coalition government and the holding of early elections.

Carney also said that the work of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (parliament) was constructive, and Uzbekistan’s Verkhovna Rada designated the election in May on the grounds that Ukrainian President Yanukovych gave up his own Duties. The name of Yanukovych and the opposition leader was not mentioned in the White House statement.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

Venezuelan opposition leader surrendered himself: hoping to go to prison can awaken the people

Venezuela’s opposition leader has been arrested: wanting to go to prison can awaken the people

Lopez, holding a white flower and holding the Venezuelan flag in his right hand, was stuffed into a Venezuelan National Guard armored vehicle.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, on February 18, local time, Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo · Lopez "Russell"; surrendered, the authorities arrested and escorted him on charges on charges of incitement to demonstrations To a military base to receive supervision.

“Want to wake up the people 

“ On February 18th, I will take the initiative to put myself in persecution. “On the same day, Lopez, who promised to surrender, did not have a good date, appearing on the streets of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

In the cheers of hundreds of supporters, Lopez boarded a makeshift stage, not far from Cuban statue of the famous Cuban poet, national hero Jose · Marty . Marty is a symbol of Cuba’s struggle for independence from the rule of Spain.

“I will hand over myself to an unfair judicial system, hoping that my imprisonment will awaken the people. & rdquo; Lopez waved farewell to his supporters and his family. The audience under the audience was emotionally infected. They spontaneously lifted Lopez’s wife and sent it to the stage. After the two embraced each other, Lopez’s wife hung a cross necklace around his neck.

A few minutes later, Lopez stepped off the stage and surrendered to the military and police standing on the side. Subsequently, Lopez, holding a white flower in his left hand and holding the Venezuelan flag in his right hand, was inserted into a Venezuelan National Guard armored vehicle. Due to the blockade of the demonstrators, the military vehicles drove very slowly and eventually entered the La Callotta Air Force Base on the outskirts of Caracas.

Lopez’s “people’s willing party” said that Lopez will be sent to court, when the Venezuelan authorities will officially read Lopez accused of charges. According to previous reports, Lopez faces numerous allegations of public property destruction, incitement to demonstrations, terrorism and murder. Lopez considers himself to be a scapegoat for the dictatorship.

“Spread fear and violence 

After Lopez was arrested, his supporters still gathered on the streets and continued to protest and demand The government improves social security, resolves shortages of supplies, and protects freedom of speech.

At the same time, Venezuelan President Maduro and his supporters are marching, accusing the opposition of being the chief culprit in the country’s economic situation.

In his speech, Maduro called the opposition leader, including Lopez, “the right-wing fascist who spread the seeds of fear and violence”, claiming that the opposition had repeatedly attempted to assassinate him, Overthrow the elected government he led. “When people are infected with malaria, they need to take penicillin or other strong antibiotics and receive treatment …… whether in Venezuela or the world, fascism is a malignant infectious disease that can only be cured by judicial sanctions. . ”

Maduro also said that regarding the surrender of Lopez, the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela coordinated and participated in the negotiations, and Lopez will be detained on the outskirts of Caracas.

In addition, in the coastal town of Carupano in eastern Venezuela, a bloody incident occurred on the 18th. Local residents said that a 17-year-old student was involved in an anti-government demonstration and was killed in a car accident. At this point, the anti-government demonstrations in Venezuela for many days have killed at least four people. (European Leaf)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

The British government is exposed to provide financial subsidies to encourage pornography to hire young people

According to the Australian News Network reported on February 17, in order to promote employment, the British government was exposed to financial subsidies for adult entertainment venues, including strip clubs.

According to reports, the Department of Work and Pensions provides a subsidy of 2,275 pounds (about 23,000 yuan) for strip clubs, lap dance bars and massage shops. Encourage them to hire young people to serve as non-performing and non-sexual services, such as bartenders or receptionists.

However, Labor Party member Fiona Mactaggart asked to stop funding. She said that parents would not want their children to join the industry involved in exploitation and violence.

In response, a spokesperson for the Employment and Pensions Department responded that they did not provide subsidies for people who engage in pornographic performances.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang